No nation or people can thrive or even survive the catastrophe of blurring many moral and ethical lines in society.  There are lines that, if blurred or removed, will result in the total collapse of that Republic or Society.  No nation, community, church, family, or individual can achieve the designed and/or desired greatness intended if some lines are allowed to be blurred.

What lines?  There are so many, it will be impossible for me to address but hopefully, I can deal with a few to help us see the dangers of America’s Blurred Lines and the collision course with destruction.  This did not happen overnight, nor did it happen with the last election or several elections.  It has been in the works for decades and some insist we are too far gone to recover.  I hope they are wrong.  I hope but have incredible angst in my heart unless we see a massive return to some foundational principles quickly.

It is easy to demonize the opposition and make them worse than Genghis Khan or other despots in the annals of world history.  I have insisted for a very long time that the problem is not, in and of itself, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Right or Left.  I believed and believe that the problem, engendered and developed through the political jangling of the past 50 plus years, is the Human Heart.  The Condition of the Human Heart or Mind.

There has been a planned erasing of moral principles, God, the Bible, and absolute truth from the public square. The media has been heavily complicit.  Corrupt godless politicians have been deeply involved.  Education has been the tool used by those seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ America from being a Christian nation to a godless self-serving one.  The followers of communism and socialism have long sought to control the education of their children.  Why would education be so important?

Every corrupt government will use its power and control of the education of its future citizens to shape them into what those in power desire.  The endgame is Control and Compliance.  Therefore, there are blatant omissions in education and the teachings of history, etc. to facilitate a false view of America, Constitutionalism, Freedom, Capitalism, and Christianity. 

If people are allowed access to and taught truth and facts, they tend to become more committed to the idea of Freedom and the limitation of government.  Corrupt governments control the education of the children for their political ends.  We see this glaringly in Communist Countries such as China, Russia, etc.  But we also see it, in the educational system of America. 

A more recent example was the PBS documentary “The Roosevelts” in which FDR and Elanor were presented as non-Christians.  Some will immediately contend that is factual, but some things we know that are not taught was that FDR was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church and professed his belief in the Bible and the God of the Bible. He even wrote for Christian publications an article entitled, “Why Men Should Go To Church.”  He gave lectures at Berkley University on the Christian’s role in modern society.  He gave five lectures and spoke extemporaneously on the subject for 90 minutes. 

Former President Barack Obama sought to remove any reference to God from FDR’s speeches recorded on plaques at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC.  Roosevelt may not have been the best Christian President, but he understood the role of God in government.

Some of his quotes should remind us that at the time of WWII America was very conscious of God’s providence and hand in America’s beginning and survival.  He said, “We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation, without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic.” 

Regarding the Constitution, he said, “I hope you have re-read the Constitution of the United States.  Like the Bible, it ought to be read again and again.”  He also said, “Those forces hate democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization.  They opposed democracy because it is Christian. They oppose Christianity because it preaches democracy.”

We began allowing the lines of our moral mooring to begin blurring in the early 1960s.  In the Engle v. Vitale case (1962), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-1 against New York’s “Regents’ prayer”, a “non-denominational” prayer that state education officials had composed for public schoolchildren to recite.  One year later, a case originated by a Philadelphia-area man named Ed Schempp challenged mandatory Bible reading in Pennsylvania schools.  That case reached the Supreme Court and in 1963 the court ruled 8-1 that devotional Bible reading or other government-sponsored religious activities were unconstitutional.

We took prayer and the Bible out of the public schools, allowing a somewhat sanitized and skewed history to begin to be taught.  The words of Thomas Jefferson come to mind, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”  John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President declared, “the constitution is made for a moral people.”

When you remove the Bible from education and the public square you suffer negative consequences.  Since 1963, we have witnessed a decline in academic achievement, including SAT scores.  We have seen an increase in out-of-wedlock births.  We have experienced an increase in the use of illegal drugs and an increase in juvenile crimes.  We have witnessed the decline in respect for authority and the abysmal deterioration in-school behavior.

We have blurred the lines on what true Christianity means and watered-down commitment to Christ to the point that anything is acceptable and there is no right or wrong.  We have made ourselves the center of our universe and blurred the lines of absolute truth.  We have blurred the lines of DNA and the biblical declaration of gender. We have made abominable practices acceptable and a matter of choice blurring the lines of moral rightness.  We have created a society where there is no fear of God, no reverence for morality, no recognition of authority, and made self-gratification the prime objective. 

Our blurred lines in society have not created the desired utopia but a world in which everyone becomes a law unto themselves.  Our truths become the Truth rather than determining what we believe true to based on and rooted in God’s Truth.  We have justified evil and turned a blind eye to the deterioration within society and watched our liberties dwindle to nothingness.  We created this world ourselves by allowing the Lines of Truth to become blurred.  Once blurred the line of demarcation between good and evil, right, and wrong becomes easy to erase.

America, I fear for you and I am committed to interceding for my nation and her people.  I am committed to working for Faith, Family, and Freedom in every legitimate way I can.  I will work, speak, teach, pray, and vote.  Will you join me in the crusade to save America from a further blurring of the lines?

God bless you and God bless America


The blatant hypocrisy and fraud of the globalists and so-called world leaders as evidenced at the G20 meeting are beyond the pale.  I am sick of hearing about ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ or ‘climate disruption’ and ‘man-made change.’  It is obviously a fraud because were it not the so-called leaders would be doing teleconferences rather than engaging in the massive carbon emissions they have caused.  You can’t have it both ways, either this is as serious as they claim, or it is something else.  If you go in your jumbo jets and have your automobile caravans escorting you around, you testify that it is something else.

The disgusting compromise agreement that the leaders of the world’s largest economies made at the U.N. climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland screams hypocrisy and deceit.  If you are a man-made global warming advocate and believe the AOCs, Al Gores, and Joe Bidens of the world that we have only years to rectify the problem or face extinction, I feel for you.  I do not.  If that means you choose to hate me, block me, ban me, or attack me, that is your choice, but I do not believe what science has proven false.  We are not on the brink of destruction.  I believe in God more than that.

The illustrious leaders, a Group of 20 movers and shakers across the globe agreed to end public financing for coal-fired power generation abroad. They set no target for phasing it out domestically which is nothing more than a nod of knowing kowtowing to the top carbon polluters of the world, China, and India.  Hey, you dare not force the hands of those who will shake your tree.

These illusionists, Joe Biden among them, were looking for and found common ground on the reduction of greenhouse gasses.  The problem is their proposals will do nothing of the sort but will cripple the economies of nations following those guidelines.  If you think China, Russia, India, or other industrial powers that do not march to the U.N. pied piper are going to follow suit, you might need to check into a rehab center for your addiction to opioids or something.

I read that Prince Charles that all-knowing globalist scientist has claimed that the United Nations COP26 climate conference in Glasgow is the “last chance saloon” to save the planet.  Hey, if you can’t instill fear and paranoia your outlandish predictions will be given little space or thought by the average citizen.

The Prince favored the massive spending that is doing little other than lining the pockets of the climate change alarmists such as Al Gore and other powerful people.  He said, “Following the recent COP15 biodiversity meeting in China and this week’s COP26 climate change conference in the United Kingdom, it is only too clear that we will need trillions ($$$$ with a T) of dollars investment EVERY YEAR to create the necessary new infrastructure and meet the vital 1.5 degrees climate target that will save our forests and farms, our oceans and our wildlife.”  Hey Prince, they are not in danger now!

The Prince has been involved in this alarmism for about 50 years and each of his and the alarmists’ predictions of destruction have come and gone without the end coming.  They keep changing their dates, adjusting their data, and skewing their reports, but always playing to the fears of people.  They never let a crisis or change in cyclical weather go to waste.  The sky is falling, and they are chicken little sounding the alarm! 

You may find my position offensive, but I believe that God did not make a fickle planet that man would destroy by utilizing the creativity He inspired.  God knew what was coming and what advancements in technology would transpire and prepared the earth for it.  Let me shock some and said, “I do not deny that global warming exists.”  However, I do not believe that the warming trend we have been experiencing is evidence of a man-made catastrophe in the making.  I believe it is cyclical.

If you have studied history, you know that there was an ‘ice age’ in which the temperatures dropped dramatically and froze the globe.  Then there was massive warming and melted the ice. Man could not be blamed for either of those scenarios, so how is he to blame now?  In its existence, the earth has been bombarded with asteroids and comets.  The magnetic fields are slowing drifting. There is solar activity in the sun with solar flares.  We have experienced and continue to experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which have affected the climate of the earth.  Yet amazingly the earth is still here and functional. 

The arguments are that the Arctic sea ice is melting faster than predicted and Antarctic ice is decreasing.  The fly in that ointment is that Antarctic ice is increasing, not decreasing.  The alarmists also fail to mention that the sea levels are rising but not at the necessary accelerated pace to make their predictions valid.

Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the aggressiveness of those storms are not proof of man-made global warming or a climate disaster on the horizon.  Meteorologist Dennis Feltgen, spokesman for NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) declared, “as of October 24, 2016, it will be a complete 11 years since a major hurricane (category 3) has struck the United States.”  The fact that we have had some since then is still not the evidence or substantiated data required to validate their argument.

The alarmists argue that the planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century.  That is a change that has largely been driven by increased carbon dioxide and man-made emissions into the atmosphere.  I keep hearing that 97% of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made, and dangerous.  I’ve dealt with that assertion before, but it is bunk.  Dr. David Legates and his colleagues, published in the respected Science and Education journal reveal that Cook et al. had not considered whether the scientists and their published opinions had said climate change was ‘dangerous.’  Important distinction.

In researching, I have found that only 41 of the 11,944 published climate papers Cook examined explicitly stated that man-caused most of the warming since 1950.  He excluded about 8,000 papers in his sample on the unacceptable ground that they expressed no opinion on the climate consensus He himself flagged in just 64 papers.  The truth is that 23 of the 64 did not support the consensus. 

The earth was created by God and God doesn’t make junk.  God was not incapable of seeing into the future and knowing what we would be facing in 2021.  If He did not envision where we are, then He is not the God of the Bible.  I believe in God and believe and in climate change because the climate is always changing.  We have moved from warming trends to cooling trends and one Volcanic eruption emits more CO2 than the rest of mankind.  God prepared the planet for times like this.  I reject the destruction of man in the so-called interest of saving the planet.

God bless you and God bless America


History reveals some amazing befuddlements regarding the response of the public to the heroes who saved the day for freedom.  I remember studying the people and events of World War II and one of the most amazing oddities was that the man who saved the day for Britain and, in a great measure, the world Winston Churchill was denied his re-election bid just weeks after Germany’s unconditional surrender on V-E Day.  How could that be?  What would have caused the British people to take such an action? 

Many historians believe it was the speech that sunk his ship.  Some have called it “The Crazy Speech” and others “The Gestapo Speech.”  It could well have been a latent fear in the minds and hearts of the British populace that Churchill would become more of a Dictator than a Prime Minister. 

Churchill was gifted with foresight far beyond most of his contemporaries and in that speech, he returned to the more prophetic and warned of dangers ahead.  In the ‘30s he had been incredibly vocal and accurate regarding the danger Adolf Hitler posed.  He recognized Hitler’s aspirations and the danger of appeasement.  He understood, as have many great leaders that you do not negotiate from a position of weakness but strength.  He saw the dangers of Socialism and Communism.  He knew that the creeping quest for power by those tyrants would crush the life out of freedom.

An excerpt from his speech is worthy of reading, and I share it here.  He said:

 “I declare you from the bottom of my heart that no socialist system can be established without political police. Many of those who are advocating socialism or voting Socialist today will be horrified at this idea. That is because they are short-sighted; that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.

No Socialist Government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo — no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance — and this would nip in the bud opinion as it formed.

It would stop criticism as it reared its head, and it would gather all the power to the Supreme Party and the party leaders, rising like stately pinnacles above the ordinary simple folk — the common people, as they like to call them in America — where would they be once this mighty organism had got them in its grip?”

Churchill’s warnings were not unfounded as history proves.  Donald J. Trump as did Ronald Reagan sounded the alarm of the dangers of Socialism and the creeping quest for power by the Leftists.  Reagan was not denied a second term, but Trump was for many reasons but in some measure, some viewed his warnings as did the British people Churchill’s. 

I suppose the question, as some have suggested, in the minds of the British people was whether Churchill was truly being prophetic and saw the dangers lurking down the road or had lost his grip on reality.  People in America have whined about Trump’s mean tweets rather than focusing on the dangers presented by toxic liberalism and the agenda advancing Socialism and Globalism. 

As at the end of World War II, the people were tired of war and facing danger and wanted ease and peace. Therefore, many believed that appeasement and being non-confrontational would serve them well.  They were wrong and were those who deemed Trump a madman.  The British people seemed to have quickly forgotten the heroism of Churchill in saving the nation and what that meant and would mean for them.  Many Americans have done the same regarding Trump.  They failed to see or acknowledge the good he achieved and focused on his personality and abrasiveness.

Tyranny, Socialism, Communism, Globalism, and the seekers of dominance never stop themselves in the quest for control.  America was founded to be Free, governed by a Constitution that protected our inalienable and individual rights and freedoms.  We are to be governed by the consent of the people and the constitution places limitations and restrictions on the government.  Trump recognized that Biden and the Democrats do not.

In the biblical history of Israel, each time the nation found itself in need of a deliverer, God provided one to Stand in the Gap and deliver from bondage.  As long as the nation sought God obeying His precepts and laws, they remained free.  Once they enjoyed the rest and peace of their deliverance, they returned to selfishness and abandoned their commitment to God and moral rightness.  The cycle was repeated time and again.

In 2021 America needs a deliverer or one to Stand in the Gap.  We need a Churchill who will fearlessly articulate the dangers and take steps to prevent those dangers from becoming a reality.  We are watching President Biden, the Democrats, and the RINOs systematically shred our progress as they impose mandates, regulations, and seize control.

Our economy has been pushed into the abyss of financial ruin.  Our ability to make our own choices is rapidly becoming a distant memory.  We are in grave danger of seeing the prophetic warning of President Reagan becoming reality.  He warned, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  Maybe it is even worse than one generation and is only one election away. 

I would say we need a savior, but we have one, the Lord Jesus Christ!  Sadly, He has been rejected outright by many on the Left.  The actions of millions indicate that He is not deemed the Savior by their actions and defense of abominable practices and agendas.  We need a deliverer, one who will arise and Stand in the Gap and make up the Hedge.  We need one with the courage to declare the dangers and the selflessness to ignore the personal suffering that one will incur.  We need a rekindling of the Spirit of 1776 and the Spirit of the World War II era.

Who is our modern-day Churchill?  Who is our Gap Stander?  Who is our deliverer?  Is it a return of Donald John Trump or is there someone not yet recognized?  I don’t know, but I am praying for God to send us a deliverer.  I am praying 2 Chronicles 7:14 and asking for forgiveness personally and nationally.  I am renewing my commitment to the Word of God, the Constitutional objectives of our founding fathers, and Freedom.  I ask you to join me in prayer and in labor to bring it to reality.

God bless you and God bless America!


I used the proverbial we in my title, but I mean the Leftist and the Biden administration?  How far are they willing to go in their push to fundamentally transform America and make this nation a Socialist or Communist totalitarian state?  How much destruction will the American people tolerate?  How long before there is an uprising that blends with Thomas Jefferson’s declaration about the “Tree of Liberty and the Blood of Patriots?”  I hope we do not arrive at that destination, but I fear we are not far from there today.

Every time I hear something proposed by this administration, I think, “Surely, this isn’t real.”  But, alas, each time it is not only real but another nail in the coffin of freedom.  It is another gloat by the arrogant Leftists who hate America.  It is another “in your face” by the globalist and progressives.  How much more can, or will we take?

With the steadily rising inflation rate and the astronomical increase in energy prices I keep expecting to see those who supposedly voted for this debacle to acknowledge they made a mistake.  I keep expecting because I cannot fathom how any rational thinking person could not see the abyss into which we are about to plunge.  Maybe it is pride.  Maybe it is hatred for the hated Donald Trump.  Maybe it is the fruit of decades of propaganda and illusionary education.  Whatever it is, the destruction is becoming more visible with little hope of stemming the tsunami of destruction.

The lunacy of shutting down the fossil fuel industry and then lamenting over the rising prices at the pump trying to blame Trump or foreign nations for the price escalation is unbelievable.  Crude oil has climbed from about $40 per barrel to over $80.  We went from energy independence to being held hostage by the oil producers of the world.  We are, once again, at the mercy of OPEC and Russia.  That was a place few envisioned possible but in less than one year we are there, and it is getting worse.  How bad can it become?  The limit is only to the extent they are willing to destroy us.

The so-called science that produced the lockdowns and now the call for vaccine mandates is only rivaled by the pseudo-science regarding man-made climate change or global warming.  The hypocrisy of those calling for the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing their emissions is evident.  Destroying our economy and our lives because of paranoia is unacceptable to me.  Ignoring nuclear energy while pursuing unreliable and doubly expensive wind and solar is not problem-solving it is destructive.

Tyrannical control via the mandates for a vaccine that does not prevent the disease it is designed to prevent is a bit perplexing.  I don’t care if you have or have not been vaccinated. It should be your choice, not a government mandate.  It should not jeopardize your ability to make a living or to live your life.  I tend to believe the doctors who insist that real vetted vaccines actually prevent disease.  This is a non-traditional vaccine with a non-traditional approach and seems to smack with the desire to control than to prevent disease. 

The unwillingness to allow the usage of safer and cheaper therapeutics already in existence such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine has been puzzling.  To hate something because Donald Trump supported it is beyond lunacy.  To allow the drug manufacturers to advance a much higher profitable vaccine than the cheaper treatments is ridiculous.  Playing on the fear and fanning the flames of paranoia is diabolical and will prove destructive.  How low will they go?

Scheming to tax the savings of working Americans and weaponizing the IRS to spy on expenditures of citizens while allowing the government to go rogue should have everyone up in arms and marching on capitols around the nation.  The debacle of the withdrawal in Afghanistan by the Biden team leaving Americans in harm’s way is treacherous if not treasonous. 

The support for abortion on demand by the Left is beyond belief.  I am deeply concerned based on what I have heard various members of that political party support and the stances of this and previous Democratic regimes.  It almost seems that the desire for euthanasia and planned reduction of the world’s population advances the idea that we may reach a place where we simply kill those weaker than us and call it progress.

I support the Second Amendment and all our Amendments that recognize our inalienable rights.  I believe that armed law-abiding citizens help keep us from becoming a murderous society that aggressively mauls, maims, and murders others simply because we can.  If a person approaches me and they are not addled by drugs or filled with a sense of invincibility they have to consider whether or not I might be armed.  My home is my castle, and it is protected to whatever extent I can protect it.  You can charge me with a crime for protecting my person, property, family, and home if you please, but I will defend those portions of my life. 

The insane assault on all police officers because of a few examples of misguided or criminal action by a handful is doubly stupid.  It endangers everyone and especially the unarmed law-abiding.  The police help the citizens far more than the few who do harm.  I believe that taking the Bible out of the public square and prayer out of the schools has opened the door for evil to prevail. 

The home and family have been systematically transformed by the Left seeking to diminish the role, responsibility, and respect of the father.  Dysfunctional families are factors in the rising crime rates in various communities.  It is reported that among black children 43.3% live in two-parent homes.  In the Hispanic community that number is 67.9%, whites 78.6%, and for Asians, it is 89%. 

If we are taught to distrust people of differing skin pigmentation and the police, we will gravitate toward being rebellious, disrespectful, and develop a sense of entitlement.  The rise of relativism and nihilism has produced a diminishing of self-restraint, moral goodness and decency, and respect for the property and rights of others.  We have become a “ME” society.  That is the product of political lunacy, academic poisoning, and the unmooring of family values.  We have done this to ourselves and the election of people who pursue moronic agendas as the Biden team is evidence many do not care what happens to anyone but themselves.

Someone said, “A civilization should be judged not just by its wealth and power, but by the protections it affords the weak – its children, the disabled, and the elderly.”  The increase in child abuse, domestic violence, and the diabolical attacks against the disabled and elderly are railing indictments of our increased depravity. 

We cannot legislate morality, but we should be allowed to present its values.  It is time that we demand a return to the moral principles and the protection of our inalienable rights in America.  It is time that we reject the runaway train of spending and debt.  It is time that we reign in the government and prevent it from throwing money at every problem or nation trying to buy answers.  We are the answer and until we rediscover who we are designed to be we will continue in our decline and administrations like this one will do their dirty work of destruction.

God bless you as we fight for faith, family, and freedom.  God bless America again, I pray!

CRIME PAYS – At Least Under Joe Biden…

One of the many things I am speaking of is not the Biden Crime Syndicate and Hunter Biden’s windfalls selling influence using his father’s name.  We may get into that but the immediate of which I speak is Immigration.  Well, Illegal Immigration!  I am still stunned that even Old Joe would propose such a radical, irrational, and destructive thing as paying people to come here illegally.  Imagine being paid a whopping $450,000 per person for violating our laws and ignoring our Immigration Policy.  Wow!  That is beyond even the AOC and Squad’s lunacy.

He is proposing that reparations be paid to each illegal immigrant (which makes them guilty of committing a felony) separated from their families at the southern border during the Trump administration receive $450,000.  That is beyond stupid it is insane, unacceptable, diabolical, dangerous and a slap in the face of every American citizen and every person who has immigrated LEGALLY.  What is the purpose of this?  It must be beyond the standard buying votes and allegiance.  It must be designed to destroy the Republic.  It is Obama’s Fundamental Transformation on steroids.

I know that those Illegals who are filing lawsuits averaging about $3.4 million per family, Biden is trying to appease them with about $1 million per family.  That is more of bargaining with terrorists.  What part of ILLEGAL do Biden and those entering American illegally not understand?

I agree with the Republicans that have a spine and call this the Ultimate Insult to law-abiding Americans.  This is presenting the idea that Crime Pays and invites more of the same and is an open invitation to all criminals to sue the government and receive payment for breaking the law.  That would amount to a death knell for the Republic and would not defund the police but abolish all law enforcement.  Well, abolish it for those the Left deems potential allies but as we have seen all others will feel the full brunt of the law.

I cannot imagine any American who loves Freedom and wants to maintain America as a sovereign nation not shouting out against this vocally.  Under the Trump administration we built about 400 miles of border wall and by implementing the Remain in Mexico Policy reduced illegal immigration by approximately 90%.  This would wipe out all our efforts to get a handle on illegal immigration and fully erase our borders.  This must not be allowed to stand!

We are now facing the worst border crisis we have faced in at least 3 decades and maybe ever.  We are witnessing via Executive Fiat the dismantling of America through the Open Border agenda of Joe Biden and company. 

Let’s consider how this is a slap in the face of all Americans and some groups in particular.  Those who lose a loved one in military service receive a single tax-free death gratuity payment of $100,000.  Are we supposed to endorse paying ILLEGALS more than those families?  That is Unamerican.  The Life insurance program, the Servicemember Group Life Insurance (SGLI) pays a maximum payment of $400,000 providing the service member paid into it.  All Gold Star families must feel stabbed in the back by the Biden Team and the Democrats.  It is morally indignant, repulsive, and reprehensible.  It is shameful, but I now believe that Biden and the Left have no shame.

How about the family members of 9/11 victims?  The Biden administration pushed back on that comparison saying the government was not responsible for 9/11 but were for the Illegals being separated.  No, the Illegals are responsible for bringing children while committing a crime.  If you rob a bank with a child with you, I guarantee you will be separated from that minor child.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden:  “As you were leaving for your overseas trip, there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border, up to $450,000 each, possibly $1 million per family. Do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally?”

Guess what Biden responded with?  He said, “If you guys keep sending out that garbage out, yeah, but it’s not true.”  Doocy responded, “So, this is a garbage report?”  Biden said, “Yeah, $450,000 per person.  Is that what you are saying?”  Doocy responded, “That was separated from a family member at the border under the last administration.”  Biden reaffirmed, “That’s not going to happen.”

Well, Old Joe according to your own Justice Department and the ACLU that is the plan of your administration. The ACLU’s statement was, President Biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own Justice Department as it carefully deliberated and considered the crimes committed against thousands of families separated from their children as an intentional governmental policy.

But if he follows through on what he said, the president is abandoning a core campaign promise to do justice for the thousands of separated families. We respectfully remind President Biden that he called these actions ‘criminal’ in a debate with then-President Trump and campaigned on remedying and rectifying the lawlessness of the Trump administration.

We call on President Biden to right the wrongs of this national tragedy.”

Imagine that, Biden not being informed or aware of what his team is doing.  After all, he has to read his assignment from a note or a teleprompter and often reads the instructions and even admits that he is just supposed to walk away.

The Wall Street Journal confirms the plan according to an article published on October 29, 2021 “The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation, according to people familiar with the matter, as several agencies work to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma.”  The Journal acknowledged that the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are coordinating the payments. 

America we are being destroyed from within and if we allow this to continue there will be nothing to have an election for in 2022 or 2024, the Republic will have been lost.  I refuse to sit in silence while my beloved America is destroyed from within.  Let’s fall on our faces before God in repentance for ourselves and the nation, then roll up our sleeves and declare, “Let’s Roll.”

God bless you and God bless America!


That seems to be the mantra, diatribe, rhetoric, and spin coming out of the media and the Leftists regarding past, present, and future elections.  We are not allowed to uncover forensic evidence that might debunk their claims of fairness.  We are not allowed to question polling locales having more votes counted than are registered in those districts.  We are not allowed to question the outcome unless it was in favor of a Republican or a Conservative, then it must be challenged. 

If you call for voter identification you are deemed a suppressionist, a racist, or some other distasteful name.  You hate women, homosexuals, blacks, and other minorities because you desire that only those legally allowed vote in elections.  How dare anyone ask for a photo ID to vote.  But, alas, you must produce one to enter the Democratic conventions, obtain food stamps, and various other entitlements.  You are required to have a Photo ID to board an airplane but when it comes to voting – THAT IS RACIST!

I want everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religious ideology, or political persuasion to be allowed to vote if they are legally qualified to do so.  EVERYONE!  However, to open the elections to the possibility of fraud and cheating as we have over the past few years is an invitation for the nefarious to cheat.  No, it is a guarantee that cheating will transpire.  If you cannot see that or will not admit that you probably are okay with cheating.  Let me qualify that, you are okay with cheating so long as your side wins.  I am not!

Free Elections are a Corner Stone upon which Free Republics are built.  There are numerous things that are indispensable.  It seems to me that each of those I will mention are targets of the Leftists and because of the tampering with those foundational principles, Free Elections are a memory not a reality in 2021.

Every Voter should have the right to expect that his or her vote is kept secret.  Who I vote for is my business and mine alone!  It is not the business of any organization, government, or individual to reveal my vote unless I openly reveal it.  I am of the opinion that mail-in balloting eliminates that guarantee. 

This opens the door for intimidation, coercion, harassment, and even threats large enough to sway how of if a person vote.  It would be a colossal tragedy and assault on our Republic to demand a universal vote by mail.  The only possible way to guarantee privacy in voting is by ‘in person’ voting.  That must also include securing the ballots once they have been cast and having multiple checkpoints that are overseen by both political parties and all political parties involved.

Identity Theft is a real problem in 2021 America and posing as someone else in elections is easy if there are no concrete guidelines such as Photo ID requirement, and proper purging of the voter roles expunging those deceased or who have moved out of the district in which the vote is being cast.  I laugh when I hear the criticism of Voter ID laws from largely conservative states such as Georgia.  Why do I laugh?  Because the law provides for FREE Photo Voter ID for everyone!  That is Free as in it costs the person nothing! 

When the ballots are transported with limited, little, or no security, we invite fraud and cheating.  When last-minute ballots are allowed to magically appear without definitive proof of where and when those ballots were received, we invite fraud.  If we care about the Republic and want to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic, we MUST have a little touching of the ballots as possible.  Each person that touches the ballots must sign for them with witnesses and should be filmed.  The ballot should be treated as a super-sensitive document, not junk mail, and to receive a ballot in the mail, that address, and occupant must be vetted.

I still smirk when I hear how much local control is in local elections and ballot security.  In 2016, former President Barack Hussein Obama argued that our elections were beyond the possibility of being rigged because… Because is the clincher.  He said, “Because they are decentralized.”  Seriously?

In the COVID-19 dominated election of 2020 various state and local officials eliminated about 21,000 ins-person polling places.  That is out of the 116,900 that existed in 2016.  That is no small reduction.  They used alternatives such as extremely large early voting centers and more dangerous mail-in balloting. 

When you add the paranoia and lies proven false to the mix you invite chicanery and virtually guarantee oddities and abnormalities that can be deemed nothing less than magic votes and fraud.  I have seen the polls that indicate that a majority of Americans including 81% of self-described liberals who believed that Donald Trump committed treason for Russia.  That claim was resounding disproved even using the Democrat’s own special counsel. 

When you add the corporate media’s continual smear on a candidate, not their choice, you taint the outcome and render Free and Open Elections an anomaly and a fantasy.  People following paranoia are willing to accept the fraudulent and transparent attempts to cheat as somehow justifiable because, after all, the unwanted candidate is in bed with the enemy and of questionable character.  Did you bother to read the Democratic Platform and the history of their candidates?  NO!  Well, maybe you should.

Let me give you some things that, in my mind, guarantee illegitimate elections:

  • The DNC has controlled All Poll Watchers for over 40 years.  It has been asserted with justification that the 2020 election was the first time since 1980 that the Republican National Committee was prohibited, by law, from helping out with poll-watching efforts or any litigations related to how the voting was conducted.  (Anybody Smell a Rat?)
  • Engendering Laziness in Voting Heavily Slants the Election toward the Democrats.  The Vote by Mail system opens the door for fraud on such a massive scale that legitimate voters, if they vote at all, may find that they voted multiple times by mail without their knowledge.
  • I Believe that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Bought the Election for Joe Biden.  No, I am not discounting the overt cheating, but they influenced millions and I am still uncovering money under the table schemes that bought and paid for votes.
  • The United States Has Morphed into a Land Where There are Sectors a Conservative, Christian, or Republican dare not go.  Think of the ANTIFA riots and what transpired.
  • The FBI Has Systematically and Systemically become an Arm of the Left.  How do you explain the arrests and targeting of Conservatives and the Blind Eye approach to the Left including ANTIFA, etc?
  • The Media is Anything but Unbiased.  They are propaganda arms of the Democratic Party and often make no pretense they are other.
  • Mail-In Balloting Will Be the Downfall of our Electoral Process.  It is impossible to police and thereby opens the door to stolen election after stolen election.

We must maintain the integrity of the electoral process or we have surrendered control of the Republic to those seeking to fundamentally transform her.  I stand for faith family and freedom and will resist in every way I can to the destruction of America.

God bless you and God bless America


Tax and spend, spend and tax seem to be the mantra of the followers of the toxic liberal progressive agenda of the Left.  Our documented history has proven that philosophy is a negative not a positive.  It is demonstrated statistically and factually in modern history that the lower the overall tax rate the more money is in the federal coffers. With lower taxes, more federal revenue, and less spending we could actually balance the budget and pay down the national debt, even microscopically.

The current administration is led by a man who has spent his entire adult life in politics with no clue as to how the working world operates or businesses are impacted by undue regulations and exorbitant taxes. This man is hell-bent on resurrecting, restructuring, and expanding the diabolical ‘death tax.’  Most Americans, even those who do not have a fortune do like the idea of that kind of double taxation.  Taxing someone’s wealth after they have passed from this life is, in my view, stealing from the family of the deceased.  I find that incredibly distasteful. 

Before someone assumes that I have the kind of wealth to warrant personal concern over that tax, I do not!  That does not mean I cannot decide as to whether or not I think a tax or an idea is good or bad.  When the report is that the ‘death tax’ has dropped from 55% to 40% (still exorbitant) one would think they would be satisfied to get money twice.  What kind of insensitive and unfeeling bureaucrat would want an action that, at times, bankrupts the family of the deceased.  Their family property is forced to be sold to pay the tax.  That is wrong!

The Biden administration is not satisfied with the current rate of the ‘death tax’, assessed on the estate.  He wants to add a new tax on the deceased’s last 1040 personal-income-tax return.  This new, second tax would apply to tens of millions of Americans.  You may think, no big deal, but let me detail it just a tiny bit and then you decide.

Under the administration’s plan, the year someone died, all of their unrealized capital gains (gains on unsold real estate, family farms and businesses, stocks and other investments, artwork, collectibles, etc.) would be subject to taxation as if the assets in question had been sold that year.  The first $1 million of unrealized gains ($2 million in the case of a married couple) would be exempt from the new tax.  In addition, up to a certain point ($500,000 for a married couple, half that for others) gains derived from the sale of a primary residence would be exempted. Finally, the administration has said in the vaguest terms that “going concerns” in family farms and businesses would be exempt, but no one knows how that would work or believes it is anything more than politically expedient hand-waving.

The gross unfairness of that plan is that no one owes taxes on the growth until it is sold.  To add insult to injury they are proposing raising the top tax rate on long-term capital gains from 23.8% to 43.4%, which is not chicken feed.  That would be the highest capital gains tax in the world and American history.  Forward to the past, right Joe? 

Sadly, it does not end there.  After they tax these unrealized, unsold, phantom gains then the estate would be subject to the new 50% double death tax, because there is still the old ‘death tax’ to contend with.  Think about that, a 50% ‘death tax’ followed by a 40% ‘death tax’ on what you have left.  Karl Marx would be extremely proud of these totalitarian confiscations. 

America, if you thought this was just another political cycle that we could endure you might want to reassess your opinion.  If this kind of taxation and confiscation is allowed to continue, the right of personal property will become like the fabled ‘dodo bird’ and become extinct. 

It has taken a short few months for the Biden administration to destroy the gains we enjoyed under the previous administration when the Free Market was allowed to function as designed.  We are being told that everything is rosy but just because you put lipstick on a pig does not mean it is not still a pig.  The experts anticipated that the DDP would grow by 8.5% in the second quarter, but it only managed 6.5% and has been revised down to 6.3%.  That does not sound like growth and the tax plans and the insane spending being pursued will further destroy our economy.

The FED revealed that the stimulus provided almost no bank for the buck.  The economy has diminished as it faces the unexpected supply constraints arising from the misguided actions of the Biden administration and the Democrats controlling Congress.  Inflation is rising and dangerously near hyper-inflation and that would be catastrophic on every sector of our economy and destructive to the working class.   The Federal Reserve has bumped its preferred inflation measure to 3.4% annual growth, the fastest since 1992.

The hypocrisy of the administration and the Left regarding Green Energy and Climate Change or whatever it is being called grows daily.  John Kerry’s family jet has already emitted 30 times the amount of carbon emitted by the typical passenger vehicle per year.  I must ask, “If climate is such an immediate and existential crisis, how or why would John Kerry and the rest of the political elitists fly their jets and live in the oceanside mansions in places like Martha’s Vineyard?” 

Joe Biden has announced that he wants to “make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid elect, or fuel cell electric vehicles.”  The infrastructure deal was loaded with Green Energy, Climate Change bundles of cash further jeopardizing our fossil fuel industry and our economy.

We have turned the management of the government over to those who have no idea how to run a business or manage a household budget.  They see the American worker and businesses as an endless source of money to continue their lunacy.  Unless we wake up, we will find ourselves taxed to the point that no one will be willing to work or invest.  That will be when the proverbial overweight lady with a helmet of horns begins to sing.  Turn out the lights, wait what lights?  The party has long been over by that time. 

Wake up America and let’s unite, return to our moral moorings and to God and oust the political ruling class and reclaim our Republic!   It is truly up to us!

God bless you and God bless America!


My title may be misunderstood by some when the idea of slavery is so revulsive in many minds.  Therefore, let me state that the slavery to which I refer is not physical chains but political, economic, and mental slavery.  It is a condition that our Founding Fathers feared could transpire and did everything humanly possible to prevent its occurrence.  Sadly, we allowed it to transpire by taking the position of allowing the politicians to handle the politics.  This wound is self-inflicted, but it is also correctable.

The Bill of Rights is an amazing document enumerating certain rights and liberties that were never to be infringed by the central government or any government.  The Founders recognized that our inalienable rights came from our Creator, not the government.  They believed that they had sufficiently provided safeguards to prevent the existence of a political ruling class. They could not envision any American society who had tasted the liberties and freedoms embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights allowing the government to surpass their constitutional authority.  They could not but warned of the direness of it happening.

The Bill of Rights has become a Bill of No Rights on many fronts and intensifying as the followers of a toxic brand of liberalism and progressivism gain power.  By power, I mean control, and as they take more and more liberties with their interpretation of or the ignoring of the American Constitution.  Each infringement pushes us toward a brand of political slavery that should not be palatable to anyone regardless of how many carrots they dangle in front of our faces.  I am amazed at how small a price some, place on their freedom and liberty.  Someone said, “Everything is for sale.”  It seems that is true for too many today.

The First Amendment enumerates liberties deemed to be inalienable but vanishing today.  It includes the freedom of religion and its free exercise.  Today, the demand that we abandon our core religious convictions to accommodate the choices of another is an infringement that would horrify the founders.  It includes the freedom of speech and the press.  Well, regarding the press it seems their freedom depends on which side of the political aisle they embrace. 

Freedom of speech is rapidly becoming a dinosaur unless you are rabidly politically correct and embrace the culture of liberalism.  Then there is the freedom of assembly and peaceably petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances.  You can riot, loot, burn, and destroy if you are on the Left but an insurrectionist if you are on the Right.

The COVID pandemic provided the powerbrokers the means whereby to infringe upon our 1st Amendment Rights.  You could go to Walmart but not Church.  The virus knew which lines it could and could not cross, I guess.  The paranoia that has ensued and the mandates and controls implemented have trampled on our freedom of speech.  It is not a hate crime to speak your mind if you are not a follower of the many facets of the Progressive agenda.

Our first president and the father of our country, George Washington prophetically warned, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  Is that not where we are or are headed today?  When all sides of an issue are prevented from having a voice that is censorship and ultimately leads to totalitarianism.

The use of ‘scare tactics’ regardless of which side is using it is diabolical and destructive.  Presenting facts is one thing, fanning the flames of fear using propaganda and misinformation or disinformation is destructive.  Harry S. Truman said, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”  If we are not there, we are dangerously close. 

I am deeply disturbed as I listen to the narrative of the current pneumococcus is abrogated daily and the massive push to shut down all dissent.  The discovery that Dr. Mercola removed 25 years’ worth of content because of his stance on the body’s ability to heal itself if treated properly, even against a Sars variant.  That should disturb everyone not just the detractors toward the government’s prescription.

I believe that a healthy society is one that allows the free flow of ideas.  Our Republic was birthed, and our Constitution was derived after a lengthy series of open debates and exchanges of ideas by the founders.  I believe that only a society that allows the free exchange of ideas, allows for open debate and dissent can perpetuate the freedom we have enjoyed for our 240 plus years.  In that environment, the Truth will prevail, and the False will be exposed and tossed aside by those desirous of the Truth and Right.

When I heard Senator, Rand Paul encourage defiance to the totalitarian edicts I was both encourage and thought, “Are you sure?”  Are you sure, what?  He said, “They can’t arrest us all.”  I thought, are you sure?  As I observe in the annals of history the record of tyrants through the ages, I am not sure that the good Senator’s postulation is accurate.  They just might try.  Of course, that would precipitate a full-blown revolution and revolt and that might not turn out well for the dissenters.

At the end of the day, I believe that we are going to have to rekindle the Spirit of 1776 and be willing to make the same level of commitment to freedom as they made.  Those 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were willing to make the commitment no matter the cost.  If we develop that same level of commitment, we can reclaim our republic.

The apostle Paul encouraged in Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for at the proper time, we will reap if we do not give up.”  I believe that a return to God and a total surrender of our lives into His care and keeping is what is required to save America.  I trust Him and am calling for all who will join me to follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


Before we (Colonist) drafted and adopted the American Constitution we were governed by the Articles of Confederation.  Our Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and our pursuit of Independence was officially underway.  Many things had transpired prior to that event but that was the official beginning. 

It was only eight days later that a committee led by John Dickinson (former President of both Delaware and Pennsylvania) submitted a draft of the Articles of Confederation.  One would have thought the need for rapid adoption, Congress took over a year to debate, rewrite, and fight over that document.  Sounds a lot like Congress today, doesn’t it?  They were a divided lot, and some feared a centralized government having too much power and placing too much influence in the hands of a select few. 

The issue of States Rights or the Power of the individual States was a major issue.  Additionally, there was concern about how the votes would be distributed or divided amongst the states.  Some wanted the larger more populous states to have more say and more votes others insisted that it would be one vote per state.  Those issues were finally settled, and the final draft was ready for ratification on November 15, 1777 but would not be completely ratified until 1781 when Maryland finally ratified it on February 22, 1781.  Yet, it served as the de facto system of government beginning in late 1777.

The Articles of Confederation asked each state to “enter into a league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare.”  In many ways, it was quite an impotent document but provided the pathway for the drafting and adoption of the American Constitution and the system of government we have enjoyed for almost 250 years.

Since the adoption of our Constitution, the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, and the other amendments, we have operated in a uniform system of government that has slowly morphed into more of an Oligarchy than a Republic.  The politicians and the courts have misinterpreted, misconstrued, misapplied, and ignored the directives, limitations, and requirements of our Constitution.  Both sides of the political aisle have been complicit in this erosion of our nation’s most precious document. 

Those in positions of governance did it, but we the people allowed it to transpire.  The more I study history the more I am amazed at how little interest the American people have shown in the affairs of their government.  It has largely been a matter of personal interest.  If it did not affect us as individuals, we were content to allow the politicians to play loose and free without Constitution.  We slept through the fundamental transformation of our system of government.

We now have a self-anointed Ruling Class who envision themselves as the appointees of God to govern.  Please understand that many of them believe more in their own power than the power of God.  Some do not believe He exists, and others have such a loose interpretation of Him, they are, to an extent agnostic or atheistic.  Some seem to believe that God is an absentee landlord and has left the affairs of man up to man, and whoever can seize power and control is the one with His favor.

I am reminded of Amos 3:7, “Surely the LORD GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”  I am reminded of that because it is my observation that the political elitists virtually always tell us in advance what they plan.  They do not always purposefully do that, but they do it with their language, their morphing of positions, and legislative actions.  Hollywood often reveals the plans of the followers of toxic liberalism and progressivism in their movies, and we think of them only as entertainment without hearing or seeing the warnings and subliminal messages presented.

I don’t know if Joe Biden is a man that is a complete dunce, suffering from the awful condition of dementia, or diabolical.  I don’t know if he is one, two, or all three of those, but all three surfaces in the actions of this administration.  The question I keep hearing from people watching is, “What is really going on?”  It is difficult to determine if what they are doing is a planned strategy to reshape the political landscape and complete the fundamental transformation Barack Obama touted as his desire.

I remember the politically astute tactics of President William Jefferson Clinton where they insisted his administration were all moderate Democrats.  His wife quickly and frequently proved that a delusion or outright lie.  The result was enough voters awakened from their apathy and slumber and America the first Republican Congress in 50 years.  They called themselves New Democrats and their strategy was to win the election by any means necessary.

Most are oblivious by choice or naivety of what has been called the “Fourth Branch of Government” – the Intelligence Community.  I believe that it began in a limited fashion with Clinton but grew into a monstrosity under Obama where the Intelligence Community has literally ruled America.  They know everything about everybody!  They have an inordinate amount of power and leeway in which to operate extra-constitutional and that is dangerous.  Unfortunately, many on the Left and those in the upper echelon of those agencies think it is brilliant and wonderful.  Many of us do not! 

I have mentioned this before but the Biden administration’s about-face regarding COVID rent moratoriums and student relief extensions suggests a dire possibility as to what is really going on.  The economy is in shambles, many sectors intentionally decimated and the border boondoggle is telling.  It could be that he and the Leftists in power are simply trying to outpace the peaceful protesters.  Of course, they have little effect on those protesters that are looting, maiming, burning, and destroying.  They are an organism of their own and will have to be dealt with separately.

It appears that the plan of the Left and the Biden is to keep the handouts flowing as long as possible.  They have to know that the longer they continue the more difficult it will be to make the cease.  I predict they will be like the other entitlements and will be a perpetual part of our federal budget for perpetuity.  They will continue and be demanded until and unless someone with more intestinal fortitude than is now visible comes to the fore and ends them. 

I am convinced that the would-be dictators on the local level are receiving much if not all of their marching orders from the powers on high.  We are in the fifth year of the Leftist’s plan to get rid of Donald Trump.  They still want him annihilated and destroyed personally, financially, and politically. 

I would love to laugh at the lunacy demonstrated by the alliances of the Left and the RINO consortiums.  The Left claims to be the Allies of the Oppressed People standing against the White Oppressors. Yet, many of them are elitists and Caucasians who have participated in suppressing the supposed oppressed.  I am becoming more convinced that the egotist of the political elite is brilliant in some things but dumber than a box of rocks in life and people. 

Many Americans, the so-called White Oppressors are just normal middle-class people who want to follow the rules, go to work, and be left alone by the government.  They are joined by millions of non-whites who desire the same thing.  Yet, the Political Elitists of the Left insist that they do not and are doing whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.  The perpetuation of the pandemic and the mandates will, in all likelihood, blow up in their faces in the future.  The question is, “Will there be anything to salvage at that point?”

God bless you and God bless America!

THE SUPREME COURT – Our Fears, Their Stripes, and America…

Most of us envisioned a more conservative and bolder SCOTUS after President Trump managed to get three new justices approved for the court.  Most of us, but we may have overlooked history, the intense political and peer pressure applied to those justices.  We may have failed to dig deep enough into the character of the appointees.  We may, but then maybe they are who they have always been.

There is something about a lifetime appointment to the most powerful judiciary in the nation that does not always bode well for the Constitution or America.  We have a long history of justices who seemed to change their stripes once appointed to the court and ruled in ways contrary to any sensible reading of the Constitution.  It appears that at least two if not all three of Trump’s appointees are experiencing a metamorphosis of sorts.

After the brutal and vile display by the Left against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Comey Barrett one would think they would remember those hearings. Wait, maybe that is exactly what is happening, and they are intimidated by the threats and power of the Left.  If they are, the honorable thing would be to resign, but that would put the choices in the hands of Biden and his cohorts.  The result would be a justice that would be unequivocally a liberal leftist. 

The Supreme Court is charged with balancing the power of the Legislative and the Executive Branches not becoming a legislative judiciary.  The Democrat-led Congress and the Biden administration have openly declared their intent to rule without regard to the Constitution. They also have demonstrated their intent to ignore all judicial rulings that do not fit their agenda.  They believe they are the only true interpreters of the Constitution and the final say in what transpires in America. 

The blatant example of ignoring the provision of the Constitution regarding personal property was in the majority of the court upholding the CDC eviction moratorium.  If that were the only concern in their ruling, I would be less disturbed, but it definitively weakened the Constitution and expanded the power of the court unwarrantedly. 

Not to rehash the moratorium but it required that property owners allow others to squat on their property, without compensation, for over a year.  It limited what property owners could do with their own private property.  That would have the framers of the American Constitution rolling over in their graves.  It is a blatant abandonment of the wording and the original intent.  It is not a reinterpretation but an abandonment of that guiding document.

Amazingly, Justice Kavanaugh agreed with the minority but then voted with Justice Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.  What?  He agreed with the minority that it was wrong but voted with the Left to keep it in place?  Something is rotten in Denmark. What caused him to do that?  What took place behind the scenes that coerced him to abandon his understanding of the Constitution and vote to shred it?  We need to know, but we likely never will.

There is no provision for waivers to be granted regarding the Constitution.  Kavanaugh explicitly declared that the CDC had been violating the law and then voted to allow it to continue doing so for another month?  Article III of the Constitution grants the Supreme Court the authority to interpret the Constitution not to decide when and if it is okay to violate the law and ignore the Constitution. 

Creative interpretation of the constitution has always been a concern and a problem.  When justices are allowed to use penumbras and emanations to discover things in the Constitution that are not actually written therein, pandora’s box is thrown wide open.  The constitution is not an evolving document but one that is written to mean what it says and says what it means.  It is our guardian of liberty and when the Supreme Court grants itself the authority to modify, ignore, reinterpret, and rewrite it we are doomed as a Republic.

If adherence to the Constitution is deemed conditional, what conditions will be deemed appropriate for those in the Courts, Congress, and the White House?  The document will become a worthless piece of history and our Republic will become nothing more than a fond memory in the minds of the patriots.  We are a Constitutional Republic and the robed masters in the SCOTUS, the self-anointed legislators, and the would-be King in the White House do not have that right or authority to ignore our guiding document.

A review of the history of the world reveals that all dictators and totalitarian despots have deemed it their right and within their purview to change any law at their discretion.  They believed themselves to be the law, not one subject to it.  In their granting themselves the authority and power to change and apply the Constitution at their discretion the SCOTUS, Congress, and the White House have anointed themselves as councils of monarchs. 

We need a reminder that our first president George Washington refused the plea to become America’s first monarch.  He believed in the idea and ideal of a Republic led by citizen representatives and adherents to the rule of law.  He believed that our creation as the Free Republic was by the providence of God and that only as we followed the law and God’s precepts could we remain strong and free.  Those in power and control today, have abandoned those precepts. 

The Supreme Court is to interpret the law not, make it.  Sadly, the current group sitting on the bench appears to believe it is their right and privilege to not only interpret the law but to determine which law is to be obeyed and which is to be ignored.  They are engaged in legislating from the bench and in a great measure becoming the sole arbiters of the Constitution.  The Democrats have no real need to pack the court with liberal justices, they have a set of demigods on the bench serving their purpose and backing their play.

America, if we do not reclaim control of Congress and the White House, we will see a further erosion on the SCOTUS and thereby watch our freedoms and liberties disappear.  It is time we reign in all branches of government.  The only way that is possible is by returning to God and uniting strongly enough to provide pink slips for the majority of them.  Will we do it?  Can we achieve it?  To the first question, I do not know.  To the second, only if we become concerned enough to make a 1776 commitment to America.  Only if we return to God and His moral precepts.  Only if we will pray, work, and vote.

God bless you and God bless America!