When I was growing up, I sometimes heard that a person who seems to be Teflon and nothing stuck to them, “They could fall into a cesspool and come up smelling like a rose.”  The implication was that no matter what they did they never suffered for their indiscretions and failures. 

In watching the past four years and the vitriolic diatribe and rhetoric hurled against President Donald Trump I have concluded that he could do nothing they would applaud.  He could fall into a Rose Perfume bath and they would insist he was covered with Pig Poop.  When I question the hate, I am attacked and told, “We do not hate!”  Then the attack is launched calling me a Trumpist, a Cultist, a Racist, or some other derogatory term saying that I worship Trump.  I am not a cultist or a racist and although I have supported the President I am not, in the sense they mean it, a Trumpist.  I am an American and a lover of Constitutionalism.

I have asked and been asked, “What is it that drives the hatred for Donald John Trump?”  I have concluded that it is far more than his caustic personality and propensity to push back when pushed.  It is more than his New Yorker bravado or even the egotism and narcissism he and most politicians exhibit to some degree.  If it is not the man, what is it? 

I believe it is hate, you can call it whatever you please but it is difficult to disguise hate for anything other than hate.  The bile and vitriol that issues forth from the lips and writings of those who insist he is incarnate evil cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is – HATE!  But what is the core reason for the hatred for him?

Let me insert that I believer there are those who believe in America and truly believe that Trump is damaging and dangerous to our Constitutional form of Governance. They do not hate him for the same reasons that the Leftists do.  They, in my view, dislike him because of his personality, moral flaws, and bravado and bluster.  They want a milquetoast President who exhibits what they deem to be Presidential.  However, they have excused the very things they insist are flaws in him in the Leftists such as Biden, Obama, etc.  It is a bit perplexing.  They are not who I am going to refer to in my comments on the core reason for the eruptive hatred.

I believe that those on the Left, the followers of the toxic liberalism, Socialism, Marxism, and Progressivism of the 2000s hate him for a specific reason other than personality.  The Left has been accustomed to Republicans running for cover when they hurl their insults and accusations.  They have been accustomed to Republicans playing by their rules of civility while violating those rules themselves.  They have been accustomed to enjoying the timidity of the Republicans over public opinion and negative media coverage.  Donald Trump does not follow those rules therefore he is a threat to them, and they determined at the outset he had to be destroyed. 

I believe their hate is rooted in his willingness to stand for the American people, the Constitution, and attempt to expose the corruption and drain the swamp.  That is anathema to the Elitist of both parties and the reason that they have been hell-bent on destroying him and anyone who supports him. 

In our snowflake world of political correctness and entitlement, there is the inane view that people have the right to not being offended.  The elitists have spent decades and in the case of Joe Biden almost five decades enjoying the advantages of being a part of the swamp they are horrified if anyone threatens that status quo. 

The Leftists have contempt for the average citizen as were reflected in the remarks of Barack Hussein Obama as he called us ‘bitter clingers’ clinging to our religion and our guns.  Hillary declared that half of Trump supporters could be placed into a basket of deplorables.  I acknowledge that Biden has concealed his contempt better than those two but his demonstrated actions and announced agenda reveal that he is a pea in the same pod.  He has been more involved in the lucrative advancement of himself and his family that comes with his position and ability to market his influence.  That is taking advantage of ordinary people as much as Obama or Clinton.

The Elitists, especially those in the media and the Democratic Party were terrified and incensed that average Americans were exhibiting signs of believing in themselves again.  The message proclaimed by Trump resonated with millions and the sleeping giant began to awaken.  The elitists of the Swamp and the Deep State knew they must act quickly and decisively and crush the insurrection against their abuse of power.  They determined that Trump had to be destroyed and ousted in any manner possible. If that meant fraud, corruption, deception, and destroying our electoral system they were completely at peace with that.

Trump, inspired a resurrection of what I call ‘real America and Americanism.’  The average John and Jane Doe who worked for a living were inspired and meaningful again.  The average citizen, who earned their way and volunteered their time on the weekends to help youth and children develop, and many attended church or synagogue regularly were the focus again.  All things the swamp denizens of the deep state detest. 

I suggest that none of the globalists from the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons Carters, Johnsons, or many other politicians dating back to FDR and beyond respected the average citizen.  We were and are, in their view, tools to get them what they want.  We are, in their minds, their serfs and they believe we should be grateful for any handout or crumb they toss our way.  They believe they are the providers of our liberties and have the right to decide what we can and cannot have or do.  I suggest that only Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump in the past almost 100 years have truly put ordinary Americans first or considered their needs and desires.

We have evolved from the Swamp and Deep State Statist Elitists being political snobs to something incredibly sinister.  They want to imprison if not exterminate all who hold to conservative constitutional Christian values.  I believe that Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden if allowed to advance their agenda will not only damage our liberties but destroy our Republic.  They want to pack the court, provide universal abortion rights, increase our taxes, regulate small businesses into extinction, strip us of our 1st, 2nd, and other Constitutional and Inalienable Rights.  They believe they are superior to the rest of us and their membership in the Elitist Statist Society of Washington has afforded them a Teflon badge exempting them from the laws we have to obey.

America, the hatred for Donald John Trump the 45th President of the United States of America has torn this country to shreds.  If hate becomes the norm in politics and society, we will see bloodshed beyond anything any of us believe possible.  The fruit of the seeds of disintegration in race relations under Obama is producing a harvest today.  That harvest is negative and destructive.

You may be a Never Trump Person and believe that he is worse than Lucifer himself.  It matters not your reason, but if you allow hate to blind you from reality and prevent you from seeing the devastation of the Left you are part of the problem not part of the solution.  You can love me, hate me, unfriend me on Social Media and call me whatever you please.  I can live with that.  My plea is, stop allowing personal animus to blind you to the danger inherent in the toxic liberalism of the Democratic Party and the Political Establishment.

God bless you and God bless America


A critical and foundational statement in the Declaration of Independence is, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Likewise, the First Amendment to our American Constitution is vital if we are to remain free.  It declares, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I never cease to be amazed at how little most Americans know of the Constitution and how few of those teaching in institutions of ‘higher-learning’ accept the document in its original construction and intent.  The First Amendment clearly states that Congress is restricted from passing any law that abridges or infringes upon our Freedom of Religion, Speech, or Press.  Yet, Congress has for decades done just that and today we are on the brink of losing many if not most of our inalienable and constitutional rights. 

I am not sure which the followers of toxic liberalism want to abridge or rescind first, Freedom of Religion or Speech.  I am not sure those will come before their assault on the Second Amendment and our Right of Self-Defense embodied in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms but they will come.  Those are all in the crosshairs of their agenda as is States Rights and our Right to Personal Property.  We, in those empowered in government, are simply tools to provide funds and the manpower to achieve their purposes.  We are not, in their view, the owners and overseers of government. 

In 2021 America, I am convinced that it is a virtual impossibility to defend Freedom of Speech and be a Democrat.  I realize that my declaration will make me persona non grata to many and I will become the target of the followers of the ideology advanced by that political party.  I am sad to say that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find elected Republicans who truly defend Freedom of Speech and our other inalienable and constitutional rights.  The Elitist and Establishment of both political parties appear more interested in protecting their position and place than serving as our representatives and doing our business governmentally.  That presents a plight that I will get to at another time.

I do not support or endorse people being malicious and rude.  There is generally no reason for that.  It is one thing to hold a view that is offensive to a person holding a different view but another to be arbitrarily mean-spirited, rude, and malicious.  There is no justification for calling for sedition or inciting riots.  Intellectually, factually, morally, ethically, biblically, and constitutionally arguing a position can be done with the context of civility.  Please understand, I am neither a dove nor a hawk when it comes to war but if we must fight for the right to be Free, we must fight and fight to win. 

Just one short generation ago someone could say, “this is not politically correct” and then make their remarks knowing it might offend some.  Both sides understood that we had the inalienable and constitutional right to our thoughts and views.  We were free to express them, and others were free to challenge them or reject them.  In that, we saw the diametric contrast between the Communist control of language and speech and the American way of liberty.  The speaker might fully understand that others would likely take exception to their view but knew that they had the God-given right to their personal view as did the hearers. 

In 2021 America and over the past decade or so, if you say something that is deemed by the powers that be “politically incorrect” you can and may lose your job.  You may find that you are not accepted into a university or a club based on our views.  The Social Enforcers or PC Police are active and Big Brother is watching all the time.  Social Media records our every word and modern technology our activities.  We are under the microscope continually and many live with the paralyzing fear of crushing one of the eggshells that we are forced to walk on.

Just a generation ago rather than demanding censorship of the speaker people would walk away if they found the conversation offensive or unpalatable.  Today, the Snowflake world and PC Police want to incarcerate any and all who offend the sensitivities of the liberal left.  They are allowed to offend those of us on the other side but demand that we comply and embrace their view or sit in silence.  That is not Constitutional nor is it biblical.  That is the view of much of the Left and the majority of the Democratic Establishment.  That is one of the reasons I say it is impossible to be a Democrat and support Freedom of Speech. 

I am old enough to remember the little rhyme we were taught to deal with differences of opinion and name-calling.  “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  That was considered an important comprehension for adolescence.  It was viewed as a necessary understanding as we became adults.  We were taught that everyone did not agree and that was okay.  We were taught that we did not have to retaliate tit for tat and insult for insult.  We were taught that we were not entitled to a life free of offense.  We were taught to GROW UP! 

If there is such a creature as a “Free Speech Democrat” it is time for them to WALK AWAY from their party and join those of us of all political stripes who support that basic and foundational freedom.  If Speech is not Free for Everyone it is Free for No One!  Sadly, many on the Left, some on the Right, virtually all in the media and academia seem to believe that the First Amendment only protects the modern progressive snowflake mentality and bans anything from conservatives, Christians, and constitutionalists.  That must end!

Another dimension in the fight for Free Speech is being launched from those who do not believe in God or have a skewed view of the Bible.  A Pew Research Poll conducted in October 2019 revealed that those identifying as atheist, agnostic, or nothing in particular religiously increased from 17% to 26%.  That is disturbing to me.  Additionally, the poll indicated that those identifying as Christians decreased by 12% to 65% during that same timeframe.  That is doubly disturbing.  Before the Pandemic Isolation, only 54% attend only a few services annually or less.  I connect the assault on Freedom of Speech to that decline or increase in non-believers of biblical truths and principles.

We are in a war for Freedom and it has begun with Freedom of Speech and will extend to all our Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights.  We are marching rapidly toward a totalitarian authoritarian governmental structure where the jackboots of tyranny will suppress us.  If we do not awaken from our slumber and unite, we will not survive.  Mario Murillo and others have said, “Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without Christianity.”  I believe that is correct! 

God bless you as you awaken and take your position on the frontlines of battle fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in America. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR – May 2021 Be a Year of Joy and Blessings to All.


I just reread the Constitution of the United States of America and found that the Constitution directly and clearly employs techniques to preserve our liberties and privacy.  There is a direct limitation as to the authority of the Federal Government, limiting it to only those things specifically listed.  Another reality is the explicit restriction of power through the Bill of Rights.  It is quite clear that the Founders desired to use the basic structure of government to protect the people.  They separated the branches of government to provide checks and balances and gave most of the power to the individual states which our current Federal Government seems to miss and seems to think it has the right to mandate everything to the states and the citizens.  The Constitution prohibits that expressly.

When Barack Obama was sworn in as President, he swore an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  Article II, Section 3 directs the President to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”  Sadly, that was a myth with his administration.  We realized that in the many scandals and infringements he and his team exercised.  We saw it in the DOJ, IRS, Fast and Furious, Ben Ghazi, and a myriad of other things.  Who was the Vice President?  Joe Biden the man the Democrats advanced in this past presidential election.  America are we that stupid, ignorant, or blind?

In 2011 the Department of Homeland Security announced that it would halt the deportation proceedings against a multitude of illegals.  Those attending school, those who have family in the military or are primarily responsible for family members’ care.  They were allowed to apply for work permits.  That in itself was a violation of the existing Federal Laws.  Another example of Obama’s thumbing his nose at the Constitution and the authority of Congress is his implementation of the Dream Act via Executive order even though the Act DID NOT PASS Congress and IS NOT SUPPORTED by the majority of the American people.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to go far beyond Obama’s efforts and literally turn American into a turnstile allowing ingress and egress for whoever desires whenever they desire.

Obama’s job and that of any president is described in the Constitution.  The president is not and should never be allowed to perform as a Super Legislator who implements laws when a bill he supports fails in Congress.  That type of governance is a flagrant abuse of the doctrine of “prosecutorial discretion,” and it amounts to lawlessness. It is an impeachable offense, but Congress sat on their hands and did nothing and will do nothing if any Democrat operates in like manner.

Obama spoke to the National Council of La Raza in July of 2011 and said that he would not go around Congress and implement immigration reform or grant amnesty because “that’s not how our democracy functions.”  Amazingly three short weeks later that is exactly what he did with his executive order.  Where was Congress in all this?  The President no matter who he or she might be is sworn to “uphold and defend the Constitution.” When the Constitution is ignored and violated the question I always ask is, “Where was and where is Congress?”

I have often declared that a liberal leftist in the White House is a lesser problem than the spinelessness of the Republicans in Congress.  Those cowards who are unwilling or afraid to take on the violator.  I don’t care if it is out of fear of being labeled a racist or any other moniker.  They have a job to do and it is their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution and obey the laws of the land.  Therefore, I say, “Congress, Do Your Job!”  We the people expect it and if we would make our dissatisfaction abundantly clear in each election, we would get their attention. We could be in for a very difficult four-years if Congress does not do their jobs!

That causes me to ask, “This is still America, isn’t it?”  We must never allow any president or politician to operate in total violation of the Constitution and exhibit utter disrespect for that document, our system of government, and the American people.  If a politician demonstrates they are more concerned with achieving their ideological agenda than serving America and the American people that politician needs to be shown the door. 

A quote from history is appropriate here:  “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?” – Thomas Jefferson 

Sadly, for over 50 years we have been the proverbial frog in the pan of water. We have sat and soaked while the radical left, socialist, communist, Marxist, and those desiring the destruction of America and the establishment of a World Government absent of individual liberties and rights have been working tirelessly.  The words from history uttered by one of our Founders should shock us into reality:  “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”– Benjamin Franklin 

Let me give you three more quotes:

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous, they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.” – Samuel Adams

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” – Noah Webster

“Give me liberty or give me death.” – Patrick Henry

This is still America, right?  If so, then don’t you think that it is high time that we awaken from our slumber and begin to build the fire of resistance through all legitimate means and begin to put more pressure on our elected officials than they have ever experienced.  Maybe we should put pressure on the pastors as well that they recognize the hour in which we live and call people to repentance and yes, even identify the immorality of many of the programs of the Federal Government. 

Please don’t cry the “Separation of Church and State Argument.” The actual language and intent as has been clearly revealed in the writings of those putting forth the Amendment was to prevent the Federal Government from forming a National Religion and giving favoritism to it over the others.  They desperately wanted every citizen to be able to have Freedom of Religion along with our other freedoms.  There comes a time when no matter what the government says we must obey God rather than man.  I believe that this is that Time!

If you believe that we must have change in government from the local to the national level then join the efforts of the multitudes of groups already in existence and let’s develop a unified voice and take individual responsibility for Changing the Condition of government in America and restoring it to what the Founders envisioned and initiated. 

Please get involved and pray, pray, pray, work, work, work, and stand, stand, stand.  God bless you and God bless America


One can only imagine how the Founding Fathers would react if they stepped on the political scene today and say the massive amounts of money invested in securing political office.  I am convinced they would deem it totally contrary to their desire for a non-professional system of public servants called legislators and Presidents.  I believe they would wonder, as do I, why so much money is willingly poured into securing an office that produces such a paltry amount of income compared to what is being spent. 

I believe they would logically conclude that it has to do with Power, Influence, and Control rather than Public Service and would Irate!  I believe that they would have much the same reaction as Jesus concerning the money changers in the Temple and John the Baptist to the Pharisees who came to him to be baptized.  I believe they would urge the populace to Clean House at least every term or two and send fresh new blood to Washington in hopes of conveying the message that those elected officials responsibility and duty was to represent the people, protect and defend the United States and honor the Constitution.

Today, Political Action Committees (PACs) and an innumerable collection of special interest groups clamor for the attention of all candidates and especially those whom they deem to be likely to be elected.  They seek to create a sense of obligation or gratitude on the part of the candidate so he or she will be favorable to their positions, agendas, and/or goals.  In short, they are buying politicians.  What better way to ensure that you get inside information, favoritism in negotiations, and anchor yourself and your business interests in the good ole boy or cronyism system that is prevalent in DC today.

If you are fed up, as I am, with the current way of doing business in Washington DC and desire to see America restored to her core principles and values then it is time to awaken from our slumber and do our due diligence to determine which candidates are best suited to fulfill that dream.  We have already let that ship sail again and I can only pray we have enough time to awaken and correct our mistake.  We may have to accept lesser individuals initially.  But if we stay the course we can, in a few election cycles, convey the message that We Demand a Return to America’s Roots! 

We must demand that the Constitution be followed.  We must demand that the rule of law be adhered to.  We must demand that life be given the sanctity that God gives it. We must demand that there be no more career politicians in Washington or the State Houses.  We must demand that God be put back in our schools, our churches are allowed to worship freely as guaranteed by the Constitution, and as the Founders, the wisdom of the Bible be sought in making laws and developing policies for this nation.

It seems that the only religion that those arguing for Separation of Church & State ever attacks is the Christian Religion.  We seem to be the only ones that the government believes are guilty of offending others.  We are the targets of their overly aggressive desire to be PC and we’ve been booted out of the Public Schools, Public Buildings, and Public Grounds.  Unfortunately, too many Christians have bought the flawed argument that government must be secular only and the Church dare not engage in anything political.  That is foreign to the Bible and the ideology and actions of the Founders as well as the Constitution.  The First Amendment does not mandate a separation of Church & State it only mandates that the Federal Government WILL NOT establish a National Religion and give it preferential treatment over other religions. 

I am a Christian and an American citizen and I have a LIFE that cannot be compartmentalized into work-life, business life, social life, spiritual life, and political life. I’m not a cat I do not have nine-lives.  I have a life and that life affects everything around me including the political.  That is why I am so driven to educate all I can and seek to see America restored.  I do it for the sake of Freedom and the sake of the Kingdom of God!

As I contemplate the reaction of the Founders and men such as Jefferson, Adams, and Washington, I am convinced they would be saying with Thomas Paine, “Bring it!  Bring it on!  I truly believe if they could somehow arise from the grave and address the nation today, they would say to those wanting to destroy America, “Bring it on.”  Jefferson would call for the watering of the tree of liberty again.  Washington would be incensed at the corruption and Adams would organize another revolution. 

They didn’t back down from the King of England and all his money and military might because they believed in Liberty and Justice for All. They believed in the inalienable rights of human beings and that each of us has the right to pursue Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness as God-given and uninfringeable.  They believed that the Federal Government should be constrained from interfering in the daily lives and business of individuals and States and should provide for the general welfare and defense of the nation not becoming so all-consuming and all-controlling as to dictate to us what we can do, where we can go, how we can live, etc.

That’s why you have so many recorded impassioned speeches by those men that placed their very lives in jeopardy.  They believed in a cause that they perceived as God-inspired and Righteous.  They sought to prohibit the nation from becoming a Welfare Nanny State and believed that people should be industrious and that laziness should never be rewarded. 

They believed that helping the poor & needy was a community, church, and family responsibility not that of the Federal Government.  When I was growing up, we helped our neighbors in time of need by gathering crops, building a barn that had burned or a home.  We provided food, clothing, and shelter to those around us although none of us had much more than what barely met our own needs, and yet none of us went hungry, lacked a place to live, and had clothes to wear.  Those clothes may have been homemade or hand-me-downs, but they were clean and served the purpose.  We didn’t have cell phones, internet, video games, and most of us had not T.V. and we survived and contrary to popular opinion it did not take a community to raise a child it took parents who were willing do discipline and care for them.  It didn’t require the State or the Federal Government to do it.

They wrote the Constitution as much to protect us from the Centralized Federal Government as they did for the Federal Government.  They amended it to further protect our inalienable rights as human beings of God’s creation.  They honored God and sought the counsel of the clergy while encouraging the Bible should be taught in the public schools as well as the Constitution in addition to Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, History, Geography, and the Sciences.  They studied devotedly, labored tirelessly, and fought ferociously to give us what we have to do so I believe that if they saw the trampling of the Constitution by this President and the left they would say, “Bring it on!”   They would be publicly crying out from every available source of the atrocities being committed against the people and the founding principles of this nation.  Don’t you think it’s about time that we do the same?

Elections are critical and if we allow even one to slip through our fingers and we will pay dearly but if we have any hope of salvaging the Republic we MUST become and stay engaged.  We can, with the help of God, overcome even that eventuality and send a resounding message to Washington and the world that we are Fed Up and Want Our Country Back and we are Taking It back legitimately and legally without force or violence! 

To do that we must PRAY fervently.  We must WORK diligently.  We must GIVE of ourselves, our time, and lives to offset the deep pockets of the Fundamental Change Machine that is being advanced. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Regardless of your perceived status in life, your ethnicity, your political leanings, your intellectual and educational accomplishments, your business acumen, your popularity or lack thereof – CHRIST WAS BORN, LIVED, DIED, AND ROSE AGAIN FOR YOU!  You may or may not believe that and that is your choice but it is the declaration of the Bible and I’ve experienced it in my heart so I not only believe it true I treasure my experience that validates it for me. 

Today is a day that many millions have set aside to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.  He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died a sacrificial death, and has risen and ascended to the right hand of the Father making intercession for each of us.  He has promised to prepare a place for us in which we will spend eternity with Him and that He would return for us.  Those are the most comforting words and thoughts. 

This Christmas, unlike other years, due to the chaos and COVID restrictions as well as health issues we are not gathering as a family.  My wife and I will gather today with her brother and daughter.  We will exchange gifts, enjoy a time of laughing and loving each other.  It will be a time of reflection as to what this day is all about.  There will food and sweets.  Sadly, due to our grandson Cohan’s diagnosis with Leukemia and other medical and travel issues, we will not gather with our other children and grandchildren.  That is sad but we rejoice in what the day means and that our family serves the LORD.

Our nation is in turmoil and hate seems to have the upper hand over love, but in our heart of hearts, we know that LOVE will prevail.  The Love of God is more powerful than all the hate of the devil.  We will gather and reflect on God’s Gift to Humanity and His Grace.  We will rejoice in His blessings even as my wife battles Stage-Four Breast Cancer.  We will pray for His Kingdom to Come and His Will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven.  We will Celebrate Jesus!

Additionally, we will not forget that many are not so blessed and who will be alone on this special day.  I know what it is to be separated from family on Christmas during a time of war and although I had people around me that I would have and did trust with my life, they were like family but they could not replace my own flesh and blood family.  Now that I am in the Family of God my family has expanded dramatically and I have brothers and sisters all over the world with which I share the joy of this day.

So, attempting to be brief I simply say Merry Christmas!  It is my prayer that this day will be a joyous reminder of the Greatest Gift ever given when God gave us His Son so that we could become sons and daughters of God.  It is with a joyous heart I say, “Thank you LORD for your unspeakable and incomparable gift of Salvation!”  Thank you to my friends for your expressions of love and caring.  Thank you to my own immediate and extended natural family for the years of joy you have brought to my life and for all the times you have been there when at times you were totally unaware how treasured your expression of love is and was!

God bless you and may you have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous and Happy New Year!  May the year 2021 be a year of incredible victory in your life and family!

May you walk in the fullness of the Blessings and Covenants of God!


The Founding Fathers would what? They would oppose the Socialist direction that American is taking.  Our first President George Washington said: “The Constitution that we have is an excellent one if we can keep it where it is.”  Almost no one would deny that we have an out of control Federal Government today.  It has grown into a self-feeding monstrosity that is placing a burden on the present and future generations that is unsustainable and shows no signs of being willing to change. 

The Founding Fathers’ grievance with the British Crown was, “They are taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the forms of our government.”  Former President Barack Obama declared: “We are five days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America!”  Isn’t that what the Founding Fathers complained that the British Monarch was doing?  Now his partner in crime, Joe Biden is poised to continue and extend the destruction and devastation on our system of government.  Yet, millions believe this a temporary setback not a serious and dangerous situation.  They Are Wrong!

The desire to radically and fundamentally transform America should be taken at face value and deemed a serious threat to our system of government and our liberties.  The Left believes in the redistribution of wealth and even reparations which is a Socialist /Communist philosophy and incredibly dangerous.  If you examine the very words of Karl Marx, you will find that he believed that socialism was a stepping-stone to communism.

The Founding Fathers designed the Constitution to prevent the governing power from being ripped from the hands of the people and placed into those of a few or one.  In the countries where socialism and communism are the governmental models, the power has been stripped from the people and placed in the hands of a few or one despot who reigns in tyranny.  If Biden/Harris assume office in January we will see another round of Czars or something similar where rogue bureaucrats rule and make laws without the oversight or approval of congress.  The pathway is one of Tyranny and Oligarchic rule by those who deem us their serfs, not their overseers.

Our Founding Fathers pledged their lives, fortunes, and honor to establish and defend our liberty, so my question is ARE WE WILLING TO DO THE SAME?  If so, get up; get busy, get involved, and take all necessary and legal action to demand from those elected to govern according to the Constitution.  We are, at this juncture, a Republic, and We the People are supposed to be the owners of the government.

That leads me to the question, “Mr. Jefferson, what would you say about Limited Government?”  Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers believed in the doctrine of nullification and Limited Government.  Nullification is the idea that states have the right to unilaterally render void any act of the Federal Government that they perceive to be contrary to the Constitution.  Jefferson wrote in his Kentucky Resolutions regarding this and stated: “The Constitution is a compact among the several states whereby the states delegated certain limited powers to the U.S. government; any undelegated power exercised by the U.S. government is thus null and void.”

He and others of the framers believed so strongly in States Rights that they fought for the Tenth Amendment and repeatedly stated that “every state can of its own authority nullify within its territory ALL ASSUMPTIONS OF POWER BY OTHERS.”   They believed that any perceived violation of the Constitution by the Federal government allowed the state to render that action null and void.  

Mr. Jefferson urged the states to be vigilant in their opposition to every unconstitutional overstepping of the Federal government. He encouraged them to not hesitate to strike down every unconstitutional measure issued by either the Congress or the President. He wrote, “free government is founded in jealous and not run in confidence.” In that he was urging there be no talk of “confidence in any man, but to bind every elected official from mischief by the chains of the Constitution of these United States.”  He was clearly advising the states not to trust the Federal government or its officials as being people who would act in their interest.  He believed, as do I, that this kind of confidence in man will lead to the destruction of free government.

We have the Tenth Amendment for a reason, and it is not an outdated addition to the Constitution of the United States.  It was designed to protect us from and against a Federal government that would grow to such proportions that it would be an all-consuming vacuum, sucking the very life and liberty out of the states and people of this country.  It is time that we DEMAND that our elected officials at all levels honor the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.  We are at a crossroads in this nation and it is up to us, the People, to take back our country!  The politicians will not do it for us; instead, they will perpetuate the problem.

That leads to my final question in this dialogue, “What Would the Founders Think of Progressivism?”       I have grown tired of hearing about code words that Conservatives supposedly use.  Supposedly to hide the racist agendas of the Conservatives.  Racism is not a one-way street and I see far more racism exhibited from the Leftist than any Conservatives. 

I truly believe that this is nothing more than a desperate attempt on the part of the left to pervert the thinking of those who do not think for themselves.  I say that because if a person used any rational thought, they would realize that much of the time a person is saying what they really mean and not an attempt to convey some message via a cleverly devised code.  If the Conservative Politicians are using code, then I must have missed the memo.  Because I don’t know the code and especially the code that the racist, radical left suggests is being used.  So, if they are using code the message is being lost on most of us.

However, I will say that for well over 50 years the radical left has been using words to hide who they really are.  If they were to identify themselves as Socialist or Communist, they would be rejected by many who now support them because they are Democrats.  They went from being Socialist or Communist to being known as Liberals and since that became too closely identified with the ideology of the Socialist, they have now changed their self-description to the term Progressive. 

If you look at the agenda and ideology of the Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Liberals, and the core Democrat Party you will find that what the Progressives stand for is the same thing.  I say, “A rose by any other name is still a rose, but in this case, I wouldn’t call it a rose but being a Christian I won’t use the terminology that describes it.”

Let me give you a quote and you tell me what you think of it:

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold; its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.  If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”  The author of that statement was none other than Joseph Stalin.

            The dedication page of a book that this President used to teach A.C.O.R.N. Community Organizers from has this incredible statement:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

            That is the dedication made by Saul Alinsky in his guidebook that Obama used, believes, and taught from!

            The Progressives had their beginning with the father of Communism Karl Marx and from there we have new element after new element, organization, and group arising with the same ultimate goal in mind.  Even Al Gore’s book regarding Global Warming is deeply rooted in the formation of a tyrannical world government that will control everything.  They have sought to control, Education, the EPA, destroy the family, and ultimately are at war with God.  They must dethrone God in order to enthrone man.  I am driven to expose them for what they are and pray that the American people will awaken out of sleep before it is too late!  We are losing our country rapidly and they are pushing all their chips to the center of the table and going all in, so we must also go all in if we are to stop them or at least slow them down enough to allow the country to recover and survive.

The only questions for each of us are “How Committed Are We to Saving America?”  “How Committed Are We to God and His Purposes?”  Our answers cannot be in words alone but in a total commitment of all that we are and have!  That is why I am so motivated and believe that my efforts in this political struggle are also spiritual and directed by the Holy Spirit.  I am fighting not only for my country but my faith and the purposes of God.  I plead for everyone to WAKE UP! 

God bless you and God bless America!


Many Americans do not seem to realize that the First Amendment does not include the phrase “Separation of Church and State.”  It reads:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  

The idea that Christianity cannot be promoted and preached in the public square is not a part of that great document.  Yet, the left and some on the right contend that religion must be excluded from all public facilities.  I argue that the Founders wanted to ensure that the Government would not establish a State Religion and favor it above any other belief or church.  Many of the founders encouraged and actively engaged in preaching, teaching, and promoting the Bible in governmental functions and deliberations.  I truly wish that Mr. Jefferson, Franklin, Rush, Paine, Washington, and others could speak to us in the flesh today and clear the air on that subject once and for all!

The first public school law was passed in 1642. In the past 350 years plus, a biblical world view was taught in public schools. Science, Law, History, Theology all conformed to God’s standard.  In 1963 the beginning of the end for a moral America came when God was officially removed from the public schools.  Would the founding fathers of America agree with this?  Why don’t we go to the Bible and see what it has to say about governments and rulers?

Isaiah, Prophet of God, 700 B.C. “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee (God) shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” Isaiah 60:12

 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, A.D. 57 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher power. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” The epistle of Paul to the Romans.

David, King of Israel, 980 B.C. “The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God.” 2 Samuel 23:3 

Documents like the Mayflower Compact included God and the Bible intricately in their construction.  Christopher Columbus in 1492 continually referred to God in what he said and in the naming of places he discovered.  William Bradford, a governor of the Plymouth colony said: “They (the Pilgrims) had a great hope and inward zeal of laying some good foundation or at least to make some way thereunto for the propagating and advancing of the gospel of the kingdom of Christ in those remote parts of the world, yea though they should be but even a stepping stone unto others for the performing of so great a work.”  In his later years he wrote with “grief and sorrow” of the growing secularism and the loss of “constant faithfulness”.

Even more compelling is the author of the First Amendment, Fisher Aimes. He wrote an article called “School Books” in the Palladium magazine in January 1801, “We have trouble in the classrooms, we are putting in new textbooks. Nothing wrong with new books but we are spending more time on them than the Bible; it is drifting to the back of the classroom. We cannot tolerate this in American education. The Bible’s morals are pure; its examples are captivating and noble.”

The list goes on and on with their repeated desire to have God deeply involved in the lives of the people and the construction of the government.  Our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the American Constitution believed that without God as the foundation our Republic was doomed to failure.  How does that compare with today’s political climate? 

We allowed politicians and activists to take God out of the public schools, ban Him from our public institutions and facilities, and making it known that His influence was not welcome in government deliberations.  That has brought us to the brink of losing this country!   Does that suggest that we made a big mistake and need to have God restored to every facet of our lives including government?   I don’t think so, I know so!

Let me offer a few of the many declarations of some of the Founding Fathers and Early Statesmen regarding, Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible.  The Founding Fathers clearly believed that the Bible, Religion, and God were of indispensable importance in governmental deliberations is clear from their writings. 

Let’s consider some of their declarations:

Josiah Bartlett, Military Officer; Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Judge, Governor of New Hampshire.   He called upon the people of New Hampshire to confess before God their aggravated transgressions and to implore His pardon and forgiveness through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ.  He contended that the knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ may be made known to all nations, pure and undefiled religion universally prevail, and the earth be filled with the glory of the Lord.

Gunning Bedford, Military Officer; Member of the Continental Congress; Signer of the Constitution; Federal Judge.  He declared the need to recognize the Triune God – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost and that to God be ascribed all honor and dominion, forevermore – Amen.

Elias Boudinot.  President of Congress; Signed the Peace Treaty to End the American Revolution; First Attorney Admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court; Framer of the Bill of Rights; Director of the U.S. Mint,  pleaded:  Let us enter on this important business under the idea that we are Christians on whom the eyes of the world are now turned… [L]et us earnestly call and beseech Him, for Christ’s sake, to preside in our councils. . .. We can only depend on the all-powerful influence of the Spirit of God, Whose Divine aid and assistance it becomes us as a Christian people most devoutly to implore. Therefore, I move that some minister of the Gospel be requested to attend this Congress every morning . . . in order to open the meeting with prayer.

In a letter to his daughter, he said,You have been instructed from your childhood in the knowledge of your lost state by nature – the absolute necessity of a change of heart and an entire renovation of the soul to the image of Jesus Christ – of salvation through His meritorious righteousness only – and the indispensable necessity of personal holiness without which no man shall see the Lord.” [Hebrews 12:14].   He continued, You are well acquainted that the most perfect and consummate doctrinal knowledge is of no avail without it operates on and sincerely affects the heart, changes the practice, and totally influences the will – and that without the almighty power of the Spirit of God enlightening your mind, subduing your will, and continually drawing you to Himself, you can do nothing.

Still, further, he said, And may the God of your parents (for many generations past) seal instruction to your soul and lead you to Himself through the blood of His too greatly despised Son, Who notwithstanding, is still reclaiming the world to God through that blood, not imputing to them their sins. To Him be glory forever!

In concluding he said, For nearly half a century have I anxiously and critically studied that invaluable treasure [the Bible]; and I still scarcely ever take it up that I do not find something new – that I do not receive some valuable addition to my stock of knowledge or perceive some instructive fact never observed before. In short, were you to ask me to recommend the most valuable book in the world, I should fix on the Bible as the most instructive both to the wise and ignorant. Were you to ask me for one affording the most rational and pleasing entertainment to the inquiring mind, I should repeat, it is the Bible; and should you renew the inquiry for the best philosophy or the most interesting history, I should still urge you to look into your Bible. I would make it, in short, the Alpha and Omega of knowledge.

Jacob Broom. Legislator; Signer of the Constitution in a letter to his son, James, attending Princeton University said:  “I flatter myself you will be what I wish, but don’t be so much flatterer as to relax of your application – don’t forget to be a Christian. I have said much to you on this head, and I hope an indelible impression is made.

Charles Carroll. Signer of the Declaration of Independence; Selected as Delegate to the Constitutional Convention; Framer of the Bill of Rights; U.S. Senator On the mercy of my Redeemer, I rely for salvation and on His merits, not on the works I have done in obedience to His precepts. Grateful to Almighty God for the blessings which, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, He had conferred on my beloved country in her emancipation and on myself in permitting me, under circumstances of mercy, to live to the age of 89 years, and to survive the fiftieth year of independence, adopted by Congress on the 4th of July 1776, which I originally subscribed on the 2d day of August of the same year and of which I am now the last surviving signer.

I, Charles Carroll. . .. Give and bequeath my soul to God who gave it, my body to the earth, hoping that through and by the merits, sufferings, and mediation of my only Savior and Jesus Christ, I may be admitted into the Kingdom prepared by God for those who love, fear and truly serve Him.

The Congressional Declaration in 1854 declared, “The great, vital, and conservative element in our system is the belief of our people in the pure doctrines and the divine truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Congress, U. S. House Judiciary Committee, 1854 offered this statement, Had the people, during the Revolution, had a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle… In this age, there can be no substitute for Christianity… That was the religion of the founders of the republic and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants.

Therefore, it is beyond my comprehension and rational consideration to believe that the vast majority of our founders considered anything more powerful or germane to the development of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the core principles upon which this country was established and their vision for perpetuity.

We have lost sight of our original founding and the desire of those men and it may have cost us the Republic. 

God bless you and God bless America!


I believe that Professional and Politician would be a conflict of terms to our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the American Constitution.  I will offer some quotes from various Founding Fathers hopefully adding credence and validity to my argument.

In 1782, Benjamin Franklin spoke of the differences between America and the statist bureaucracies of Europe. Unlike Europe, there were few political offices in America. None of them was profitable enough to be attractive to men of greed. In fact, all politicians were expected to earn their own living in the private sector. Political office was to be chosen not for profit but for the purpose of sacrificial service.

Franklin asserted, in his own very un-PC way: “Industry and constant employment are great preservatives of the morals and virtue of a nation. Hence bad examples to youth are more rare in America, which must be a comfortable consideration to parents.”

According to Dr. Foster, Franklin’s “industry and constant employment” have been misdirected by a professional political class that systematically ignores the limitations imposed upon them by God and the Constitution:

“Most Americans do not know that their public servants actually live in a different world and under different laws than they do. Federal and state public employees have their own pension plans and health care that guarantees each person hundreds of thousands of dollars in their retirement. Recent studies reveal that public salaries are nearly double that of the private sector for comparable jobs. And because of public employee unions, these millions of bureaucrats are promised life-long job security and retirement by age 50-something. On the other hand, private citizens, by the age of 65 receive a pittance of their contribution to Social Security, virtually no pensions, and Medicare which is nearly bankrupt.”

Sadly, today it is so lucrative to hold a political position that multiplied millions are spent for an office that supposedly pays $100-200 grand or so per year.  Yet, those that go to Washington may be of meager substance financially but leave there with portfolios in the millions.  The Founders made it clear repeatedly that they wanted no person regardless of qualifications to become a Permanent Fixture in Public Service. 

George Washington could have been King but his desire to see the Free Republic was greater than any ego that he might have possessed so he refused and refused to serve more than two terms in office.  I believe that is a very good standard regarding our politicians.  If we the people would hold politicians to that standard and regularly send fresh new blood to Washington, I am convinced that it would a couple of elections to break the grip of the Power Mongers.  They would begin to lose their grip on our throats, and we might, and I do say might be able to finally elect people that truly were public servants rather than people who view us as their servants! 

That leads me to the question “What would the Founders say about our current political state?”  What would they say about how Washington, DC operates today?  I am quite certain they would be more than a little upset.  I believe they would be vocal in exposing the fallacies of our current mode of operation and oppose the complete disregard for the Constitution. 

I can say that because of their laborious efforts to ensure that the Federal Government was limited in scope.  That is quite unlike today where it has its tentacles in every facet of life and business.  They wanted a Federal Government that could be questioned by the people, balanced but today we have a monstrosity that considers itself as all authoritative in all matters. 

            I am convinced that they were unable to conceive of a situation where Congress would pass the mind-boggling amount of legislation with little to no serious deliberation as takes place.  The Federal Government in the guise of regulations now has so many regulatory agencies that few, even in Washington, know how many there are or how they operate, overlap, or the extent of their control over the American public.  Sadly, the voting public is so “ill-informed” about what is going on that few take the time to research what is happening.  It is impossible to depend on the national news media to accurately or truthfully report the activities. 

Additionally, few of the elected officials dare make known to their constituents what is actually happening because they know that the public outcry would be so loud that it would be heard from Texas to Washington, and from coast to coast. The massive replacement of them and their counterparts would be historic.

Former President Obama flooded the system with Czars who were not required to undergo the rigorous process of vetting and confirmation by the Senate.  Some of them had more power than any established governmental agency.  They proceeded to run rough-shod over the Constitution and the clearly expressed desire of the majority of American citizens.  He did so with little opposition in Congress.  He and the Left virtually controlling the judiciary and had the full support and backing of the powerful PACs and Unions.

The Founders and Framers offered us a Republic but warned us that we would have to do our due diligence to keep it.  Over the past 50 to 100 years we have been incredibly lazy, ill-informed, and disinterested.  We have slept and allowed a slow erosion and evolution of the Founder’s Republican Democracy to become at best an Oligarchy and at worst a Soft Tyrannical Government.  We plunged headlong rapidly toward something even worse. 

Therefore, our failure to become adequately involved, informed, and engaged may have cost us the Republic.  I cannot stress how important I believe it is for each of us to become deeply committed to prayer, learning what is happening, and invest our time and if possible, money in the arduous task of reclaiming America! 

I pray that it is not too late and that we will awaken from our slumber and stop being hypnotized by the utopian fantasy being promised and see the deception for what it is.  Our Freedom is at stake, are we up to the task of Reclaiming the Republic?

God bless you and God bless America!


Let me begin by offering something a bit humorous that was put together by Lewis W. Napper in 1993.  Napper is a self-described amateur philosopher from Mississippi who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2000 as a Libertarian.  I said, it was humorous but apropos for our present world and provides ideas that are needed for today.  Needed but not heeded.

His presentation was entitled “BILL OF NO RIGHTS…”

I feel sure that our Founding Fathers would approve of this! 

“We, the sensible of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid any more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-great grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common-sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt-ridden delusional, and other liberal, commie, pinko bed wetters.”  

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that a whole lot of people were confused by the “Bill of Rights” and are so dim-witted that they require a “Bill of No Rights.” 

  1. You do not have the right to a new car, big-screen TV, or other forms of wealth.  More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing you anything. 
  2. You do not have the right to never be offended.  This country is based on freedom, and that means freedom for EVERYONE – – not just you!  You may leave the room, change the channel, express a different opinion, etc., but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will be. 
  3. You do not have the right to be free from harm.  If you stick a screwdriver in your eye or pour hot coffee in your lap, do not expect the toolmaker or the restaurant to make you and your relatives independently wealthy. 
  4. You do not have the right to free food or housing.  Americans are the most charitable people to be found, and will gladly help anyone in need, but we are quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation of professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the creation of another generation of professional couch potatoes. 
  5. You do not have the right to free health care.  That might be nice, but from the looks of public housing, we’re just not interested in free public health care. 
  6. You do not have the right to physically harm other people.  If you kidnap, rape, intentionally maim or kill someone, don’t be surprised if the rest of us get together and bring severe and swift justice upon you. 
  7. You do not have the right to the possessions of others.  If you rob, cheat, or coerce away the goods and services of other citizens, don’t be surprised if the rest of us get together and lock you away in a place where you won’t have the right to a big-screen color TV or a life of leisure. 
  8. You do not have the right to a job.  All of us sure want you to have one, and will gladly help you along in hard times, but we expect you to take advantage of the opportunities in education and vocational training laid before you to make yourself useful. 
  9. You do not have the right to happiness.  Being an American means that you have the right to pursue happiness – which, by the way, is a lot easier if you are unencumbered by an overabundance of idiotic laws created by those around you who were confused by the “Bill of Rights.”

In our present entitlement world those ideas, that fit squarely in our original founding and have biblical grounds would be summarily rejected by the snowflake entitlement leftists of today’s Democratic Socialist Ideologues.

In a recent conversation with some self-described ‘free thinkers,’ I offered the following argument and ideas for consideration.  I began my presentation by saying, “Let me get this straight…”  Once I had their attention is attempted to systematically present my thoughts.

            The Founding Fathers were willing to risk everything to bring “Liberty” and “Freedom” to a nation of people that existed then and would follow in successive generations.  They refused to embrace the idea of “Permanent Professional Politicians.”  They diligently sought to protect the “rights of the individual” including free speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms.  They sought to ensure that we would be subjected to no taxation without representation, have a limited Federal Government, and a system of checks and balances in the three branches of government; providing us with a document that only through the amendment process could be altered. 

Today, we have a Political Class that ignores the rights of individuals, wants to suppress our freedom of speech.  They want to control religion in more ways than I can enumerate.  It is their expressed desire to take away our guns, tax us into oblivion, grow the Federal Government to such a monstrosity that it cannot be controlled and will consume everything in its path.  We endured eight years of a President that trampled on the Constitution, ignored Congress and the Courts, and believed that he is entitled to live like a King while his subjects suffer economic difficulties and to do whatever he pleased.  Now it looks as if we may have Part-Two of that tragedy.

Now we are being subjected to his partner in crime for another round of that horrific period and type of governance.  Former President Obama alienated our allies and befriended those who have sworn to destroy us if they have the opportunity.  He claimed to want us to be free of Dependence on Foreign Oil and Influence yet refused to allow drilling, the creation of a pipeline from Canada, and was willing to mortgage our future and that of our great-great-grandchildren to the Chinese and other nations from whom we borrow to satisfy his appetite to SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!

The former president, Obama, wanted us to give him the freedom to do incredible damage.  It was utterly astounding that all conservatives were painted as racist, bigots, homophobes, mean-spirited, and wanting to kill grandma with virtually no pushback.  When endured a period where the Democrats controlled both Congress and the Whitehouse.  They rammed their agenda down our throats refusing to make any concessions or compromises. 

They advanced their agenda of creating a Welfare State to build their voting base of dependency and we are supposed to want that!  So, I must ask “What did I miss? Before they could spew forth their vitriolic hate I said, “I want my country back!”   I still do!  We have had a limited window under Donald J. Trump and sadly, millions were either duped or our republic has moved so far left toward Socialism that we could be forever lost.

God help us to return to Him and fall on our faces in repentance and recognition of the dangers we are now facing.  I keep praying for God to spare America and it is my desire that He bless America and each of you!

Keep the faith, God is still God!


I keep hearing politicians including Joe Biden, the media, and pundits referring to our ‘democracy.’  They seem to fail to grasp the reality that according to our founders and our Constitution we are not a ‘democracy’ but a ‘republic’.  There is a dramatic difference and therein lies part of the problem in the populace as well as the politicians.  But that is not my focus in this article.  My focus is America.

            The other morning in the early hours before dawn I was awakened praying for America.  I woke myself up praying and interceding for my nation and as I prayed and reflected upon the state of affairs in America, I was both encouraged and disheartened. That may sound antithetical, but it was what I felt as I prayed and listened for God’s response and directive.

            I asked my wife a few days ago, “How could all the prophets be so wrong?”  Frankly, I do not believe they were, but God did not tell me that Donald Trump would begin a second term in January 2021.  I hoped he would and believed that it was the perfect plan of God for that to transpire.  Yet, I had a gnawing sense in my heart watching what has been transpiring for over a decade that there would be enormous anomalies that could subvert the truth and bring about a defeat for Trump and Freedom.

            As I prayed, I was reminded of the account in 2 Chronicles 20 and beyond where King Jehoshaphat and Judah were facing dire times.  The king was informed that a great multitude was coming against the nation.  The news brought fear to his heart.  He responded by calling the nation to prayer, always a good move.  He prayed an incredible prayer to the LORD and in that prayer reminded God of His promises and provisions.  In that prayer meeting, the Spirit of God came upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah and he prophesied.

            The prophecy was that the battle was God’s, not Judah’s.  His word was for them to dismiss their fear and view that the situation was impossible or hopeless.  He encouraged them to banish the thought that all was lost and rather than accept their fate of defeat and captivity to TRUST GOD.  He said, in verse 17, “You will not need to fight this battle.  Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf.”  The word was tomorrow you sit back and watch God do His thing.

            King Jehoshaphat and the nation took the words to heart and Jehoshaphat said a most incredible thing.  He said something that we need to heed today in our predicament in America as we look toward 2021.  He said, “Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed.”  I don’t know if the prophets declaring Victory for Donald Trump are right, but I know their words have resonated in my heart.  That caused me to ask, “What do I do LORD?”

            I heard in my heart that giving up was certain defeat and that I was to shift my prayers from attempting to do warfare over the election but to trust God and believe His prophets.  I was to do warfare for the Senate Runoff in Georgia but Stand Still and Watch Him on the rest.  Does that mean, Trump will be inaugurated for a second term in January 2021?  I do not know, but I know that no matter what I must TRUST God, or all is lost.  If I abandon my faith in God and cease to believe His revelations to His prophets, I become hopeless and helpless.  That is not palatable for me.

            There are those, including Christians who hold such vitriolic animosity toward Donald John Trump, the current president they are willing to risk the republic to see him removed from office.  I believe they are misguided but will not engage in tit for tat with anyone.  I will not allow hate to spew forth and defeat the purposes of God for my life and hinder the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  America is vital but God’s Kingdom and purposes paramount. 

            I sensed in my heart the Spirit of God asking me, “Do you believe that with God all things are possible?”  Yes, I do.  I am sure that when Noah was building the Ark, he pondered the impossibility of God’s directive and his assignment.  When Abraham was facing the ire of Pharaoh and the journey in the wilderness, he felt the enormity of the impossibility of his situation.  I can only imagine the pain in the heart and anguish in the mind of Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children as they faced their impossible situations.  Yet, all of them BELIEVED that with God all things are possible, and they STOOD FIRM.

            If you believe that America is better off without Trump and that Biden and the Progressive Socialist Agenda, he and his party embraces are not dangerous my words have no meaning to you.  If you believe that Trump is a henchman of hell, what I am saying will not resonate.  If you believe He is a type of Cyrus and the instrument of God to preserve our republic you may find my words falling short. 

            I have heard some say that by January 18, 2021, or on that date this would turn.  I don’t know if that is constitutionally or legally possible.  I have heard some say that on Christmas Eve this is going to turn.  I have heard some insist that on January 6, 2021, there will be an objection and Congress will overturn the election.  I have heard much about the 2018 Executive Order that addresses foreign influence and interference in our elections as being the pathway to victory for Trump.  I don’t know if any of those scenarios are valid.

            What I do know is that we MUST not cast away our confidence in God.  I believe that All Americans should want any and every allegation of fraud to be investigated.  I believe that All Americans should want the forensic examination of the voting machine to determine if there was vote switching, over or undercounting of votes.  I believe that All Americans should want the sworn affidavits under the penalty of perjury to be thoroughly vetted.  Anything short of that threatens the future of the republic and destroys our electoral system.  That is unacceptable.

            I find it difficult to believe that with the down-ballot success of the Republicans there was a diametric shift at the top of the ticket.  I cannot fathom how a man who did virtually no campaigning could amass 80 million votes.  I cannot fathom how the success of Trump on the economy and the speed with which he provided a pathway for a vaccine as well as his defense of our freedoms could be ignored.  Ignored in favor of a ticket that has promised to strip us of our rights, raise our taxes, eradicate our borders, defund our police, and enable the continuation of horrific genocide of infanticide could be a better choice for anyone. 

            If the moral fabric of the candidates is the deciding factor both tickets except for Mike Pence fail.  America, as I was awakened and prayed, I sensed the LORD saying, “Just Trust Me.”  I refuse to allow what I hear to shape my faith.  I refuse to focus on what might be coming down the pike including the ‘mark of the beast.’  I say with Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”  I will say with Joshua, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  I say with the disciples, “Who should I obey, God or man.” 

            If God is not the God of the impossible then our hope now and in eternity is lost.  I know He is what He says He is and have experienced His miraculous too many times to give up now.  Therefore, no matter the outcome, I will run to Him and make Psalms 91 my anchor and hope.

One of the things I heard in my spirit was “REPENT.” Not repent for being white or black or any ethnicity. Not repent for being a liberal or a conservative. Not repent for many of the things we are being told to repent for, but REPENT for not making God the LORD OF ALL in our lives and our world. I am weeping before God over the condition of the world and the division of the church. A house divided against itself cannot stand and if we want to reach the world we must make God LORD OF ALL and SEEK HIM FIRST! You can blast me for that but I believe it to the core of my being.

            This may or may not have meaning to anyone but me, but it comforts me to know that God is still the God of the Impossible and He NEVER fails to fulfill His promises.  I will keep holding to the prophetic words and place my total confidence in God that America has not been turned over to a reprobate mind and abandoned.  I will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

            God bless you and God bless America!