Before anyone argues, there is no war, I beg to differ and state that the war is being waged on numerous fronts and it is intensifying.  The COVID-19 pandemic and the Anarchy and Riots have pulled back the covers and exposed those in power, at all levels, as would-be dictators and exposed their dangerous and even treasonous actions.  The taste of power that has been infused into them in the edicts and demands is telling of the true condition of America. 

I am flabbergasted at the ease with which the tiny totalitarians at various levels have exercised ‘total control’ over the populace.  Those charged with governmental oversight have exposed their true desire and character.  The many shapes and forms of the lockdowns have revealed a Napoleonic complex and a Barney Fife-ishness that would be laughable were it not so incredibly serious and destructive.  Fear is an incredibly powerful weapon and a weapon it is proving to be.

Long before the pandemic and massive restrictions were placed on America and Americans there was a war being waged against many of our freedoms and liberties.  Many in power are seizing upon the opportunity to infringe upon our constitutional and inalienable rights.  If Americans are allowed to exercise their freedoms, liberties, and rights, the power-hunger political elitists have no power.  That is abhorrent to them and demands proscription. 

The medical experts, namely Drs Fauci and Birx may be genuinely interested in the health of Americans but their models have been wrong more than right.  Dr. Fauci, who has a long-standing relationship with Bill Gates seems hellbent on forcing America to take a yet to be produced vaccine.  He is also adamant about continuing the lock-down and has even proposed an ID card to qualify us any reprieve from his desired virtual house arrest.  If we are good little boys and girls, they indicate they are willing to toss us a crumb of our freedoms.  That is troubling on many levels.

I argue that the COVID-19 ‘mitigation’ actions have become if they have not always been, a ‘political weapon’ wielded by the Democrats in their effort to defeat Donald Trump.  I have seen documented reports that there has been an escalation in the suicide rates during and directly related to the mandates.  I have seen reports from treatment centers that there is an increase in various opioid addictions as well as alcoholism and food bingeing.  I have seen reports from various sectors, not widely reported, that the unrest and desperation in people have produced an increase in burglaries and other crimes.  In times of desperation and fear, people do things they would not otherwise do. 

Most of us are social creatures and are not emotionally or psychologically equipped for long-term isolation from other humans.  We have the mini tyrants striving to create a condition where neighbors are squealing on neighbors for perceived violations of the mandates.  We are witnessing some of the earmarks of the rise of despotism and created a virtual ‘Twilight Zone.’  I wonder if the fruit of the over aggressive-quarantines can be excluded from the rioting, looting, and mayhem. No, it is not the cause, but may be playing a role in misdirected aggression and anger.

If anyone thinks that those in power, who have stripped us of many of our freedoms, rights, and power will restore that when the fear subsides, you are not being realistic.  Power once seized is seldom restored.  Liberty lost is never regained short of a revolution to reclaim.  Today, the Leftists want to completely dismantle America and render our cities without law enforcement. Well, they want their own brand of law enforcement to be imposed and the obvious result of that will not bode well for legal and law-abiding citizens who do not toe their line.

John Adams, in a letter to Abigail Adams, July 7, 1775, made an arresting statement.  He wrote of the rebuilding of cities and restoration of opportunity to those reduced to poverty and loss.  He then said: “…a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.  Liberty once lost is lost forever.  When the People surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it.”  That is astounding and germane today.

The War in America is the War for Freedom!  You may or may not like Donald Trump, the current president that is your choice.  However, if you consider the expressed ideological desires and agenda of every Democratic hopeful to replace him, you must see our danger.  If we allow them to ascend to the rule of governance, we will have opened the door for the continued infringement of our liberties and freedoms.

Our Freedom of Speech has been openly challenged for several years and during this time all our 1st Amendment Rights are in the cross-hairs of politicians.  They desire for us to consider them the grantors of liberties and freedoms rather than believing we have certain inalienable rights.  We have witnessed county judges, mayors, governors, and politicians in Washington demand ‘unlimited power’ and, to a degree, they have been granted their desires.  I warn once they taste and experience ‘unbridled and unlimited’ power they will not willingly relinquish it. 

If you have been troubled with what many believe to be pandemic overreaction, and the results in our cities due to the riots, then you dare not elect the Democrats.  What would make anyone think that once they have tasted that power, they will give it up?  They won’t!  What would make anyone think that after decades of governance in some of our large cities they would suddenly become efficient in governance? They won’t! If you want to maintain your Freedom of Speech and are appalled at being labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe, or some equally derogatory name because you expressed an opinion, you dare not elect the Democrats.

If you want to maintain your God-given right of self-defense embodied in the 2nd Amendment, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you want to maintain personal property rights, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you believe that life, all life is valuable, you dare not vote for the Democrats.  If you want to have become so paranoid and fearful that you are willing to hide in your home for perpetuity allowing the government to make all decisions for you, then vote for the Democrats.

Barack Obama promised or threatened to ‘fundamentally transform’ America and was unable to fully achieve his objective.  Following the advice to ‘never let a good crisis go to waste,’ the Left has seized upon this pandemic and now the riots, with the help of the media and instilled fear so strong millions are terrified.  It appears to me that the Democrats and the media are effectively saying, “Screw you America.  Stay in your homes, hide from the world, and when it is safe, we will tell you when you can come out and if you are sheepishly obedient, we will toss you a bone occasionally.  If you join us in defeating the evil Trump, we might let you come out for a few hours each week and live a semblance of a normal life.”  I say NO THANK YOU!

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, I suggest that we adopt the mentality, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”  I believe that every American should commit to protecting and defending the Constitution.  In that, we should respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others.  We should become informed and stay abreast of the issues.  We should perform our civic duty when called upon and participate in the ‘democratic process.’  By that I mean, vote, and work to ensure that all elections are legitimate and free of fraud and corruption.  Finally, I believe every American has a duty to defend this country if the need arises and protect it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

America, we are in a War and that War is a War for Freedom!  I am voting to keep America Free as well as Safe.  I hope you will join me in praying for America, the president, our leaders, and our people. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Yeah, that is an old country song but is my springboard into some thoughts on how high the waters of political corruption are in America.  Each time I think I have a handle on just how corrupt politics is in America something new surfaces to make me realize that I ‘don’t know nothin’.’  The political swamp appears bottomless and the Deep State is beyond deep it is unfathomable.  We have created a monster in America and a monster that likely will destroy us if it hasn’t already.

The COVID-19 pandemic nor the riots created the condition we find ourselves. They have been useful tools in the hands of the politicians and nefarious who want to strip America and Americans of our system of government and freedoms.  Some of the Napoleonic local and state officials seized upon the opportunity to flex their political muscles.  The edicts, lock downs, mandates, regulations, requirements, and threats of fines and imprisonment if we did not comply have been extremely disconcerting. 

I, like virtually everyone in America, want to be safe, but without being an ‘expert’ in the medical field I realize that the stated objective was and is an impossible dream and unattainable.  I saw an article that said the now-famous governor of New York was confused that most of the hospitalizations in his state were from people who ‘stayed at home.’  Wait?  Doesn’t that fly in the face of the insisted requirements issued by the ‘experts’? 

Some, including the governor of California, insisted that the lock down might need to be extended for 18 months. He said, “No normal until there is a vaccine.”  Sadly, that may not available in 18 months and even then, it will not prevent the disease or its spread, no vaccine for any of the flu type viruses has or does.  In some ways, it is grasping for straws and on the darker side, it is an exercise in control where the would-be tyrants and dictators exercise TOTAL CONTROL.  That is dangerous and deadly for any republic.

During the previous administration we witnessed the weaponization of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ, not to omit the IRS and other agencies and bureaus of the federal government.  We have allowed Congress to engage in illegal, immoral, unethical, and constitutionally destructive behavior and activities to achieve their political ambitions.  We shut down the incredible economy that was giving new hope to millions and those ‘experts’ in medicine, science, and law tell us that we may need to do this into the foreseeable future.  How high’s the water mama?  It is deeper than deep, and the flood gates are open.  America’s Constitutional Republican status is hanging in the balance.

Those of us who are ‘baby boomers’ are becoming a rare commodity and our influence and authority are vanishing.  The war on our views and values has been going on for decades and the agenda of academia, the media, political elitists, and globalists are bearing fruit. 

I was and am surprised that there were not been more people violating the mandates issued by the Napoleonic officials.  When thinking patriotic and freedom-loving people are issued a mandate that is illogical, they are likely to violate that mandate.  To tell parents they cannot enjoy a time of recreation in their yards with their kids is illogical and unreasonable.  To tell a citizen that he/she cannot launch a tiny boat on a pond void of other people is illogical and invites the citizen to disobey.  Threaten a Christian pastor with jail or fines for offering spiritual comfort and instruction to his parishioners sitting in their cars in a parking lot is illogical and unreasonable.  I have been surprised at the numbers that acted as docile sheep and complied without a whimper.

When we see members of Congress privy to inside information sell off massive amounts of stocks ahead of a downturn in the market and now find that even family members did the same, what do we expect from the public?  If those charged with making the laws ignore them why should the public value the law?  When Congress can engage in illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and unethical activities lie to other members of Congress and the public, what are the people to think and do?  Would that not be an invitation to anarchy and chaos on a massive scale?

The psychological dangers in an extended quarantine, as we have been engaged, are off the charts.  Various countries including the United States have experienced a rise in the suicide rates. We have seen an increase in addictions and people relapsing into the bondage of drugs and alcohol as well as a growing number of spousal abuse incidents. I have personally encountered more road rage, shopper’s rage, and general anger over the past few weeks from people I encounter.  I don’t go out much because there is no real need and my wife’s medical condition fighting Stage Four Metastatic Breast Cancer.  We were already ‘sheltering in place’ in a significant fashion before the edicts were issued.

The lunacy of emptying prisons to keep the prisoners from being endangered by the virus but locking up citizens who violate some overly restrictive and likely unconstitutional mandate is insane.  It invites anarchy, resistance, rebellion, and protest. When governors and local tyrants declare that it is illegal to speak ill of them or their policies that is untenable and must be resisted. 

I am reminded of General George Washington, our First President’s words when Congress was seeking to fire him as commander of the army and leader of the revolution.  His understanding of human nature is amazing.  He said:” A small knowledge of human nature will convince us, that, with far the greatest part of mankind, interest is the governing principle; and that, almost, every man is more or less, under its influence. Motives of public virtue may for a time, or in particular, instances, actuate men to the observance of a conduct purely disinterested; but they are not of themselves sufficient to produce a persevering conformity to the refined dictates and obligations of social duty. Few men are capable of making a continual sacrifice of all views of private interest or advantage, to the common good. It is in vain to exclaim against the depravity of human nature on this account — the fact is so, the experience of every age and nation has proved it, and we must, in a great measure, ch⟨ange⟩ the constitution of man, before we can make it otherwise. ⟨No⟩ institution, not built on the presumptive truth of these maxims, can succeed.”

Our Founders believed that true revolutionaries and later government officials should be guided by “pure virtue” without concern for personal necessity and benefit of their service.  John Adams said of his cousin Samuel, “he has the most thorough understanding of liberty.”  They were motivated by Freedom and desired that all be free.  They detested the attitude and character on display in today’s politics and so should we. 

To insist that we must comply or die for the common good is good only if the mandated objective is attainable and reasonable.  We must not destroy an entire nation to save a few lives, that is not reasonable or logical.  COVID-19 has become, if it was not from the beginning, an excuse used by the Deep State to pursue a World Government and Totalitarian control.

We either reject the leftists agenda and throw off the chains of oppression or we lose our freedom.  The choice is a clear and easy one in November for the Lover of Freedom and the person who honestly reasons and weighs the costs and dangers.  I vote against the Leftist, reject the Democrats, and will vote for Donald Trump for president.

God bless you and God bless America!


I want to share what I see coming to America and you can receive it, reject it, dismiss it, ignore it, or whatever suits your fancy, but it is what I see in my heart and with my eyes.  It is not what I want, but what I see and therefore I am sounding the alarm. I declare, unashamedly, that I am a Christian, American patriot, and Vietnam veteran.  I am a lover of freedom and believe that life, all life is precious, and every person is an eternal spirit that deserves our effort to reach them with God’s Truth and Love. 

When I have made statements like that in the past, I have been attacked vehemently by those who disagree and insist that I am anything but a Christian because a Christian would or would not do this or that.  I do not base my Christianity on political ideology, I base my political ideology on the Bible and my understanding of the teachings of God’s Word and our Lord Jesus Christ.  I, like most people, have an opinion and some of my opinions are etched in stone.  In that sense, I can be quite stubborn when asked to give up my beliefs.  However, I always try to listen and allow the opposing view to present its case.

I see a War coming to America that will destroy us if we allow it to transpire.  I have been told by friends and fellow lovers of freedom that we do not have to worry because we have the military on our side.  I am a veteran and staunch defender of our troops, but I do not hold that view.  I believe the make-up of our modern armed forces suggests that is may not be the case and the military like America, is deeply divided.  That is evidenced in the incidences of the national guard and police kneeling in support of the protests, the words of men like General Mathis, and the systematic purging of the command level under Barack Obama. 

I have had those who largely agree with my views politically and even biblically insist that because there are millions of citizens with guns, we do not have to fear because we can quell any uprising.  I disagree because many of the gun owners are not supporters of our Constitutional America but sympathetic to the Leftist views, the protests, and embrace ‘white guilt’ or ‘guilt’ of some kind.  I fear that we are not sufficiently united and without being united and organized, we can only delay the outcome not necessarily defeat it.

Over 20 years ago, standing in my backyard, I saw something in my spirit that has troubled me since.  I saw cities in shambles. What I saw looked like WWII Europe.  As I viewed what I was seeing I realized that I was seeing Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and other major cities in America, not WWII Europe.  I saw tanks in the streets and uniformed combatants that were not wearing the uniforms of our U.S. military.  I was deeply troubled and have been praying against that for over 20 years.  I shared it and since it has been more than two decades, many have discounted what I saw and sensed as coming to America. 

Today there are rallying cries to ‘defund’ the police departments in our cities and turn to other groups to provide security.  There is the European, Islamic driven idea of ‘community policing’ where the police do not enter certain sectors of the city.  The incredibly thin line between civility and mass chaos would be erased and lawlessness would endanger everyone.  It would likely result in the absolute necessity of martial law being imposed and policing done by the military or national guard.  That would further erode our liberties, weaken our relationships, and endanger us externally as well as internally.

The flames of hate have been fanned to a height that it may not be within our capacity to overcome.  There is generational hate on both sides of the race issue and that is being exploited by those who want to transform America into a totalitarian state where the oligarchy of elitists rule and usher in global governance.  It is my view that without divine intervention we will see War become a reality in America and it will spread like wildfire and thousands if not millions of innocent people will be harmed or killed.  Our Republic will be forever transformed and never be restored to the Constitutional Republic our Founders established.

My heart is crying out for what is embodied in 2 Chronicles 7:14. I now speak to God’s people, meaning those who believe in Him and desire to follow Him and live according to His Word, Will, and Way.  We must humble ourselves.  We need to examine our hearts and repent of anything and everything contrary to His Word.  We must repent individually, repent collectively, and repent nationally for our sins and failures.  We dare not deny that they exist but must honestly address them and ask for God’s mercy.

There are churches, pastors, politicians, and citizens who have embraced the fallacious idea that we must show sympathy to the lawless who are being called protesters, trying to appease the hate and somehow coexist.  Those engineering these outburst, protests, and riots are not interested in coexistence, it is not on the agenda.  They desire compliance, surrender, and even eradication of those who are not of their community or ideological position.  There is no coexistence with evil we must overcome evil with good, but good that stands strong in truth and moral rightness.  War is coming and we stop it or fight it properly.

We need to pray!  I believe that we have come to the place that we need to gather in groups, not in protest or as antagonists, but as humble, repentant individuals who want to see revival, renewal, and restoration. We want peace!  We want God’s love to be manifest and instilled in hearts!  We want to see the fulfillment of the objective of our Declaration of Independence, “All are created equal and endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

We need to gather at the seats of authority in our cities, towns, and communities.  We need to pray humbly, peaceably, reverently, but fervently and with the authority of God’s Word and Spirit.  The victory that Jesus won on the Cross, in His sinless life, death, resurrection, and ascension is complete.  Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Me.”  He also said, that He has given us that authority and through Him, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the finished work of Jesus we have authority.  It is time that we exercise that authority in the spirit realm and call on God for an outpouring of His love and mercy.  We need His divine intervention. 

I am not suggesting that we gather as a political rally but a spiritual one.  We need to gather not to argue but to pray.  We need to gather not to fight in the natural but with the spiritual weapons we have been given.  We can do more in one hour on our knees than we can in five lifetimes fighting in the natural.  We, the people of God, are vessels in which the Love of God is housed and if we will allow that Love to flow out of us, we can achieve victory.

In the days to come, I will reach out to those in my area and attempt to organize, initiate, and encourage efforts to take prayer to the streets in our cities and communities.  I will reach out to pastors, leaders, and churches made up of all ethnicities.  Some will reject my appeal, some will be responsive, and if we do this across America, we can see the needed divine intervention. 

I do not want War!  I hear some say, “Bring it on, we are ready!”  We need to be ready, but we also need to realize that the fruit of war will bring about the destruction of our Republic.  If we want to Save America, 2 Chronicles 7:14 is our key and God is our answer. 

God bless you and God bless America!


Are there incidences of racism by the police or other institutions? I would never suggest that does not exist or happen. Racism is unjustifiable and is not confined to whites being the only perpetrators of that evil.  I was told by a group of black men that only whites could be racist because of slavery.  None of them had been slaves, most of them were too young to have lived through segregation and earlier periods of racial injustice.  None of them could identify any of their ancestors as being slaves, but the fact of slavery in American history was justification for a black person hating any white person.  I was appalled and so were some older black men in that gathering. 

That is a view that embraces the idea that ‘two wrongs make a right’ rather than the converse.  That is destructive and creates a chasm difficult if not impossible to span.  The resurgence of that mentality has escalated over the past 12 years and took a gargantuan leap during the Obama administration. There were various incidences where he and his subordinates quickly interjected race into an issue.  Frequently that insertion and charge were before the facts were in that debunked the charge.  Nevertheless, it was announced, and millions bought it because it was what they wanted to hear.

The George Floyd incident, in Minneapolis, is not a new phenomenon, we have seen it before and its aftermath.  We may not have seen it on the scale of this, but we have seen it and it is the product of decades of the Leftists trashing American values and institutions.  In these ‘protests’ which have rapidly become exhibitions of barbarism. This is anarchy and reveals a mentality that insists that there is justification in stealing, destroying property, and doing physical harm to those deemed the enemy.  The actions of many national figures who should be decrying this and calling for it to cease has been an incentive for it to continue. 

When local law enforcement and governmental authorities are unwilling or incapable of quelling the riots, looting, and violence the rioters are encouraged to continue and expand.  When businesses of whites, blacks, and other ethnicities are destroyed, how can that be deemed the fruit of a peaceful protest? That is what the mainstream media and activists are attempting to argue! Theft and barbaric behavior are being glorified on the news and it is fuel for the fire.  When, the thieves run out of businesses with their stolen merchandise and stuff their booty into large SUVs, often with the license plates removed, it can not be deemed a spontaneous protest but an organized act of terrorism and crime.  Many of them wear masks, not in obedience to COVID-19 mandates, but to avoid being identified by facial recognition software. 

I would like to argue that America has not become a third-world nation given to barbarism, mayhem, and destruction, but this makes that argument difficult. When we watch thousands of people revealing they have zero allegiance to law and order, no respect for their families, neighbors, or society, how can we claim to be different than some of the war-torn nations living in continual internal strife rioting and looting?  What is different about this than what happens in those nations? 

The media is throwing their support behind the rioting marauders roaming our cities and leaving in their wake carnage and destruction.  Why?  Ratings are the first thought. However, I believe it goes far beyond that and is part of the DNA which forces them to believe that America is an example of institutional and systematic racism.  The world of academia, politicians, Hollywood elitists, the media, and activists have preached for over 50 years that America is evil and must pay for her sins.  Therefore, they justify the looters and claim moral justification for what they are doing.  Justifying theft and lawlessness exacerbates the problem it does nothing to quell it or heal the nation. 

The elitists living in their Ivory Towers, amassing their fortunes, and living behind their protective barriers have no compassion or empathy for the victims in this melee.  It is an end to a means and the end is America’s destruction to bring about a Globalists World Government.  Unfortunately, many of the voices supporting this behavior and the politics behind it believe they will be part of the ruling power. I suggest they will have a rude awakening and discover they too are destined for destruction.  They have been and continue to be useful idiots in the diabolical agenda to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.

Some of the looters are young and I wonder if their parents endorse their behavior.  Do they take their stolen goods to their parent’s homes?  This kind of insanity was a factor in the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 and if enough Americans are negatively impacted by this carnage, it may help him in 2020.  That would be the opposite of what the powers engineering this and the government officials allowing it to continue are hoping. 

I continue to be hopeful that the American people will awaken to reality. I pray that most will see through the inane and insane attempts to appease and justify criminality.  Some of the things transpiring are not just criminal but cruel, and evil to the core.  I would be sympathetic to any group who believes that the death of George Floyd was an example of a nationwide problem that needs to be addressed if they protested civilly and peacefully.  I whole-heartedly support weeding out bad cops, bad politicians, bad media types, and bad citizens and holding them accountable.  By weeding out, I do not mean eradicating them as in execution but in giving them jail time, or termination, as is appropriate. 

I acknowledge that the looters are from all ethnicities and walks of life.  This is assuredly a ‘heart issue’ not a race issue!  This is the fruit of decades of race-baiting and racism embodied in the insistence that all people of certain ethnic backgrounds are Victims.  This is the product of an entitlement mentality that is pervasive in today’s America.

If one becomes a Victim it is a mindset and encourages attitudes and behaviors that are destructive. It is an attitude that insists, they are ‘entitled’ to reparation and are justified in stealing, destroying, and doing harm to those who they believe are responsible for their being victimized.  Becoming a Victim is a choice!  I have been victimized but will not allow myself to become a victim.  Becoming a victim gives power to those victimizing me and I refuse to do that.  I will be in control of my attitude, with God’s help, and rise above it.

Please stop justifying lawlessness and theft!  Please stop justifying the marauding hordes of destroyers are doing.  The rioting and looting are not about George Floyd or any perceived social injustice.  It is the product of a mentality that says, “I am above the law and entitled to do whatever I want.”  That can and will destroy us.  My contention is not to be deemed, in any way, a justification of any wrong by law enforcement or public officials.  It is a condemnation of the lawlessness. It is a condemnation of any complicity or enablement by government officials allowing it to continue. This kind of behavior hurts us all!

I am weeping for America and praying that we will return to our moral moorings, see the restoration of sanity, and pursue the declared objectives of our Declaration of Independence. 

God bless you and God bless America!

INFORMATION? Where Do We Turn to Obtain Truth?

In today’s America when most media types are aeolists, offering nothing but blellum, we have few options.  Most of the time, what I see, read, and hear causes me to want to defenestrate the material and walk away.  Tragically, some faces on camera pretending to be unbiased purveyors of the news and providers of information are eccedentesiasts and are phony to the core.

We have cities, like the one Nancy Pelosi represents, that have become cesspools where people are forced to live in dung heaps and filth.  She and most politicians practice girouettism and always test the winds of public opinion to guide them.  We reached the place in this pandemic that most developed iatrapistia as we are forced to listen to mendaciloquence of politicians.  Where do we go to obtain truth, facts, and trustworthy information? 

There are times when I watch the antics of Washington, especially those in Congress and the various bureaus and agencies that we have devolved into a paedocracy rather than a representative democracy.  I am tired of being governed by those who exhibit the appearance and characteristics of a yaud and demonstrate that they are well past their shelf-life as they demonstrate they live in a nebulochaotic state.

Where do we turn to obtain truth and trustworthy information?  Not the Media, not the Politicians, not Hollywood, not the self-appointed guardians of the planet.  They offer spin, agenda, rhetoric, distortion, and lies to advance their agenda and ideology.  Even some of the so-called conservative and constitutional media outlets engage in spin and that damages the supposed intent and objective of restoration of Constitutional America. 

Where do we turn?  The only true source, for me, is God’s Word.  You may or may not be a Christian.  You may or may not believe the Bible is God’s Word.  You may or may not believe in God.  If you do not, then you will likely disagree with me regarding the veracity, validity, and importance of discovering and adhering to His word.  You will not find it within your purview of America and government to accept how impactful it was on America’s beginning, our Constitution, and System of Government. 

I believe that it can be documented that America has become a nation with two distinct histories.  Our heritage, in the beginning, was one rooted in a rich spiritual heritage dating back to the pilgrims.  We have a heritage that speaks of a godly purpose and destiny born in the hearts of the colonists and propelled us to seek freedom to pursue our beliefs, purposes, and desires without tyrannical despotic dominance.  We seem to be slowly transitioning into a nation that no longer believes in that ideal and attempts to dismiss the existence of God and His righteous and moral principles.  We are moving toward a society where man is the center of all things, not God.  Politics has achieved preeminent importance for many and the good of society relegated to the back burner.

Through several decades and generations of exposure to the progressive liberal interpretation of our history and the truths upon which America was founded, we have become a nation with spiritual amnesia.  The words of Isaiah the prophet ring in my ears, “Do you not know?  Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.”  (Isaiah 40:28).  Also, the words of the apostle Paul, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed?  And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”  (Romans 10:14).

I hear the chorus of protests from those who adamantly demand that all things religious and spiritual must be separated from all things governmental and public.  Yet, our founding fathers recognized the existence of God and the importance of the Bible in public education and the governance of the newly formed republic. 

When you examine the historic record, you discover that one of the first acts of Congress in 1782 was to commission a publishing of the Scriptures in America so that people could have free access to it.  Then around 1962, that same government banished prayer and Bible reading from our schools, you see a dramatic transition away from our founding principles to the progressive vision of globalism and the godlessness embodied in that ideology and agenda.

Where do we go for information that is true?  Not to the public schools, colleges, or universities.  Not to the media, Hollywood, or Washington.  The only source of Truth is in God’s Word and the guiding principles of the Bible shaped our laws and helped hold this nation intact for over 240 years.  It is virtually impossible to miss the influence and impact that the Bible had on our nation long before 1776 and continued well into the 1960’s.  We have spent the past 60-100 years eroding the foundational pillars of this Republic by stripping it of the influence of the Bible and its message.  The fruit is on the vine and unless we return to our moral moorings and rediscover our founding principles we will witness further decline and chaos in the nation.

Let me offer a quote from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the chief progressives of bygone eras.  He said: “In the formative days of the Republic the directing influence of the Bible exercised upon the Fathers of the Nation is conspicuously evident.  This book continues to hold its unchallenged place as the most loved, the most quoted, and the most universally read and pondered of all the volumes which our libraries contain.  We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic.  I suggest a nationwide reading of the Holy Scriptures for a renewed strengthening contact with those eternal truths and majestic principles which have inspired such measure of true greatness as this nation has achieved?”  

What happened in America to shift us away from that view? A view widely held by Democrats and Republicans of bygone eras. It is the fruit of stripping all mention of God and the Bible from the public sector.  It is elevating man to a place of preeminence and removing God from that lofty perch.  What we are witnessing today with the paranoia, fear, rioting, violence, hate, bitterness, and racism from all sides is the fruit of that transition we began decades ago. 

I respect the fact that some do not believe what I am saying has any legitimacy or importance.  I challenge you to consider the views of founding fathers such as Benjamin Rush who believed that America’s hope of survival and attaining greatness was to use the Bible in public schools.  His sentiments were echoed by Fisher Ames, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Henry Laurens, Joseph Story, Gouverneur Morris, Patrick Henry, Daniel Webster, John Jay, Noah Webster, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Witherspoon, James Madison, and James McHenry to name a few. 

Love overcomes Hate and only through the Love of God in our hearts can we be reconciled as a people and put out the fires of hate and division that are burning in the hearts of people today.  Until we see each other as God’s Creations and fellow members of the human race we will continue to allow hate, envy, greed, and jealousy thrive.  Until we return to the principles of our Founding and the Bible and each shoulder our own loads and consider our neighbors we will decline more.  We can recover and we can thrive, but not without a restoration of the foundational fabric that produces this nation and made it great.

God bless you and I pray you will consider my plea, not as an indictment or finger-pointing but as a genuine desire to see America heal. 

Have a Great Day!


I am physically sick over what has been happening in recent days. I have s sense of grieving that is causing me to weep. I have purposefully resisted getting involved in the deeply emotional discussions and accusations regarding the situation in Minneapolis and now around the country.  That is not because I am afraid to do so or because I do not have an opinion or care.  I do, and my personal feelings would probably not sit well with some and possibly be rejected by those on all sides of the issue.  I did not say, ‘both sides’ because I see this as a multi-pronged event that has many tentacles, issues, problems, and dangers. 

Based on the information I have and that is limited.  Some may have much more factual information that I, but the information I have, not being privy to the intricated details of the event and not being a mind reader, causes me to say, the actions of the officer(s) went too far. Some will take offense to that wording and say, “Condemn it, man!”  Others will insist, “The officers had to protect themselves.”  I refuse to argue with either sector and say, based on what information I believe that charging the officer and giving him his day in court was required. 

There is NEVER justification for any police officer to engage in what can only be called ‘thuggery’ and causing physical harm or pain to an unarmed citizen.  That is not to say they are not allowed to exercise their right and obligation for the ‘use of force’ when it is justified but bullying or thuggery is NEVER justified.  On the other side of that equation, there is NEVER justification for those in the public to engage in criminal activity, rioting, looting, and doing physical and material damage which is also ‘thuggery’ and ‘criminal.’  Neither can be given even the slightest hint of understanding or justification.  They are WRONG!

I chose the title to this article as “Heartbroke and then some” from the Radney Foster song, “Just Call Me Lonesome,” for a reason.  The reason is that I am heartbroken beyond belief, and I believe God is too! I believe that God is heartbroken over the depth of hate and division we have plunged in America.  That is more than a little troubling.  There are no laws that can fix this issue and it is not one-sided, even though I will be criticized for that assertion.  It is not a Law Problem it is a Heart Problem and only God can mend the heart or change it enabling us to embrace the ideal that All have the inalienable right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. 

Even the Mayor of Minneapolis acknowledged that some of those who are rioting are not citizens or residents of that city or state.  They have been bussed in from around the country and this outburst has spread across the nation.  Who is behind it?  Some of the information suggests that it is organizations funded by George Soros and other Globalist wanting to dismantle and disrupt our American System of Government and way of life.  The Media and the Left are claiming it is White Supremacist but that is beyond ludicrous.

I have heard statements such as, “they are still doing it,” meaning the police are universally and systematically practicing racism against blacks and other ethnic groups. I have heard that statement directed at all whites and even one of the rioters was chanted, “Kill All Whites.”  I condemn the bad, evil, criminal, and possibly racist actions of bad cop(s)!  I condemn the actions of hate, racism, demonstrated in the riots, looting, mayhem, and destruction!   I condemn evil no matter what it stems from and offer no justification for what is happening. 

I have heard the suggestion of people being ‘guilty by association,’ and that that condition is a plight only experienced by blacks or some white people that stand with them in any situation.  That is offensive to me as a person that has engaged in no racism, damaged no other person, and one who desires everyone to be able to enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness unimpeded.  Am I ‘guilty by association’ when a white police officer commits an act of violence against a person of another ethnic group because I am white?  If so, how?  Am I ‘guilty by association’ if I reject the Liberal Leftists Globalist agenda, stand against the entitlement mentality, and want everyone to earn what they have, be able to keep it, and succeed based on merit, not any other factor? 

If I give any hint of justification to the officer or the rioters, I become complicit in the problem.  I have heard some say, “I understand.”  They claim they understand the ‘anger’ and therein the ‘actions.’  I may ‘understand’ that something that is or is perceived to be systematic, perpetual, and epidemic can make a person angry.  I am ‘angry’ over abortion.  I am ‘angry’ over those in politics who want to strip us of our inalienable rights and shred our constitution.  I am ‘angry’ over the utter destruction of lives in the COVID-19 shuttering of the economy.  I too am ‘angry’ but can never justify wrong behavior.

I am angry, but I am also an adult, an American, a patriot, and a Christian.  Those views mandate that I ‘control’ my anger and never allow it to rage out of control.  To allow anger to be unrestrained is not protesting it is anarchy and can become barbarism.  When, the police are involved and it is a black man, there are riots in the streets.  The attempts to explain and justify fall woefully short, of moral, civil, and biblical mandates.  Jesus addressed this in Matthew 5:21-23 when He brought to the discussion the issue of the Commandment to Not Murder.  He expanded it and identified the terribleness of anger and compared it to murder.  I contend that unbridled anger is murder begun.  We are commanded to Love not Hate and hate knows no skin color nor does love.

If I follow the moral, civil, and biblical pathway, I may become angry, and am can be fully justified in raising my complaint and voicing it.  However, if I fail to do that in a peaceful manner, I am lowering my anger to the same level and category as that which made me angry.  If I commit criminal acts protesting criminal behavior, I have become what I am protesting.

If the hate and anger filled riots were the result of, as some have said, “because nothing seems to be being done,” does that justify it?  If that were the case then when the officer was fired, arrested, and charged with murder why did the riots not cease?  Why did they expand across the nation?  If armed citizens can go to the State Capital and peacefully protest what they perceive an injustice and infringement on their civil and inalienable rights but in this case, there is arson, bodily and property damage, looting, and other criminal activity why is one deemed ‘justified’ and the other ‘unacceptable’?

We must not allow our society to degenerate into a justification mindset because it breeds the idea of ‘victimhood.’  We can be and often are ‘victimized’ but becoming a ‘victim’ is a choice.  You cannot change who I am on the inside by abusing me, infringing upon my rights, or even doing me harm.  Therefore, you cannot control me on the inside and I can choose to be bigger than the issue and work in a rational, reasonable, civil, and peaceful manner to effect the change I desire.  That may mean I throw my hat in the ring politically or establish an organization devoted to achieving that change.  There are many avenues through which I can work to see the desired change without totally dividing and destroying the Republic.

I condemn racism no matter its source.  I condemn rioting, looting, arson, mayhem, murder, and abuse no matter its source.  As a human being and a citizen of the United States of America who believes in God, I issue my plea for everyone to STOP THE INSANITY!  If you have been victimized, you may be understandably and justifiably angry.  However, you do not have the right to retaliate against others, especially those who had nothing to do with the issue over which you are angry.  We can never allow ‘guilty by association’ to be justification for lawlessness.  The Bible tells us to ‘shun the very appearance of evil.’ 

This may get me unfriended by people on all sides of the issue, but I believe that God is our Hope and Hate will bring about our destruction.  I am praying for America and continually ask God to show me my own heart.  I am unaware of hatred for anyone, but if it is there, I want to be cleansed. 

God bless you and God bless America!


What I am going to say in this article may be deemed fatalism by some, realism by others, and paranoia by others.  I have had people who are on the same side of the political equation as I tell me that they believe that what we are experiencing is just another bump in the road.  They believe that I am overreacting, engaging in paranoia, and bordering on mental delusion.  They believe I am wrong, and some have attacked me as vehemently as those on the Left.

If the American Constitution means anything, it means that the government’s job is to protect our rights.  Sadly, that is not the view of the Democratic Party of today.  They insist that stripping us of our inalienable and constitutional rights is necessary because it is for the greater good.  They insist that this is something that must be done to save lives or mitigate the number of lives lost.  They are wrong!

I suggest that the objective, they claim to be pursuing, is an impossible dream.  I do not believe they are operating in empathy or compassion but following the counsel of Rahm Emanuel to “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  I believe that the Establishment Political Elitists see this as an opportunity to advance their agenda and that agenda includes relegating us to subservience and obedience.

When Barack Obama was elected as President of the United States of America, the Left and Globalists intensified their efforts to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  When Hillary Clinton became the nominee in 2016, they intensified their efforts, even more, salivating at the prospects of the continuation of their agenda.  They were horrified and in disbelief when she lost.  They could not imagine the American people rebelling against them, but we did!  Hillary lost in some solidly Blue precincts.  They believed she was the perfect candidate and Trump was a bumbling boob with no chance.  They were mortified and incredibly angry at us and considered us not only bitter clingers, deplorable, but rebels.  That meant we had to be taught a lesson.

After Donald Trump was elected president, they intensified their efforts to oust him and reverse what they considered America’s grave error.  They used the FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland, IRS, DOJ, and every other bureau and agency they could muster to overturn that election.  When those efforts failed, they intensified their lawlessness in the House of Representatives and continue to do so.  The Constitution nor the American people are their focus, Power is their sole focus and we must be forced into compliance.

When it seemed, they had zero chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020 a gift was dropped in their laps called COVID-19.  Their team of ‘experts,’ with a history of working with Leftists, used terribly flawed computer models to convince the president of the abysmal destruction that would ensue if he failed to follow their advice and ‘lock America down.’  Hindsight is always 20/20 but foresight is usually without the needed data that time brings into the equation.  He did what any reasonable person would have done and followed the advice of the ‘medical experts’.  We know now that was an overreaction, but this is now and that was then.  We can’t put the genie back in the bottle and the water that has run under the bridge is forever gone.

The #MeToo Movement, with their mantra “All Women Must Be Believed,” has been demolished, as some of their chief voices have stated Tara Reade is not to be believed.  Ms. Reade has more credibility than did Dr. Ford.  She shared her encounter with others at the time, Dr. Ford did not.  She recalls explicitly when, how, who, and the dates, whereas Dr. Ford could not.  One of the Lawyers who has defended Democratic sexual predators said, “I believe her, but I am still going to support Joe Biden.”  That is beyond belief.  Nancy Pelosi insisted that Biden’s character is impeccable, and the case was closed.  One Leftist tweeted, that if Biden raped her in the middle of 5th Avenue she would still vote for him against the evil Donald Trump.  That reveals just how dangerous this really is. 

The Democrats have been working hard for decades to strip us of our 1st Amendment Rights and our Freedom of Speech.  Political Correctness has been a weapon against conservative thought and speech.  But it is also being used as a weapon against Christian thought and speech.  The suppression of the free exchange of ideas is the earmark of a totalitarian despotic regime, not a Free Constitutional Republic. 

They have attempted to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights, our right to self-defense, and the constitutional guarantee that we can ‘keep and bear arms.’  That has intensified in this pandemic with the tyranny being engaged in by Governors, Mayors, County Judges, and other local officials.  American citizens are being put in jail for pursuing their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

We are being divided to the point that no person is safe from the prying eyes of the government.  Drones are being used to spy on citizens and the police are diverted from their normal duties to be task forces to ensure that the citizens comply with the demands of those in power.  The Declaration of Independence recognized our Creator and the inalienable right of every person to “Life, Liberty, and the free unrestricted ability to pursue happiness.”  That has been taken from us and if you think they will give it back without a fight you are wrong.

I pray those who think I am wrong are right.  However, I am convinced there will come a day, if we fail to unite and defeat this destruction, that I could say ‘I told you so.’  That would be of little comfort and provide me no pleasure because all of us would have become slaves of the state and subjected to a servile life none thought possible in America.

They will not quit.  They are no longer hiding in the shadows and deceptively operating out of sight.  They have become emboldened and are openly flexing their political muscle and might.  The ONLY way we stop them is not a shooting revolution.  The ONLY way we stop them is to defeat them so soundly and completely that we keep the White House and win a Super Majority in both houses of Congress.  Anything short of that will plunge us more deeply into the abyss of destruction and even if they are in the minority, they will do irreparable damage to the Republic.

I ask that you pray, think, investigate, consider what has been happening for the past 12-20 years, and realize that this is a war we must not lose.  I ask that you commit to voting in November and commit to doing all you can to ensure that we have fair and legitimate elections.  Failure will be the death knell for America.

God bless you and God bless America!

U.S.A or U.S.S.A?

Before I am blasted from all points of the compass let me assert that I am devotedly committed to preserving the United States of America (USA) as the Free Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers.  I reject and resist all claims, agendas, and ideologies that would result in the fundamental transformation of America into the United Socialist States of America (USSA).  Freedom must be maintained, at whatever cost because without Freedom none of us can enjoy the objectives of our Declaration of Independence. 

I once considered Fox News Network as a moderately conservative outlet with the objective of presenting truth and facts.  I saw them as a news outlet largely staffed by conservatives or ‘moderates’ with a sprinkling of Liberals, Leftist, radicals.  Now I see them as an agency largely filled with Establishment types of both sides of the political aisle.  What does that mean?  It means they, like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and most of the other outlets have an agenda to defeat Donald Trump and return us to the cronyism of the Big Government Establishment which is rooted in globalism. 

I have concluded that there are few agencies dedicated to reporting the truth.  One of those seems to be One America News Network (OANN).  I am appalled that even Al Jazeera News once owned by Al Gore is more factual than CNN, MSNBC, and now Fox News on many issues.  That is deeply troubling.  We have a sprinkling of radio outlets that still offer genuine news and factual presentations. There are a few blogs and websites that with that view and that helps the fight, but we are under attack by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. There has been an increase in the vitriol and determination of those organizations to silence anything factual or conservative.

On the heels of a recent CNN poll, that declared Joe Biden held a slim lead over Donald Trump nationally but also revealed that Trump was beating Biden in the swing states, Fox conducted a poll of their own.  I would have hoped it would be fair, balanced, and factual, but I perceive that it is designed to hurt Trump, hurt the conservative message, and thereby hurt America.  The CNN poll was weighted heavily in favor of the Democrats by at least 8%.  Fox has not revealed it’s bias or balance, but I suspect either the selection or wording was slanted.

The Fox poll suggests that America supports Biden over Trump on dealing with China, COVID-19, and healthcare.  The astounding percentages of who is more trusted regarding healthcare was shocking.  The Poll suggested that Biden was favored by 17%.  If that is a genuine reflection of the American mindset we are screwed as a nation!  That would mean that the fear they have sought to engender is bearing the fruit desired. For anyone to support Biden and his Universal or Government-Run and Mandated Healthcare is to ignore facts and relegate certain segments of our populace to the ‘non-essential’ side of the equation. 

Those of us over 70, are largely deemed ‘non-essential’.  That means that we either do not hold some political office or contribute heavily to their political agendas.  They would treat us as used and useless baggage.  Government funding for abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and government-sponsored genocide would become a norm.  Some may object to that statement, but it is woven into the fabric of what they have said for decades and are now willing to openly declare. 

The idea that Biden, whose hands are visibly dirty with corruption regarding China and Chinese money, could better deal with China than Trump is not based in reality or sanity.  If you are willing to ‘kowtow’ to foreign nations and allow them to dictate to us what we do economically and militarily, then Biden is your man.  If you want America to become fundamentally transformed into a Socialist nation and allow the federal government to become lord and master, then Biden is your man.  If you value Freedom and the Free Market, then you must know that his policies mirror Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders are detrimental.  But, alas, if the Fox poll is truly indicative of how people think, we are screwed.

The latest Stimulus or Relief Package proposed by the Democrats is laden with everything but relief for our American economy and legal citizens.  It is filled with provisions to care for ‘illegals’, funds abortion, ensures the Democratic States are bailed out, dooms our economy, picks and chooses which businesses and people succeed and fail, and destroys our electoral process.  If that is your cup of tea, then Bide is your man.

The idea that we can keep printing money into perpetuity is insane and the antithesis of Freedom and Liberty.  Pelosi and company proposed a $3 Trillion Plan to buy America and take total control.  That plan includes another check for everyone and even includes illegals.  It includes resurrecting the State and Local Tax Deductions (SALT) that are increasingly popular in the Blue States.  It is designed to condition as many as possible to become accustomed to ‘free money’ and make them beholding to the hand that feeds them, namely the Democrats.

Those on the Left are continually proposing ‘guaranteed income’ which is ludicrous and impossible to achieve.  If we do what they want, we cannot remain a viable vibrant, and free economy. The plan to keep printing money weakens our currency immeasurably and the long-term effect will prove to be deadly for America in the years to come.  Inflation is rising and their economic plan will invite hyper resulting in the rise in the cost of EVERYTHING and the loss of FREEDOM.  

If the polls, that seemingly indicate, more Americans want Biden and the Democrats than Trump and the Republicans prove to be accurate, we have already become the USSA.  It may not be official, but is actual, and that would mean that we will, in our lifetime, watch the complete decimation of our American system of government.  I contend that if that becomes a reality everyone will rue the day, even those who think it is what they want.  Poverty and forced compliance would eventually become anathema to the populace.  Unfortunately, by that time, it would be too late to change it via the ballot box and only an armed revolution can change it.

Tragically before we reach that point, the nefarious globalists would have so duped millions, they willingly gave up their ability to resist.  The methodology would be to continue providing the ‘freebies’ to keep the delusional in their corner UNTIL they fully squashed our ability to resist and then they would unleash the dogs of tyranny like we would never have believed possible in America.

I am concerned that, in the minds of too many, a majority may have already accepted the idea of a U.S.S.A. and lost the vision of what Freedom truly is and why it must be maintained.  I know that sounds fatalistic and I am not a fatalist because of my faith in God.  However, I cannot ignore the handwriting on the walls and the warning signs that are everywhere.  America do not be deceived and do not allow fear and freebies to destroy your vision of Freedom and commitment to Liberty.

God bless you and God bless America!


As a Vietnam Veteran, an American, a patriot, a lover of freedom, and a Christian I never want to miss an opportunity to express my deep gratitude for those men and women who paid the ultimate price for Freedom.  Memorial Day is the day we have set aside to honor those who paid that price in a time of war, those killed in action (KIA) and those missing in action (MIA).  They are deserving of much more than a few words of platitude and their memories must never be tarnished by the rewriters of history and those seeking to dismantle our republic. 

I would never contended that all war is honorable or even necessary but when our nation is threatened, our patriots step forward.  That is one of the things that has kept America the Free Constitutional Republic she is and has been.  The weakening of our foundational fabric endangers that. The revisionism of history and the anti-American rhetoric bandied about in today’s political, media, and academia is weakening our Republic.  We must never forget and never cease to be grateful for the sacrifices made in the interest of freedom.

I saw a list of numbers of the deaths that were aired on a PBS broadcast some time ago.  The numbers may not be 100% accurate but reflect the reality that many have sacrificed.  In honoring their memories, we need to express our gratitude to the families of the fallen because their pain is also noteworthy.  I can only imagine the pain of losing a loved one in war.  I know some of the pain that my mother endured during my time in Vietnam.  The uncertainty, lack of information, and fear that her son would not come home were deeply traumatic.  I fully believe that her prayers for me kept me alive.

The list PBS presented War Time U.S. Military Deaths are as follows:

            Revolutionary War               4.435

            War of 1812                          2,260

            Indian Wars                          1,000

            Mexican War                      13,283

            Civil War                          498,332 (Another estimate was 618,000)

            Spanish-American War     2,446

            World War I                     116,516             

            World War II                     405,399

            Korean War                        54,246

            Vietnam War                      90,220 (Another estimate was 58,220)

            Persian Gulf War               1,565

            Global War on Terror       6,852

Clearly, some of those numbers are somewhat fluid and changing.  Vietnam and other war numbers have changed over the years as new information and discoveries have occurred.  The wartime deaths amount to about 1.2 million American service personnel. That does not include those listed as MIA who may have died in battle.  My gratitude is overflowing and my pride in calling myself an American has never been greater. 

During World War II, about 12% of the total U.S. population was a part of the armed forces.  Today we have approximately 1.4 million Americans on active duty and another 860,000 in various reserves.  That is approximately 2.1 million out of the 331 million.  That means that rather than have 12% as in WWII we have less than 1% serving today.  Technology and other changes have resulted in that statistic.  However, I am convinced that were we to enter another global conflict the numbers of Americans volunteering would escalate dramatically. I believe that America’s Patriots are ready to serve when needed!

Each year on the final Monday of May we celebrate Memorial Day.  It was originally called Decoration Day.  The American flag is supposed to be flown at half-mast until noon, and then raised to full mast until sunset on Memorial Day.  The tradition of wearing red poppies originated in John McCrae’s 1915 poem in Flanders Fields.  A relatively unknown tradition was to eat a picnic lunch on the grounds of a cemetery to honor the fallen heroes.  The placing of American flags on graves has long been a tradition and now under fire by those who seek to obliterate our traditional honoring of the fallen.

“In Flanders Fields”

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Few know that there is supposed to be a national moment of remembrance at 3 P.M. local time to honor the memories of the heroes of our wars.  One of our time-honored traditions where thousands of Americans visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day will not happen in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions. 

In a time when so little of our true history is known, I urge everyone to gather your family around you and remind them of the greatness of America and the value of our freedom.  If you have a loved one or an ancestor who died in one of our wars honor their memory and instill in the hearts of the young, they are free because others sacrificed all to ensure their liberty.  Take a moment and thank God for His goodness and mercy.  Take a moment and say, ‘Thank You’ to those who gave all.  Many of us gave something, but the ones we honor today gave everything.  They gave so that we could be Free!

Memorial Day, to me, is more than a holiday it is a reminder of the POWER OF LOVE! Love for family, love for country, love for freedom, and love for God.  I am reminded of the words of Jesus in John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  The heroes who paid all did not know me, but they died for me and you.  They died for the Love of Freedom, Family, and Country.  Dare we not honor their memory and prevent any government official from tarnishing that tradition and obligation to REMEMBER? 

God bless you and God bless America!   HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and THANK GOD WE ARE FREE!

WEAPONIZED CRISIS – Strips Away Duty and Replaces It with Agenda…

It has been a long time since I have trusted any news outlet for information or considered them anything but propaganda machines.  The media, calling themselves reporting agencies and conveyors of news, have morphed from their duty and become agents of agenda.  That renders them useless for information and updates on the news.  It makes them a valuable source for propaganda and political spin.  Therefore, I suggest that we cease calling them News Outlets and call them political activists.

In the last days of April 2020, several significant events were transpiring around the world.  One would have thought the Media or News Outlets would have zeroed in on those and attempted to inform the public.  Why?  Because some of those events have a global impact, some have a civil liberties impact, some reveal the depth of corruption of the Deep State and Swamp, and some expose the draconian actions of mayors and governors in America.  Were those events reported and discussed?  Only passingly and frequently there was no mention whatsoever.

What was the focus of the Media and News Outlets?  President Donald J. Trump.  Their reports were not unbiased stories regarding the president but attempts to formulate, reformulate, and solidify the attacks on him.  They have used and will continue to use every devious, deceptive, dishonest, and destructive means possible to ‘destroy’ the evil Orange Man.  He is public enemy number one to those on the Left and in the Media and must be nullified if not eradicated. 

I avoided the hoopla of the fraudulent charges that President Trump encouraged people to ingest bleach, disinfectants, or even have UV light rays injected into our bodies.  That was massive dishonesty in the reporting. The reports were not contextual but seized upon the opportunity to advance an inflamed theory that Trump is unstable, mentally deranged, and dangerous.  They have ignored the incoherent ramblings of Joe Biden, the vitriol of other Democrats, but Trump is America’s greatest threat, according to them. 

The Daily Caller transcribed some relevant information from the press conference where the president made his comments.  The comments that have been pressed beyond measure and used as an attempt to confirm the need to oust him from the White House.  In the press conference the Under Secretary for Science and Technology at the DHS, Bill Bryan made some comments about the ‘half-life’ of the coronavirus on surfaces.  He said that when they ‘injected’ UV rays into the mix along with high temperatures and increased humidity the virus dies quickly.  The media never mentions those statements only what the president said in a question after that discussion.

Mr. Bryan revealed that the DHS has tested certain types of disinfectants to discover the impact on killing the virus.  He said, “We’ve tested bleach, we’ve tested isopropyl alcohol on the virus, specifically in saliva or in respiratory fluids, and I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes,” Bryan said. “Isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds, and that’s with no manipulation, no rubbing. Just bring it on and leaving it go. You rub it and it goes away even faster.” 

It was after those remarks that President Trump made his statement that has sent the Democrats and the Media into turmoil.  He said, “So, I’m going to ask Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking or if you’re totally into that world, which I find very interesting.  So, supposing when we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it.  And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way.  And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”  

The media jumped on that immediately and asked Mr. Bryan eliciting a push back from Mr. Bryan.  That prompted President Trump to attempt a clarification.  He said, “It wouldn’t be through injections, you’re talking about almost a cleaning and sterilization of an area.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t work, but it certainly has a big effect if it’s on a stationary object.”  He then talked about the power of UV rays on the skin and asked if those rays were on a person’s hands would it kill the virus.  Bryan deflected a bit saying, “I don’t know if it would kill the virus at the same rate as on a non-porous surface.”  He then said, “The virus lives longer on non-porous surfaces.  It doesn’t live as long on non-porous surfaces, so in theory what you said is correct.”  Was that reported?  Not a word!

The Democrats including Pelosi, Biden, and others insisted that the President had suggested killing people by injecting them with Lysol or some other substance.  If you watched the presser and read the real transcripts you know that is not what he said. 

I’ve been told by some in the medical and research field that what President Trump was actually referring to was “Ultraviolet catheter technology.”  It was in the news and Dr. Brix was unfamiliar with it.  I’m told that this is achieved via inserting a tube into the breathing tube of an intubated patient.  They used ultraviolet healight and there is the testing to explore the power and benefit of controlled ethanol vapor inhalation to destroy the virus.  Therefore, the President was not spacing out when he asked the question.  He asked a question!  He did not make, a suggestion.  Tragically, some will take any comment by a leader as a suggestion.  He said, more than once, to work with your medical doctors. 

During that time frame, there was the unreported question as to the health of North Korea’s dictator and what it might mean to the world.  There were the revelations of the violations by the FBI and others in the General Flynn case and how it affects our civil liberties and freedom.  There was the ongoing stonewalling of Adam Schiff refusing to release the needed transcripts of 43 interviews of Russian collusion witnesses his committed conducted in secret.  Was any of that mentioned? Only in passing, if at all.

There was the potential involvement of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and others in the coup against President Trump.  There were the draconian measures taken in various states and the terribleness of the decision of New York, New Jersey, and California exposing the most vulnerable to the virus.  Namely, the elderly in nursing homes and their caretakers.  They ordered virus-stricken patients to be housed in nursing homes after transported from hospitals.  We are told that about 20% of the fatalities have occurred in nursing homes.  Was that the focus of the news? Nope, it was Trump wants to kill people with his insanity.

America, the so-called Media and News Outlets are not interested in reporting the news, keeping us informed as to what is happening around the world.  They are interested in destroying President Trump and reclaiming total control of the government in November.  It is about Power and if we suffer and die, that is simply collateral damage in their minds or useful tools to enhance their agenda. 

I keep asking, “Can America be this dumb?”  “Can the Media be this diabolical?”  “Can we survive the intensity of hate?”  Regarding the first question, it seems so. Regarding the second question, absolutely. Regarding the last question, I keep saying, yes, but I am beginning to question my hope.  I trust God, not the government.  I trust God, not man.  Therefore, I will continue to pray and believe that God will help us in our time of trouble!

God bless you and God bless America!