I have purposefully waited to see what would be disclosed in the FBI raid on Trump’s resident in Mar-a-Lago.  Sadly, very little is being revealed.  I decided to wait and let my troubled spirit find some rest and peace before responding.  I wanted to be as thorough as I could in investigating, from afar, what transpired and what it might mean.  That being said, how could anyone who is not on the inside know what and why this transpired, the timing, and the objective?  I am not an insider, so I stand, like most everyone else, and watch from afar the fire that is being set in America.  I am troubled!

There are far more aspects of this situation that need to be addressed than I can address. There are real answers that need to come from the DOJ, the FBI, Congress, the Democrats, the Republicans, and maybe even Trump.  I always watch to see how those accused react, and Trump’s reaction is not different than what I would have expected.  He is responding like a person that believes he has nothing to hide and therefore is taking his case to the people because the recent past suggests he cannot get a fair hearing in Congress, the Courts, or Media.  If that offends you, I am sorry it is how I see it.

Trump has, unlike Hillary and others under the microscope of the FBI, called for the warrant to be unsealed and made public.  We know that the warrant was obtained on August 5, 2022, but not executed until August 8, 2022.  That in itself raises a question in my mind.  If it was as urgent and of such imposing interest for national security, why wait?  I cannot believe they had to obtain the warrant and then formulate a plan to conduct the raid.  Rather, I believe they had a plan in case they got the warrant, so why the delay? Beyond that why wait a year and one-half if what he has was so dangerous?

Another issue is that in June, Trump turned over boxes of documents.  There is the question of why they did not ask for the documents they desired.  Another issue is the documents that former President Obama took to Chicago, deemed to be approximately thirty-three million pages.  What about the documents of Joe Biden’s Senate tenure donated to his alma mater which will not be released until two years after he is out of public office, whatever that might be deemed to mean?  What about the documents in the possession of every former president?  Why this and why now?

The GSA, according to reports, packed the documents and sent them to Trump.  Therefore, one could say that he did not remove them from the White House, they were forwarded to him.  Maybe the GSA should be questioned as to what and why the documents were sent.  We know that would not have been headline news, but a raid would, so some of it seems like a photo op for the FBI and politicians.  What was the real reason for the raid?  Could it be to prevent Trump from running or becoming president again?  Why do they hate and fear him so much?

It is reported that they were seeking any document created in his four years in office.  What in the name of reason is that all about?  Every document?  Seriously?  That gives it the earmarks of a fishing expedition and calls to mind the diverse treatment of the Hillary situation and Trump.  The FBI had little interest in Hillary’s server in her house, the deleting of emails, and the destruction of devices, but they want every document Trump ever saw or created.  Wow!

Chuck Schumer famously declared that the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday to come after anyone who took them on as he responded to Trump’s challenging of the intelligence community.  Did Schumer have inside information as to the plans of the FBI, NSA, and CIA regarding Trump? 

But let me throw out a question regarding the packing and shipping of the documents by the CSA.  Yes, what I am about to say is conspiratorial and I have no evidence that it is valid, only a question to ponder.  What if the CSA packaged documents that would be damning to Trump and mislabeled them as an ace in the hole for later use?  What if they were in the network of those in Congress, the Democrats, the Rhinos, the intelligence community, the Deep State, and Swamp denizens as a ‘to be used later’ tool?  If that ever proved to be the truth, we would discover just how diabolical and devious those in power truly are.  Again, it is just a question or questions, not a theory.

I am disturbed but not surprised that the ultra-leftist and Trump haters are calling for his execution and even suggesting that Ivana’s casket was loaded with secret documents.  Seriously?  Burying documents with her.  For what purpose?  But before anyone rushes to judgment that Trump colluded with foreign powers and made deals using classified information should tap the brakes.

We have documented information that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and even Clinton’s dealings with China are of grave national security interest and likely were criminal.  Why are those not being given equal scrutiny?  Could it be that one group is part of the Swamp and the other is not? 

Did Donald Trump commit treason by having the documents in his possession?  If he did, then we must address the documents of Obama, Biden, and every other president in our history.  I read the Left is frothing at the mouth over the possibility of the end of Trump and his influence on America.  I believe they are counting their chickens before they hatch, but time will tell.  I do not and have never understood the extent of the hate for the man.  It seems that many never-Trumpers are so rabid in their hate, that they are willing to make a deal with the devil to exterminate him. 

Graeme Wood wrote about the plenary power over national security issues the president has and his ability to declassify documents.  Under the Constitution, regarding national security, the president has complete and unlimited power.  Is that concerning?  Possibly, but let us dig a little deeper.

Mr. Wood conceded to some of the presidential unlimited power as he quoted J. William Leonard, former head of the Information Security Oversight Office.  He was addressing the “rules and procedures governing the classification and declassification of information apply to everyone other than the president.”  Mr. Wood said, “The President would not have to file paperwork, just say the magic words.”  Simply, he is conceding that Trump, while president, by packing up and taking documents with him automatically declassified them.

Does that extend to nuclear secrets?  I do not have the answer to that but have an opinion as does most everyone else.  So, what was the crime that Donald Trump is supposed to have committed, other than being a thorn in the side of the Elitist and Globalists?  Was he suspected of engaging in some Bidenesque, Clintonesque, or Obamaesque type activity?  Hardly. 

Do you remember that Bill Clinton’s former national security adviser, Sandy Berger, smuggled documents out of the National Archives in his pants and then destroyed them?  Documents that would likely have embarrassed Clinton during the 9/11 investigation.  Did they search Berger’s home?  If you said no, you get the gold star.

The FBI’s application for a search warrant requires an affidavit from an agent swearing under oath to the need and circumstances for a warrant.  In order to obtain a legitimate and justifiable warrant, there should be no pathway for a less intrusive means to obtain the evidence sought.  There should be imminent danger that the evidence would be destroyed without a swift and thorough search.  If they thought this was a real danger, why wait three days to execute the warrant?

Another red flag should be that the magistrate who approved the warrant was a former employee of Jeffery Epstein and an Obama donor, so something smells.  Let me offer several questions for pondering and I will close and leave the speculations to the speculators.  Did Biden approve this raid?  He says he did not know about it beforehand.  That makes it even more frightening that a shadow government is running things.  What role did Merrick Garland play in his collusion with the Deep State?  What about Chris Wray and his motivation?  Does this not expose the need to return to a limited government? 

In the light of the current ‘defund the police’ mentality, the actions current and previous by the FBI do not make the case for funding them.  If we are going to execute search warrants on former presidents, then where does it end and what will that do to our Republic?  Was this a last-ditch effort by the Left to derail Trump and why are they so concerned about him?

I will now return to my prayer closet and intercede for America and the world.  We need God more than ever and with the 87,000 new armed and willing to use deadly force IRS agents whose objective is putting more money in the federal coffers, I am concerned about what we have become.  Love Trump or hate him, he is not the problem.  If you want to disassociate any connection to me, that is your choice, but I am concerned about where we are mentally, ideologically, ethically, morally, and spiritually in America.  I am praying!

God bless you and God bless America!


When I use the word “mad” I mean lacking sense, cogitatively challenged, demented, illogical, delusional, and even diabolical.  There are other words I could use, but those suffice to reflect what I mean.  I believe the Bible!  I believe the warnings of what the latter times would look like are like reading the headlines in today’s world.  Our world is not a safe or sane place, and the threat of a worsening condition is very real.

I am a Christian, a conservative, a constitutionalist, a patriot, and a Vietnam veteran.  Those are the bedrock foundation of my life.  I love America!  I stand and contend for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  I want everyone to have their constitutionally recognized God-given inalienable rights!  I want those rights to be without infringement by the government!  It is time that our snowflake world grew up and realized that life is not always fair, and no one has the right to never have their feelings hurt. 

It is my view that those following the toxic agenda of the Left are marching to the directives contained in Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” and Marx and Engels, “The Communist Manifesto” of 1848.  That manifesto is a 28-page pamphlet that details the agenda and strategy of those following that diabolical system.  I see so many similarities in what the Left is proposing, pursuing, and advancing that I cannot ignore the kinship.

The founders of Black Lives Matter have acknowledged that they are devoted Marxists.  Patrice Cullors has openly declared, “We are trained Marxists.  We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”  Although I detest communism and often resist reading the writings of those who are or were avidly opposed to freedom, I sometimes feel compelled to know the enemy, so I read their works.  I have learned that being informed enables one to strategize in this war properly and effectively.

One of the striking things I see in the Communist Manifesto is the consuming attitude of resentment, bitterness, envy, victimhood, hate, and arrogance.  It presents the idea of a Utopia that is not achievable except on paper.  It is a theory that has failed each time it has been adopted.  Sadly, each new proponent is either so filled with a thirst for power they are willing to use it or believe they are smart enough to make it work this time.  Both are dangerously deceived and produce a deadly condition for the populace. 

The ludicrous idea that if people are given a proper economic and political system everyone will be transformed into amazingly productive saints and all our problems would be solved.  The idea of Utopia or Heaven on Earth is a dream that is not possible.  Our current culture, which is embracing the canceling culture, rewriting, or revising history, and erasing everything deemed to be unappealing is creating a condition allowing deception to have an open door.

If we study history and read the writings of Marx, Engels, and Alinsky we quickly realize or should realize that they offer nothing viable to replace the system they wish to destroy.  Destruction is the goal with no genuine workable replacement foundation for society.  Replacing what we now have with Communism or Socialism does not provide a foundation for societal interaction only for government control.  We become surfs of the state and pawns manipulated for their purposes.  We are given breadcrumbs and told to be grateful for the benevolent benefactor’s charity.  In their world dissension is disallowed.

Alinsky, Marx, and Engels were not seeking ‘truth’ but were purposed in creating a ‘revolution.’  They were bold and filled with self-confidence in their views and thereby created an image in the minds of the dissatisfied that they were right.  The flames of hate are fanned by those seeking to destroy and the higher the level of hate, the more rabid the followers become.  The only end of perpetual hate will be bloodshed because hate gives no ground, and its quest is to destroy every object of its animosity.

Those seeking to overthrow our system of government know that the key foundations that must be destroyed are faith and family.  Thus, we have the incessant push to demand our acceptance of gender blending, gender neutrality, homosexuality, and transsexuality.  It began slowly but has become a runaway train of destruction. 

Government participation in allowing minors to hide life decisions from their parents was a first step.  Now, we have drag queens in our public schools and the groomers attempting to destroy all concepts of moral rightness and family structure in our children.  Those children will, in the future, lead this nation, and what kind of nation will they pursue?

We have morphed into a society where we determine what is right and wrong based on what we want right and wrong to be.  Morality is not and will never be subjective!  We have historical and biblical guidelines that help us recognize and avoid morally unethical practices.  Virtually all societies believe that murder is wrong.  However, some societies adopted the view that those outside their clan were subhuman, and that killing them was acceptable and justified. 

Relativism has stripped us of moral absolutes and plunged us into a culture that is rapidly becoming doing what is right in one’s own eyes.  The rejection of the Bible as our moral and spiritual guide has proven to be detrimental.  Allowing the Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, Wokeness, and Political Correctness is destroying our foundations and will destroy us if we do not wake up.

The demand for tolerance at the expense of one’s faith is not healthy.  When we make tolerance equal to the embracing of all views even those antithetical to our core convictions, we are not tolerant we have surrendered.  We have endured a constant barrage of the poison of toxic liberalism and relativism for decades in academia, television, movies, news media, and periodicals.  The fruit is being manifested and the price of continuing down this path of destruction is more costly than anyone will acknowledge.  Destroy the root and you kill the tree.

Our government will exercise the full power of the Justice Department against anyone targeting an abortion clinic but turn a blind eye when there are violent attacks against Pro-Life Clinics.  The resurgence of attacks against religious institutions must be addressed because it is a threat to our constitution and republican form of government. 

Freedom of Religion is not simply that you are allowed to worship in the Church of your choice.  It means that you have the right to live your life and hold your deep convictions outside the four walls of the church.  You are allowed to practice your faith in a peaceful manner and without infringement by the government or any hate group.

We have a weaponized Department of Justice under Merrick Garland that is pushing the envelope of madness beyond the point of no return.  When the DOJ uses federal law enforcement to harass political opponents, we are facing a condition of Totalitarianism that will not end well.

What am I attempting to say?  Simply, unless we wake up and realize the systematic shredding of our foundations, we will lose the republic!  Unless we awaken from slumber and rediscover our moral moorings as a society and recognize that God endowed us with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness we will watch our republic crumble.

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to become the true overseers of our government and keep a watchful eye on those charged with governing.  Failure to properly dispose of our duty on that front will result in the loss of our right to Life, Liberty and find no pathway to pursue Happiness.  In a very tangible way, the ball is in our court!  What will we do?

God bless you and God bless America!


I am reminded of a quote from former President Ronald Reagan that is apropos for our current situation in America.  He said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”  There are few countries in the world where you can freely enter without a passport and then live on the dole provided by the state. 

In today’s America, almost every sign is posted in at least two languages, English and Spanish.  There was a time when assimilation and learning the language were not just expected but demanded of those immigrating to this nation.  We were a melting pot or that is what we desired to be, but today we are anything but a blending, we are individualized with no real desire to assimilate. 

Few of those coming here illegally have a desire to be American, they desire the benefits America can provide.  Maybe, few is the wrong word, but many who are coming are not coming to assimilate and support America, they are coming to cash in on the American dream and millions of dollars are funneled back to their native land and the family remaining there.  Add to that the cartel ties, drug smuggling, and human trafficking and the billions involved in those activities, and my title question becomes germane.

Based on the available data and information leaking out from the border, it has become an exceptionally large criminal enterprise.  The illegals, we are learning, believe that if they can get across the Rio Grande and enter the United States they will be permitted to stay.  They believe that they will be released from custody and allowed to work.  They seem to be correct and that exacerbates the problem.

We know, and it is well documented, that smuggling networks are pocketing millions if not billions from the migrants who pay for their services, and sometimes with more than money.  Unfortunately, the corruption in governments south of the border does not provide hope of stemming this tide and major crime network.  In today’s world, every aspect of illegal immigration has been monetized.

The crisis at the border has resulted in the pro-illegal migration activists no longer hiding their efforts.  They have even built a mosque in Tijuana, Mexico.  It is a two-story shelter in Zona Norte very near the U.S.-Mexico border.  It is an 8,000-square-foot facility with the capacity to serve up to 150 people arriving daily.  In that shelter, there are migrants from Kenya, Ghana, Russia, Afghanistan, and other nations.  That should immediately be a red flag and cause for concern, but not with this administration.

So far, there have been more than 2,000 single adult migrants from Muslim countries and this President has shoved the door wide open.  He may say, “Don’t Come!”  However, his policies and the lack of border security or deportations scream, “Come on Down the Door is Open!”

In just one month there were 239,416 illegals officially registered at the border.  How many more came across is impossible to discern.  Less than half were rejected under Title 42 anti-disease barrier.  Why were more not rejected?  Because of Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas’ manipulation of the rules.  In that group, there were almost fifteen thousand unaccompanied minor children. 

We are seeing massive influxes from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, and Nicaragua.  That is transpiring because the illegals are using their cellphones to show their home-country peers how the Biden administration is treating them and how easy access is.  Again, it is “Come on Down, the Door is Open.”  We are seeing people from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, Angola, Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Georgia, India, Nigeria, Romania, Somalia, Senegal, Turkey, and scores of other countries.  We are being invaded and are borderless. 

This is a national security issue!  I am not being insensitive to the needs and fears of people in other countries seeking to find a better life.  However, there is a legal process they are usurping and seeking to bypass.  If there is a genuine need for them to seek asylum there is a legal process for that as well. 

The Biden administration has chosen to exempt virtually all the global migrants from the Title 42 border-barrier rule.  None of the almost 2,000 Turks, or the few hundred Senegalese, and only one from Somalia were turned back.  Why?  Virtually all were rejected hailed from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.  Let us see, turn back the Central and South Americans, but accept those from known terrorist nations.  Is there a reason for that?

We know that many of our Border Patrol Agents are mortified over the handling of the border.  In the not-too-distant past, the U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz got into a tense back and forth with agents in Laredo as Mayorkas paid a visit.  When agents accused him and Mayorkas of releasing criminals his response was, “You are getting bogged down in politics and policies.”  When the agents complained that they could not use the term “illegals,’ he dissed the complaint, but it is valid.

Let us talk about the unsustainable cost of allowing an open border and this invasion of illegals.  The followers of toxic liberalism, globalism, and progressivism, truly believe that there should be no borders and that the illegals have a right to come here.  I have asked them why entrance into the countries from which the left is not acceptable unless done according to the rules and with the proper documentation.  They usually call me a derogatory name and question my humanity.

I had one such adherent of the citizens of the world philosophy insist that the only illegals coming were from war-torn countries.  I am not sure where he got his information, but the fallacy of that claim is easily debunked.  One view was that as long as the illegals believed they had a good cause to illegally enter the United States it was okay to break the law.  Wow!  I do not want to extrapolate that to its illogical conclusion and the danger it poses on many other fronts. 

In 2019, the money illegals sent back to Central American countries was more than $120 Billion.  We know from the available sources and tracking that more than $445 Billion left the United States for foreign countries.  Imagine what the amount would be if Joe Biden and company had actually succeeded in handing each illegal $450 thousand in reparations.  Why would anyone think that is a good idea?  There is only one possible conclusion – Votes!

The U.S. Border Patrol was created in 1924 for the purpose of securing the border and protecting our national security and sovereignty as a nation.  Honest national security experts all agree that indecisive and ineffective immigration policies leave the nation vulnerable to dangers that threaten our very existence as a nation. 

Border security is a vital component of national security.  It is far more than simply restricting people from entering the country.  It is part of the way we can protect this nation from the illegal movement of drugs, weapons, and other contraband.  According to the Department of Homeland Security, border security is, “the act of protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty” (2015).

The threats are real.  The threat posed by Illegals looking at it as a safety and an economic issue must be addressed.  There is a threat of organized crime, drugs, and human trafficking poses a danger.  The threat of terrorism is very real and cannot be ignored.  Whether we remain a sovereign nation or a borderless suburb of the world depends on our response to the problem at the southern border.  As it now stands, we are ignoring the border and becoming full members of the global community as one of their suburbs.

God help us to wake up and God bless you and God bless America!


That philosophy is about as valid as the Biden administration, the Democratic Establishment, and the RHINO Republicans in Congress’ plan to address inflation.  They seem to believe that you reduce inflation by creating more inflation.  This is the age-old lame-brained practice of politicians to ‘just throw money at problems.’  Money does not fix everything and fictional money that we are printing or the money we borrow will not resolve our fiscal crisis.  It requires sane political policies, which we do not currently have.

The plan that Chuckie Schumer and Joe Manchin agreed to is truly no better than the original plan of Biden’s team.  Both are insanely destructive and will only make the pain we tax-paying citizens feel last long into the future.  Their policies and plans create a black hole into which our economy is being sucked and from which there is little hope of recovery.  Yet, they insist, that this will fix the problem.  HOW?

It is beyond ludicrous to pass a $433 Billion Spending Bill, money that is not in our coffers, during a time of recession and runaway inflation.  Then to add insult to injury they desire to raise taxes by $739 Billion insisting this will fix the problem and everyone will be on easy street shortly.  We may be on poverty street but easy will not be the term to define it.

If we, the voting public, those who pay taxes and feel the pinch of inflation, the recession, escalating prices, and looming shortages do not take action, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I am convinced that there must be something in the water in Washington that destroys brain cells and renders the members of Congress incapable of rational reason.  How else can we explain their lunacy? 

The spending bill alone will be disastrous, but raising taxes too is sadistic if not demonic.  Maybe the members of Congress, those who are largely immune from our pain economically, just enjoy seeing people suffer.  Maybe they are so desirous to acquire total power and control that they are willing to sacrifice millions of us to achieve their end.  Whatever it is, it is time that we step up to the plate and take our swings at the voting booths and show them the door.  If we do not, then who can we blame, but ourselves? 

The Left and too many in the Establishment on the Right are tone-deaf to we the people.  They do not feel our pain, because they are insulated from it and living off our dime high on the hog.  They are either economically uninformed or diabolical and have a sinister motive behind what they are doing.  They are far more committed to their political ideology than the needs of the country.  They do not seem to hear us or care what we think.  Therefore, it is time that we get their attention!

I fully expected them to manipulate the cost of gasoline downward, just as they manipulated it upward.  If they win in November, the prices we saw before this downturn will be low in comparison to what they will bring.  They have expressed a desire to see gasoline in the $9-$10 range and if they stay in control nothing will stop them. 

It seems that the Left intends to turn America into another Cuba, Venezuela, or some other failed communist-socialist nation where people are living in squalor and abject poverty. In such a short time, Joe Biden’s administration proved what many of us have been warning and Ronald Reagan prophesied, “We are one election away from losing our freedom.”  If we let this continue, we can expect nothing better than the loss of all our inalienable rights and freedoms. 

The Democrats and too many Republicans become giddy over a tax increase because it is more of somebody else’s money they can spend like the proverbial drunken sailor.  Politico is prophesying that Joe Biden is back in the game and he is experiencing a turnaround that will salvage the Democrat’s hopes in November and his presidency in 2024.  I believe they are wrong, but with the way people have voted in the past and the low level of political acumen existing today, I do not know.

Senator Joe Manchin is a Democrat.  Yes, he has held the line embracing views of most of West Virginia and the more conservative parts of our country on some things but not in this.  He is a Democrat and I have warned, do not put your hopes in him.  He is a Democrat. 

I hope you are aware that of the $439 Billion Spending Bill $369 Billion of it is dedicated to Climate Change!  Yep, they believe that they can buy the climate they desire with their insane spending.  If they believed in God, they would know that nature is not owned by any man and money will not change a drought into an oasis or lower the thermostat of the sun in the blazing heat of summer.  But they voted God off their national platform a few years back, so God is not part of their thinking.

Even some economists who are left-leaning if not uber-liberal acknowledge that the $3.1 Trillion COVID relief and infrastructure package was a major contributor to our current economic state.  When you are in a boat with water coming in, drilling more holes thinking that will allow more water to run out is a guarantee that you will sink! That is what the Democrats under Biden are doing.  How can they be so dumb?  Well, maybe they know what they are doing and doing it intentionally.

The Penn Wharton Budget Model [PWBM] has projected that this bill will cause inflation to increase for the next two years at a minimum.  They project that inflation will be peaking about the time we vote for president in 2024.  The increase in inflation is directly tied to the Inflation Reduction Act that Schumer and Manchin devised. 

Therefore, inflation is going to keep rising, and with the great wisdom (sic) of this Bill, the tax increase will guarantee that we have even less money to fend off the woes of inflation.  Thank you, Democrats and any Republican that votes for this, you are not our friend and do not have our best interest at heart.  It is time for you to go!

Before you buy the spin that this tax only impacts the rich, the Joint Committee on Taxation has admitted that it will touch every tax bracket.  More than half of the taxpayers make less than the targeted $400 thousand annually, and we will feel the brunt of the tax increase.  Those of us earning less were not to be impacted according to Biden.  Alas, another fabrication, distortion, or miscalculation, we will all be impacted.  That is not a new phenomenon.  It has been revealed that the largest increase will be on those making less than $10 thousand annually.  That’s right the bottom end of the tax bracket will be hurt the most.  How does that square with Biden’s promises and the claim of being for the little people? 

The National Association of Manufacturers believes that this tax bill will reduce the income of workers collectively by a minimum of $17.1 Billion in one year.  They also believe it will cost about 218,108 workers their jobs thus increasing the unemployment rolls and welfare costs.  In order to push the Green Energy Plan, they will give substantial handouts and tax credits to companies who spend on renewable energy sources.  [Wind, solar, critical minerals, biofuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, nuclear, sustainable aviation fuel, lithium-ion batteries, electric-vehicle charging stations, etc.]

Once again, the federal government will be picking winners and losers in the economic arena.  They will be in control of more of our lives and we will lose more freedoms.  If we do not wake up, we are drilling holes in the boat hoping the water will run out rather than in our boat and we will sink.

God bless you and God bless America!


There was a time when cool heads and sane reasoning were present in public discussions about difficult and heart-wrenching issues.  There was a time, but that time seems to be a distant memory.  Today, it is all about emotion, personal preference, paranoia, fear, and half-truths or outright fabrications being advanced as the absolute truth and reality.  There was a time when each side of an issue was able to advance their theories, ideas, and concerns, and those were debated with a measure of respect to the dissenters.  There was a time, but today is not that time.

This will possibly not be received well by some and possibly alienate people on both sides of the issues I will mention. Yet, I will dare to give my two cents worth, and my opinion may or may not be the view of those reading.  I still believe in the inalienable right of Freedom of Speech and Thought.  We do not all agree on anything and never will.  We all have preferences and form our views based on those preferences, often more than the facts. 

Few things, if any, are more tragic than the senseless and needless slaughter of children.  I have not lost children, but have lost a wife, parents, grandparents, friends, and those I served with to death.  I can only imagine the pain, horror, and inability to even think experienced by those whose children have been slaughtered due to violence of any kind.  No parent should ever have to bury a child and no child should have to fear for their safety.  But that is not the world we live in. 

We need comfort, not rhetoric.  We need compassion not the politicization of every tragedy that occurs.  We need to allow the wounds of the hearts of those suffering from tragic loss to heal without being inundated with the diatribe of various activist groups seeking to enlist adherents to their cause.  Allowing no crisis to go to waste may be politically expedient but it is not humanely or morally right. 

Let us wade into the troubled waters of some issues, the first being the so-called Assault Weapons.  I feel compelled to address the term – “Assault Rifle.”  I realize that not being a firearms expert or manufacturer of those items may leave me lacking in understanding or ability to articulate the issue in a way that can be easily understood.  However, I must try. 

What is an Assault Rifle?  Is the AR-15 an Assault Rifle?  NO, it is not!  The name AR does not stand for Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle as many seem to believe but stands for ‘ArmaLite Rifle.’  ArmaLite is a company developed in the 1950s.  The rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner.  The company was started by George Sullivan, a patent lawyer who worked for Lockheed.  It is not and has never been an Assault Rifle but a semiautomatic firearm requiring the trigger to be pulled each time a round is fired.

An Assault Rifle, in the truest sense, requires it to be capable of being fired as an automatic weapon, such as the M16, Stoner Machine Guns, and various other military weapons.  There is a requirement of licensing that is strict, costly, and difficult for a private citizen to obtain, possess, or use a fully automatic weapon in America.

Those who fear guns and want all firearms banned fear the way the AR-15 looks.  They seem to have no comprehension of how it operates and that it operates in the same manner as do the many semi-automatic rifles used for sporting and hunting in America.  The AR-15 was not designed for the sole purpose of killing humans, as the president declared.  It can be and is used for hunting by many and is used as a sporting rifle by many. 

With the millions of firearms and ammunition rounds in the possession of private citizens in America, a reasoned analysis would be that the firearms themselves are not the root problem, else there would be few people living now.  The root of the problem is the human using the firearm.  Yes, I said it!  Guns do kill but only in the hands of someone wanting to kill.  Guns, by themselves, do not any more than an automobile in the hands of a person impaired under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Let me rock the boat and declare what I have been declaring for decades.  The root problem is SIN!  Yes, I said, SIN!  It is the human heart and the mindset of the individual.  It could be mental health issues.  It could be uncontrolled anger, which is in itself a mental health issue, but also a spiritual and moral one.  It could be a knee-jerk reaction to someone wounding the pride or hurting the feelings of a person who believes that no one should ever offend them.  We have conditioned a full generation to believe they have the right to never be offended or made uncomfortable. It could be for many reasons, but the problem is the individual and reflects society’s failure on many fronts, but banning firearms will not and cannot solve the problem.

If we ban everything used in committing a crime or mass murder, what will we have left in society?  Do we ban automobiles because an intoxicated person killed others?  Do we ban automobiles because, in an act of rage, terrorism, or evil a person drives an automobile into a crowd killing innocent people?  Most would insist that is unreasonable, but when it comes to the scary-looking firearms that are most prolifically in the news, the demand is to ban them.

Did the prohibition of alcohol work?  No!  It was the impetus or catalyst for organized crime, bootlegging, and black markets to gain prominence.  People who wanted alcohol, though banned, were able, at a price, to obtain the product.  Do you think that the person desiring to harm others will be deterred by a ban on guns?  Before you insist, if it saves one life it is worth it.  Let us apply that to everything ever used in harming another and see if that makes sense.

Shall we carry the banning everything argument to its extreme?  Do we ban the male penis because of unwanted pregnancies?  Do we ban spoons and forks because some are overweight?  Do we ban water because people drown in water?  Do we ban medicine and doctors because of malpractice and abuse?  Where do we draw the line?  Yes, I am being facetious and ridiculous in those questions, but the reality is we cannot legislate our way to morality or safety that comes from the heart.

Now, to address those on the side of defense of our second amendment rights, I am one!  To act irrationally and in a show of arrogance to break out our AR-15s and other firearms and carry them openly in protest marching on the State Houses only fuels the argument of those seeking to bank them.  You have the right to keep and bear arms!  That is a right our forefathers and the founders of the Republic demanded to be recognized.  You have the God-given right of self-defense.  I do not need to terrorize those who are terrorized by the thought of a gun by making that kind of open statement. 

I am sure some will take exception to that position and say, “But I have the right!”  You do!  I do not argue that and defend that right.  You have the right to choose to sleep with every other willing male or female in town, but does that make it a good choice or a right choice?  You have many rights that you can do, but just because you can does not mean you should.  Sometimes we need to be wise as serpents and pure as doves.  Sometimes we can, through our show of restraint, demonstrate that we are responsible gun owners and possibly negate the fears of the emotionally fearful.

We have some of the most stringent gun laws and gun control mandates in various states and cities in America that remain the most violent in the nation if not the world.  I am a licensed gun owner and have a permit to carry a firearm undisclosed.  Yes, I could openly carry, but I choose to carry concealed.  I do so for two reasons: I do not want to cause any anguish or concern to those around me over my display of a firearm and I do not want to become a target for a potential terrorist.  My reason may or may not resonate with you, but it is my logic, and I am comfortable with it.

If banning guns would make everyone safe that would be one thing, but it will not, any more than banning automobiles due to misuse or airplanes because of terrorist use, or any other tool used to harm others.  We need to deal with the root problem, and it is my view that we need to Return to God and Return to Building Strong Families with a mother and a father in the home who train the children rightly. 

We have a problem but blaming the gun is not the solution! 

God bless you and God bless America!


I hesitate to ask that question because it seems that some are taking it as a challenge.  Can what is happening in Washington become any more disconnected from reality and destructive?  The short answer would be, Yes!  The long answer would be, Yes!  The intermediate answer would be, Yes!  There needs to be more qualifying of those answers, but the politicians in DC have continued to prove that they can engage in more and more lunacy by doing one dumb thing after another. 

In all fairness, it is not just the Democrats that are acting stupidly.  There are plenty of Establishment types and Rhinos on the Republican side of the aisle.  I do not know what happens when a person is elected to Congress, but something changes once they are there for a fleeting time and they start ignoring their campaign promises and engage in the pursuit of power, position, and filling their purses with filthy lucre.  Maybe it is the money.  Maybe it is the power.  Maybe it is the prestige of being a Senator or Representative.  Whatever it is, it seems that quickly integrity exits stage left and corruption comes to center stage.

I remember Barack Obama’s world tour apologizing for America and denouncing American exceptionalism.  He seemed to take the wrong side of every issue and backed those who hated America, Israel, and freedom repeatedly.  Now, the illustrious Joe Biden is following his example.  He compared the Palestinians to the Irish under British rule.  Yes, I support Israel and its right to the Holy Land including Jerusalem. 

When I compare the Palestinians and the Irish, I find vast differences.  One of the most glaring is their treatment of women.  The Irish have a long history of strong women.  History records the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley, and the pre-English Celts had Boudica, the queen who nearly drove the Romans out of Celtic Britain.  How does that compare to the Muslim Arabs including the Palestinians?

The Muslims (not all) mutilate their women with FGM and honor-kill them to keep them terrified and weak.  The Jews honor Deborah, a prophetess who had more courage than the warrior Barak.  Thus, the Irish are more like the Jews who produce strong women, unlike the Muslim Arabs who kill them and suppress them.  At no time during the English Rule of Northern Ireland was there a vocalized desire by the Irish to obliterate and annihilate all of the United Kingdom.  They never sought genocide against the English, unlike the Muslim Arabs including the Palestinians who want to push Israel into the sea and annihilate all Jews.

Joe Biden in his Middle East tour and begging the Saudis to produce more oil declared that he had gained their commitment to producing more oil.  The Saudi’s on the other hand when asked if President Biden asked them to increase oil production with the idea that it would help gas prices in America, their response stomped on Biden’s claim.  Al-Jubeir said, “Not in – with specificity because the president knows that the energy issue is an issue of supply and demand.  It is an issue of balancing markets.  Saudi Arabia’s committed to ensuring stability in the oil markets” 

Interestingly the Saudi Prince also said that Biden did not press them on the issue of increased oil production. Rather the president sought their counsel on various issues and how America and Saudi Arabia could move forward in order to ensure that the next eighty years are as positive as the previous eighty in the mutual relationship.  So, Biden is consulting with the Saudis on how to move forward.  So much for being the leader of the Free World, we are becoming increasingly subservient to those who hate us and use us for their benefit.

The Biden administration has ceased all pretense regarding their agenda and his Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is openly boasting that high gas prices are forcing Americans toward electric vehicles.  Imagine that, admitting that the manipulation of taking advantage of the gasoline prices for political agendas is, in their view, a good thing.  With inflation, at a reported 9.1% (it is much higher) they want to force us to buy outrageously priced electric vehicles and plug them into an already taxed electric grid to advance the Global Warming, Climate Change, and Liberal World Order.  Can it be any crazier?  Yes, it can!

The COVID lockdowns, the overreaching mandates, the war on freedom of speech, religion, the right to self-defense, the attempts to force Americans to embrace Gender Blending, Sexual Orientation of the homosexual community, and allowing Drag Queens to address our children are having a negative effect.  The government has launched or is launching a new suicide prevention lifeline. Code 988 will be available for call or text as the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline operates 24/7/365.  (Please note, I am in favor of preventing suicide, but this comes after their draconian measure and the spike in suicides.)

I believe that the draconian actions and forced isolationism by the government have created a new sickness in America that is far beyond sadness.  It is causing a state of depression that is causing an alarming number of suicides in every age group.  We are more addicted to antidepressants than any country in the world.  The nearest to us are Iceland, Australia, and Canada. 

I believe that every person has a God-shaped hole in their heart and without Him, we are all subject to deep depression.  If I were to ask most young people today and those not so young what is the meaning of life or even their purpose in life, most could not give a reasoned cognitive answer.  We need purpose to survive.  We are sick with brokenness and one of the key things that this administration and those back in the Johnson era are doing to exacerbate the problem is destroying the idea and ideal of the nuclear family. 

America is bearing the fruit of the government’s attack on the nuclear family, the implementation of entitlements that encourage deviancy, and the failure to assume personal responsibility.  We are being encouraged to embrace cultural Marxism and reject Christian values.  The Bible is being targeted as merely a book of history or myths rather than being the Word of God and authoritative for moral guidance and interpersonal relationships. 

Statistics reveal that children raised with fathers in the home are less likely to experience poverty, behavioral issues, and mental illness.  Most of the mass shootings of late reveal that the perpetrators of those horrific acts were young men on antidepressants or other medications related to mental health and were fatherless and often both.  I believe it is verifiable that the more fathers drop out of the lives of the children and are absent from the home the more this problem grows. 

I believe that the absence of fathers in the home is one of the great contributors to the spiritual sickness that is pervasive in America.  That sickness is manifesting itself in some very disturbing ways such as violence, poverty, rage, hate, depression, and no sense of accountability.  Is it the absence of fathers alone that is producing this, NO!  We have allowed the educational system to pollute the minds of our youth.  We have allowed politicians and activists to pollute our culture.  We drifted from God, moral rightness, and personal responsibility.  We need both parents in the home. Good fathers and good mothers, actively engaged in teaching their children and providing a godly example.

This administration, the national Democratic Party, and too much of the GOP seek to replace our self-sufficiency with dependency upon their benevolence.  They are attempting to make themselves virtual gods and as they shift our allegiance from the God of the Bible to self, we reach new levels of lunacy that make our survival almost impossible.  It is time that we rid ourselves of the virus of politicians who do not honor the Constitution and are devoid of integrity.

God bless you and God bless America!


Let’s pretend that a group of different thinking people, highly motivated by personal ideology, and of various educational or non-educational backgrounds could adopt a government that recognized man’s inalienable rights.  Yeah, I said pretend, but wait, it happened in 1776-1787. 

What the founding fathers accomplished is nothing short of miraculous in light of the existing governments of the world at that time.  If I were to reprint the Declaration of Independence here, it would possibly be the first time that many have ever seen it.  That is a sad indictment of our educational system, and ourselves.  We were given the most citizen-friendly system of government known to man, at that time and we failed to have the interest or sense of responsibility to know what we were given.

Over the past one hundred years, we can see the slow and sometimes not-so-slow infringements and modifications of those rights and our system of government.  It matters not to me if the founders were all Christians or not, what they produced was God-inspired and deeply rooted in the precepts and principles of Scripture. 

The colonists were living under what they considered tyrannical rule by the British Crown and Parliament.  They believed they were being taxed without being represented.  They believed that they had the right to what they produced and that their lives should be largely without the undue influence and regulation of the government.  They held some core beliefs that are deeply rooted in the precepts of the Bible, reason, and recognition of man’s inalienable rights. 

They felt they had been pushed to the brink and saw no recourse but to Declare Independence and that a Revolution was the only pathway to freedom.  They understood that this act could cost them their lives, property, and freedom.  They weighed the costs the risks and rewards and initiated the drafting of the articulation of their views and their formal announcement of rejection of the rulership of King George III and his government.

I am always awed by the first few words of that document on display in the Rotunda at the National Archives Museum.  It begins with “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united states of America…”  I have often wondered if that was the last and possibly only time that the Congress of the United States had a unanimous view of anything.  Oh, we have had unanimous votes, but I am not sure that was truly a representation of the views of each voter in Congress. 

Then, they gave their reasons for rejection of the rulership of the Crown and came to the second paragraph where they stated a view not seen in any of the governments of the world, at that time.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”  That is nothing short of amazing.

They believed that there was no need to debate or argue for the existence of God and that He was the creator of man and all things.  They included in that reasoning that all men (people) are created equal and that God, the Creator endowed men with unalienable Rights.  Rights that no government or person had the right to infringe upon.  That core belief was the foundational framework upon which our republic was established. 

They were not without flaws, but they embraced the foundation and framework through which America could become a Light Shining on a Hill, a beacon to the world of what Freedom could and should look like.  We became the light that has drawn and inspired multitudes as moths are drawn to a flame. They espoused a system of government that recognized the unalienable or inalienable rights of everyone and inspired hope in the hearts of multitudes around the world.

Life, the Bible says, is more than clothes, possessions, or food.  The Declaration of Independence’s verbiage paved the way to pursue a life of freedom unknown in the modern world of that day.  People could expect to be allowed to Live and enjoy the fruits of their labors.  How we have morphed in our modern government and view of Rights and morality.  Some lives are deemed more valuable than others and some have no value at all, such as that unborn baby in the womb.

Liberty was an expression of the craving of the hearts of the founders and the colonists to be allowed to become all they could be.  It was an expression of the cry of the human heart to be liberated from the chains of despotism and tyranny.  It was an expression that rose to its zenith in the words of Patrick Henry – “Give me liberty or give me death.”  The framers knew that the last part of that declaration was a real possibility and valued freedom more than life.

The Declaration of Independence spelled out the many grievances against the Crown and was in a very real sense an appeal for the King to amend his ways and keep the colonist British subjects and avoid war.  Yes, the Declaration was a declaration of war but the heart of most was to find a pathway to peace and they felt that this extreme measure was required.

Today, we have allowed politicians and those behind the scenes with diabolical motives and agendas to slowly strip away our freedoms and liberties.  I have discussed the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights with High School and College graduates only to find that they often had no knowledge of the content and often no interest in the original system of government sought.  They almost uniformly declared that what I was saying was not what they had been taught or thought.  We are reaping the harvest of decades of educational crops that have eliminated or revised our true history.  Few know much about civics or government, subjects that have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Now, back to my opening, what if we could have a government that would recognize God, the Creator, and man’s inalienable rights?  What if we could have a government that not only recognized but encouraged and protected our right to Life (all lives including the unborn)?  What if we could have a system that recognized our God-given liberty, and encouraged and protected it?    What if we could have a government and a body of politicians who believed that all Americans have the right to pursue happiness without undue government regulation or interference? 

Wow!  That is assuredly a fantasy considering the condition of politics and politicians in 2022.  What can we do?  Can we do anything?  It is my firm belief that until the lights have all been turned off and there is breath there is hope.  Therefore, I believe we can return to what the Founders established and envisioned if…  “IF” is the key.  If we return to recognition of God, the Creator.  Recognize that rights given by God are inalienable and are not to be infringed upon.  Recognize and embrace the idea that everyone’s life is valuable, and that all are created equal.  Recognize that Happiness is a condition achieved allowed to pursue Life and Liberty freely.  It must be maintained that that right cannot pose a danger to society and trample on the rights of others. 

However, activist groups that demand anything, not of their liking are a threat to them and must be rejected.  If we return to God, He has promised to return to us.  If we return to the original principles upon which America was established, we will immediately see the need to limit government and evict the career politicians who are interested in their power, their position, and their purse. 

America we can.  The issue is not if we can but if we will!

God bless you and God bless America!


One more reflection on the rehearsal of our Freedoms, Liberties, and the Constitutional Republic.  However, I am always an advocate for the Original Intent of the Framers and staunchly stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom for Everyone! 

I wish I could say that I do not believe that the current state of affairs in America is one in which there is an attempt to extinguish the Flame of Freedom, but I cannot! I believe we are on the brink of losing the Republic.  I have prayed and thought much about the condition of things political, spiritual, social, societal, economic, and in every dimension of our nation.  In that time of reflection, I have concluded that our situation is not Republican or Democrat. 

This extends far beyond who is occupying the White House. It goes beyond simple ideological differences between conservatives and liberals.  It is beyond the view of those who believe in Constitutional Originalism and those who believe that the document is living and evolving.  I believe this is a battle for the soul of America and the Flame of Freedom.  It is a battle to preserve our God-given inalienable rights.  This is a fight between good and evil.

I am not saying that Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Conservatives, are good in the sense that they are saints, they are not!  I am not saying that everyone on the other side is evil in the sense they are all diabolical and devious intentionally destroying the republic and stripping us of our liberties, some are and some are not.  There are those guiding the ships of both ideologies that are both diabolical and devious. 

There is a commonality between the Deep State Adherents and the Swamp Denizens that believe those in power (elected officials and bureaucrats) are the rightful rulers of everything and everyone.  That is frightening but it did not occur overnight and is not the result of the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President nor the inauguration of Joe Biden in 2020.  It began long before that.  The reality is that it began before the establishment of the United States in the late 1700s.  It began in the eons past when Lucifer instigated a rebellion that drew one-third of the angels into his camp and resulted in his eviction from heaven.

For well over one hundred years there has been an orchestrated, planned, and implemented agenda to shred the Republic known as the United States of America.  The elevation of self to a preeminent place has facilitated the idea that each successive generation is smart enough to make the failed and flawed philosophy of Socialism and Communism work. 

Human greed and the engendering of a mentality of entitlement have resulted in a society of brainwashed young citizens and some not so young.  We have had at least three generations indoctrinated with false information and historic revisionism promoting an Anti-Capitalistic, Anti-American, and Anti-Christian mindset.  The indoctrination and constant bombardment by the educational system and liberal biased media have diminished people’s ability or willingness to think critically and engage in any deductive reasoning.  We are in our current condition partly because the church has failed, the home has been weakened, and the government has become irreparably corrupt.

You may disagree but I believe there was a concerted effort to use the COVID paranoia and lockdowns to destroy small businesses.  I see the war against fossil fuels, the shortages, and the elements that are destroying our economy as tools to achieve the devious purposes of the purveyors of globalism.  Why would anyone want to destroy small businesses but have a hands-off approach to mega-corporations and big businesses?  I believe it is because if a small business, which makes up the lion’s share of our economy, is destroyed then people become dependent upon Government. 

Dependency upon Government means that the Government or politicians and bureaucrats can dictate our lives.  Why is that important?  As long as the American Dream is alive, and people are allowed to think outside the box and fend for themselves producing wealth and a measure of power they are not controllable by the Government.  Big business has long been in bed with politicians and government and is part of the manipulation.  I laugh when the liberals rant about corporations and the rich because the rich and corporations facilitate the agenda of liberalism.  The Democrats have a long history of complicity with Big Business in control and destroying the mom-and-pop businesses.

It is the objective of the followers of the toxic liberalism of today’s Democratic Party and too many on the Right to extinguish the flame of freedom.  As long as we are allowed to ‘keep and bear arms,’ maintain our personal and private property, and worship as we choose, we are not controllable.  The moment we can no longer travel, defend ourselves, or provide for our own we become pawns of the benefactors.  Those benefactors do not have our best interest at heart but control.  Therefore, the flame of liberty must be extinguished, or they lose control. 

We have transitioned from covert and undercover corruption and criminality by players in government to openly flaunting their corruption and engaging in their crimes.  When we allow one set of rules and laws for the average citizen and another for politicians, we doom our Lamp of Liberty to become dark.  What I see is creeping darkness moving stealthily across the land.  Can we prevent the total erosion of our liberty and salvage the Republic?  I do not know, but I know that God is still God, and His Promises are still true.

I am stunned at how easily the Government was able to turn the populace into sheep, destroy our economy, and strip us of our inalienable rights on numerous fronts.  I am not surprised at the cries for barcodes, bracelets, or something to identify those who have and have not been vaccinated.  I am stunned at the willingness and even agreement of a large segment of our nation.  I am even more stunned that men and women of the cloth who are guiding congregations of people would board that train and insist upon compliance.  Has no one read the Bible, especially the Book of Revelation?

I am not saying that the vaccine, masks, or sheltering in place were the mark of the beast.  I am saying that I believe it was a test run to see what, how easily, and to what extent they can, without using force, bring us into compliance.  I do believe some are devoted followers of this agenda who are willing to use force, even executions to achieve their goals. 

I do believe that this present darkness is birthed in the pit of hell and that unless and until the Body of Christ unites in prayer and commitment to God standing against this evil we will move deeper into the darkness.  There is a point of no return when the Republic is lost forever.  Are we there?  I pray not but am concerned that we are dangerously near destruction.

I plead with everyone to consider the potential or real fraud in the elections past and what that could mean in elections to come.  I urge everyone to consider the threats to our inalienable rights that are being proposed by the Left.  I beg everyone to consider the horribleness of the genocide embodied in abortion.  I encourage everyone to THINK!  If you earn something, do you genuinely believe it is just and right for that to be taken and given to those who are unwilling to do the same? 

We were given the Free Constitutional Republic where the Lamp of Liberty was lit and warned that it would be up to us to keep it burning.  I quote a passage from Galatians 5.  I know that its primary focus is spiritual, but it can be applied to every aspect of life.  “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore, keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.”  We are Free in Christ and if we want to remain Free in our lives as Americans, we must not allow the Lamp of Liberty to be snuffed out.

I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and declare with joy and pride, God bless you and God bless America!


What am I referring to?  The issue of abortion.  I know that is a hot-button topic for many and far too many take umbrage with my stance on abortion and the use of the Bible as well as medical science and common sense.  If abortion is an issue that causes you to become so infuriated you cannot civilly have a discourse, then please stop reading and move away.  My opinion is, at the time of this writing, protected by the 1st Amendment.  That may change, but at this juncture, I have the right to my opinion, even if Facebook thinks differently.

I have listened as patiently as I can muster the strength to the rhetoric, diatribe, spin, and arguments of the pro-abortion crowd and find it maddening and completely baffling at times.  They engage in non-sequiturs with their ad hominem arguments. Their logic follows no discernable path, and their arguments lack foundation and fact.  Someone said, their arguments would make a sophist blush.  (A sophist according to Webster is an imposer in argument, a captious or fallacious reasoner. WordNet 3.0 defines it, as someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious or plausible but false.).  Yet, continue they do with their incessant assertions.

Someone said that the pro-abortion leftists use arguments that are rhetorical variants of Three-Card Monte.  The objective is an attempt to divert attention from the real issue.  They argue on the shaky ground that abortion is a woman’s ‘right’ to choose.  Let us consider that briefly.  That is an assertion of a right that ignores another’s right which is equal if not higher.  In our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights we have a clear definition and recognition of rights based on Natural Law (God’s Law).

Those documents recognized that rights are endowed to each person by virtue of their existence and all rights precede the existence of the state (governments of man).  They are God-given not government-given, and no government has the right to rescind them.  Of course, they argue that that entity (baby) in the womb is not a human being and therefore has no rights.  Unfortunately for them the Bible and science disagree with their postulation.  Therefore, a woman’s right to ‘choose’ cannot be superimposed over the baby’s right to ‘life.’ Abortion would insist that a woman has the right to choose to kill another human based on choice.  If we extrapolated that to its full extent, we would have more murders in society than we could contend with.

The ludicrous argument that children should be wanted and have a comfortable life and when that is in question it is a reason to abort is insane!  The answer to that problem, for them, is to simply eliminate the child before it can be birthed.  Yet, they argue for gun control.  If that is a solution, why not solve all our problems with a weapon of destruction?  Yes, that would be inhumane, and utterly ridiculous.  So, is that argument supporting abortion.

They also argue that the child, if allowed to be birthed would place an undue burden on the mother who is unwilling to care for it.  What?  So, a burden or an undue burden is a justification to kill?  I shudder to think what is coming for mental institutions, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, orphanages, and other like facilities.  Is their solution to break out the gun and eliminate the undue burden? That would be inhumane and ridiculous.  Of course, undue burden is defined by the person promoting the elimination of the so-called burden.  Is that who we are as a society?

But the most selfish of all might be the argument that having a child would negatively impact a woman’s prospects of career advancement.  It would limit her options so how dare anyone could suggest that the life of that baby is outweighed by the pursuit of a career.  That is the zenith of selfishness.

The Bible and science are linked to the issue of the question of the humanity of that entity in the womb.  Is it a developing human being?  Is it a human being in the early stages of development?  When I contend that it is I hear things like “Keep your rosaries (I’m not Catholic) off my ovaries.”  I sometimes counter with, “Are you a primitive science-denier?”  The science regarding the stages of development of that entity in the womb destroys their contention that it is not a developing human being.

Is it not a moral issue when we fail to defend the most defenseless of our society?  How can we claim to be moral beings when we allow the infanticide and genocide of those who cannot defend themselves?   A person’s preference or the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy is not a justification to end the life in the womb.  If we become that society what is to prevent the push from becoming, eliminate the elderly, infirmed, or people of a particular ethnicity or hair color?  Evil knows no bounds and once it has gained an inch it will take ten thousand miles.

I was not surprised but deeply disappointed when I heard and read Vice President Kamala Harris insists, “For those of us of faith, I think that we agree…there’s nothing about this issue [of abortion] that will require anyone to abandon their faith.”  Vice President Harris, that statement screams that you either have no faith or have no concept of adherence to biblical directives and precepts.  It also suggests that you do not know the science of life with regard to that entity in the womb, the baby.

I am surprised that any leftist would refer to faith since in 2012 the Democratic Party officially abandoned God.  When a person has an abortion, they are not killing their own body they are killing another human being.  I do believe there is a word for that.  There are two entirely different sets of DNAs in the body when a woman becomes pregnant, that is science!  So, Vice President, as one who insisted that we follow the science, what happened?  Oh, I get it, this is a different science.  You promoted, “Get a vaccine or lose your job because of science.”  Science?  I guess that is whatever you deem science or applicable, right?

In the modern era of activism, the tactic of resorting to violence or threatening it is proving to be an effective tactic.  It sends politicians into panic mode and the cowardly into hiding.  I have not been surprised at the rendering of the Supreme Court’s final ruling on abortion that there has been violence and the call for more violence. This is not new and dates back to the Vietnam era and beyond where protests turned into riots and violence ensued.  Groups like the SLA, Weather Underground, and now BLM and Antifa used and use violence as their negotiating tool.

The fearmongers continue to fan the flames of paranoia and hate to the boiling point and blood will flow.  I suspected that this would be brought to the forefront in the late summer to impact the November elections.  The protests thus are designed to intimidate and influence. The Justices were not intimidated into changing their votes and did what was Constitutionally mandated regarding the issue of abortion. They sent it back to the states.

With the silence of the current occupant of the White House on the violence and threatened violence, we can expect it to escalate.  Those in that crowd understand that the silence and lack of involvement to suppress the violence is a green light to go full speed ahead. 

Spoiled children are inclined to throw temper tantrums to coerce their parents to cave to their demands.  Once they succeed, they continue with no thought of change or ceasing.  I am concerned that those who do not think twice about ending the life of a baby in the womb would have no qualms about taking the life of anyone opposing them.  This is one of several issues that are pushing us to the brink of a full-blown shooting civil war.  America is hanging in the balance more today than at any time in our history. 

We either return to God and moral sanity or we go to war and likely lose the Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!


Who and what am I talking about?  The Who that I am speaking to is those on the conservative side of the equation largely found in the GOP.  The What of which I am speaking are the upcoming 2022 elections and then the 2024 elections.  Why would I plead with them not to screw this up?  Because in the past they have managed to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing the Left and Media to intimidate and allow the RINOs to take the wheel. 

Around the first of July, I saw a generic poll that indicated that the GOP held the same lead in voting preference as they did the week before Roe was overturned or returned to the States.  That poll was a Rasmussen Poll and gave the GOP a slim 5-point lead.  It indicated that in the week before 47% of the voters said they would pull the lever for the Republicans and 42% said for the Democrats.  In the week after it was 46% and 41% respectively, which is razor thin and I am pleading with the Republicans, “Don’t Screw This Up!” 

The poll indicated that the week before the Republicans were ahead by 14% among Independents and 29% said they preferred the Democrats.  That changed little the week after with 45% saying yes to the Republicans and 30% to the Democrats.  The poll indicated that 62% of Black Americans will vote Democrat and 23% Republican.  Other minorities indicated that 42% would vote GOP and 41% for the Democrats.  Again, all this is cause for concern with the history of cowering and caving and the treachery of the RINOs.  Please, do not screw this up, America has only one shot at moving back in the right direction and averting the destruction now being inflicted. 

Please, understand I am in no way suggesting that the Republicans are a cure-all politically, but the dedicated destruction being pursued by the Democrats makes them a necessary vehicle back to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. 

When you have a Biden advisor admitting in his attempt to explain the gas crisis revealing their purpose, it should send every voter who cares about freedom to the exit door of the Left and the entrance of the Right.  He said, “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”  Any World Order and especially a Liberal World Order is not in the best interest of America or Americans.  I continue to plead, “Republicans, don’t screw this up!”

When the Left admits they are only concerned about their agenda and do not care about our pain or how to resolve the crisis we are in trouble.  Unless!  Unless we unitedly and uniformly reject them and demand that our elected officials pursue what is best for America and restore freedom and liberty to all legal American citizens.  We must return to Constitutional governance, or we will become a member state of their Liberal World Order. 

That advisor, Brian Deese revealed that the plan was for this to continue for years to come.  When the military and economic analysts as well as the Director of National Intelligence say this will be measured in terms of years not months, it reveals the direness and dangers we are now facing.  It is unsustainable, and they know it.  The plan seems to be to render us incapable of taking care of ourselves fiscally and therefore make us dependent upon the government.  If they provide, they control. 

He indicated that everyone must be cognizant that this is a vehicle for their transition to Green Energy and away from fossil fuels.  The lunacy of that is beyond any need to even address.  To produce the vehicles needed for the capture and storage of their Green Energy requires massive amounts of fossil fuels.  The stranglehold they have forcing prices at the pump to skyrocket as well as everything else makes us easy marks for their coup.  God help us.  Republicans, “Please, please, don’t screw this up.”

The insanity of the rabid followers and worshippers at the altar of global warming, climate change, climate disruption, or whatever it is called today has been dealt another inconvenient truth.  On June 25, 2022, a Norwegian Cruise ship headed toward an Alaskan glacier hit an iceberg.  But wait, that should be impossible since the glacial ice is melting and the hot temperatures of late would make icebergs extinct, right?  Nope!  The global ice is increasing not decreasing and they continue to insist that man’s greatest threat is Global Warming or Climate Change! 

Do you remember that in 2015 there was so much accumulation of sea ice that scientists had difficulty reaching their destination in Antarctica?  In 2013 there were recorded 19,000 Manhattan-sized islands of sea ice newly formed.  How can that be, the Arctic Ice Cap and all the sea ice were supposed to be gone by 2013.  However, documentation reveals that it grew by 553,000 square miles!

What concerns me is the incredible treachery by people like Texas Senator John Cornyn and other RINOs as they continue to side with the Leftists and push agendas that are antithetical to our Constitution and the best good.  Cornyn backed the Leftist gun control measure, has been collaborating with them to create amnesty for the illegals and has now taken another step in the wrong direction.  I am a Texan and declare we need a true Constitutionalist to unseat Cornyn in his next election.

What is his latest act?  He is backing the Civics Secures Democracy Act (CSDA).  It opens the door for the leftists to impose their desired Critical Race Theory on all public schools. It would allow the Secretary of Education to award grants to “eligible entities,” including non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, and states which would use the money to offer subgrants to local educational agencies.  What’s wrong with that?  Thank you for asking.

The bill states that among its goals is the support of “local educational agencies, elementary schools, and secondary schools in selecting and making available to all students innovative, engaging curricula and programs.”  Those programs are those that pertain to civics and the American government.  The purpose is so that they can “diversify the civics, history, and government education.”  What?  What is wrong with teaching the constitution as it is, explaining our system of government, and not inserting their sanitized and revised version?  Cornyn where is your head?  Do not answer that, please.

The National Association of Scholars opposes this legislation and has urged Cornyn and the other Republicans to withdraw their support.  Cornyn, as usual, is unwilling to respond to calls for explanation. 

America, Joe Biden is unlikely to be the nominee in 2024 but some potential players include Michelle Obama and other Leftists who have a track record of hating our system of government.  We have the opportunity to close the floodgates of destruction and return to a semblance of what we are supposed to be in 2022.  The control of the House and Senate must be wrested from the hands of the Leftists or there may not be an America in 2024.  Yes, I believe it is that dire.

God bless you and God bless America!