No, I do not mean Republicans but the obvious and blatant violations of federal law by many actors in the events leading up to and resulting in the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  I mean, the abuses and dangers presented by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her associates disseminating confidential information via an unsecured email server and without authorization by proper authorities.  I mean, the abuses and violations by former FBI Director James Comey and his associates in the Clinton investigation and the attempted coup against the sitting President, Donald Trump.  I mean, the abuses by the Obama administration’s DOJ and other agencies and agents in the coverup of Benghazi, Hillary’s email imbroglio and the assault on the Constitution and our system of elections in the attempted coup against Donald Trump.  Some things were so obvious and even acknowledged but with ZERO Indictments.  That’s what I mean!

            The Mueller Team, as we all know, was packed with Clinton and Obama sycophants and partisan operatives with ZERO Republicans included.  Robert Mueller’s Team spent millions of American tax-payer dollars spanning nearly two-full years, utilizing assets, obtaining warrants, and interviews or interrogating hundreds of potential witnesses and informants.  Yet, at the end of the day, he found NOTHING to connect Donald Trump and his team to the charge of Russian collusion in the 2016 election.  Likewise, there was no evidence of Obstruction of Justice in the firing of James Comey or anything else.

Through Attorney General Jeff Sessions misguided act of recusing himself and turning this over to the Obama appointee, Rod Rosenstein we were given the Special Counsel.  Rosenstein issued the order to appoint a special counsel.  In his order, he directed Robert Mueller to “conduct the investigation confirmed by then-FBI Director James B. Comey in testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on March 20, 2017, including: (i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and (ii) any matters that arise or may arise directly from the investigation.” Rosenstein’s order also provided that “[i]f the Special Counsel believes it necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.”

Let me address that directive from my perch on the wall.  James Comey, the longtime associate, and friend of Robert Mueller testified before Congress that the FBI had conducted counterintelligence of the Trump campaign.  That effort was launched in July of 2016 and was almost exclusively based on the debunked Steele dossier. A work that was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.  That was, at best, gross abuse of power by the former director and an action that should result in his being scrutinized on legal grounds.  Was he investigated?  It certainly does not appear that he was, at least not by the Mueller team. 

Did the Mueller team target those who perpetrated that fake dossier with the same dedication and vengeance as they have the Trump associates?  It would not appear so.  If not, why not?  There was obvious and even acknowledged misleading and false information submitted to the FBI, which is itself a federal crime.  Where are the indictments?  Was there an investigation into the FBI players who have been exposed as key participants in the coup against President Trump and in the attempts to prevent him from being elected? 

We know from the summary by Attorney General William Barr that the Mueller investigation confirmed that Russian government actors were successful in hacking into computers and obtained emails from persons connected to Clinton and the DNC.  That should have immediately raised the question regarding whether any of those emails were transmitted via Hillary’s unsecured server and contained any classified information.  That brings into question, Hillary, James Comey, and numerous other Democrat operatives.  Using the directive of Rod Rosenstein to the Mueller Team, that revelation opened the door to numerous prosecutable actions on the part of Democrats.  Where are those indictments?

The Mueller Team either totally overlooked or ignored the mountain of evidence and red flags that could lead to prosecutable crimes committed by those connected to Hillary Clinton, and the DNC.  In fact, there were, by Comey’s admission, illegal actions taken by Hillary Clinton, but he ignored those and excused her.  If we go back to the Benghazi incident and the lies and misinformation and acts of perjury committed to protect both Hillary and Obama in his pursuit of a 2nd term were and continue to be ignored. 

Rosenstein’s order was a very broad brush that placed at the disposal of the Special Counsel the resources of the DOJ to indict and prosecute crimes.  Since there were no prosecutions of the Clinton or Obama teams and FBI operatives that colluded to defeat or overthrow the president I must conclude that finding the truth was not the objective.  If not, then what was the objective?  It must be considered CYA!  This was designed to cover the behinds of Obama, Clinton, Comey, and numerous others involved in their efforts to destroy Trump.  Don’t misunderstand, I do believe they hoped they could find something actionable against the President or his family that would destroy him.  I do not believe they truly thought there was collusion, but they hoped against hope they could find or concoct something that would be usable in impeaching, disgracing, and ousting him.

Who has suffered the most in this investigation?  The American people and our American Constitutional Republic.  Our standing in the world community has been damaged.  Nations of the world consider our mandates on human rights and governmental integrity sanctimonious ramblings of a corrupt nation.  Many already saw us that way and now the Democrats wanting to be President are trashing America as did their forerunner, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. 

I love America and want to see us return to being the true Constitutional Republic our Founders established.  It is my prayer and desire that all of Washington will be exposed and the corruption rooted out.  It is my prayer and desire that we can somehow garner enough support and develop a strong enough coalition of voters to drain the swamp and dismantle the deep state.  That can only happen if we defeat the Liberal Leftists Socialist Globalists and send enough RINOs home to establish a Congress that follows the rule of law and honors the Constitution.  I pray for a return to Citizen Representation.  The elections of 2020 are more than important they are critical.

God bless you and God bless America!



There was a time when I tried to understand the liberal leftists, but that ship has sailed because I realized that it was impossible to make sense out of the nonsensical and turn insanity to sanity by pondering it.  There is a very real war on Christianity, Judaism, and anything and everything conservative that is not going away easily, if ever.  I try not to be cynical, but cynicism keeps trying to creep into my thought processes because of what I see, hear, and experience in today’s America.  The antics of the professional politicians and operatives in Washington are so diabolical they could easily make a devoted optimist a pessimist.  No, I did not take my downer pill and am not sucking on a sour pickle but I am disturbed.

I recently read some remarks by people loyal to the Kennedy’s and their comparisons to what happened to Nixon and why that kind of thing never happened to John F. or Robert Kennedy.  One of the asked some conservatives if they knew why?  Obviously, they could not give any definitive answers, so he said, “Because, one of us would have walked the plank for them.”  Simply put, a Kennedy aide would have taken the rap for either of the Kennedy brothers.  To make that point more poignant it was revealed that Kennedy’s political operative Paul Corbin converted to Catholicism, at Kennedy’s recommendation, to ally the concerns of a Pennsylvania Democrat’s suspicion that Paul was a communist. 

That brings to the forefront of my thought processes the testimony of Michael Cohen, a man convicted of lying to the FBI and virtually everybody else.  He testified before the rabid elitists in Congress and insisted that this time he was being truthful.  This is the same man that had previously said that he would take a bullet for Trump.  What kind of bullet, one would have to ask since he now has become the Democrats favorite former Trump associate?  His lawyers petitioned Trump for a presidential pardon after his conviction and Trump refused.  Sounds a bit fishy to me that a man who, by his own testimony, was devotedly loyal to the President and did not consider him any of the things he accused Trump of would now consider him Public Enemy Number One.  Why?  Could it have anything to do with getting a lighter sentence and revenge for not getting his pardon? 

Democrats and Republicans are very different animals, not just because their mascots are a donkey and an elephant.  Observe, I did not use the biblical description of a donkey but said donkey.  A former Democratic operative used the analysis of libido in defining the difference in the two parties.  No, he was not talking about their sex drives but their power quests and devotion to power.  Please do not assume that I am saying, Democrats are power-crazed, and Republicans are not.  However, his analogy was that the political libido of the Democrats was that of a nymphomaniac and that of the Republicans was that of a Victorian.  I laughed when I heard that and hesitate to use it, but in many ways, it is incredibly accurate.

The Democrat politician is never off the campaign trail.  They will break for lunch, dinner, or to sleep but then it is back to the campaign trail and the quest for power.  If you doubt that, look at how many Democrats are already in the race for the presidential nomination in 2020.  The Democrats used to control virtually all elected offices and bureaucracies but now they control the House of Representatives and their hold on other offices and positions are being diminished.  Their new members, people like the anti-Semitic Muslim and the “Greenie” from New York are muddying the waters and stirring the pot.  The Vegan Spartan, Senator Spartacus and other would be presidents are continuously waging attacks on anything and everything of faith, traditional values, and conservative. 

The Democrat Establishment and most of its base would like to eliminate the electoral college.  They are energized by their own political libido and their insatiable thirst for power drives them to engage in any dirty trick they can think of to win.  They are devoted followers of the Alinsky model and the Machiavellian motto, “The end justifies the means.”  I don’t know who first made that statement, maybe Saint Jerome or the Roman poet Ovid but the leftists have made it a cornerstone of their ideological and moral position. 

President Trump has referred to, as have others, “low energy” Republicans who need to rev up their political libidos for 2020.  We are not just facing a minor bump in the road, we are facing a full-scale war for our Freedom.  Some consider me nothing more than the little boy crying wolf and an alarmist but if you take their declarations, ideological positions, and proposals serious you will likely join me in sounding the alarm.

America we are at a very serious juncture in our history.  I know I said in the last election, and in the 2016 elections that those were the most serious of my lifetime.  They were, and now we face one in 2020 that is even more critical.  We watched the Leftists who have been morphing into full-blown Socialist win the House in 2018.  Dare we allow them to reclaim the Senate and the White House in 2020?  If you do not consider this an emergency and a national crisis, you will ignore the warnings and take a ‘ho-hum’ approach and the political libido and drive of the Democrats will overwhelm us and take another step toward the dismantling of everything we hold dear in America and our system of government.   I cannot watch that happen passively and in silence.

I ask that you join me in fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom and become informed about what is happening and what the agenda truly is.  Together we can defeat the push for Socialism and the desired ‘fundamental transformation’ of our Constitutional Republic.  Where is Patrick Henry when we need him crying, “Give me Liberty or give me Death!”?

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


I have a number of conservative, constitutional, and Christian friends who tell me, “Never going to happen in America” regarding Socialism.  They dismiss it summarily without giving much thought.  I wish I could adopt that mentality but from what I have seen in recent elections, heard from various people, and observed a definitive shift in thinking among man, I’m not so sure.  I am concerned. 

The words of Proverbs 30:15-16 echo in my head as I consider the mind and heart of mankind.  I cautiously use the Living Bible translation, “There are two things never satisfied, like a leech forever craving more: no three, things! No, four!  Hell, the barren womb, a barren desert, a fire.”  Greed in the human heart is never satisfied. 

Proverbs 27:20 tells us, “Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, nor are the eyes of a man ever satisfied.”  Greed, envy, and covetousness in the human heart blinds the mind to reason and strips one of the motivations to do what is necessary to succeed.  The entitlement mentality of today’s world advanced and nurtured by the toxicity of liberalism and class envy are robbing generations of the necessary entrepreneurial spirit and drive required for success in Capitalism and the Free Market.

We have allowed Political Correctness and a fallacious ideology that somehow the field can be made level for everyone and everyone can share equally without labor and effort of everyone.  There is a resurgence of Socialism and it is a serious threat to our American way of life, our economic and political system and, if allowed to prevail will destroy our Republic.  I consider it that serious.  You may truly believe that Americans will reject this idea but check some of the 2018 elections and see where this mentality won as well as how close some of the Socialist came to winning in their races against conservatives.  That should raise red flags in your heart and mind and cause you to see the need to ‘expose liberalism and socialism’ for what it is.

Dr. Thomas Sowell and others who are renowned economist have sounded the alarm. They are true economist unlike the faux economist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and the long list of Democrats who are backing the push for Socialism.  He said, and I agree, reminded us that on paper, Socialism sounds good, but in reality, it is a disaster.  Look at the countries that were once thriving economies and enjoyed freedom and liberty who are now under the jackboots of dictators who are advancing Socialism and Marxism.  Venezuela is one of the most immediate that comes to mind.  A once thriving nation is not starving because of Socialism.  It did not make the playing field level.  It did not make everyone equal except in poverty.  If that is the desire, no thanks!

If people today used, reason and logic, tested ideas against facts and true history, Socialism would be D.O.A. and never have any hope of surviving in America.  Sadly, that is far from the current condition in America.  Today, our educational system, the media, politicians, and activist pay little attention to evidence and operate on rhetoric and emotion.  That is hurling us headlong toward Socialism and a Grecian style democracy rather than a Free Constitutional Republic.  That is not just dangerous it is diabolical and destructive!

If we ignore danger that danger frequently prevails.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  It is imperative that we know the strategies and agenda of our enemies to formulate a pathway to victory.  Assuming that everyone sees the problem, loves our freedoms, and grasps the value and benefit of the Free Market is to open the door to the deception of millions.  Freebies sound good.  Who would not like to have something they desire given to them without having to work, save, and sacrifice to obtain?  Well, many would, even if some argue they want nothing they have not earned. 

It is my desire that Socialism be put on trial in America.  No, I do not mean litigation in the courts of law but on trial in the court of public opinion.  I want those who see the danger to articulate those dangers and expose the fallaciousness of the lies of the liberal socialist.  I want their deception to be exposed and help as many as possible to understand that no nation operating in a Socialist Economy has produced the Utopia their ideology declares will be the result.  Those in poverty become more impoverished.  There are always a few in power who become incredibly wealthy and they do not ‘share the wealth’ or ‘redistribute their wealth’ to the masses.  They keep it, horde it, and live in luxury while the people live in squalor.  That is the truth of Socialism.

If the Socialist agenda of the Left becomes a reality we will see the literal destruction and devastation in energy, transportation, airlines, jobs, and businesses large and small.  It would cost, in the estimate of many economists over $75 TRILLION.  We need to remind people that the rant and diatribe of the Left that the Rich are not “paying their fair share” is false.  The top 10% of all wage earners pay approximately 70% of all taxes.  How is that deemed less than their fair share?  The bottom 50% of all wage earners pay about 3% of all taxes.  Let’s talk about fair shares.  

Yes, the rich are sometimes rich to the point of being viewed as obnoxious and obscene but that is the reward of either inheritance or ingenuity and hard work.  No, I do not think that everyone in America can become filthy rich, but I do believe that we can all achieve more if we make the required sacrifices, take advantage of the available opportunities or make opportunities for ourselves daring to risk everything.  There are risk and reward in any business venture and you might lose everything pursuing your objective and that is a choice you must make.  If you choose to not take the risk, how is that the fault of any ethnicity or those who have become wealthy? 

Someone said, “Socialism is rising in America but so are ignorance, stupidity, greed, and envy.”  It makes me scratch my head and wonder, “How can this be?” How can this be in a time of economic boom?  Why would Socialism gain traction in a time when there are more jobs than we have seen in a very long time?  How?  Because of the greed and entitlement mentality that has been generationally produced via education, indoctrination, activism, liberalism, and the incessant rant of the media.  Politicians love the idea of buying votes and thereby enslaving their constituents.  That is the precursor to Tyranny and Socialism.  We are dangerously close in America, so I see it as a very real threat and possibility.

What can we do?  We must put Socialism on Trial in the Court of Public Opinion.  We must articulate the realities and dangers of Socialism and the benefits of the Free Market.  We must get on our faces before God and pray for sanity to prevail so that Freedom can survive.  I pray that all who love our Freedoms, our nation, and want to keep America Free will unite and vote against all the Leftist, Socialist, Marxist, Liberals and RINOs in 2020.  Let’s do this for America!

God bless you and God bless America!


No, I do not suggest that I know the exhaustive answer to that question, but I do have an opinion and sense of some things they are up to.  Most of us on the Right and those who support the Constitution in its Original Intent see the dramatic shift of the Democratic Party to the Extreme Left.  In my view, they no longer hide from the Socialism identifier.  How Americans at any socioeconomic level could embrace Socialism is a bit puzzling but there appear to be millions who are buying the line and taking the bait hook line and sinker. 

I am convinced that one of the reasons some are buying into the Socialism Freebies push is because of envy, greed, and a sense of entitlement or desert.  They believe they are owed something and deserve it.  In that mindset, they have been indoctrinated that the rich are evil and somehow have stolen from them or suppressed them, therefore, the rich owe them a portion of their wealth.  The blindness manufactured and inspired by the liberal leftist professors, activist, media types, and politicians have generated class envy and hate that restricts the use of logic and reason.  Emotion is the weapon of the Leftists not reason.  Emotion can be brought to the boiling point and make one reactive rather than proactive.

I am convinced that the new faces of the Democratic Party which can rightly be called the New Democratic Socialist Party are not only making waves but pushing for a purging within their ranks.  That purging is to rid the Democratic Party of all who hold any moderate view and are not on board with the Socialist agenda being advanced as the 2020 mantra of their party. 

I was somewhat encouraged recently when 26 Democrats supported the Republican amendment to the ‘gun control’ bill.  It infuriated the leadership and ignited the Far-Left members of Congress as well as their base.  The calls for their destruction were immediate and the threats issued were severe and serious.  The Republicans lacked the votes to defeat the Democrat bill to expand federal background checks for all purchases, so they offered an amendment that was palatable to some moderate Democrats. 

The amendment was a requirement that ICE be notified if an illegal immigrant sought to purchase a firearm.  Why would the Left not want that to be included?  Two reasons come to mind.  One, they do not want any exposure of illegals.  Two, they do not truly want to enhance the ability of law enforcement to protect Americans.  They want more than background checks they want the 2nd Amendment repealed or replaced. 

Gun control is not my focus in this article, but the planned and desired purging of the ranks of the New Democratic Socialist Party of all Moderates is.  Heaven forbid a Democrat should actually be Conservative or a Constitutionalist.  Those must be purged lest the Party face the danger of Americans waking up to the scam and snake oil they are selling in their Socialism, Climate Change, Globalism push.

After the vote, the new darling of the Left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a threat to put all the Democrats who voted with the Republicans on “a list.”  What kind of list?  What does that mean?  What is the threat?  Her threat was that she would work to unseat them in the 2020 primaries and replace them with an extremist like herself.  Does she have that much power?  Are her threats backed by enough support and power to be taken seriously by the moderates?  She is, according to a member of her staff, compiling a list to be forwarded to liberal activist groups and encouraging them to go on the attack against the moderate Democrats. 

During the eight years that Republicans held a majority in the House from 2011 through January of this year, they did not lose a single procedural vote the Democrats tried to use to force them into precarious political positions.  On the flip side, the Democrats have already lost two such votes and that has inspired the infighting within the party and hopefully, it will expose the true colors of the Left and cause the moderates from largely conservative districts to resist and push back.  Will, that mean that the Republicans and America can win against the insane drive of the Left to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a Socialist Nation and damage our individual liberties and inalienable rights?  Time will tell.

I am somewhat encouraged by family members of some of the most extreme Democratic Leftists dressing them down publicly.  Will, that change the minds of those leftists?  Not likely, but it may open the eyes of some voters who still occasionally use their cognitive skills of reason and logic.  Senator Kamala Harris was rebuked by her own father for perpetrating the stereotype of Jamaicans as potheads.  Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also rebuked by her mother over her Socialism lunacy.  Her mother informed the Daily Mail that she moved from New York to Florida to get away from the intolerably high taxes of New York. 

Her mother’s statement: “I was cleaning houses in the morning and working as a secretary at a hospital in the afternoon. I was working from 6 am until 11 pm. And I prayed and prayed, and things worked out. After the children graduated from college, I figured it was time for me to move to Florida.’  She then said, that it was a no-brainer, and added, “I was paying $10,000 a year in real estate taxes up north. I’m paying $600 a year in Florida. It’s stress-free down here.”

AOC is joined by the myriad of liberal Democratic Socialist running for President in 2020 who are all are Green Deal Proponents, Freebies, Socialism, higher Taxes, and Government Control.  Her juvenile language is troubling enough calling for the ‘tippy tops’ to pay more and failing to realize that increased taxes on any sector affects every sector of our society and economy.  Her plan is strange for anyone with any knowledge of economics, but for an economics major in college, this is a total disconnect with reality.

The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that New York State lost 180,306 people and gained only 131,746 between July 2017 and July 2018.  That is a net loss of 48,560 people which represented the largest loss of any state. The ideas presented by AOC and the rest of the Democrats is toxic, poisonous and will destroy our economy and allow the government to take more control and bring about their desired ‘fundamental transformation’. 

We need to pray that more Moderate Democrats will run in those districts where a Republican has zero chance of winning.  We need to encourage the moderates within the Democratic ranks to THINK and do what is best for America not what is best for the power-hungry political elitists.  We need to find candidates who can articulate conservatism, constitutionalism, and the evils of Socialism and its inherent dangers.  It is my conviction that America’s survival is hanging in the balance and I call for all who pray to join me in serious and earnest specific praying for America.

We Conservatives and Constitutionalist can win if we unite!  We will lose if we continue our sectarian divide and insist on having our way in everything.  Lovers of America and Freedom I plead with you to find a way to unite and take a firm stand for our Republic.  We will never find a candidate that embodies everything we desire so let’s find the ones who will stand without flinching for America and Americans.

God bless you and God bless America!


Enemies of what or whom?  Now, that opens the door for me to shotgun a bit, but my main concern is the true enemies of our Constitutional Republic, our Individual Liberties, and our Inalienable Rights.  I add to that the enemies of our Faith and if you will allow me, the enemies of this president.

I realize that last inclusion will possibly produce angst and anger in the hearts and minds of some who are adamantly Never Trump to the point they can see no other solution than his demise or removal from office.  I personally do not believe that those who hold that position and are otherwise in favor of conservatism and constitutionalism are looking at the big picture realistically.  I have thrown my support behind this president not because I think he is a solid conservative, an intellectual Constitutionalist, a righteous man or any of the many reasons some are attacking him.  I believe, however, he unlike the many Republican Presidents and Legislators is willing to stand firm in restoring our Constitutional Republic and making America better. 

You may vehemently disagree and that is your right both constitutionally and biblically.  I defend your right to disagree and do not ask you to violate what you believe is a principled view of his presidency.  I do ask that you consider what is at stake and ask yourself if we were better off under the soft-tyranny of Barack Hussein Obama.  Would we be better off if Hillary Clinton was in the White House?  If your answer is yes, then we probably have nothing further to discuss.  I would be unable to reason with you on any logical ground based on their actions and stated positions.  Am I happy with everything this president has done?  No, but I am happy with some and even many of the things he has done.  I am happy that he does not appear to be easily swayed by political pressure but is willing to face issues and address them.

I read an article recently by Mychal Massie and he said, “There are three things, which I know unequivocally to be true: 1) every word in the Word of God, i.e., the Holy Bible, is true except of course for the  bastardized versions of scripture; 2) God is not a globalist; and 3) the Republican elites and the Republican hierarchy will either help the enemy or sit passively on the sidelines as the progressive machine works to destroy our way of life.”  I read that and thought, “I don’t disagree, but I sure hope you are wrong on the last point.”

It is insulting for the Republican Establishment to operate as though we were blind, dumb, and ignorant.  It is insulting for them to toss us an occasional bone and give us a pat on the head from time to time as they continue their collusion and cooperation with the Leftists spending us into oblivion.  I am angered by their continued failure to take the needed action to back this president in fulfilling their and his campaign promises.  It is impossible to explain or defend the resistance and ineptitude off the Republican hierarchy in Congress revealing their globalist bent and exposing themselves as marginally less progressive than the Democrat Socialist.

The Republicans could have experienced and enjoyed a resounding defeat of the liberal leftists in 2018 had they, in 2017 and 2018 backed the president and fulfilled their promises to the voters.  America would have been on board, the truth of the robustness of the economy, the fight against terrorism, the securing of the border, and the repealing and replacement of Obamacare would have proved victorious.  Instead, they opted to be sneakily resistant and allow the obstructionism of the Left to prevail.  The failure of the Senate to confirm the mountain of nominees for federal judicial vacancies is clear evidence of their position, condition, and intent.

I would argue that God is not a Globalist although He loves ALL Mankind and wants none to be lost.  I suggest that you consider the Tower of Babel as an example of man’s attempt to advance globalism and God frowned on it and defeated it.  That may irritate some who protest bringing God into the political arena, but politics is life and God is very much involved in life.  Therefore, I make no apologies for using the Bible, God, and my Faith in Him as the foundation for my political and ideological positions. 

If you do cursory research of all presidents for the past 50 years will readily note that we have not had a president who did not give away BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to countries around the world.  Sadly, many of those countries are not our friends and desire our destruction.  Yes, they take our money and desire our protection, but they do not like us, love us, or agree with us.  They use us!  That is not good policy and should be immediately addressed.  I learned early in life that you cannot buy friends. 

The claim that President Trump has broken his promise to build a wall on the southern border is wrong.  There are supposed conservatives who are accusing him of that on the airwaves and their charges are being regurgitated by the liberal media even some on Fox News and other theoretically conservative outlets.  Does anyone care that in 2006 the Congressional Secure Fence Act was passed by Congress?  That bill promised us a 700-mile fence.  What happened to the money and the fence?  That is not Trump’s fault or failure it is George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Congress’s failure.

When members of both parties are willing to build walls around their mansions at a cost of thousands of dollars but resist a wall on our southern border, that is indefensible.  It exposes who and what they really are, Globalist.  I believe I have seen in President Trump a pragmatism that allows him to view a problem not as a Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal but as a man who wants to find a solution.  He is a man, not God and I am not a cultist as we are accused of being.  I see the kinks in his armor, but I also see a man who is willing to take a stand and fight for what most of us in America want – Constitutional Freedom and Limited Government.

Let me conclude with something Mr. Massie wrote and ask that you ponder it.  You may find it repulsive and you may find it enlightening.  He said, “I leave you with the following thought. Many people have told me that they were praying for a true leader who loves America. Suppose President Trump is the answer to those prayers? And if that is the case, what does it make the globalist anti-American Republicans in Congress who are fighting against President Trump? I think we all know the answer to my question; the question is are we willing to do something about it? I say every RINO Republican who fights against President Trump is fighting against you and me and they must be primaried and defeated. This just might be the last opportunity to rescue America in the time remaining before Christ’s return for His own.”

Love me or hate me, agree with me or disagree I plead with you to join me in praying for America and our Republic.  I ask that you invest yourself in the pursuit of finding solutions, not vitriolic rhetoric and the fanning of the flames of hate and discord.  America’s greatness is in our willingness to allow disagreement and in our moral moorings.  The words of our First President George Washington’s inaugural address ring in my ears, “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.” 

God bless you and God bless America!

FROM RED TO PURPLE TO BLUE – That’s the Plan of Liberalism…

I am still trying to wrap my head around how my home state Texas has become Purple with a heavy hint of blueness in its political fabric.  How did that happen?  There are many explanations but none of them fully satisfy my concern.  In the last U.S. Senate election, we watched a Socialist Liberal Leftists from El Paso who wants to be identified by a Hispanic nickname run a close race with Senator Ted Cruz.  Some polls indicate that he is anywhere from tied to 2 points behind Senator John Cornyn had he opted to run against Cornyn in 2020.  But, Robert Francis has bigger fish to fry and sees himself as the savior of America so he is running for President. The transformation in Texas is deeply disconcerting and gives me great concern about my home state which has been a stronghold of Conservatism for a long time.

I have heard from some involved Democrats and some insightful Republicans that there is a concerted effort by the Deep State and the Democratic Socialist Party formerly the Democratic Party to make Texas and other states irreversibly blue politically.  If there were to happen it would make me BLUE emotionally but not politically.  My love for Freedom, our Constitutional Republic, my family, and my God prevent me from even considering a vote for a Leftists.  I see where that is heading and want no part of it, so I keep standing and sounding the alarm hoping some will hear and heed the warnings.

Sometimes later this year, the Supreme Court will hear the case and make a ruling on President Trump’s request that there be a citizenship question included in the 2020 U.S. Census.  I support his decision because no state should gain representation based on a population increase of non-citizens and illegals.  That is what is happening in virtually every state based on the current questionnaire of the U.S. Census. 

The Democrats are crying loudly that this is a ‘privacy’ matter and violates a person’s rights.  That has been rejected by a federal judge, but they will continue to make that plea and try to make it racist to ask about a person’s citizenship.  I don’t mind being asked if I am a U.S. Citizen on the Census questionnaire.  It is not an invasion of my privacy.  However, if a person is a non-citizen who has overstayed their visa or an illegal who has crossed our borders in violation of our laws it is a concern to them. 

If we allow non-citizens and illegals to be counted, then the Democrat Plan of turning our Red or Purple Eyes Blue will succeed in making purple states blue.  The numbers will be inflated in their favor in swing states.  Every state’s electoral vote and future federal funding are determined by their population totals.  Representation should be based on the total population of legal citizens and no one else!  We know this is part of the plan because in the past U.S. Census the electoral votes and representation of several swing states increased based on non-citizen and illegal aliens being included in the population totals.  That is wrong, and the Supreme Court should include the Citizenship Question and stop this madness.  Will they?  We will have to wait and see and as usual, I am concerned about the wolf in sheep’s clothing, John Roberts on this matter.

Based on the 2010 Census, my home State of Texas gained 4 U.S. House of Representative seats.  Texas has gained representation in every U.S. Census since 1845.  Texas is not alone in the increase because in Florida after the 2010 Census they gained 2 seats in Congress.  The dilemma for the Democrats is that Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey each lost a seat in Congress and the Democrats want to regain those lost seats and add a few more and their best avenue for that accomplishment is counting the non-citizens and illegals and including them in the numbers to determine representation in Congress and thus gain electoral votes.

The Democrats have been focused on the long game politically for over 100 years and even in the face of severe losses under Barack H. Obama they continued the behind the scenes efforts to solidify their position.  Having open borders and counting illegals is to their advantage and to America’s hurt but they do not care about America, they care about power. 

I am convinced that the Democrats would prefer to abolish the Electoral College than be forced to rely on the U.S. Census or be subjected to decisions made by the Supreme Court.  They know that their power base on both coasts in California and New York would guarantee a win in any national election based on popular vote.  That does not bode well for the rest of America but again, we are not their focus, power is.

The Democrats are still dragging their feet in confirming the many federal judicial nominees of President Trump.  Why the Republicans in the Senate are allowing this is another issue, but it is happening.  After two years some are still not confirmed.  That is evidence of their determination to be obstructionist in every way possible.  Democrats must control the courts because they know that the majority of people in the majority of states reject their snake oil politics and want nothing to do with it.  Sadly, there are enough people in America who want to get on the ‘freebie train’ and are willing slaves to the federal dole they continue to gain inroads in many areas. 

The reason the Democrats oppose border security and a wall is they know that if they can win on either of those two points I have mentioned the massive influx of new bodies in America will mean more votes for them both at the polls and in the electoral college.  The claim that there are only 11 million illegals here, as if 11 million could be an only, is flawed. I believe that is far too low and there are probably nearer 22 to 30 million.  If you add that number to the 13 million non-citizens with ‘green cards’ that gives the Democrats about a 10 percent increase in population and would dramatically affect all elections national and state.

The current condition of allowing non-citizens to vote in local and school board elections is gaining traction and that erosion of our Constitution will eventually destroy the Republic if we do not stop it now!  America, if we want to Keep our Free Republic we must defeat the Leftists who have largely become Socialist and are almost all Globalist.  It is not too early to focus on 2020 and now is the time to find honest, hard-working, God-fearing, Constitutionalist to run for office.  Is that you?  If so, I pray that you will take the plunge.  If it is not, I pray that you will join those of us sounding the alarm and become involved.

God bless you and God bless America!

HIDING FROM THE TRUTH – A Liberal Leftists Norm

The more that is uncovered and exposed about the corruption of the Obama White House and his Department of Justice the more my title becomes a viable reality.  The more we learn about the corruption of the FBI and other Intelligence Agencies under President Obama the more my title becomes a viable reality.  The more we learn about the complicity and collusion of the RINOs in Congress with the Leftists the more my title becomes a viable and visible reality. 

There was enough evidence, not speculation, as is all they have in the Trump investigations, to issue an indictment against many, including Hillary herself.  Nothing was done, and I believe that was largely for two reasons: to protect Himself and to try to keep the pathway open for Hillary to ascend to the throne of Democrat Power as President.  This was to be the completion of the Obama agenda of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America into a Socialist State and dismantling our Republican form of government.  Thank God the ascension part failed.

Now we have some access to the transcripts of Lisa Page’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and it is more than a little revealing and disturbing.  Will it result in action?  Not unless the American people make so much noise even the Democrats cannot ignore or continue to sweep it under the rug.  Not unless the Democrats are evicted from the House in 2020 and kept out of the White House.  That is a lot of ‘not unless’ elements but things that every lover of Freedom should keep in mind as we near November of 2020.

Peter Strzok warned Page, “One more thing: She might be our next President. The last thing you need is us going in there [to Clinton’s interview] loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more DOJ than FBI?”  Page confirmed that the ‘she’ was Hillary Clinton and it was in reference to the 2016 elections and the investigation of Clinton.  Dare we forget that Robert Mueller recruited Lisa Page to participate in his Russian Collusion investigation of Donald Trump?  Why would he want someone so adamantly opposed to Trump to help conduct what was to be an unbiased and bi-partisan investigation?  Because it was neither.

Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) tweeted that part of Page’s testimony: 

Mr. Ratcliffe: Okay. So let me if I can, I know I’m testing your memory, but when you say advice you got from the Department [of Justice], you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: “You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to.”

Ms. Page: That’s correct.

Bruce Oho testified that he informed the FBI that Christopher Steele was biased and desperate to defeat Donald Trump.  That information was passed on to the FBI ‘before’ James Comey certified the FISA application to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance on Carter Page.  Nice, right?  No corruption, no bias, no collusion, no ignoring the law by this Law enforcement agency, right?  Yeah, I can see pigs flying over my house and unicorns grazing in the back yard.

Trey Gowdy asked him directly and specifically if he told the FBI that the information he was passing along came from someone employed or working with the DNC.  Mr. Ohr confirmed that he did, and it was for the purpose of revealing ‘bias.’  The question is, “Why did the FBI ignore that bias and hide it from the FISA judge and largely Congress and the American people?”  It does not take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out.

In the Peter Strozk testimony, we find that he acknowledged that there was an agreement between the Clinton lawyers and the DOJ to block the FBI from access to Hillary’s emails.  Why?  House Judiciary Committed General Counsel Zachary Somers asked Strzok if he was ‘given access’ to [Clinton Foundation-related] emails as part of the investigation.  Strzok admitted that they were not given access.

Let me get this straight, BEFORE or PRIOR to an investigation into a potential crime, the subject’s lawyers negotiated with the DOJ over what information the FBI could access.  Seriously?  What would the Muller investigation look like if Trump, Cohen, Roger Stone, and countless others on his side had been given that option?  There would be no investigation and it would have ended almost before it began.  Again, all of this exposes the reality that the Leftists continually ‘hide from reality’ and are ‘insulated from prosecution’ by a corrupt bureaucracy, swamp, or deep state in DC. 

Under normal investigations, Strzok admitted, the DOJ would have obtained search warrants to take possession of Clinton’s server immediately. Instead, they negotiated with her lawyers and cut a deal to protect her.  I think that goes back to Strozk’s warning to Page that Hillary would remember once she became president.  It was partially CYA for those in the DOJ, and CYA for Barack Obama as well as attempting to keep the pathway open for Hillary’s coronation as President.  I agree with Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) that, “there was an orchestrated effort, a conspiracy, to ensure Hillary Clinton was not prosecuted.”  Unbiased?  Right, and the moon is made of green cheese too!

Republicans are not exempt from this kind of corruption and dirty dealing.  We dare not forget that it was a John McCain associate who shared, leaked, or promoted the unverified and largely fabricated Steel dossier.  The McCain associate was in contact with multiple journalists and government officials in an effort to disseminate the dossier.  Was that without McCain’s knowledge?  Hey, if you believe it was I have some ocean front property in Arizona to offer you cheap, and I will even through in the Golden Gate Bridge at no additional cost.  That seems to have been a plan to make it look like it wasn’t a political attack, but with McCain’s bitterness toward Trump and toward Republican’s who did not vote for him, IT WAS POLITICAL!

The agreement with the DOJ over the Clinton servers, even after the FBI took control were guided by restrictive ‘filters’ as to what they could and could not access or use.  His testimony, that of Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr indicate the complete lack of interest in pursuing truth and justice but was designed to protect Hillary.  I’m sure much of it had to do with their belief that she was a ‘shoo-in’ to be the next president and they did not want to have the Commander in Chief angry at them.  This was a case of “hear no evil, see no evil, and keep any evil from being revealed.” 

We have the choice in November 2020 to vote in such a way that All Corruption is exposed or to allow this charade to continue, the swamp to survive, and the Deep State to grow stronger. My choice is to Vote No on RINOs and Leftists Liberal Socialist and in that I will Vote for America and our Republic.  I hope you join me in this effort!

God bless you and God bless America!