BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats 1

I grew up in rural East Texas and most of the people I knew called themselves Democrats.  However, that group of people wanted the federal government to stay out of their business, complained about high taxes, believed in the sanctity of marriage, considered military service honorable, and would have been appalled at the idea of allowing illegals free entry into this country.  Many of them thought that the Republicans caused the Great Depression and did not understand the common man.  However, they did not believe it was okay to destroy public or private property if someone got elected that was not of their political party or personal ideological views.  They revered the Union and believed that our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution produced a system of government, with checks and balances, that was to be respected and preserved.  I never heard any of them saying, “The President needs to be shot.”  That kind of language and mentality was foreign to them.

As time advanced and Dwight D. Eisenhower became the Republican nominee for President, Adlai Stevenson was the Democrat offering and many of those in my community voted Republican for the first time in their lives.  My father, a man that was far less interested in political party than political agendas voted for Eisenhower and never again voted Democrat in a Presidential election.  He found that his views and those of the national Democrats were not harmonious and without ever calling himself one, he became a Republican.  He felt that the Republicans were more concerned about the country and in that the common man than were the Democrats.  He voted for some Democrats on a more local and State level but by and large his vote and that of my mother was mostly Republican because of their Christian views and conservative beliefs.  Even those in our community that never voted Republican were vocally opposed to those they viewed as draft dodgers and protested in the streets.  They had been soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines in WWI, WWII, and Korea.  They were Democrats but so dramatically different than today’s Democrats they would not have been able to embrace what is happening today.

This President, Donald J. Trump, has been vilified like virtually no president in our modern history and possibly ever.  He is blamed for everything and given credit for nothing.  Even now, once Mr. Obama staked his claim on the economic success brought about by President Trump, the MSM has joined his chorus and the economic explosion of today is Obama’s economy, at least to them.  Most of us know that ludicrousness of that assertion and know that the economy did not take off in a positive direction until Obama’s regulations and restrictions, as well as his taxes, were dealt with.  It has been proven time and again that lower taxes produce job growth and increased revenue for the people and the government.  Yet, the mantra of the Democrats is Lower Taxes only benefit the rich and those dastardly rich, the society of which most of them are members, are evil beasts.

The Democrats, the Media, Hollywood, the Agitators, and Activist hate Donald J. Trump with a vengeance like I have never witnessed.  They appear willing to do anything and I mean any and everything possible to remove him from office and destroy him and his family.  I recently asked a Democrat, “Is it possible that your party is willing to harm people simply to damage Trump?”  This person was angered by my question and demanded that I explain.  I was grateful for the open door to attempt to elucidate and expand on my question.

In Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria there has been the discovery of hundreds of thousands of bottles of water meant for the victims of that storm.  Boxes upon boxes of unboxed bottles of drinking water covered with a blue tarp were uncovered.  Why?  The Mayor of San Juan repeatedly shouted to whatever camera and microphone she could find that President Trump was evil and incompetent.  Is it possible that she and they withheld this water from the victims seeking to do damage to Donald Trump?  I can only conclude the answer is yes.  If anyone is so incompetent they let this much water sit unused or so diabolical and vengeful they would withhold it from the victims, they are a danger to themselves and society.

But, alas, that is the theme of the Democrats today, it seems.  Maxine Waters has become increasingly vocal calling for disruption and even harm to all supporters of the President.  She continues to vow to ‘get him.’  I am convinced that had a Republican said that and continued to call for violence and chaos while threatening Barack Obama, that Republican would have been ostracized from the congressional halls and would likely be under indictment and in jail if not worse.  Yet, the Democrats are not censoring her, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Al Sharpton, or the Leftists in the media or Hollywood who are calling for harm to the president and his family.  Is This Really Happening?  Is This Really the State of the Democratic Party today?

How about PJ Media contributor and Fox News guest Denise McAllister who recently sent out a powerful tweet denouncing the abortion movement.  Within days she was being threatened with rape and murder as pro-abortion supporters came after her with a vengeance.  Her tweet: At the root of #abortion hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament. It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity. 7:26 AM – Sep 6, 2018brought death threats.  The proponents of abortion praised those attacking her and no one, it seems, on the Left called for civility or blasted the wrongness of those threats.  Is That Really Where We Are Today?  Is This the New Face of Politics in America?

BLOG POST 1 - Daddy's Democrats

We have a clear choice in November between a party and candidates who justify this kind of behavior and one that wants to make America great and safe for everyone.  Sadly, too few of the Republicans running for office and the Establishment GOP are articulating the differences and enabling the public to understand the gravity of our choices and the value of voting in the midterms.  I like what President Trump said regarding the Immigration battle.  He said, “This election is a choice between Democrats who want to abolish ICE, and Republicans, who want to abolish MS-13.”  It really is that clear a choice.  Remember how Schumer and Pelosi defended MS-13?  You may not because the Democrat propaganda arms, the Media didn’t tell you what they said.

We cannot depend on honesty from the pollsters or the media.  We must fight the apathy that they are attempting to engender and inspire.  We must realize that if we stay home, it virtually becomes a vote for the Leftist in a backdoor manner.  I know that I often sound like a broken record, but we must talk to our family, friends, and neighbors and by word of mouth and volunteering to transport people to the polls if possible.  Voting in this election is not optional, it is necessary!

I will predict that if the Republicans hold the House and Senate the rioting and demonstrations we saw after President Trump’s election will pale in comparison.  The Left has become a Party of Violence and it will escalate.  However, let me also insert that I believe that even if the Democrats win in November there will be more riots, demonstrations, and protests of violent nature.  Why?  Because those engaged in the protests are being fueled by outside forces who want to destroy America and many of the protesters now believe that by doing their damage and destruction they are heard and get what they want, and they want more!

God bless you and God bless America!




BLOG POST 8 - Nose and Face

I’m sure most have heard the phrase, “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.”  It is documented that the phrase has been used since the 12th Century and may have been used even before that.  Some legends report it as the result of an actual event by the nun, Saint Elba, the Mother Superior of the monastery of Coldingham Priory in 867 AD when Vikings from Zealand and Uppsala landed in Scotland.  She reportedly instructed the nuns to disfigure themselves in an attempt to appear unappealing to the Vikings.  Her solution was to cut off her nose and upper lip and the nuns followed her example.  Thus, the birth of the phrase was born, so it is reported.  It became a blanket term directed at what was deemed unwise and self-destructive actions often motivated by anger, desire for revenge, and hate.  There were reported incidents where a man would become so angered by his wife that he would burn down their house to punish her.  The lunacy of that action is clear.  In burning down the house to punish his wife he also punished himself and the rest of the family.

The Democrats and those Republicans, Conservatives, and those identifying as Constitutionalist who are part of the resistance and Never Trump movement seem to be doing just that, “cutting off their noses to spite their faces.”  Their desire to punish Trump and rid themselves of their nemesis and perceived menace is prodding them to actions and positions that not only could hurt Trump but EVERYONE!  That is absolutely insane in my humble opinion.  When celebrities, Democrats, Media Talking Heads, and those not Democrats who are filled with animosity toward this president can openly pine for our economy to fail, is that not an example of this flawed logic?  Are they so insulated from economic conditions they will not suffer if our economy goes in the tank?  Are they so insulated from the threat of terrorism that should our borders be thrown open and terrorist openly and freely enter this nation, they will not be endangered?  Are they so insulated and isolated that in advancing the idea of censorship, the loss of our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights they will never suffer the tyranny of whatever despotic powers that gain oversight of the nation?  I believe their actions are a clear example of “Cutting off their nose to spite their face.”  In hurting Trump and anyone who voted for or supports him they hurt themselves too.  That is lunacy!

Freedom of Speech must be Freedom for Everyone or it is Freedom for No One!  Our Inalienable Rights cannot be stripped away from some, whom we disagree without opening the door to the loss of those rights for everyone.  If anyone is so naïve as to believe that Politicians, Oligarchs, and Despots will honor those who helped them gain power and afford them the Rights they have destroyed for others, I weep for that person.  If we allow the assault on the 2nd Amendment to come to the fruition desired by the Leftists and Liberals of America, we will find that EVERYONE is placed in greater danger.  The Right of Self-Defense is not simply a Constitutional Right it is an Inalienable Right and one that MUST be protected in order to protect the other rights and freedoms we now enjoy.  The Right to Pursue Happiness and Worship according to the dictate of our hearts in a peaceable fashion and the Right to have and voice an opinion MUST be protected or we will plunge into the abyss of Tyranny where the only rights allowed are those deemed by the State or Despotic Head of the nation.  That is “cutting off the nose to spite the face” and it is ludicrous.

When I consider the options in our current electoral process I consider a vote that enables the Left to reclaim power or control of Congress an exercise in “cutting off the nose to spite the face.”  Millions refused to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 resulting in Barack Obama being awarded a Second Term as President.  Those millions were, “sending a message”, so they declared and were willing to allow Obama a Second Term rather than vote for a candidate they did not like.  That, in my view, was “cutting off the nose to spite the face.”  Who was harmed by that action?  Not simply Mitt Romney or the Republican Party but EVERYONE or the vast majority of Americans not on the dole.  The Entitlement Crowd may be deemed to have benefitted from Obama’s Second Term but not America.  The sponsors of Terrorism and the Islamic Terrorist benefitted from his Second Term but not America.  BUT, millions decided that in order to express their dissatisfaction in the General Election they would “cut off their noses to spite their faces.”  Patriots and lovers of Freedom the time to send a message is in the Primaries, not the General Election if we want to keep America from plunging further into the darkness of Socialism, Liberalism, and Globalism.

I am 100% behind any effort to defeat the RINOs in the Primaries and to award the nomination to candidates who stand on the principles that made America the Great Nation she has been.  I am 100% behind seeking and electing candidates who are truly Constitutionalist and will staunchly defend and stand for the Rule of Law in the Primaries.  I am not saying abandon all principles and violate your conscience in the General Election but consider the consequences of our actions.  We must avoid, “cutting off our noses to spite our faces” in allowing the Liberal Leftists to regain power and continue the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama declared was his objective.  We must prevent the continued erosion of our Constitutional Rights and its recognized place and authority in our Republic.  I believe that doing anything other than DEFEATING THE LEFTIST in 2018 and beyond qualifies as “cutting off our nose to spite our face” because the harm is to EVERYONE, not just those we want to hurt.

If you are so filled with hate or hold to such opposition of this President that you are willing to do harm to America and yourself in order to defeat him, I ask that you stop and think of the consequences.  Who are you hurting?  You are hurting all of us and I beg you to reconsider that position.  America, we dare not “cut off our nose to spite our face” if we hope to fully restore Constitutionality to the Republic, Drain the Swamp to any measurable degree, and Dismantle the Deep State.  If we truly want Limited Government, then let’s prevent the Democrats and Leftists from reclaiming power in 2018 and then become devotedly and doggedly engaged in the effort to find, nominate, and elect true American Patriots in 2020 and begin the marathon of RESTORATION.  We can do this, but it will require us to stop self-destruction.  Some will protest and call me vile names even accuse me of being part of a Trump Cult but if you honestly evaluate what I am saying you will realize that I am PRO-AMERICA and willing to do whatever I can to protect and defend this Republic.

God Bless you and God Bless America!

AMERICA – We Cannot Afford Politicians…

BLOG POST 2 - Politicans

Our Freedom and Liberties are in dire straits largely because of Politicians and their Petty Politics.  I realize that with our wonderful system of government we will never be devoid of Politicians and as long as we have Politicians we will have Petty Politics, so what do we do?  There is a simple solution, but it is so simple, it is impossibly complex and would require a unification of ALL AMERICANS, therefore, it will never happen.  With that said, I could stop here and say – THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO, but THERE IS!  I know that I’ve sounded contradictory but if you will stay with me I’ll try to make sense out of the senselessness and explain what I mean, “We Cannot Afford Politicians.”

Because of the Career Elitist Politicians in Washington, D.C. in both parties we have a COST PROBLEM that is so astronomical it has created a debt we will never pay and a doom that is unavoidable.  How’s that for ‘gloom and doom?”  But, I truly do not see ‘gloom and doom’ but a ‘ray of hope’ for America IF and I do mean IF we will WAKE UP.   I want to address some issues that are so staggering the reasonable response is FEAR.  Our Founding Fathers and the Framers gave us ample warning against allowing Politicians to make Politics a Career, but we failed to heed their warnings.  They warned us about people with no scruples and of lacking moral character, but we failed to heed their warnings.  They warned us about allowing Politicians to load us with insurmountable debt, but we failed to heed their warnings. President Eisenhower warned us, “every step we take towards making the State our Caretaker, by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”  Benjamin Franklin warned, “man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.”  Thomas Jefferson lamented, “History, in general, only informs us of what bad government is.”  The warnings were ample, but we have failed to heed their warnings.

How did we fail?  We have allowed politicians to make a career out of politics and repeatedly return to Washington, DC and establish a network of cronyism that makes them rich and powerful and strips us of many of our liberties and freedoms.  We have allowed them to confiscate our money for purposes the Constitution made no provision.  We have allowed politicians to bribe the public with entitlements in order to buy votes.  I do not care if the politician is a Democrat or a Republican if they violate the Constitution they are no longer deserving of serving in Congress.  We have watched the Legislators sleep while Rome burned in the sense that various bureaucracies and governmental agencies to violate our rights and become partisan to the point of damaging our entire System of Government and our National Security and National Sovereignty.  THAT MUST END!

Recently, I saw documents from the Department of Health and Human Services that revealed that “Unaccompanied Alien Children” were processed into this country during the Obama administration.  Those ‘children’ included ‘violent criminals, drug smugglers, and human traffickers.’  Children?  Maybe chronologically but not emotionally or morally.  There were those who admitted to murder and being members of the MS-13 Gang.  Some of the children were raped and/or molested en route to the United States.  There were numerous reports of those children being “forced to kill” for Cartels and Human Traffickers.  Politicians have created an environment in which America Citizens are in danger physically from these “children.”  Because of the policies of the Obama administration and the ineptitude and inaction of Congress we do not know where most of those ‘children’ are today or what crimes are being committed.  THIS MUST END!

The fiscal cost of ILLEGAL Immigration is far beyond what anyone seems to realize or want to admit.  It is reported that between 51 and 76% of low-skilled immigrants are collecting some sort of welfare.  America, we cannot afford Politicians playing Politics with our economy or our national security.  The dangers posed both economically and physically are far too great to allow this to continue.  The Democrats have removed the ‘work requirements’ and ‘asset tests’ creating a climate where a person can receive welfare or some other form of ‘entitlement’ without having to make even a minuscule attempt to get out of their poverty.  NO, they can sit on their duffs and draw a check from those of who work and pay taxes.  THIS MUST END!

Recently, the followers of Toxic Liberalism on the Left removed all pretense of their intent to end Free Speech or Free Speech for anyone not agreeing with them.  They want to eliminate I.C.E., erase our borders, institute socialism, strip us of our right to ‘keep and bear arms’, and now their aim is squarely on our 1st Amendment Rights.  The New York Times contended that “Conservatives have weaponized the First Amendment.”  We have witnessed the perceived need for “Safe Spaces” for the Snowflakes of our Society, especially on College Campuses.  The argument is those fragile souls will be so traumatized by any views not agreeing with theirs.  Today, virtually everything is deemed ‘hate speech’ if it is not liberal and in harmony with the Liberal Leftist Socialist Progressive agenda.  Everything is labeled as some Phobic Mindset, Bigotry, Racist, Misogynists, or some other hateful characterization.  We are barred from mediums such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter or put in the P.C. Jail for a time.  THIS MUST END!

Religious Freedom is becoming endangered worldwide and America has been somewhat free of Religious Persecution for most of her history, that is changing.  The Democrats or those adhering to the Toxic Liberal view have virtually declared war on Religious Freedom especially if that is Christianity or even Judaism.  The number of nations worldwide that have placed significant limitations on religious freedom has risen to 83 which amounts to about 42% of countries.  The precursors of Religious Persecution are being seen in the rulings of States and Courts that American citizens who operate private businesses must accommodate views that violate their core religious convictions.  That is, if those views are biblical, if not then there is amazing exceptions made and those following traditional biblical views are ordered to comply or be put out of business, jailed, or fined excessively.  THAT MUST END!

The trampling of our Constitution by Politicians is an ever-present threat to our American System of Government and the longer we elect and re-elect politicians who refuse to fulfill their oath of office to ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution we will have this problem.  No, the problem will continue to expand and enlarge.  If we continue on the path we have trod for the past 40-50 years we are signing the Death Warrant and writing the Obituary of the Republic.  THAT MUST END!

You may agree with little I have said, but I have only scratched the surface of THE WHY we cannot afford Politicians or Politicians who are intent on playing Politics with our Liberties and Freedoms.  What can we do?  WE CAN VOTE!  In this election, it is imperative that we defeat the Democrats and then in every successive election we must seek to replace the politicians who are not true Constitutionalist with those who are both Citizen Representatives and true Constitutionalist.  IT IS UP TO US and we cannot depend on the Politicians to Police themselves, that is our job.  We are the owners of our government and we need to begin to act like it.  POLITICS is not a spectator sport it requires the hands-on involvement of every citizen.  ARE YOU WILLING? 

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Independence and Freedom

July 4th – Independence Day America!  The Fourth of July also known as Independence Day has been a federal holiday since 1941.  The tradition of public celebration dates back to the American Revolution.  On July 2nd, 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of Independence, and two days later delegates from 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence.  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said of December 7th, 1941 that it was a ‘Day that would live in infamy’ and I contend that July 4th, 1776 is also a Day that lives perpetually or should in the hearts of all Americans.  There were battles that broke out before that date dating back to April 1775 over one year earlier.  The foundation for War was being etched in stone and in the hearts of many in the colonies.  The pamphlet “Common Sense” published by Thomas Paine in early 1776 was a significant factor in the education of the public of the situation and articulated the reasons for demanding Independence.  It was not until June 7th, when the Continental Congress met at the Pennsylvania State House (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia when Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee introduced a motion calling for the colonies’ independence.  The ball was now rolling and the eventual prize of Liberty and Freedom was won years later.  But, July 4th, 1776 is a Key Date in our American History and one that far too few know anything about today.  John Adams believed that July 2nd was the correct date to celebrate the birth of America and turned down invitations to appear at July 4th events.  It is interesting that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th, 1826.

There were patriotic celebrations after the War and it became an even more popular tradition after the War of 1812 when the United States once again faced Great Britain.  In 1870, the United States Congress made July 4th a federal holiday but it was not until 1941 that the provision was expanded to make it a PAID HOLIDAY for all federal employees.  The most common symbol of our Independence is the American Flag accompanied by the playing of singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”  That today is being tarnished with the disrespect to the flag and the sacrifices made by patriots and heroes of bygone eras as well as today’s heroes in combat.  I salute all who have served and are serving.  I salute all the first responders and law enforcement members.  I salute every American Patriot who loves America enough to give his or her life for Faith, Family, and Freedom as embodied in America!

On this day we celebrate our American Independence.  As we do, I hope that we do more than have the obligatory cookout, trip to the lake, picnic, or relaxing day off work.  I hope that we reflect on the incredible sacrifices made by the Revolutionary War Patriots and the amazing Gift of God in the Republic we know as the United States of America.  I realize that today many on the Left, the MSM, and Hollywood liberals do not see America in the grid of the Constitution and in harmony with the vision and desire of our Founding Fathers.  That makes me sad, but I face it as a reality.  They do not believe in the Original Intent of the Framers of the Constitution and often refer to that document as antiquated and outdated. Former President, Barack Obama called it a “Document of Negative Liberties” and lamented that it restricted the government too much and prevented him from doing what he wanted to do.  Although, he ignored it often, and declared that he was president and could do whatever he pleased.  He even said that if Congress failed to do his bidding he had a ‘pen and phone’ and would ‘go it alone.’  Those on the Left seem to believe that the Constitution is a living document that evolves with the changing whims of politicians and ideologies rather than being a concrete directive that gives perpetual guidance for a Free Society.  That makes me sad, but I accept it as a reality of the evolution of modern politics and the growth of Fabian Socialism and the toxicity of liberalism in America today.

As we reflect on July 4th, Independence Day, I am reminded of some interesting realities about the Original Patriots of this Great Nation.  In my studies, I found that it was Benjamin Franklin who first used the term “patriot” and used it regularly in the years before the American Revolution.  It appears that the term caught on and was embraced by the public and the military resulting in that distinction being given to the colonial soldiers who fought the British in the War for Independence.  Through the years I have come to realize that many seem to have a very romanticized view of the Revolutionary War.  I’ve heard those who are charged with teaching history contend that those fighting against the Loyalist or Tories were ideological soldier-farmers.  History does not support that assertion and historical facts reveal that General George Washington relied on poor laborers who were motivated to join the army because they were offered money and land for their service.  The record indicates that by 1778, half of those serving were not of English descent and the pay the soldiers were promised was often delayed or never arrived.  It was a massive struggle and that makes the success an even greater miracle and/or mystery.  To not see the hand of God and the providence of the Almighty in this victory is beyond my ability to comprehend.

As all conflicts that are rooted in politics and ideology, we discover that families were torn apart by the conflict and the differing ideological views.  One such example is Timothy Pickering, Jr., an adjutant general in General Washington’s Continental Army but his father remained a staunch Tory until his death.  Pickering entered the Revolutionary War as a Colonel in 1775 and after the War was appointed by President George Washington as ad interim Secretary of State on August 20, 1795, and elevated to the official position on December 10, 1795.  John Adams dismissed him on May 12, 1800.  When Pickering learned of his father’s imminent death, he wrote a letter to his father to thank him for his example, even when their opinions differed.  He said, “When I look back on past time, I regret our difference of sentiment in great as well as (sometimes) in little politics; as it was a deduction from the happiness otherwise to have been enjoyed.”  One of the many stories of how families were split over the decision to fight for independence and not all were as amicable as the Pickering situation.

One of the more light-hearted moments of the War came during or after the intense struggle in the Battle of Brandywine.  In 1777 where the Colonist were defeated by the British.  General Washington found a dog sniffing around the camp with tags indicating that it belonged to British General William Howe.  The dog was returned to General Howe with a note attached, “General Washington’s compliments to General Howe.  He does himself the pleasure to return his dog, which accidentally fell into his hands.”  There can be civility even in hostilities.

Everyone fighting on the side of the colonist was not a solid citizen and history reveals that some of the Patriots were Pirates.  Great Britain had the most powerful navy in the world in 1776 but the American Patriots managed to recruit some privateers and their armed ships to fight for the fledgling nation.  Nearly 800 vessels were commissioned, and they ultimately captured or destroyed approximately 600 British ships.  An American navy could never have defeated the British Armada those privateers caused about $18 MILLION in damage to British shipping by the end of the war. That would be over $302 MILLION in today’s dollars.

General George Washington was masterful in the use of spies and had an extensive spy network during the war!  The undercover patriots included farmers, tailors, merchants, ordinary citizens as well as military officials who were engaged in covert activities and spying.  The Spy Ring was directed by Benjamin Tallmadge or “John Bolton,” who created a complex system of coded messages for the operatives.  Women were also used and the network was complex and extensive.  Those spies listened in on British conversations at a vast arena of locations all over the colonies.  In 1780 they uncovered the British plan to ambush French troops and they spread misinformation about the size of the Colonial Army to the British.  This network was so successful that one British officer said, “Washington did not really outfight the British.  He simply out-spied us.”

Women played a significant role as was reflected in the efforts of Margaret Cochran who married John Corbin in 1772 and joined her husband in the war efforts. She cooked, did laundry, cared for the sick and wounded nursing them to health and even dressed as a man and joined her husband in the Battle of Fort Washington, assisting him in loading the cannon.  He was killed and she took over firing the cannon.  She too was wounded and her left arm nearly severed and her jaw severely wounded. She survived the battle and was awarded a life-long pension equivalent to one-half that received by male soldiers, becoming the first female combat veteran of the war to receive a pension.

One of the turning points in the war was fought in South Carolina in 1781 and was a major turning point in the Revolution.  The Battle of Cowpens was a major success for the American Patriots and thanks to the help of spy/messenger Catherine Moore Barry who knew the trails well notified the militia of the approaching British troops and helped General Morgan lay a trap for Cornwallis and the British providing a significant victory.

The amazing outcome and the subsequent establishment and development of the United States of America produced and continue to produce the best system of government and economics of any system practiced by man.  America won her Independence and became a Free Nation and would become the Free Constitutional Republic established with the ratification of the American Constitution.  I pray that on July 4th, 2018 we will remember what transpired in 1776 and then when the Constitution was signed and later ratified.  WE ARE FREE because of the sacrifices of many and because of the providence and hand of God.

God bless you and may we never forget the Gift He has given us.  God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Blind Lead the Blind

What happens when that happens?  Well, the Bible says that they both fall in the ditch.  I do not believe it unfair to compare the way the DOJ and FBI have looked at the corruption and criminality on the part of the Obama administration, the Clinton camp and others and the way they have doggedly gone after Trump and his associates with BLINDNESS.  More aptly would be WILLING BLINDNESS and PARTISAN CORRUPTION at the highest levels of those entities, agencies, and arms of government.  Let me be perfectly clear and avow adamantly, “I DO NOT believe that everyone within the DOJ or the FBI are corrupt Democrat political hacks.”  Sadly, many are but I do not lump all of them in the same basket or category.  I support Law Enforcement and want to see my nation restored to her rightful place as the Constitutional Republic guided by the Rule of Law and a distancing ourselves from the moral turpitude apparent today.  Unfortunately, and shamefully, some of those at the top of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, and other government agencies or bureaucracies are exposing themselves as partisan hacks.  Their partisan nakedness cannot be missed by anyone not blind and even the blind would sense the naked exposure being revealed in D.C.

Former Obama State Department official Jonathan Winer has confessed and confirmed that he passed along a dossier from Clinton operatives to the supposed author of the infamous Trump/Russia dossier.  He received a report from the Clinton campaign and forwarded it to Christopher Steele in the Fall of 2016.  That negates Hillary’s claim that she was Sgt. Schultz and KNEW NOTHING about the dossier.  She knew and she knows but thus far is walking free of investigation or charges of criminality.  I suppose we should have expected that due to the WILLING BLINDNESS of the FBI, DOJ, and State Department regarding her involvement.  They were, apparently, seeking to protect the heir-apparent to the White House and took great steps to do so.  Winer met with Steele in the summer of 2016 and Steele told him that he had learned of “disturbing information” regarding the possible ties between Donald Trump, his campaign, and senior Russian officials.  Winer reviewed Steele’s information and passed it along to the State Department.  Quite noble, right?  Hardly, because he had to know that the information was unverifiable, undocumented, and likely a concoction of the mind of another Trump hater.  He was being a good soldier for the Leftist and seeking any means possible to damage Trump and ensure a victory for Hillary and the Democrats.

Winer then just happened to run across an old friend and long-time Clinton operative, Sidney Blumenthal.  What a wonderful coincidence, right?  I guess, but coincidence and convenience seem to run rampant in the Clinton camp, don’t they?  He and Blumenthal discussed the Steele report and that means that Blumenthal knew about the dossier as early as September 2016.  That would further negate Hillary’s Sgt. Schultz defense that she KNEW NOTHING and only found out about the dossier in January 2017.  Blumenthal then gave Winer notes from a journalist that Winer said he was unfamiliar with.  That journalist was none other than Cody Shearer who is well known by the Clintons and their team.  The Shearer notes supposedly corroborated Steele’s dossier.  Seriously!  Where was the verification?  What sources were used?  Where is the paper trail and documentation?  It is conveniently absent from the notes and information provided.  Winer took Shearer’s dossier, which was more concoction than fact, and passed it along to Steele to incorporate in his work of fiction.  Winer passed on writing the document himself. It is my view that he did so in an attempt to have some shred of plausible denial and engaging in CYA.

Dick Morris, a man that probably knows Bill Clinton as well as anyone on the planet, has characterized Cody Shearer, the man allegedly behind the second Trump/Russia dossier, as one of Clinton’s GO-TO-GUYS for Dirty Tricks.  Hey, why not go to a prolific purveyor of slime and fabrication when the battle get’s hot?  That’s the Clinton modus operandi and the Clinton way!  Morris said, that Shearer was the operative that Hillary ALWAYS used.  Shearer was the operative that harassed and intimidated Clinton’s accuser, Kathleen Wiley and frightened her into silence.  He was the one who produced and peddled the highly suspect story in 1992 that a felon sold illegal drugs to Vice President Dan Quayle.  He also circulated reports of drunken and inappropriate behavior by former Senator John Tower in order to prevent him from becoming the Secretary of Defense.  Shearer has a long history of digging up or manufacturing dirt to be used against any Clinton opponent.

It has been suggested that Hillary choose Fusion GPS to float her accusations against Donald Trump because she needed someone more credible than Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer.  The Clinton camp and the DNC went into action using intermediaries in financing the Steele dossier while working diligently to keep their fingerprints off the work.  They wanted it to appear as intelligence gathering rather than opposition research. Shearer, reportedly, used what can accurately be described as LAUNDERING to ensure that his information had the appearance of coming from clean and legitimate sources rather than simply being political dirty tricks.  Shearer gave his information to Blumenthal who passed it along to the State Department, the Department that Hillary had led.  The State Department, apparently, passed that information along to Steele, who handed it over to the FBI.  What a nice chain of events and so helpful for Hillary and the Democrats, right?  The FBI then used the unsubstantiated dossier to obtain warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) to spy on Trump and his team.  They claimed it came from a respected foreign intelligence officer and allowed the State Department and FBI to present a more lasting impression than had they admitted it came from the likes of Shearer or Blumenthal.  Heaven forbid they should be honest in their actions, after all, the Deep State operatives and Swamp denizens must protect their own at all costs, right?

The Grassley-Graham memo confirms a report from Steele that his company received the report from a person in the State Department. The memo also confirms that the Clinton camp funded the Steele dossier and her operatives and associates were contemporaneously funneling the allegations of Christopher Steele to various sources, including the media in leaks.  That is troubling and possibly if not probably criminal.  It is entirely possible that Blumenthal and Shearer developed and wrote the lion’s share of the Steele dossier and used Steele as the intermediary to make it public.  Steele was possibly used to hide the shady and corrupt political dirty dealings of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

It is my personal view that if we do not somehow restore SIGHTEDNESS to Congress, the FBI, the DOJ, the State Department, and most other government agencies we will witness the TOTAL DISMANTLING of our system of government.  Is that what Barack Hussein Obama was promising when he vowed to “fundamentally transform” America?  When the Blind lead the Blind in politics and government, they not only fall into the ditch, but they jeopardize our Freedoms and Liberties as a people.  We are nearing the mid-term elections and if we fail to oust the guilty, corrupt, and complicit in these types of cover-ups we will push the Republic to the brink of extinction and endanger our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  We must find and elect officials who will HONOR the Constitution, PROTECT and DEFEND it and FOLLOW the Rule of Law.  That is not optional it is mandatory for our survival as a Free Republic.  We must find people who believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT as opposed to the monstrosity now in existence.  We must find officials who will support and enact LIMITED SPENDING and who will LOWER THE NATIONAL DEBT rather than do what McConnel and Schumer imposed upon us in the name of bipartisanship.  AMERICA, it is up to us to take back our government.  I pray that you remember this in November and between now and then will pray, pray, pray and work, work, work to ensure victory for America in November.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!


AMERICA – Have We Opened Pandora’s Box?

BLOG POST 2 - Pandora

I had a friend chide me recently over my concern over the conditions in American Politics and Society.  He said, “People are basically good and we will survive this so don’t be overly concerned with the current direction things will get better.”  I have a problem with several parts of his hypothesis and the first being that people are ‘basically good’.  I do not find that consistent with my understanding of Scripture or my experience in 45-plus years dealing with people on a spiritual level.  Jeremiah warned in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart of man was ‘deceitful and desperately wicked.’ 

I genuinely wish I could see a world that is getting better but I see a vastly different world as I attempt to honestly review this present world in America and around the globe.  Paul warned Timothy and those who would hear in 2 Timothy 3:1 that ‘perilous times’ were coming and as I study Scripture and view the direction of our world, nation, and society, as a whole, I see TROUBLE, not PEACE coming to our world.

The gradual and now not so gradual erosion of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties, as well as the wearing away the moral moorings nudging our world toward chaos, anarchy, and war, does not encourage.  China’s Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”  Former Defense Intelligence Agency Directory Lt. General Michael Flynn warned us that ISIS and other factions of Islam identified as ‘radical’ had doubled in size during this administration.  Yet our former president continually lectured America and the world that we dare not condemn radical Islam because of the Crusades.  He also argued that ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other factions are not Islam therefore not truly Muslim and to connect them to Islam is to suffer from Islamophobia.  General Flynn said accurately, “We need a much broader strategy that recognizes that we’re fighting not just this tactical problem of ISIS in Iraq and Syria… but we’re facing a growing and expanding threat around the world in some case.  You can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists.”  That is absolutely true!

To deny the real problem is to place ourselves in a position to be overcome and overrun eventually.  We are facing enemies who do not play by the rules, do not care about our political rhetoric and only want to defeat and destroy everything and anything not in harmony with their views.  The refusal to recognize, identify and define the enemy we are facing is to guarantee inability to defeat that enemy and could ultimately mean our subjection to them.  I find that UNACCEPTABLE!  Rather than carefully and soberly addressing our real threats we have a Democrat Party and the MSM on a 24/7/365 assault on Donald J. Trump and desirous to “take him down” or “take him out” at all costs.

The issue of same-sex marriage goes far beyond the ideological view of legitimatizing marriage for that group of individuals.  I realize that some in Christendom disagree as to what the Bible teaches regarding that lifestyle and others reject the biblical stance totally.  If we consider the problems the SCOTUS ruling presents we can see issues that are incredibly far reaching.  The homosexual community and supporters have argued that marriage is a right and that opens the door to polygamy and even incestuous marriages and Justice Roberts’ dissent gave a warning that is likely prophetic.  We already see lawsuits being levied advancing the idea of the right to polygamy and other issues of marriage.  Maybe one could marry themselves and then claim an additional dependent on their taxes.

I read recently that a known pedophile threatened to sue using the argument from the homosexual community that young children should be encouraged to express their sexual orientation and participate in Gay Pride Parades, etc.  The pedophile argued that children should be allowed and encouraged in the same manner regarding pornography and sexual activity.  Have we created an undefeatable monster with today’s Progressive, Liberal, and Leftist Politically Correct World?  Have we opened Pandora’s Box and rendered America so depraved that there is no societal morality any longer?

In allowing vocal groups that are a small minority in society control the dialogue and determine what is allowable we are inviting sure and certain destruction.  When we allow ourselves to become virtual slaves of Political Correctness we edge nearer and neared the abyss of destruction.  We have an enemy and that enemy is, too often, us if we allow our nation to ignore right, call good evil and evil good, evict God from our political, economic and interpersonal lives we sign our own death warrant.

Politics cannot be ignored or eliminated from our lives and Christian or not if a safe world that your children and grandchildren can grow up and live in and maintain the Free Constitutional Republic is important to you ELECTIONS and POLITICS MATTER.  It is more than just getting your candidate nominated it is DEFEATING EVIL.  You cannot defeat evil by refusing to participate in the fight against it.  You cannot defeat evil by withdrawing when you don’t get your way.  You defeat evil with good and UNLESS we come together and fight.  A few of us in the fight will not win the war!

God, bless you and God bless America!




Blog Post  - Violence

I realize that I may draw the ire of some by what I am about to say but while I am deeply saddened and outraged by what happened in Charleston, SC at the AME Church I have some observations about society, the focus and the outcome.  There is NO JUSTIFICATION or EXUSE for what this deranged and evil individual did killing 9 people and forever traumatizing others.  This was an act of terrorism and he should be treated as harshly as possible under the law.  What I am going to say is not a justification, excuse or even attempt to divert attention from that horrific situation.

I am disturbed by the selective media coverage of situations like this and the politicization that always accompanies it.  The virtual absence of this kind of coverage in the myriad of crimes where black, whites, Hispanic or Asians are slaughtered that do not afford a vehicle for politicization is disturbing.  I support the reporting of this situation and am heartbroken for those affected so I tread softly not wanting to appear calloused or insensitive for I am outraged.  The fact that the man chose a church suggests that he not only wanted to kill those people but make a conscious decision to go to a church where the likelihood of armed resistance would be lower.  He had a problem with blacks and possibly with Christians as well.  I do know that his crime is reprehensible.

Recently in the Bronx four thugs, who were black, beat down and slashed the face of a 19 year old victim.  West Detroit Shooting at a basketball court where 9 or 10 were wounded and witnesses are not cooperating with the authorities.  There are numerous crimes in which whites attacked blacks, blacks attacked whites, and events involving various ethnicities.  Most get little notice and especially if it is black on black, Hispanic on Hispanic, Asian on Asian or white on white.  The events that get the most play in the media and most vocal input from politicians is when a white person commits and act of mass violence or a black is the victim.  That presents a problem for me and many in today’s world because, in my view, it shifts the focus from the problem to the political opportunities afforded. Evil is evil no matter the color of the skin of the one committing the act.

Blog Post - Politicize

            Am I saying that politicians are cold-hearted and calloused individuals that place ideology and agenda above human lives?  I wish I could say unequivocally no, but I cannot and the philosophy of never allowing a crisis go to waste is too visible too often.  Even in this most recent incident Mr. Obama used it as an opportunity to promote ‘gun control’ as he has are many others.  He has been amazingly silent on Christians in the Middle East beheaded by Islamic jihadist but quickly speaks out in something he can use to promote an agenda or ideology.

When something like this happens and we do not band together as a society condemning the act(s) and the individual(s) involved  we are polarizing race relations and we fail as a society.  Acts of terror do not require politicization to be combated.  They need us to come together and combat senseless acts of evil and seize the opportunity to teach our children that ALL LIVES MATTER promoting a colorless world as much as possible.  When something like this happens and the immediate response is to lump all of the race of the perpetrator as the problem we are not moving to a solution but an escalation of the problem and therein is the problem for me.

I can only imagine the pain of those in the AME church where the horrific act took place. I can only imagine the anger, confusion and frustration.  When we are wounded and in pain emotionally or physically we are much more prone to lash out and retaliate and when we do rather the problem becomes more pronounced and solutions further from view.  Any crime borne out of bias, prejudice or hatred regardless of the source is to be condemned in the most straightforward manner offering no justification.  I cannot ignore this any more than I can ignore 9/11 or the Boston Bombings or any other act of terror.  My plea is that we not allow this or any occurrence or series of occurrences become stimuli of hatred and bear fruit in future similar occurrences.

Blog Post - Peacemakers

            As a society and as those who are people of faith we must condemn this type of act whether it is white on black, black on white, any ethnicity on any ethnicity or crimes such as are daily in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Dallas Houston, Los Angeles or any other city in our land.   If we are to stem the tide of evil we must combat it with godly moral principles and resist the temptation to lash out.  More government control on guns or most any other issue will not solve the problem this must come from our civic, religious, political and educational leaders as well as from parents.  I still believe the directive of Scripture that if we ‘train up our children in the way they should go (live) when they are old they will not depart from it.’  If we want to solve this type of problem in our society we must accept responsibility to deal with it now to the full extent of the law and instill in the hearts of future generations that all people regardless of skin color are human beings and matter.  The white man is not the black man’s problem nor is the black man the white man’s problem.  A black woman called Sista Solove said on camera outside the AME church that “all crackers or mentally ill and urged blacks to kill all crackers”.  Is that being blasted by the president, media and left? NO!  We have a problem and that problem is selfishness, bigotry, hatred, bias and prejudice.  These have replaced personal pride, ingenuity, respect for others and closed fists are replacing open hands.

So my heart and prayers continue for those in South Carolina and my call is for everyone to search our own hearts and ask God to help us become the people we want others to be. 

           May God bless you and may God bless America!



Blog Post - Saul Alynsky    I would venture to say that few, if any, have rivaled the impact that Saul Alinsky has had on American politics especially those on the left.  He, like the Fabian Socialist, was confident of victory and astoundingly patient understanding that the implementation and adoption of his ideology would not be quick.  They and their disciples, like nature cutting a path through a mountain persist in the never ending pursuit of the brass ring of the destruction of Capitalism, America and any nation that even remotely follows any democratic form of government.

The two most prolific disciples of Saul Alinsky in America politics today are Barack H. Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One is president and the other desires to be.  The disaster of the Obama presidency should be enough to send up red flags over a possible Hillary presidency.  Bill Clinton was a politician who changed his stripes to maintain power but did not overtly seek to overthrow the American system.  That is not the case with Barack Obama nor would it be under a President Hillary Clinton.  She would not only continue Obama’s course but press it further to the left stripping the constitution of its power, relegating Congress to meaningless figureheads, and pollute the courts with their ideologues as appointees.  America may survive eight years of Obama but it cannot survive even four more years under Clinton.  WE MUST STOP THIS NOW!

Blog Post - Alinsky Disciple HillarySaul Alinsky was not just a socialist and anti-capitalist but a devious driven man willing to do ANYTHING to achieve his objective, the destruction of the American System.  He was a native of Chicago (where else).  He taught his disciples that their course of action was to infiltrate and change from within the system and that meant infiltrating churches, schools, and political parties.  His followers have done all three with amazing effectiveness and still many have no clue who Alinsky was and what his disciples truly believe and desire.

Saul Alinsky formed an alliance with influential Catholic clerics including Bishop Bernard Sheil.  He associated and formed a friendship with Al Capone’s second-in-command Frank Nitti which afforded him power and immunity on many levels.  Alinsky developed supporters and funders with names like Eugene Meyer, Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1930-33 and owned the Washington Post giving Alinsky positive press.  In fact President Truman fell prey to this propaganda when Agnes Meyer wrote a six-part series praising Alinsky for his work in the Chicago slums.

Blog Post - Alinsky and LBJHe infiltrated the Democrat Party even more powerfully under LBJ, became friends and allies with Senator Robert Kennedy via Hugo Chavez.  He recruited a high school student named Hillary Rodham who met him through her church group and they remained fast friends until Alinsky’s death in 1972.  Her senior thesis at Wellesley was about the Alinsky model and methods.  Saul Alinsky was so confident in his ability to persuade that he once claimed, “I feel confident that I could persuade a millionaire on a Friday to subsidize a revolution for Saturday out of which he would make a huge profit on Sunday even though he was certain to be executed on Monday.”    

            We dare not forget Alinsky’s commentLest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to now where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”  (Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals)

Blog Post - Obama Alinksy DiscipleBarack Obama was trained by the Industrial Areas Foundation (an Alinsky entity) and was a community organizer teaching the Alinsky methods in Chicago for four years.  He like Alinsky and Clinton believe and practice camouflage.  They hide what they are doing and work behind the scenes even using distractions to divert attention and scrutiny for their real efforts.  We are witnessing that today and it will not dissipate under Hillary but escalate.  Their desired objective is the complete dismantling and replacement of the Constitutional System that America was founded upon and operates.  When Obama was criticized in his early career for not attending church he found the most radical and racist congregation he could find under Jeremiah Wright and began attending.

If we are to salvage America as a Constitutional Republic and wrest power from the hands of the despots and ideologues who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ her from what she was designed to be into something other than a Constitutional Republic WE MUST BECOME INVOLVED.   Chide me if you will and tell me that nothing we do matters and I will say, ‘Tell that to the colonist in 1776’ and ‘Tell that to the nation of Israel in their continual struggles to survive.’  NO, what we do matters and the only hope we have of saving America is ACTION.

May God help us, bless us, guide us, and may He bless America again!

Blog Post - Saving America



            I lived more than half of the 20th century, growing up during the sexual revolution, and hippies.  I am a veteran of the Vietnam War or conflict whichever you choose, for those of us there it was war.  I watched the Civil Rights Movement the Kennedy assignation and many other things some good and some not so good in the past century.  As the 21st century blossomed on the horizon we had the horrendous events of 9/11, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq not to mention the other conflicts that have erupted around the globe.  We’ve seen numerous mass shootings, some from deranged individuals and one at Fort Hood, Texas where a Muslim extremist murdered a host of people and wounded others.  Now, we have the latest terrorist act in Boston with the murder of three and the wounding of over 170 others.  Our world has changed dramatically since I discovered America before the mid-point of the last century.

             When I was growing up in rural East Texas hardly anyone locked the doors to their homes or the automobiles and there was little concern about theft.  Neighbors watched out for each other, knew each other, and helped each other unlike today where people live in communities and barely know their next door neighbors much less watch out for them and help them.  In the public schools that we attended the teachers were able to administer corporal punishment and if they called the parents about an issue the parents did not automatically take a defensive posture against the school and threaten lawsuits.  Truthfully, if disciplined at school I received even more discipline when I got home.  My parents informed us that misbehavior would not be tolerated and would be practiced with a severe penalty and I managed to discover first hand that they meant it.

             We grew up poor by most standards but never considered ourselves disadvantaged because of the work ethic and pride of our parents and grandparents.  They, as did most, believed that you should earn what you received.  I’m not saying that everyone on government subsistence today has no work ethic or pride but many do not.  Some have become professional, career welfare recipients and have raised a generation or two of the same and it is destroying this nation and propelling us into a condition that spells doom.

             Vietnam was not a popular war and I won’t get into the merits or demerits of that war but it happened and in my community in the 60’s to have burned my draft card or dodged the draft would have resulted in my being estranged from my family and ostracized in my community.  Patriotism was very high and many in that era had either served in WW II, Korea or both and when the nation called they would not understand refusing to serve.  I saw action and had friends wounded and knew people who did not make it home.  I realized soon after arriving in country that we were not really there with the commitment on the part of our government to win the war and although that was deeply troubling I continued to do my job as best I could in the interest of staying alive and keeping as many of my fellow warriors alive.  I fought because my country asked me to and my fellow members of the armed services needed me to do my job.  Today’s mindset is completely different on the part of the public regarding serving in the military and our commitment in various conflicts or wars.  Since WWII this nation has not shown the commitment to finish the job and possibly never will and that is a dramatic difference in the second half of the 20th century and is increasing in the 21st century.  We live in a very different world.

             In the 20th century the world either respected or feared America today few respect us and almost no one fears us and that has dramatically increased over the past four years.  I thought after 9/11 that we were going to turn the corner as a nation and have the cohesiveness that would be long-lasting and become the America that I grew up in again but just a few years later we have demonstrated that was not to be.  We have a border that is so porous that almost anyone at any time can enter this nation. It is amazing that we have not experienced more terrorism than we have.  I realize that the two identified in Boston had lived there for years and were influenced by extremist around the world from all reports.  In our 21st century politically correct world one cannot identify the source of terrorism without being labeled as a bigot, racist, or something equally derogatory and hurtful.  It is a changed world and on that front, not for the better.

             It is true that one could live with little fear or apprehension in the early second half of the 20th century that is not the case in 21st century America.  We could learn from the U.K., Israel and other parts of the world that have experienced more terrorist activities than we that the public has to become deeply involved in keeping us safe.  We have to cease being uninformed, unconcerned, and learn how to become observant.  I would prefer to live in a world where I could “mind my own business” and not pay any attention to what other people do but I realize that many in the world are so driven by radical ideology and have such a depraved value of human life that I do not have that luxury.  In Vietnam I observed everything and took nothing for granted.  I’ve worked in various jobs that required me to be vigilant, observant, and attentive at all times and confess that, to some degree, I’ve grown slack in that.  That has to change in me and in each of you.  If we see something that does not look right we have to pay attention, it might mean our lives or the lives of countless others if we fail or allow apathy to prevail.

             I do not want my Constitutional rights, freedoms, and liberties or yours infringed and am not suggesting that the government take them in the name of safety.  What I am suggesting is that we observe and respond accordingly.  We cannot prevent every act of evil that people want to inflict but we can, as citizens, prevent some of them by heightening our state of awareness and hone our skills of observation.  As a hunter I know the importance of being aware of my surroundings and noticing things that are out of the ordinary and change.  For years, it has been second nature for me to walk into a room and take mental note of the people in that room and I notice changes.  My wife and I visited New York City just prior to 9/11 and were in the 2nd Tower just a few days before the attack and it is indelibly imprinted upon our hearts and minds what we saw then and afterward.  As we walked the streets of Manhattan I repositioned my wife several times based on what I observed and she learned not to question me because on one of those occasions the person I moved her away from stole the purse of a woman a few feet behind us.  Today it is not uncommon to hear of drive by shootings, muggings, murders, rapes, and assaults in broad daylight.  We live in a dangerous world that is sinking lower and lower into depravity.

             We MUST individually, take steps to protect ourselves and those around us and whenever necessary alert law enforcement of potential or real danger.  Burying our heads in the sand and saying “it’s none of my business”, in this day, could result in grave harm coming to those we love or those we could help protect.  There is a thin line between infringing upon your rights and protecting mine and I am constantly seeking to find that line.  So I encourage each of you to be prayerful, observant, vigilant, and willing to speak up and speak out when you feel it is necessary and appropriate.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!


ImageI will wax a bit nostalgic in this post but as I attended a funeral for my wife’s Aunt at the end of February I could not help but reflect on LIFE and more particularly LIFE IN AMERICA as I remember it growing up.  Her Aunt had just turned 80 in January and was a retired 1st Sergeant of the U.S. Army with 21 years of service.  There were the Military Honors presentation and the American Flag given to the family.  As I stood there I reflected on my youth, my America, and my thankfulness for those memories and experiences and wept at the same time for future generations and even this present generation who do not know and likely will never know what we knew and experienced.


            I grew up in rural East Texas on a small farm with a dirt road in front of the house.  We worked hard having little of this world’s goods but we were rich with love, respect, and tradition.  We learned that “hard work” was honorable and that to give “a day’s work for a day’s pay” was not just honorable but the only thing acceptable.  We learned to respect our elders and other people’s rights and property as well as the environment.  Oh, don’t misunderstand me we were not “tree huggers” but we lived off the land and respected it and wanted to keep it good for ourselves and those who would follow as the generations before us had done.  We helped our neighbors when they had a need and didn’t expect nor desire the government to become involved in our lives with money, regulations, or anything else.  We wanted to enjoy what the Constitution afforded us, the right to pursue – LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS.   What we had WE EARNED and appreciated it.  We didn’t have the technology that is available today and I’m not criticizing technology but when I see children today and even adults who spend almost all their time and energy on the computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, etc. I remember my youth and the time we spent outdoors enjoying God’s creation and nature while learning some incredibly valuable life lessons in the process.  We made most of our own toys, were creative in developing games to play, and learned survival skills that few people today have.  We were self-sufficient although totally dependent upon God’s grace and goodness and thankful for His provisions on a daily basis.


            I thought about how little true and real history our grandchildren know today due to the revisionist history taught in the public schools and institutions of “higher learning.”  I have shared some stories of my youth with my grandchildren and they are completely amazed and I have talked to them about some Texas and American history and find that not only they but many young adults today have little or no knowledge of TRUE HISTORY.  There was a time when there was integrity in the media and what you heard on the NEWS was truthful although not always complete.  Journalist actually tried to report the news not make the news and spin it to fit their particular political ideology.  Of course that happened, it always has but it was not a totally blind regurgitation of the “TALKING POINTS” of the President as we have today and that only if the President is a Left-Wing, Liberal Democrat!


            We lived in a time when a “handshake” was a good or better than a “signed contract” because a man’s or woman’s word was their bond.  It was WHO THEY WERE as my parents and grandparents taught me.  I look at all the government regulations with regard to parenting and wonder how we survived and how our parents didn’t spend most of their lives in prison if what we had and they did was SO HORRIBLE!  It was not uncommon to hear the preacher declare from the pulpit something critical of a governmental action that was in direct violation of moral principles and the Word of God.  They did not fear having their 501-C-3 taken from them and their “tax exemption” stripped.  In my view, if that is what it takes to speak the truth of God then take it please!


            A government that can tell me what types of firearms, how many, how often I can purchase one, how many bullets I can have or have in my firearm at any given time is a government that can dictate every facet of my life and it is not a government that I want.  It is not a government that our Founders wanted and not a government most of our former Presidents wanted.  If they can do the aforementioned what is to prevent them from telling us what kinds of cars we can own if we can own one at all and how many?  What is to prevent them from telling us what size house we can have and even where we must live?  What is to prevent them from telling us what type of occupation we can pursue and it’s location?  What is to prevent them from telling us what we can eat, where we can shop, how often and were we can travel?  All that I have mentioned is part and parcel of Agenda 21 and The Sustainable Development Initiative that Bill Clinton signed off on, George H.W. Bush endorsed, and Barack Obama is ramming down our throats at breakneck speed.  One of the first things that must happen is to take our firearms.  Notice I don’t call them weapons because they are not weapons until used as such.  It is not about hunting it is about personal protection, defending our families and property, and being prepared to stand against a Tyrannical Government as the Framers spelled out in their writings.


            Yes, I am “nostalgic” when I look back at THE REAL AMERICA that I grew up knowing and loving and long to see that America again.  I long for my grandchildren to know that America.  I long for their children’s children to know that America.  Should the Lord tarry His coming for generations I want each successive generation to know the America I grew up enjoying and to live in it unencumbered by a HORRENDOUS DEBT AND DEFICIT that CAN NEVER BE REPAID.   Will I be able to see that passed on to them?  Time will tell and what WE DO will determine that.


            May God stir your heart for America and Him and may He protect, defend, guide, and guard this nation against all enemies both “foreign and domestic.”  GOD BLESS AMERICA!