Today is Memorial Day in America!  The day is designated to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice serving our nation.  I, a Vietnam veteran, and a Christian take immense pride in remembering those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom.  Some of them volunteered for military service and others were conscripted and pressed into service, but the link is THEY SERVED!  They loved America and Freedom enough to place their lives on the line.  For their service and sacrifice, I say THANK YOU and I SALUTE YOU!

Failing to remember is a tragedy, but in our modern society, we have become more focused on self than service.  It makes me sad to realize that Memorial Day, a Day of Remembrance and Gratitude, has become nothing more than a long weekend for many.  I am saddened by the reality that too few appreciate, understand, or value the sacrifices those fallen heroes of the past made.

I realize that many view all war or at least some of the wars we have engaged in as anathema and evil, but those who served did so out of love for the country, family, and freedom.  Those who answered the call of their country, deserve honor and recognition.  They deserve the recognition our World War Veterans received.  It should be remembered that their service protected the right of individuals to live free and vocalize their views, beliefs, and convictions.  I pray that we never let that change.

With respect to the sacrifices of the many who gave their lives in our armed services, I want to share some statistical data.  This data is from one of many sources and I realize that all do not agree with the totals.  I use the ones that seemed most reliable to me.  I do not have the data for the first responders, and other individuals who gave their lives for America and freedom in their service, but I do not forget them.  I say to the fallen, regardless of what service they were providing, THANK YOU! 


The data I gleaned included both the numbers of deaths in combat and from disease or other causes.  Some wars did not provide that data so I can offer no report.  It is my view that most of these numbers are low estimates and the real numbers are higher. I cannot prove or verify that but it is what I believe.

Revolutionary War                           Combat – 6,800        Disease – 17,000     

War of 1812                                      Combat – 2,260        Disease – 12,740

Mexican American War 1846         Combat – 1,733        Disease – 11,550

Civil War                                            Combat – 650,000

Indian Wars                                       Combat – 1,000

Spanish American War                   Combat – 385          Disease – 2,000

WW I                                                  Combat – 53,402     Disease – 63,114

WW II                                                 Combat – 998,568   Disease – 348,338

Korean War                                       Combat – 33,739     Disease – 20,617

Vietnam War                                     Combat – 58,479+

Gulf War                                            Combat – 383

Iraq & Afghanistan                          Combat – 5,364        Disease – 1,476

Those numbers indicate that we have lost over two million in war.  Each of those lives was snuffed out too early and their families were robbed of what life might have been, had they lived.  War is horrific and as it has been said, “War is Hell.” 

We also have statistical data from our own government that 624,000 veterans are dying each year.  Many of those deaths can be tracible to their involvement in war.  The over two million war deaths do not account for the fatalities directly connected to the various conflicts.  There is no reliable statistical data regarding the chemical agents such as Agent Orange from Vietnam or other weapons of destruction used in the wars. 

This does not include the horrific nightmares identified as PTSD, opioid or alcohol addictions resulting from the inability to free the mind of the horrors of war.  We have many walking wounded living in death daily as a result of war. The hell they live in is beyond belief but very real. Their sacrifice must not be forgotten.

I experience both deep sadness and rage when I think of how our government and others have and do treat our veterans.  When I read statistical data regarding expenditures on caring for illegals and giving funds to foreign nations that hate us.  The Bible says, in 1 Timothy 5:8 – “Anyone (that would include a nation) who does not provide for his own (that would include veterans), and especially those of his own household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.” 

I experience both deep sadness and rage when former military, especially combat veterans, are classified as domestic terrorists and needful of being monitored simply because they served in war and know how to use firearms.  Most of those veterans want to live peacefully and would like to forget the horrors they saw and experienced.  They are willing to serve and protect even those who regard them with contempt.  They love freedom and know the value of our inalienable rights.  They should be saluted and thanked not degraded and viewed with contempt.

On this Memorial Day, I pray that each one will take a moment to reflect on what we have enjoyed in America for almost 2 ½ centuries.  This day is not for those of us who served that is Veteran’s Day in November.  This day is to remember and honor the memories of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and protected freedom.  They deserve to be remembered with dignity and pride.  You may hate war but please do not hate those who served, they served not just for themselves but for everyone else.  Their sacrifice is worthy of remembrance and gratitude.

The reality is that we have lost millions either in combat on the battlefield or indirectly as a result of wounds, exposure, or addictions attempting to escape the memories they endured.  Suicides, overdoses, medical issues, economic issues, moral issues, social difficulties, and spiritual emptiness are far too common among combat veterans.  I include them in my remembrance of those who died in war!  To all our warriors, the living wounded, and those who died, I say THANK YOU!  Without your sacrifice, we would not be Free!

I do not say Happy Memorial Day for it is not a Happy Day except in the sense that we are still Free!  For me, it is a somber day, a day of reflection and remembrance.  It is a day of gratitude and a day I am determined to give Honor to those deserving of Honor so long as I live.  To the Fallen I stand and give a slow Salute and say a heartfelt – THANK YOU!

God bless you and God bless America!


Before you dismiss me as a kook and another of a myriad of conspiracists give me a chance to present my contention.  If you agree wholly or partially then I welcome, you to the fight for freedom.  If you disagree vehemently and vitriolic disdain rises in your heart, I hope you will tolerate me and pray for me.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether it is based on factual data or preference.  That is a right I will fight to maintain.  One of our rights constitutionally is Freedom of Speech and that must also embody the freedom of thought.  If we lose that, we lose that which our Republic was established upon.

I believe in education and believe that being informed is not only a powerful tool in life but a necessary one.  On the other hand, I bristle when I hear assertions that only the educated in our formal system of education have the right to guide, rule, or govern.  I have known some highly educated dunces and some uneducated geniuses when it comes to common sense.

Having an Ivy League University degree or advanced degree does not qualify one to be the only voice heard.  Theodore Beale (Vox Day) suggested that prestigious institutions or Elite employers only recruit at the most elite colleges, and they want recruits to be attractive, energetic, articulate, socially smooth, and have had elite personal connections, jobs, and extracurriculars.  That is interesting, especially the ‘extracurriculars’ part.  Whatever that might mean.

I have observed for the past few decades that those who hail from those prestigious institutions of higher learning and follow the toxic liberal rhetoric believe they are the smartest in the room politically.  Egotism and Elitism do not bode well for the common man.  If the Elitists are allowed to become a Ruling Class or Oligarchy, the common man pays dearly.  The ideas of those superior beings (as they see themselves) must be funded.  They do not use their money but the money of the working stiff and see taxes as the pathway to prosperity.  Well, prosperity for them and their cronies.

Among those following and spewing forth the lunacy of the Left is the self-anointed spokesperson for the liberal activists, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He supposedly has an economics degree.  I am not sure what she learned in her studies, but an understanding of the Free Market was not among them.  He insists that Capitalism is not a Redeemable System.  Wow!  A person with a degree in Economics no less! 

She made the laughable statement following her assertion about Capitalism, “I believe that in a broad sense, because when we toss out these big words – capitalism, socialism – they get sensationalized.  People translate them into meaning things that perhaps they don’t mean.”  She is unable to define socialism or capitalism nor can the WOKE who follow her.

The Elitists want you to believe that if we were to discard our Free Enterprise System of Economics and embrace a Hitleresque economic system it would magically change things.  For example, if you worked at Starbucks and we suddenly switched to socialism you would become an owner, not an employee.  The politically connected, ones who own those companies would let you think what you want and continue to rake in the profits and leave you where you were. 

In her system and that embraced by the followers of toxic liberalism, all power and control would be in the hands of those in politics.  People would be forcibly prevented from owning their own businesses and only those in politics and at the top would prosper leaving no hope for the little man or woman to advance.  Capitalism is a system based on a free-market economy in which an individual may own his or her own business and pursue the American dream of success.  That is something they either disdain or do not understand.  Work?  Do you expect them to work, invest, and risk their all to pursue a dream?   Heaven forbid that should be the state’s responsibility to provide for them.

The Elitists Ruling Class Oligarchy wants Control.  If that means destroying our economy, mandating us into servitude, then so be it.  If, as AOC suggests, her party and fellow activists desire to aid the common man or woman why would you plunge us into economic chaos?  No, the direr the situation is for the average citizen, the more the government can become the sugar daddy and provide.  When the government provides monetarily it demands concessions in the arena of liberties and rights.  Simply, it demands more control.

The assault on the Oil and Gas industry by this administration is a prime example of planned destruction for a political cause.  In 2020 our oil production produced a glut so large that Oil Tankers were forced to become floating storage for the crude.  We enjoyed energy independence and imported crude rather than depending on foreign oil to supply our needs.  Prices were wonderfully low and now they are going through the roof.  This is largely the fault of Biden’s attack on energy in favor of the ill-advised pursuit of green energy as a sole source.

The Oil and Gas industry realized that it had to become more prudent and develop a better business model during 2020.  They knew they had to assiduously avoid producing a glut that flooded the market.  Sufficient, but not overproduction was the desire and plan.  With that new business model and a sounder method of operation, shale oil could take America back to the days of just a few years past – energy independence. 

Sadly, the federal government has no desire to allow this to transpire.  The Biden administration has stated that they think high oil prices will open the door for alternative energy sources. Therefore, they plan to keep the fossil fuel energy sources at a minimum so that Americans grow weary of paying exorbitant prices and will embrace the hope of cheaper fuel in the Green New Deal.  Unfortunately, the Green Plan will produce even more shortages and higher prices.  Woe is me will be the cry of all who drink this Kool-Aid.

I am not opposed to alternative energy sources being developed.  I applaud them. But not at the expense of fossil fuels which are abundant and needful.  The Climate Activists are wrong on climate, and they are wrong on energy. 

So long as the Elitist Ruling Oligarchy has power, we will pay for their fallacious ideas. Most of us do not have a giant nest egg and an endless supply of cash to weather the storm of insane prices.  That forces multitudes into the category of being dependent upon the government for sustenance.  If the government subsidizes it demands payment in the form of obedience to its edicts.  That means they gain control, and it further empowers those who seek power. 

America, we can throw off the chains of the Elitists but only if we cross party lines and unite as Freedom Fighters at the ballot box.  If we return to God and unite for America, we can reclaim that which has been stolen from us.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom, will you join me?

God bless you and God bless America!


I am not an economics guru and do not normally dabble in financial prognostications, but I believe the genie is out of the bottle and the handwriting is on the wall.  I have been reading the views and reviews of some heretofore astute and accurate financial experts and virtually all of them agree that a collapse is coming.  Some believe it is already taking place and the house of cards created by this administration and the globalists have not fallen sufficiently to pull back the curtains so that all can see.

I often find reading the views of those in the late 1700s and early 1800s informative.  One such observation came from Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers.  He observed and believed that power over man’s subsistence amounted to power over his will.  That was a fire across the bow of all would-be oligarchs and tyrants.  It was a warning plea to the citizens of America to beware of politicians and the granting to them unlimited power.

We have food producers, farmers, and economists all warning that shortages are coming in virtually every sector.  Some of those shortages are manufactured and some are the result of the current governmental policies in various sectors of society.  The Russian/Ukrainian War is creating fertilizer shortages and that will result in both escalation of produce prices as well as shortages of that commodity.  I have not been a prepper and refuse to live in fear, but I am suggesting that nonperishable food items should be in our cupboards immediately in as large a supply as we can afford.

Hillary called for a ‘Reset’ and she was only echoing the desire and buzzword of the globalists.  Joe Biden’s handlers are fully committed to what is being called ‘The Great Reset’ globally.  Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum is promoting that idea.  Joe Biden and his handlers are fully committed to that idea and objective. 

Mr. Klaus wrote and published a book called “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”  That was in July 2020, and we are nearing two years later.  What did he know so early in the pandemic?  His book is a revelation, intentional or unintentional of their agenda.  They, like Adolf Hitler, warned the world beforehand, what they intended, and like then most have either ignored or denied the possibility.

Inflation has soared past 8.5% and the metric used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is woefully short of full disclosure. There is something called the Truflation index that places the current rate of inflation at around 13.3% and may be higher.  Virtually everyone knows it is much more than 8.5% and we are reminded of it each time we check out at the supermarket or fill up at the gas pump. 

The U.S. Treasury yield curve invert historically has been almost 100% accurate in predicting a recession has predicted one within two years and an almost 70% likelihood that it will be within the next year.  Encouraging, isn’t it?  NO! 

I am going to venture into a dimension that will make me persona non grata to some because I am going to touch the COVID-19 Hell and a little know experiment that is revealing.  I believe that COVID-19 as Klaus Schwab wrote is part of the globalist Great Global Reset.  Again, it is always about money, power, and control.

Have you ever heard of the Asch Conformity Experiment?  I had not until recently and found it fascinating and deeply disturbing at the same time.  If the goal of the experiment had been to get to the truth, I would applaud it, but the truth was not the objective Conformity was.  What is frightening in this is that the view of the Globalists and Leftists is that only Conformity is allowable and anything else must be destroyed, censored, and silenced.

The experiment revealed that people will actually believe things they know to be false or question if they think that everybody else believes them.  That is beyond incomprehensible to me but let me continue.  What does that have to do with COVID-19?  Everything!

In COVID-19 the objective was to have everyone believe:

  • COVID-19 was far riskier than it was or was even reported, making any governmental actions justified.
  • That Vaccines were our only hope.  (Again, I am not trashing anyone who did or did not take the jab, simply pointing out what the experiment reported.)  We were to believe that this was the only hope even though the technology has not worked or not worked as purported.
  • That anyone not taking the vaccine was a subhuman murderer and deserving to be shunned, fired, ostracized, and banned from society.  The hope was to paint them as undeserving of travel or food.
  • That not wearing a mask was the height of selfishness.  Yet, study after study reported that the masks were, at best minimally effective and most of the time ineffective.
  • That Children, who were scientifically proven to be at negligible risk, had to be vaccinated or they would kill Grandma or something of the like.

I realize that I am in deep trouble already, but I will continue.  The Asch Conformity Experiment showed that if one person stood up to the narrative, it was easier for another and then another to resist.  Therefore, it was imperative that there be no dissension allowed else control would be lost. 

In a nutshell, the Asch Experiment, conducted by Solomon Asch, found out that most people, when seeing a consensus of participants agreeing on something that was reasonably obvious that it was false, they actually ended up agreeing with those false opinions simply because everyone else seemed to think they were true.  That is frightening!  How many times as teens did you or your teens say, “Everybody’s doing it as a justification?”

The problem for the purveyors of the Great Reset and the hope for America and humanity is that if one, only one person stands and resists it creates an environment where the sheep stop being blind and begin to think.  I hope that explains why some who have been vocal in questioning the process and mandates have been so vilified and targeted.  If you are one of those, you are a threat to the narrative.  I have said from the outset that every person should be allowed to decide for themselves what path to follow.  So, if you did, that should be your decision and if you did not that should also be your decision.

If open debate and truth were the objectives of COVID or any element of society and government then why the censorship?  Why were people like Drs. Malone, McCullough, Koury, Urso, Cole, and Alexander; the Barrington great three; and then incomparable RFK, Jr. disallowed from voicing their dissent and question?  The nail that sticks up gets hammered down and they have been hammered down.

If they are wrong, open debate with statistical factual scientific evidence would refute them.  If they are right, then all of us need to know that we might have been played to achieve the desire of the Great Rest Globally. 

On December 30, 1776, the Revolution hang in the balance and General Washington was about to lose his army due to enlistments expiring.  Things were dire and he made an impassioned plea for six-more weeks of service.  He acknowledged that they had done all that had been asked and more, even more than could be reasonably expected.  He told them that the country’s future was hanging in the balance and pleaded with them.  He asked everyone who would stay to step forward.

The drums rolled and not a man budged.  It looked over and America would not become the reality they dreamed of.  People exchanged glances then finally one man stepped forward, then another, “I will stay if you will,” said one man to his friend.  In a few minutes, everyone but the invalids volunteered, and we know that America won her independence.

That is an example of one lone voice turning the tide for good.  Will we be that voice and save America from the Great Global Reset that those desiring to fundamentally transform us?  Will we stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom?  Will we?  I will.

God bless you and God bless America!

THEORIES ABOUND – But What Will Save Us?

I will attempt to resist the temptation to go on the offensive against some heretical theories regarding the world, the church, and America.  I am a natural-born American citizen, a native Texan, a Vietnam veteran, a father, grandfather, widower, and a Christian.  I have some core convictions regarding life, freedom, liberty, government, etc that are unshakeable.  Those core convictions are rooted in my faith in God, my interpretation of the Bible, and my understanding of the reason and purpose for the American Revolution.  Freedom is not Free, but it is worth the cost to secure and preserve it.

Some insist that Matthew 24:34 when Jesus said, “this generation will not pass away until all these things happen,” means the generation He was speaking to.  Others insist that it means that the generation that sees these things beginning will not pass away before the fulfillment of His prophecy.  I believe, based on the entirety of the Bible that He was referring to a future time.  You may not and that is your right to interpret things as you believe.  Yes, I know that Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D., but I do not believe that all the prophecies of the Bible or the events of the Book of Revelation have transpired in full.

I take seriously the statements of the Bible about war on a large global scale, geological catastrophes, pestilence, epidemics, increased crime, family breakdown, destructive behavior and attitudes, and the lack of civility.  I take seriously the warnings about large numbers allowing their love for God to grow cold, religious hypocrisy, widespread apathy, and even ridicule regarding the End of Times and the Coming of the Lord. 

The apostle Paul warned Timothy that in the last days there would be incredibly hard times and self-worship and self-centeredness would be pervasive.  He warned that greed would be the driving force in society and disobedience, disrespectful attitudes, and behavior would be on display.  There would be hatred running amok and the hearts of people would become hard and unforgiving.  He warned that desire for pleasure would stifle people’s love for God and false teachings would arise and convince many to embrace heresy.

We have trusted the Arm of Flesh in our pursuit of resolving the problems of America and the world.  We have allowed ourselves to be deceived that this battle for Freedom is to be fought in the political arena and won or lost at the ballot box.  Please hear me, I believe those are important, but they are not where the battle is won or lost.  Anyone reading this who is not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ or does not embrace the tenets of Christianity will likely disagree.

If we allow hate, thirst for vengeance, and retaliation to prevail we will become as tainted as those seeking the fundamental transformation of America into something other than what the Founding Fathers fought for.  The message of Jesus was consistently, “LOVE.”  We are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Some argue that they do not love themselves, but the Bible declares, “No man ever hated his own flesh.”  (Ephesians 5:29). 

If we could reach the place where we embraced and adopted the sentiment and objective of the Declaration of Independence, we would move light years ahead in solving the problems of our world.  That sentiment is declared the self-evident truth that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

If we adopted the directives of the Declaration of Independence that man is a created being and that of the Bible that we are ALL created in the image of God could learn to live harmoniously with each other.  Sadly, we are subjected to generational hatred and prejudice that precludes peaceful coexistence with anyone outside our ideological worldview.  We seem incapable of viewing others in that light and base our opinions on skin pigmentation, ethnicity, religion, or political-ideological persuasions. 

I do not hate anyone, although I do detest the actions and lifestyles of some.  I fight daily to ensure that my reaction to others is not through the grid of some preconceived stereotyping of them.  I believe that God loves all people and gave us the ability to make choices in life.  I do not believe that He created us as mindless puppets unable to obey or disobey His directives.  He desires obedience and rewards faithfulness.

Love does cover a multitude of sins and a soft answer can cause hate and anger to be abated.  However, there are times when no matter what you say or how much you love that person you are directing your Christian and Civil charity toward will not be restrained in their hate.  There are times when you must disassociate with people and leave them to wallow in their cesspool of destruction.

Politically in America, we are in a morass of destruction.  We did not get there with the election of Joe Biden or any president.  What is happening today is a display of the fruit of the seeds of destruction that have been sown for decades.  Who is to blame for the condition of America and much of the world?  Is it the politicians?  Yes, they are to blame for their actions.  Is it the power-hungry rich elitists?  Yes, they are to blame for their willingness to destroy for their personal gain.  Is it the globalists?  Yes, they must share much of the blame.  But are they the ones whose feet the blame should be laid?  I say No!

I blame preachers, churches, and Christians for the destructive conditions that exist.  I am part of that number, so I blame myself for where we are.  The church allowed the government to effectively silence it with the fallacious or misunderstood and misapplied doctrine of “separation of church and state.”  That came to mean nothing of God and the Bible could be used in determining the political direction of the nation.  That is a view that opened the door to the destruction of today. 

The church and preachers became kingdom builders, not God’s kingdom but their personal empires, and dared not rock the boat.  Frequently, preachers refrained from making any statements that might be deemed political or controversial and the sheep were left blind to the dangers.  The Bible insists that the watchmen see danger and do not warn, the blood of those destroyed is on their hands. 

Our Founding Fathers recognized the value and importance of the biblical teachings in our educational system and warned of the destruction if the Bible was removed.  The Bible has been and we are seeing the fruit of that misguided action.  Being silent in the face of evil is to become complicit with that evil.  God values life and the proponents of abortion do not value the life God created in the womb.  God values family and places a high demand on parents to train their children.  He paints the picture of the home as having a father and a mother there together training the children. 

The prohibitions of the Bible are not for punishment’s sake but for protection!  God knows the dangers and damage of illicit sex, homosexuality, pornography, lying, stealing, murder, hate, etc.  He has provided us a pathway to peace and prosperity in Him and through the power of Love! 

I know that my blog today, could be and will be deemed a sermon, but I believe that if we would return to God, moral rightness, strong homes, and families, and resist the temptation to allow prejudice to define and drive us, we could be restored.  I believe that if the Christian family would follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14, we would see an almost immediate change in our government.  I am not saying it is a magic pill to bring restoration, but it is an invaluable first step.

I will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom as long as I live and I ask that you join me in defeating the evil of this world, by turning to God and doing what is right!  I ask that you join me in interceding for America and the world.  I ask that you set your heart to making the Golden Rule your guide for life.  Let’s unite for America and return to a state of a nation that enjoys the propitious smiles of heaven.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am writing from my perspective as a believer in the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Creator God.  You may or may not believe God or the Bible, but I do.  You may or may not believe that it is wrong to eliminate God from everything public, but I do.  You may or may not believe that it is within the rights of those who do not believe to demand that those who do violate their core convictions and accommodate the non-belief of the nonbelievers, but I do.  So, if that offends you, please close this post and move on.  I defend your right to believe what you believe.  I care what you believe but recognize your right to make your choice.

It is my view that an atheistic minority is tyrannizing America.  Well, I hope it is a minority and that this nation has not suffered such devolution that a majority of Americans have become nonbelievers.   That was not the case when this republic was founded and not the view of our founding fathers.  They included the Bible, God, and prayer in their deliberations and in their hammering out our system of government.  History supports that assertion regardless of the current view of many.

When I listen to the secularists speak regarding the First Amendment, I get the impression that they believe that our founders established it to prevent all Americans from any exposure to religion.  They come across as those who believe that those courageous founders wrote the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and recognized rights, liberties, and freedoms from a pro-atheistic perspective.  That is beyond ludicrous.  They wanted freedom for those who believed and those who did not.  However, most of them would be astounded at the number of nonbelievers in America today.

Sadly, the Republican Party that supported prayer in public schools during the Reagan years now is largely silent on the issue.  Many Republicans and maybe most Republicans are extremely skittish to even broach the subject.  They seem to believe that the victories and presumptions of the secularists over the past half-century are insurmountable and therefore they have accepted defeat.  I weep over that possibility. 

Many Republicans and too many Christians appear to have adopted the view that the Constitution of the United States is neutral about religion.  That view, which is ahistorical and unconstitutional, is widely pervasive.   Dare we forget that the Constitution itself rests on Judeo-Christian theism, declaring that God exists, and he grants rights to human beings that no government has the right to rescind?

The First Amendment was designed to prevent the government from swooping in and crushing Christianity.  It might be worthy to note that for decades after the adoption of the First Amendment some states including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and South Carolina disallowed atheists from serving in public offices.  To morph from that position to the view that the founders considered religion anathema to public government requires one to totally ignore history and the writings of the founders.  Alas, that is where we are.

I was somewhat encouraged that all is not lost when the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 on a Free Speech issue.  I was shocked but pleasantly surprised that even the liberal leftists on the court stood for the Constitution.  The case was Shurtleff, et al. v. City of Boston, et al.  It involved the question of whether the City of Boston violated the First Amendment when it refused to fly the flag of a Christian group, although it flew the flags from other outside groups.

Three flagpoles stand in the plaza outside Boston’s City Hall.  The American flag and the flag for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts grace two of the three.  The City’s flag flies from the third.  However, over the years the City has allowed outside groups to hold ceremonies on the plaza and flay a flag of their choosing from the third pole in connection with those ceremonies. 

Between 2015 and 2017, Boston approved the raising of 50 unique flags for 284 such ceremonies.  Most of those flags were flags from other countries, but some were associated with other causes, such as the Pride Flag, a banner that honored emergency workers, and numerous others.  The court ruled that Boston’s flag-raising program does not express government speech and that the flag-raising program did not express government speech, and Boston’s refusal to let petitioners fly their flag violated the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment.  The SCOTUS got it right and for that I am grateful.

We are living in an America where those who desire our demise or fundamental transformation into something other than the Republic, we have been for almost two and one-half centuries.  We now have a Ministry of Truth, Disinformation, or Information frighteningly like that of Nazi Germany with Joseph Goebbels.  That has run into difficulty and for that I am thankful. Their desire to control the narrative, and the right to think and speak what we believe is tantamount to an assault on the Constitution and the Free Constitutional Republic.

When we began to allow those who followed a humanistic and secularistic view to dictate what could and could not be allowed in the public, we began the demise of freedom.  We opened the door to tyranny and handed those desirous of our transformation into something other than our design a blank cheque to pursue without hindrance their agenda. 

I contend that we are living in a condition that is not only dangerous but destructive for everyone not an upper-echelon member of the Ruling Class.  I am reminded of the words of John Adams which speak to our condition.  He said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

The father of our country and first president, George Washington echoed those sentiments.  He said, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens…. And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion.”

Moral absolutes and absolute truth are rejected by the atheistic minority, most politicians, a large swath of academics, and virtually all progressives and liberals.  Too many who attest to being Christians have descended into that abyss as well.  What do we believe?  We must define our beliefs in every aspect of life. 

If we desire to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic where “All people are viewed as created equal and given inalienable rights by our creator including the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” we must define our beliefs.  If we allow the vocal minority of nonbelievers to determine what is allowable, we invite tyranny and despotism.  We invite censorship and the establishment of thought policing of society.  We are creating a world without freedom in the name of protecting freedom, but freedom for what we desire not freedom for everyone.

The Bible speaks plainly about many subjects and much of the church today avoids those topics.  The Bible identifies gender as male and female, not a myriad of manmade genders adopted to enable a fleshly desired lifestyle.  The Bible speaks about marriage, family, morals, ethics, and truth.  The Constitution and our system of laws have their foundation in the Bible and the Ten Commandments.  We were not established to abandon our faith, but faith facilitated the establishment of our Republic. 

You may agree or vehemently disagree with my position.  I accept that as your right of choice.  I pray that we can all find a way to address the issues facing America civilly and reasonably rather than hurl vitriolic insults.  I believe in God, the Bible, and the Christian faith.  I believe in America and the God-given freedoms granted to ALL.  I believe in Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I want America to return to our founding and moral moorings.

God bless you and God bless America!


I am fed up with the rhetoric and spin of the elitists, and so-called intellectuals claiming Moral Superiority over the rest of us.  They have the misguided and deluded idea that their positions, often self-determined, make them morally superior to the rest of us.  They deem their cause just and righteous and anyone or anything that disagrees is morally bankrupt and in need of enlightenment.

Leo Tolstoy offered a confession that illustrates what I am talking about.  He said, “From my intimacy with [my fellow writers, teachers, etc.] I acquired a new vice: abnormally developed pride, and an insane assurance that it was my vocation to teach men, without knowing what… [Eventually I saw that] almost all of them were men of bad or worthless character… [whose] real inmost concern was to get as much money and praise as possible.”

In the world of academia, the Leftists far outnumber the Conservatives or Constitutionalists.  If there are Christians among them, they are few in number or fearful to make their beliefs known.  That presents a platform for indoctrination of the young minds in their care with a false morality that is destructive.  

I have discovered in my study, and interaction with members of academia, politicians, and media types a certain limitation, they cannot see.  That is, most of them have the mistaken view that they know more than they actually know.  They tend to believe that their intellectual accomplishments make them superior to the average man or woman on the streets or in the workforce.  They are our betters and view us, as did Obama and Hillary as deplorables.

Sadly, few of them understand the pursuit of men like Aristotle, who contended that the aim of studying moral philosophy was not simply to become better thinkers but better people.  It would be beneficial to study the precepts and principles taught by Jesus in the Bible, but alas, that would require them to step down from their lofty pinnacle of elitism. 

It is possible to know the philosophies of the philosophers and think things through rationally and miss the true objective of knowledge, being better people not just having superior knowledge.  Sadly, pride and snobbishness are prevalent in much of the world of the intellectual.  Knowledge is beneficial only if it is used rightly!  It may be power providing an understanding of how to manipulate the masses, but does it make the holder of that knowledge morally superior? 

People like the insufferable Bill Maher exhibit the illusion that holding a degree from an Ivy League University somehow makes them better than ordinary citizens not so educated.  America is devastatingly divided and headed for destruction if we do not return to our moral moorings.  Not the morality advanced by the elitists or any sect, but true morality that seeks to be better people.

The French ‘existentialist’ philosopher Gabriel Marcel said what I’m asserting powerfully.  He said, “[It is said that] “Intellectuals are frivolous,” and, unfortunately, this is terribly true, the deep reason for it being that the intellectual has not to deal, as the peasant and the workman have, with a tangible stubborn reality, a reality which resists fantasies; the intellectual works with words, and paper permits absolutely anything to be written on it.” 

If you are out of touch with the reality of the masses, you are not fit to govern them.  If you have no experience in the struggles of the common man, how can you snobbishly deem yourself morally superior to them?  Pride goes before destruction the Bible declares and we are first-hand witnesses of the evil of pride in academia, media, and politics.  I had a politician tell me that I had no right to question the actions of Congress because I was not informed and therefore, I should be silent and follow their edicts.  After all, he declared, they know what is best for America and I could not because I was, a common man.

Socrates warned, “Isn’t it true that those with the best natures become exceptionally bad when given bad instruction?”  That is what we have in America today, generations of people who have been instructed with a false morality and a revised history.  The educational system has, for generations, been in the business of indoctrination, not education.  They believe their views are morally superior to the Bible and those of us who work for a living. 

The self-inflated sense of importance by the elitists is opening the door for religious persecution, mandates designed for control, ignoring the facts, and justifying the criminality of their fellows.  Hillary’s lawyer deeply involved in the fallacious Russia Gate and Spying on Trump Michael Sussmann’s lawyers believe that it was okay and justifiable for him to lie to the FBI. 

The elitists believe that lying to the public is okay if it achieves their desired objectives.  The politicians who follow the path of toxic liberalism believe we are so lacking in the ability to cognate that they suggest campaign tokens.  An example is there are a group of Democratic Senators in battleground states who are in danger of losing their seats they suggest that the government should temporarily suspend the federal gas tax.  

That would be nice, but they come across as being morally superior in their small offerings of help for those of us who work and pay taxes.  But, if you examine the record they are opposed to drilling, the pipeline, and the oil, gas, and coal industry.  If they truly wanted to do the morally right thing, they would oppose the Biden administration’s assault on our fossil fuel industry.  Do they do that?  NO!  Instead, they offer us a small bone hoping to deceive us into voting for them.

What we witnessed in Canada, pastors being arrested for supporting the trucker convoy will come to America and the elitists will force their brand of moral superiority upon us and we will see pastors arrested for preaching the Bible and resisting the immorality of the government.  IT IS COMING! 

America, we can keep our window of opportunity open, but ONLY if we band together and reject those elitists who want to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic it was founded to be.  I ask you to join the fight and become informed and be one who spreads the word of Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


America, I, and many others have been crying from the rooftops that we are on the precipice of destruction and truly one election away from America’s destruction.  Those who desire to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic into a third-world dictatorship or elitist oligarchy are openly seeking to implement their agenda.  They no longer hide their intent from the voters because they have been allowed to commit their acts with impunity. 

Therefore, I do not blame them alone for their deviousness and destruction, we could have and should have stopped them.  But often because we were not severely impacted by their actions, we turned a blind eye and remained silent while they destroyed.  We no longer have the luxury of silence or inaction.  If we are going to reclaim our republic and preserve our liberties and freedoms, we must become informed, involved, and resist their destruction. 

We have been invaded and many are uninformed as to the extent of that invasion because our attention has been diverted by inflation, crime, and other issues.  There is an overt and covert effort to relegate our constitution to the back burner and allow executive orders and executive actions to rule and control.

Watch out America!  The flood of illegals is pouring across our southern border and in their number are terrorists, gang members, drug smugglers, human traffickers, and disease-ridden individuals.  We will rue the day we allowed Joe Biden to become the occupant of the White House.  The price we will pay may be beyond our ability to sustain our system of government.

We are watching the central bank print money like it was wallpaper and the unsustainable federal spending is continuing to soar with the only outcome of hyperinflation, and a debt burden no nation can survive.  The legacy we are leaving to our posterity is not one of prosperity, liberty, and victory, but servitude to the federal overlords of the globalist now running our nation and most of the world.

Pork barrel spending with the intent to reward political activists and cronies seeking to buy votes and build a hedge of immunity from prosecution is rampant.  The focus on green energy at the expense of the oil and gas industry will continue to plunge us into dependence upon those who hate us and create hardships for the average American.  Those hardships will result in millions losing their homes, food shortages, and prices that prevent us from buying what we need.

The insane defund of the police rhetoric and actions of some Democratic-controlled environs will result in the continued escalation of crime.  We are rapidly approaching, if we are not already there, a time when it is not safe to walk our streets, even in small-town America.  We are headed for a crash, economically, morally, socially, and politically and many seem to be oblivious to the danger or the cause.

We have arrived at a time when those in power are persecuting and prosecuting their political and ideological opponents.  The unbridled censorship of big tech and others has silenced one side of the discussion. The result of that is that the uninformed are only hearing one side and therefore have no data upon which to reason the rightness or wrongness of what they heart.  That is propaganda, manipulation, brainwashing, and the ignorance of truth results in the control by the elitists.  We pay an unwelcome price and once it is paid, we are doomed to servitude, with the only prospect of freedom being resistance and rebellion.

Our founding fathers recognized the flaws of human nature and the ravages of sin.  They appreciated and incorporated it into their deliberations and development of our Constitution.  They researched thousands of years of human history and cited the recurring deficiencies in governmental systems that eventually resulted in their collapse.  They agreed almost unanimously that concentrated power begets government tyranny and the surrender of God-given freedoms.  They recognized inalienable rights as coming from God, not the government, and sought to prevent that overreach.  We have failed to maintain what they gave us.

With our Border Patrol agents reporting an increase in criminals, gang members, and those suspected of or known to be affiliated with terrorists we need to awaken from our slumber and bias towards a political party and demand action.  Action?  Yes, secure the border, enforce the law, and follow the constitution.  It is not inhumane to take that action.  A person who is seeking political asylum and verifiably in danger of their life should be considered, but there is a process and pathway for legal immigration, and it must be followed. 

In March over 62 thousand illegals avoided our Border Patrol Agents.  Exactly how they know how many avoided detection is a question I cannot answer, but I suspect if they report that number, the reality might be double or triple.  The MS-13 gang is demonically diabolical.  It is called Mara Salvatrucha and was set up in Los Angeles by Central American immigrants and has expanded across the continent.  It is known for gruesome crimes and its motto is – “mata, viola, controla” which means, “kill, rape, control.”  Ignoring them is not only dangerous it is treasonous.

Lifting Title 42 is an open invitation for America to be overrun and overthrown.  Rather than dealing with this problem, which Biden and his party insist is not a problem but an expression of who we are in allowing them free access.  Rather than dealing with this problem, this administration is focused on advancing the lunacy of manmade climate change or global warming and the core of that push is the “New Green Deal.”  We are chasing rainbows rather than dealing with problems.

The band-aid on a cancer action of releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve attempting to lower gas prices is not a solution.  Rather, it can be and will be damaging to us in the long run.  What should be done is open the Keystone XL pipeline and allow drilling on federal lands.  Biden said that he will “work like the devil” to step up supply at the pump.  He is “working like a devil” but not seeking to solve the problem long term.  His policies continue to push us to the precipice of destruction. 

The question is “Will we continue to allow this planned destruction?”  How long will we sit in silence while our nation is destroyed?  How long will we allow them to ‘wag the dog’ and divert our attention from the real problems and solutions facing us today?  How long?  We do not have long and if we fail this November and in 2024, we will likely not have a republic to fight for.  That is how dire I see this problem.

God bless you and God bless America!


In my ongoing study of history, I have noticed a link that connects all tyrannical despotic regimes in history.  There are more than one, but the ones to which I refer are the creation of a form of “Disinformation Arms” and the “Censorship of Free Speech.”  Tyrants and dictators dare not allow the public to speak its mind or think for themselves.  That would be counterproductive and damaging to their agenda and rhetoric. 

Freedom of Thought embodies the likelihood of rational thought and deductive reasoning.  That can never be allowed by those with an agenda that is diabolical, anti-freedom, and seeks to gain total control over the people.  Today, in America, we are witnessing, the Nazi, Russian, and Communist China style of censorship and disinformation dissemination.  

The Biden ‘Ministry of Truth’ screams that truth is the last thing they are seeking to disseminate.  They have an objective, and that objective is to control the narrative and to plant the seeds of disinformation into gullible minds so they can obscure the truth and make it indistinguishable.  What they call their “Ministry of Truth” I would call the “Ministry of Disinformation.” 

Elon Musk has set the media and the left on its ear with his takeover of Twitter.  I do not see Musk as a Night in Shining Armor or a Savior, but someone who, for whatever reason, took a dislike to censorship.  For that I am grateful. I am not, nor have I ever used Twitter, I found it cumbersome and am not into following celebrities or politicians to hang on their every word.  I like to glean information, research, vet it, and then put it into the hopper and allow my ability to think to guide me.  (I seek to be guided by the Word and Spirit of God).

It is easy to see why this administration would need a “Ministry of Information” they call Truth.  They continue to blame everything and everyone for the woes they created, and they cannot afford to allow the truth to prevail. Therefore, they must control the narrative and the information that is presented to the public.  That is their only hope!  They hope that the ill-informed, willing Kool-Aid drinkers will stay in their corner and under their tutelage.  Failure is defeat for them, and they will not go down easily.

When we look at some pertinent facts regarding prices in today’s America only ‘disinformation’ can divert the public’s attention to the truth.  The price of natural gas has risen approximately 192%, diesel fuel 176%, regular gasoline 74%, foodstuffs 59% under Biden, and directly related to his policies.  The supply chain, which I am convinced is manufactured for a purpose has allowed prices to reach the gouging point and it is directly related to this administration’s policies. 

If you are selling a home, you may be thrilled at the escalating prices, but if you are a buyer, you are in a deep funk over the cost of houses and land.  We do not even have to consider the failure and lunacy of most of the Biden foreign policy, especially relating to the Southern Border to realize that they cannot afford facts, data, and the truth to prevail.  That would be disastrous for them!

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas named Nina Jankowicz as the head of the ‘Ministry of Truth.’  If you dig into who this person is, you will discover that she is the one who sang of her sex fantasy with a dead Harry Potter.  She also sang about misinformation, coining her own lyrics to Mary Poppins “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She has repeatedly mocked Vice President Kamala Harris as a “threat to democracy.”  Imagine that!

This person claims that there are many non-binary people who give birth.  Seriously?  She calls the idea of two genders gender disinformation and considers all who follow that belief and reality, a threat to society.

The so-called Ministry of Truth is supposed to have as its mission to fight off misinformation and disinformation.  That is amazing since it is the epicenter of disinformation, misinformation, distortions, and outright lies.  So, when the government tells us that it is going to be open and transparent, we know that it will not.  When the government says it is creating a Ministry of Truth, we know that the opposite is the reality.  This is another propaganda arm of the government used by the party in power. 

Their real objective is to achieve what they have been trying to achieve for decades, the criminalization of speech they do not like or want. It is to provide a legal platform for the PC Police to monitor our speech, thoughts, and actions and eliminate all that is undesirable to them and their agenda.  Does that sound like the Free Constitutional Republic that our Founding Fathers fought so valiantly to establish?  NO!  It sounds more like Communist China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, or Cuba.  It is not desirable and should not be allowed by America or Americans.  Will we rally and defeat this attempt?

I agree with Candace Owens that the Left is beginning to sound more and more like ISIS and the threat is real that we either comply or die.  We either recite and regurgitate their approved rhetoric or they desire us to be eliminated.  Eliminated either by reeducation, incarceration, or annihilation.  Yes, I said, it and I believe they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their agenda.

What is happening makes George Orwell’s 1984 seem like a ‘how to manual’ for the Leftists.  Joe Biden is creating (or his handlers are creating) what they call the “Disinformation Governance Board.”  What exactly is that?  It is under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security.  Its purpose is to “identify individuals who could be descending into violence by reason of ideologies of hate, false narratives, or other disinformation and misinformation propagated on social media and other platforms.”  Is that EVERYONE who shows those traits or only those of the opposing ideology and agenda? 

Orwell said in 1984, “We live in terrifying times.”  What they are seeking to do is what you would expect to be done to the enemy, not the American people who are exercising their God-given and Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech and Thought.  If the members of Congress do not wake up and regardless of Party affiliation stop this, America may be near the end.  At least, the Free Constitutional Republic!  Can Despotism, and Dictatorship be far behind?

This action and direction are Left of Lenin and if even liberals cannot see how totalitarian this is, we are in trouble.  If we give up the right of Freedom of Speech, we surrender our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights and participate in the destruction of the Republic.  As Orwell stated, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” 

For those who say, “Don’t worry, this is cyclical, and it will get better soon.”  I say, “try telling that to a person kneeling at the guillotine.”  I must resist going so long that what I say is not heard I offer the words of George Washington – “For if men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter, which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences, that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us; the freedom of Speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.”  It is high time to awake from our slumber and take action!

God bless you and God bless America! 


The current president, Joe Biden’s campaign slogan was “Build Back Better.”  I found that interesting since we were far better off, under Trump than under the 8 years he and Barack Hussein Obama ran the Executive Branch.  We were seeing our economy boom and had become energy independent importing crude to other nations.  We were on the path to securing our southern border and moving forward in reclaiming our place as a World leader and one our enemies feared, and our allies could depend on.  So, better than what was my question?

However, if you decipher the speech of the Leftists who are devotedly anti-free enterprise and our Constitutional Republican system of government you can understand what he meant.  It had nothing to do with restoring what was not lost but an attempt to spin the tired rhetoric that Trump was bad and everything he did was bad.  Sadly, the Kool-Aid guzzlers gulped it down and regurgitated the slogan as though it were truth.

Now we have had over a year of Biden Economics and are in the throes of Hyper Inflation where any pay increase is swallowed up by the skyrocketing inflation and cost of everything.  If that is Better, please let me go back to what he and they deem worse.  Everything is deemed Trump’s fault, Putin’s fault, Christian’s fault, Conservatives, fault, or the fault of the Wuhan Virus, which some have compared to Pearl Harbor.  I believe the virus was manufactured and released purposely, but I don’t know how deeply elements within the United States were involved and how global this planned pandemic was.  That is of great concern.

The American economy is in shambles, and our enemies no longer fear us.  We have a man running the Department of Defense who fully embraces the WOKE ideology and is purging our military of true patriots.  We have a Department of Justice that is fully on board with the fundamental transformation of America and targeting everything Christian and conservative.  We have members of the Biden Cabinet who are equal lunatics to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Squad in their anti-Americanism. 

We have an Educational System that has been engaged in promoting the Cancel Culture, and Critical Race Theory as well as teaching Revisionist History or Rewritten History.  We have monetary inducements keeping people from seeking gainful employment and are willing to allow those who will work to subsidize their laziness.  We have the flames of racial discord being fanned to the point that bloodletting is almost unavoidable.  That is not better!

The cost of filling up the tanks of our vehicles is soaring, and no one seems to have any idea where the ceiling on prices might be.  I believe that the only way we reverse the rise in prices is to evict the occupants of the White House and replenish the membership of both Houses of Congress with American Patriots.  The gas prices cannot be blamed on COVID-19, nor can they be blamed on former President Donald Trump.  They must be owned by Joe Biden and his cohorts.

The man occupying the White House, either through his own thought processes or what he is told to say, blames the reversal in the economy on COVID-19.  Some of it is due to the incredible lockdown that transpired and the governmental destruction of a myriad of businesses and individual lives.

I am reminded of the insightful words of former President Ronald Reagan in 1986 when he said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Those words are more relevant today than when he said them.  If what is happening is their definition of help, please don’t help me anymore!

What is the sector that is exerting the most influence on the negative economy?  You guessed it, Energy.  Oil is a global commodity and as the oil and gas industry goes so goes the economy of the world.  Production and refining of oil are intricately connected.  With the edicts and Executive Orders and Actions of Joe Biden, we watched the Oil Patch dwindle to nothingness and our economy followed it into the tank.

A little research reveals that on April 20, 2020, all the tanks and pipes were full.  For a short time, oil producers had no place to store their crude.  Any nation is dependent upon reliable energy sources and the utopian dream of alternative energy, and the New Green Deal is unreliable and incredibly expensive.  The Oil and Gas Industry had a prime directive to assure the availability of 100 million barrels of oil consumed every day.  Once they fulfill the prime directive, they are able to work within the parameters of the market for its benefit and profit. 

There are many factors beyond who is the president that determines the production and supply of energy.  But where we now sit, Joe Biden is as much the blame as any human on the planet.   He needlessly shut down the pipeline and the immediate result was rising prices.  His actions regarding drilling and the fossil fuel industry resulted in our energy crisis not Russia or Ukraine or anyone else.  He took us from being energy independent to energy-dependent.  So, I do blame Biden as the chief contributor to the problem.

An even larger problem is the desire and design of the Leftists Biden included is to control our money and then they control us.  Most people believe that they are in control of their money, but I suggest that we are not nearly as in control as we were even 2 years ago.  Sadly, too many simply sigh and throw up their hands at the reality that the government has a monopoly on money. 

There was a time when the money in our wallets, no matter if it was issued by a bank or the Federal Reserve as today, it was ours.  Electronic transfer of money is a precursor to total government control of our money.  Why do you think the IRS is going to evaluate every transaction of $600 or more? 

The Clintons and the Obamas leaned on banks to refuse to do business with people for various reasons.  There was no federal law allowing them to do so, but the threat was enough to elicit cooperation.  We would do well to remember the words of Chief Justice John Marshall in 1819 when he said, “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”  We are seeing the rise in cryptocurrency, and it poses a serious threat to government control.  I believe that the government will use all its power to crush every attempt to provide an alternative to government-issued money.

If where we are is deemed Better, what will they call it when our entire economy collapses, and foreign governments call in our debt that we cannot pay?  What will they call it when China and other foreign government or entities demand land for payment or other concessions that threaten our national security?  Will we still allow it to be called Better without unifying to send them packing?  If we do, we will participate in the demise of our Republic.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and urge everyone regardless of their political party affiliation in the past to unite for Freedom and Save America!

God bless you and God bless America!


I believe that ‘Trust’ has been damaged when it comes to those in our government, the media, academia, and much of society.  Over time, people have become anesthetized to the enormous barrage of lies, distortions, half-truths, deceptions, and deviousness, and while distrusting they expect to be dumped on and abused.  That is a tragic condition that has not always existed in America but is prevalent today.  We have, and with good reason, lost Trust!

Scottish economist, Adam Smith said, “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation.”  What he meant by that was that he believed that a successful nation has a large margin, or cushion, between its current condition and destruction.  America has an enormous amount of natural resources and those resources were developed or harvested because people desired freedom and prosperity.  Skills were developed and people ventured into the unknown with a high level of trust for one another.  Yes, there have always been crooked and greedy people who were devious, but we Trusted!

Trust is essential to form the web or network of people, businesses, and government to harvest the resources society needs.  For example, if you consider the production of a loaf of bread you see the network required.  The farmer plants the wheat and uses tools created by someone else as he waters, fertilizes, and works his crop.  Those tools, he uses, require industry to create and energy to run the machines that create the machines.  Petroleum is required and the network expands.  The grain is delivered to the bakery and then to the market.  Finally, it reaches the shelves of the market, and we buy it and consume it.  All of that requires a network and for the network to function properly we must have Trust!

Sadly, politicians just do not get it.  They seem to believe that we have infinite margins, and they can destroy Trust without affecting the progress and prosperity of the nation.  They are wrong!  I know farmers who have ceased growing certain crops because of the lack of trust in the government.  That affects the production and price of those needed foods, and we blame everything but the right thing all due to a lack of Trust.

Relationships cannot thrive without Trust.  Marriages will fail if they are not established on a solid foundation of Trust.  A business will fail if they are devoid of Trust.  Without Trust, society becomes a dog-eat-dog world, and everyone becomes a law unto themselves.  We live in a world that is become more cutthroat than ever and Trust is a lost commodity in today’s world.

The followers of toxic liberalism, and progressivism, have been key players in the loss of Trust.  They have bombarded us with countless destructive theories such as manmade climate change, Critical Race Theory, cancel culture, woke-ness, transgenderism, defunding the police, and more.  They are pushing policies designed to control us not help us pursue the American dream or as the Declaration of Independence words it, “pursue happiness.”

Recent polls, even by those who embrace the Woke Agenda, indicate that a plurality of Americans reject that agenda and believe it destructive.  Scott McConnell wrote in The American Conservative, “To be woke is to believe that all social life is permeated by interlocking systems of oppression and that overturning them is a moral imperative.”  That reveals the true agenda of the Left.

The Left and those pursuing the Woke Agenda have facilitated the morphing of Progressivism into the newest ideological religion.  It is, without question, authoritarian and desires total compliance and total control.  It is rapidly becoming, “Comply or Die.”  They have proposed and are working to impose policies that inflict severe punishment on those who do not embrace their agenda and obey.

Freedom of Speech, an integral element in a Free Society and required to establish and maintain Trust is being assaulted by the Left.  They deem everything not ‘Woke’ to be hate speech and embrace the use of censorship as they seek to silence all dissenting voices.  Those who violate their progressive code are socially ostracized, sued for discrimination, forced to resign, or go out of business, and labeled or branded as being evil.

I believe it was Greg Gutfeld from Fox that said, “Wokeness takes stuff that you love and can turn it into poison.”    A case in point would be the Walt Disney Company where they are taking away Mickey Mouse and those fun-loving characters and are turning them into an LGBTQ ideology. They have announced that 50% of the Disney characters will be LGBTQ or minorities.  They are embracing the indoctrination of our children with the Leftist’s idea of social construct.

When kindergarten children are indoctrinated with the ideological agenda of toxic liberalism how can we Trust those charged with educating our children?  The Biden administration has advanced “Transgender Day of Visibility.”  What happened to the idea or reality of being made in the Image of God and the scientific and biological reality that there are only two genders, Male and Female? 

Biden has released a series of documents promoting non-reversible “gender-reassignment” surgeries and hormone treatments for minors.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  Training children is the God-given responsibility of parents and although we once trusted the educational system to teach them core subjects to help them become productive members of society, we can no longer Trust Education. 

Biden made an incredibly anti-biblical statement in promoting “Transgender Day of Visibility.”  He said: “To everyone celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, I want you to know that your president sees you – Jill [Biden], Kamala [Harris], Doug [Emhoff], our entire administration sees you – for who you are: made in the image of God and deserving of dignity, respect, and support.”  Wait, Mr. President, are you saying that God made a mistake?  How dare you!

The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has launched a new website that offers “resources for transgender and LGBTQI+ youth, their parents, and providers.”  They declare that their goal is to “affirm an LGBTQI+ child.”  The website asserts that “when children and adolescents claim that their ‘gender identity’ does not match their biology, the administration is happy to “reaffirm” that with mental health ‘councils.’”  How can God-fearing people Trust this administration and the government? 

No one is an “X” gender, they are either male or female and I stand on that based on both science and the Bible.  If your biological construct identifies you as a male or a female, that is what you are regardless of what you decide or what surgery attempts to recreate.  You are what you are biologically and when the attempt is made to blur the line of truth, I lose all Trust in those doing so. 

Trust is becoming extinct in today’s society and what I have advanced is just a few grains of sand on the vast beach of destructive ideologies, theories, and agendas being advanced.  How can we Trust when ideological activism is allowed to displace science, reason, and the Bible? 

America, we must take back our Republic.  We take back the educational system.  We must take back our Congress, and the Courts, and restore Republicanism (a system of government in contrast to Socialism, Marxism, or Direct Democracy) if we hope to survive as the United States of America, a Free Constitutional Republic!

God bless you and God bless America!