I never cease to be impressed by the incredible wisdom and detailed thought and care the Founding Fathers gave to the Constitution and the Republic.  Their wisdom far exceeded their times and produced a system of government and a document that has an incredible sense of timelessness.  In that blanket statement, I cover the entire document including the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. 

However, there is one inclusion they placed in our Founding Documents that must never be lost.  The Electoral College must be preserved.  I am fully aware of the latest push and the attempt to reeducate and indoctrinate regarding that process.  Many of those insisting that we move away from it truly believe that we are a majority rule Democracy and do not grasp the concept of representative government.  They believe that, in all things, the majority must rule.  That is a recipe for destruction governmentally and in many areas of life.

If you are a parent, do you manage your home and your children using that principle?  If so, you either have or will have anarchy and chaos in the home.  Your children will learn no discipline and you will fail in your assignment to ‘train them in the way they should go.’  If you run a business do you operate under that principle and allow the employees to determine by majority vote the direction, work hours, and duty assignments?  If you do, your business is either failing or will fail miserably.  If the military, tasked with protecting this nation were to operate in that manner we would have been defeated long ago and would be under despotic tyranny now.

Those thoughts are not the prime target of my desired discussion today.  I want to address the Electoral College vs the Popular Vote.  There is a very serious move by the Left to do an end-run around the Constitution and subvert the process making the Popular Vote the deciding factor in all future presidential elections.  The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is dangerously close to securing the strength to destroy our system of elections and plunge us into the abyss of political destruction. 

The NPVIC is nothing more than an arm of the Liberal Left seeking to give absolute power to the Democrat-dominated regions of this nation.  Namely, California, New York, and Chicago.  There are other sectors but those three alone would virtually always determine the outcome of the elections and those are all deeply steeped in the Democratic ideology. 

The pitch on the website of the NPVIC reads as follows:

The National Popular Vote interstate compact would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The bill ensures that every vote, in every state, will matter in every presidential election. The bill is a constitutionally conservative, state-based approach that preserves the Electoral College, state control of elections, and the power of the states to control how the President is elected.

Their objective would be achieved through a formal agreement in various states and control the needed 270 electoral votes and require their electors to vote for the candidate receiving the most popular votes in the election.  They would disregard the wishes of their own voters and require their electors to vote according to the national popular vote totals.  Thus far there are 15 states and the District of Columbia in that movement.  They control 196 electoral votes.  Only 74 more would be required to guarantee the election to the candidate receiving the most popular votes. 

I know you have seen it before but the NPVIC signatory states and the number of electors they control are:  California (55), New York (29), Illinois (20), New Jersey (14), Washington (12), Massachusetts (11), Maryland (10), Colorado (9), Oregon (7), Connecticut (7), New Mexico (5), Rhode Island (4), Hawaii (4), Delaware (3), Vermont (3), and the District of Columbia (3). 

There are seven additional states in which one legislative chamber has approved the measure and one in which both houses of the legislature have approved it.  If they pass the measure the NPVIC would decide who is president in all future elections.  Their movement conflicts with the Constitution and violates at least two constitutional provisions, including the 12th Amendment.  They detail their objective in this manner:

The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President … and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate — The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all certificates and the votes shall then be counted . . . the person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed.

The 12th Amendment was ratified specifically to prevent actions like that of the NPVIC from becoming reality.  There would be litigation if they succeed in forming their coalition and we lost the election as a result. What would happen? If the Democrats take control of both Houses of Congress and the White House, what would happen to the Supreme Court?  What would happen to the agreement of the NPVIC were the Democrats able to pack the court with liberal activist jurist?  You know the answer. The Constitution would be a moot point and our Republic would no longer exist. 

I contend that were this to pass and stand, the Democrats controlling those states would never cast their ballots for a Republican were he/she to win the popular vote.  Professor Norman R. Williams wrote in the Harvard Law Review:

[A] withdrawal from the NPVIC would violate the terms … but the Constitution trumps interstate compacts and does so whether Congress ratifies the NPVIC or not. And, sure, other states will undoubtedly sue to compel the withdrawing state to comply … but that lawsuit will likely fail for the reason just discussed. Even more importantly, the very fact that the presidential election would again be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court would again throw the nation into turmoil.

We are fighting for the survival of America and our Freedom.  You may believe that we should elect according to popular vote but if we did both coasts would determine the election and the rest of us would have no voice.  The electoral college is the only way to guarantee a representative vote and reflection of the wishes of All the States and People not just strongholds of one party or the other. 

I am voting No on the Democrats in 2020 and voting Yes for America.  God help us if we do not wake up and take a united and definitive stand for Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!


In recent history, the Republicans have cowered in the shadows when the Democrats used the media to rail charges against them.  They bought the Leftist rhetoric regarding Public Opinion and how to gain support.  However, each time they hid in the shadows the Democrats advanced their agenda, America lost ground.  Millions of Americans became fed-up with that pathway and in the 2016 election voted against the Leftist Agenda and voted for a non-politician hoping things would change for the better.

On many fronts, that is exactly what has happened.  The sad reality is that too many of the Republicans in the House and Senate continued to collude with the Left seeking to protect their ‘Place and Power’ and refused to back the President in his promised agenda.  The amount he has accomplished without the full backing of the GOP has been impressive.  Maybe not to you, but it has been to me.  I have watched the Republicans cave to the Democrats for decades and it infuriates me.  I do not vote for a politician to go to Washington, DC and just play the game.  I voted for them to keep their promises and restore America.

The Democrats, I believe, a relying on past history and expecting the GOP to cave and go into hiding over this latest coup attempt.  They do not expect to be placed under the spotlight and held accountable.  I hope that President Trump continues to demonstrate the intestinal fortitude to take them to task.  They need to be placed under oath on every possible occasion and be forced to commit perjury or tell the truth.  However it seems that the truth is not in them, so I know they will lie and lie and lie.  Will the GOP and the Department of Justice (DOJ) actually do anything?  Time will tell!

Mitt Romney is colluding with the Democrats and showing his true colors.  I am hopeful that the GOP in DC will hold the line and do what they should do, Stop the Democrats Coup.  Congressmen like Jim Banks of Indiana give me hope.  He challenged Representative Michael Martin who was spinning the Democrat spin on Ukraine and Trump.  Representative Banks insisted that Representative Martin read the specific line in the transcript that provided impeachable or indictable evidence against Trump.  Representative Martin could not, because it does not exist!

There was also Elise Stefanik the Republican from New York who stood boldly against the Democrat Elitist.  I am hopeful that this is a sign that the GOP is finally realizing that caving to the Democrats is not the answer.  She hammered Adam Schiff over his lies and the inconsistencies regarding the ‘whistle-blower’ and demanded that he resign.  Of course, he will not, but at least someone is demonstrating the courage and willingness to buck the Democrats and stand up to their political bullying.

I have asked politicians and Republicans, “What is the purpose of the GOP?”  I know what I believe its purpose is but the evidence in their actions over the past decade or so, is contradictory to my vision.  Their budgeting and voting often project the picture that those in Washington are Left-of-Center, not Center or Right-of-Center.  That is troubling especially when the Democrats have moved for the far-far-far left and embraced Socialism and Globalism.  With the power structure of the GOP leaning left in their voting and actions and the Democrats swinging even further Left, it would appear that the trajectory of the United States is to the Left!  That is not what millions of us want and not what we are voting for.  Therefore, something must change!

I am devoting time in an attempt to Primary some Republicans in 2020 and get some genuine Constitutionalist and Conservatives nominated and elected. Will that be possible?  I don’t know but it is worth the effort.  However, if the incumbent wins the primary, we must defeat the Democrats because they are far worse than most of the Republicans.  I did say MOST!  I’m not sure that people like Romney are better, but that is a horse of a different color.

We are truly living in perilous and treacherous times in America.  Yes, there is escalating violence that makes our streets dangerous but that is not the peril of which I speak today.  The lines of demarcation that have been drawn and are being drawn are pushing us eerily closer to a full-blown ‘civil war’ and that I wish to avoid.  It is mandatory that conservatives take a firm stand to defend the values of this nation and devotedly ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution.  We must seek to see the restoration of our founding principles and beliefs as a nation. 

I believe that we must reassert the religious and cultural underpinnings of this nation.  I believe we must seek to see the restoration of the value and benefit of two-parent families.  I believe that we must give life to a restoration of our unique history and value our heritage.  We must teach historic truths and refuse to allow the revisionist to sanitize our history and rewrite it to their liking.  We must end Political Correctness and revitalize Freedom of Speech.  We must insist on the Rule of Law, support the Free Markets, and defend the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 

If America is to be restored as the vanguard defending the principles upon which America was founded, we must reject the toxicity of liberalism. e must remind the GOP of their true purpose and why we voted for them.  We must work to see a society restored where everyone has the right and opportunity to speak their minds without being branded a racist, bigot, or suffering from some phobic malady.  We must stop the destruction of the Democrats in 2020 and beyond or we will witness the total collapse of the Republic.  I believe that with all my being!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am an American beyond the age of 65 and when I look back on the avenues that were open to me in my earning years, I have some regrets.  I worked in the private sector, paid taxes, and had little beyond what I earned to invest.  I served in the military and spent a year in Vietnam in 1967 and had little to show for it other than love for my country.  I received Jesus as my personal savior and acknowledged the call to preach and began my Christian journey in the late ‘60s and was unaware of some avenues open to me. 

What avenues?  Regarding Social Security as a minister, I could have opted out of the program but was unaware of that option until it was too late.  Would I have invested, or could I have invested as I needed had I done that?  I can only speculate but had I invested one-third of what I paid into Social Security I would be far better off than I am now.  On one hand, I justified my paying Social Security Taxes so that my parents and others like them could continue to receive their meager checks each month.  It was literally all they had to live on and was barely sustainable.  But, they, with occasional help from their children, survived and for that I am grateful.

Social Security is a poorly managed Socialism Program that many of us paid into without any real options.  We do not consider it an “entitlement” as the other so-called entitlements of the federal government.  However, it is something that we are ‘entitled’ to because we paid for it with our hard-earned money.  We earned it!  We paid for it with our lives because time and money are the results of the investment of our lives.  We are offended when someone lumps Social Security into the same basket as Welfare, Food Stamps, and the many other federal programs that are identified as ‘entitlements.’  WE PAID!

I recognize and acknowledge that Social Security is a Socialism Program and a means by which the government and politicians can manipulate the masses of seniors.  That disturbs me.  The mismanagement and ineptitude of our federal government in investing our ‘contributions’ into the program is criminal.  Even a low-skilled investor could have produced a far better result than our supreme federal government has accomplished.  The theft of the funds from that program by politicians has virtually destroyed the program and some in the future will find that what they contributed has been confiscated, wasted, and they are left abandoned.  That is tragic!  No, it is criminal!

I read an article recently that insisted that it is a myth to say that the government raided the Social Security Trust Fund.  The writer’s argument was based on the assertion that there never was any money stashed away in a ‘trust fund’ for politicians to pilfer.  However, to fully ascribe to his argument it would take some incredible mental gymnastics to not see the mismanagement and abuse by the Treasury over the years. 

The Social Security Program, throughout its history, has taken in more revenue than it spent.  Many are unaware that the excess revenue is given by the Social Security Administration to the Treasury, year after year, to ‘meet its current spending and meet other budgetary obligations, even though those funds were specifically ‘earmarked for Social Security.’  That is nothing short of legalized theft and although there may not have been a specific trust fund, the funds were there, and the government spent them for purposes other than their intended purpose.  That is, in my view, Criminal.

The monies that the federal government through the Treasury spent that was earmarked Social Security is not drawing interest as some assert. It has been spent.  How does the Treasury pay the ‘so-called interest’ on the Social Security Funds it spends?  In 2017, the SSA revealed that benefits were financed by $873 Billion in payroll taxes and $85 Billion in ‘interest’ paid by the Treasury.  But the Treasury concluded 2017 with a $666 billion budget deficit. 

So how did the Treasury pay the interest?  The federal government lawfully, not ethically, uses all its revenue sources to pay all its liabilities. They are supposed to do that even if that revenue was designated and promised to another purpose or before taking on new debt.  Neither of those comes into play for the politicians and they play fast and loose with our Social Security funds. 

Those funds were promised to us and were supposedly kept secure. So much for the government telling the truth and not pilfering from us.  In short, there can be no repayment of principal when there are no funds and the government has spent the funds.  Simply, it is fictional math that they use to repay what they have taken or borrowed from the Social Security Program.  That spells doom and disaster for the program.

The Country Group, The Tractors has a song that says, “We may not be broke, but we are badly bent.”  Some argue that Social Security is not going bankrupt it is simply running out of funds.  That sounds a wee-bit deceptive and my view is that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it is most likely a duck and Social Security are being bankrupted by the politicians who steal our money to buy more votes in other areas.

Congress has no concern about the failing Social Security Program because they have lucrative Congressional Pensions and healthcare to rely on.  Social Security ‘benefits’ are an earned right that those of us who have paid into realize and want protected.  The problem we face is not whether some politician will fix the program but how they will destroy it. 

The Criteria for eligibility for any government benefit (Social Security included) could change on the whims of politicians at any moment.  I am 100% convinced that the pathway the political elite will use to ‘fix’ Social Security is through changes in eligibility and phase people out of the program due to the lack of funds.  Funds that are lacking because they have mismanaged or stolen them.  That is criminal!

There is the projection that only 76% of the current benefits will be available to retirees in 2035.  That may not be ‘bankruptcy’ in the strictest definition, but it will be devastating.  We need to move to a program where younger people can invest in their own retirement rather than trusting the political system to manage it for them.  History reveals how inept the government is in virtually everything, why would money and retirement be different?

I am pro term-limits for Congress just as there is for the President.  I am very pro-tax cuts because it is good for the economy and the Republic.  I am pro-Free Market Capitalism and opposed to Socialism.  In short, I am conservative, a constitutionalist, a Christian, a patriot, and one willing to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom with my all.

God bless you and let’s keep America Free and stop the Leftists in 2020.


I am serious!  I sometimes feel like Diogenes of Sinope searching for an honest man as I pursue political sanity in America. I am more than a little troubled by the intense hatred being spewed out in America today.  I am deeply disturbed by the willingness of the biased blindness to pursue fabrications in an attempt to achieve a political objective.  I am dumbfounded by the lack of cognitive reason being displayed by a very large swath of Americans today, politically.  It seems that we have adopted the inane and borderline insane and tossed reasoned sanity on the trash heap.  That is not dangerous it is deadly!

When politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and others can take public positions, make open confessions, and demonstrate behavior that is, at best, borderline criminal and are ignored we are opening a dangerous can of worms.  When the very things those politicians on the Left do are used as allegations of ineptitude, incompetence, incoherency, and treason against the current president, we have abandoned sanity and reason.  That is not dangerous it is deadly!

In news cycles, any story that is more than a few days old is ancient history.  The ancient history story of the Ukraine Scandal has missed many important elements and ignored some pertinent facts.  I weep for my nation when those on the Right and on the Left, fraudulently, ignorantly, or willingly advance false narratives, hearsay, and unvetted ‘proofs’ of Trump’s guilt.  I weep because of their deviousness or ignorance and I weep because of the millions who believe the rhetoric without using a modicum of reason.  That is not dangerous it is deadly!

Joe Biden openly, on videotape, informed the world that he committed an act that should disqualify him from being president and possibly should result in an indictment.  That has been ignored and even justified by the media, the pundits, some Republicans, and all the Democrats in Washington.  Yet, they seek to impeach Trump over something far less egregious and the facts indicate it was not only within the scope of his office, our treaty with Ukraine, and benign.  But it was Trump and Trump must go, at least that seems to be their idea.  It sets a precedent that will destroy the office of President and make Congress the Ruling Power creating an unwanted Oligarchy!  That is not dangerous it is deadly!

Most ignore, do not know, or have forgotten the involvement of the DNC and Hillary in the elections seeking the aid of Ukraine to defeat and destroy Trump.  How has that escaped the media’s attention?  Oh, I know there was no room for it in their 24/7 rhetoric and agenda to destroy the evil Donald John Trump.  How short our memories are or how ignorant we are politically in America. 

There was the DNC Contractor or Consultant, Alexandra Chalupa who was hired to ‘solicit dirt’ on Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort.  That bit of information came directly from Ambassador Valeriy Chaly.  He reported, “Chalupa sought the Manafort dirt and hoped to get it before Congress.”  Chalupa later tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment on Manafort’s Russian ties on a U.S. visit during the 2016 campaign.  Those efforts were rejected by the DNC appeal.  They said,“The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington D.C., and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC involvement later, The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in any way.”

In a meeting in March 2016, Chalupa told Telizhenko that the DNC wanted to collect evidence that Trump, his organization and Manafort were Russian assets working to hurt the United States.  She suggested to the Ukrainian Ambassador that they hoped to find anything they could introduce to Congress in September 2016.  Could they have been hoping for an ‘October Surprise’?  They stated their hoped to have Trump removed from the Ballot at that time.  Of course, that would have guaranteed the Democrat win because no Republican could be presented with enough time to fully launch a campaign.  That is devious and diabolical.  That kind of action and attitude is not dangerous it is deadly!

Ukraine has issued information that reveals President Barack Obama attempted to pressure their government to drop the investigation.  He told the Ukraine prosecutor general that he did not need to investigate a supposed anti-corruption group, the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC), and the misuse of $4.4 million in U.S. aid to fight corruption.  Instead, Obama gave them a list of people they should prosecute!  Wait, doesn’t that go far beyond any suggestion by Trump to investigate? 

Ukraine understood the message to be clear.  It was a warning, “Don’t target AntAC in the middle of an American presidential election in which George Soros was backing Hillary Clinton.”  A Ukrainian official said, “We ran into a buzz saw and got bloodied.”  How is that okay but Trump’s actions the most-vile in history?  That mindset and pathway is not dangerous it is deadly!

America, if we allow the Liberal Leftists, the Socialist, Progressives, and Globalist to reclaim the White House and the Congress in 2020 we do so to our own destruction.  We are walking on very thin ice and on very dangerous grounds politically, constitutionally, and our Freedom and Liberty is hanging in the balance.  No, Trump is not America’s greatest threat, the Democratic Agenda is!   WAKE UP AMERICA!

God bless you and God bless America!


I run the risk of Facebook Jail or being banned for life when I post anything that questions the Left, Obama, Hillary, or the followers of Islam and other religions that engage in any acts of terrorism.  I am willing to run that risk because America is supposed to be the land of the Free and affords its citizens the constitutional protection of certain inalienable rights.  Those include Freedom of Speech, Religion, Thought, the Right to Life, and the Freedom to Pursue Happiness.  Admittedly, those are being challenged today with the political correctness of today’s society, but at this juncture, they are still intact, so I persist.

Many things concern me regarding our current state in America and American politics and I often wonder why few are asking the questions that need to be asked.  Have we reached a place of political partisan divide that no one is willing to discuss anything that differs or veers from their ideological positions?  If we have, we are finished as a people and a republic.  The proverbial fat lady may not have sung but the curtain has fallen, and we are just not aware of it yet.

We have engaged in a fierce and serious battle with Islamic terrorist for a long time now and we watched the rise of ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria).  I questioned the shift among politicians beginning with the former president Barack Hussein Obama from calling that group ISIS to calling the ISIL.  What was the reason?  Mr. Obama refused to utter the phrase “Islamic terrorist” and often became agitated when anyone questioned Islam.  He apparently demanded that everyone in his administration refer to them as ISIL rather than ISIS.  The question in my mind then and now was, why?

ISIS stands for “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” and are, without argument a terrorist organization who controlled a very large swath of ground in their ‘caliphate’ in both Iraq and Syria.  They sought to impose Sharia Law upon everyone under their control and exterminated thousands in the process.  Anyone refusing to abide by the strict Islamic teachings was frequently beheaded. 

Mr. Obama preferred to refer to them as ISIL which stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.”  The Levant’s geographical claims comprised the west part of Syria, Lebanon, the west part of Jordan, Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip), Israel and Sinai (Egypt).  They also claim Turkey as their domain.  They do not control all those areas but believe those territories belong to them.  Therein is part of why I believe Mr. Obama calls them ISIL, not ISIS. 

The significant part of their claim is that the land of Israel belongs to them and Mr. Obama’s disrespect and dismissiveness toward Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu are clear indicators of his view of Israel and his support of Islamic nations.  Israel has been one of our only friends in the region since their birth in 1948 and the disdain for them by the Left is disturbing.

I have encountered some who insist that if we ignore Islam they will just fade into the shadows and pose no threat.  That is a dangerous position and we ignore tyrants and terrorists at our own risk and to our own hurt.  That was the approach of some in the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany and that proved to be incredibly misguided. 

Europe has opened its doors to a flood of Islamic Immigrants thinking that if they showed tolerance the followers of that religion and caliphate would tolerate them too.  Many European nations are now discovering the high price of that misguided approach and America must heed the warning signs. 

It is unfortunate that Islam and Western values are irreversibly incompatible, and tolerance will never see the light of day, not by the followers of that religion.  They seek dominance, not cohabitation or coexistence.  The bumper stickers that call for ‘coexistence’ are Utopian hopes of those who are unwilling to see the handwriting on the wall.

Money and power are the driving forces for politicians and when any group offers its vote and money, politicians take on the appearance of brothel inhabitants and throw caution to the wind.  In reality, a politician becomes the employee of the funder(s).  The contract normally favors the employer, not the employee.  The employee (politician) finds him or herself in a trap.  He has been bought and paid for and has no leeway if he hopes to enjoy reelection or, in some situations, stay alive.  If he deviates from the demands of his employer, he will find himself seeking other employment and power hunger politicians fear that more than death itself.

The Globalist pushing the United Nations Agenda 21 and Global Governance as with the followers of world dominance seeking religions tolerate no deviation.  The offer of Socialism is ‘Free Everything’ but the reality is that everyone becomes a slave to the state or the provider. 

I realize that I am somewhat of a Lone Ranger and Lone Rangers only win in the movies, not in life.  We must unite and demand the Constitutional and Inalienable Rights and Freedoms recognized by our Founding Fathers or we will be overrun and overcome.  Before you argue that America will never submit to any religion or entity that seeks to enslave us, consider how many liberties and freedoms we have already lost.  The Media, Hollywood, Politicians, and some Religious voices are selling our national soul to the devil and it is incumbent on ‘we the people’ to unite and reclaim our republic. 

I want Freedom of Religion for everyone.  I want Freedom of Speech for Everyone.  I want Freedom of Thought for everyone.  I want all men to be deemed created equal and deserving of respect and allowed to enjoy Life and pursue Happiness.  However, when your demands infringe on my rights, your demands are illegitimate, and I have the right and even duty to resist.  You do not have the right to force me to accept your views nor do I have the right to demand you accept mine.  There must be a balance of sanity and civility if we are to survive and thrive.

This is another of the many reasons that I vote no on the Leftists in every election.  I pray you consider what is at stake and vote with me for America. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


I have long wondered what the millennials and liberals truly believe and stand for.  I think I have, with the help of others, discovered what makes them tick or what doesn’t tick at all for them.  America was formed as the Free Constitutional Republic and for almost 240 years the prevailing sentiment in America was America.  Rather, it was a sense of patriotism and our core values were rooted in religion or the Bible and a strong sense of family.  That has changed dramatically, at least among certain sectors of our society. 

The generations of my parent and grandparents and mine were largely committed to the American ideal and embraced a deep sense of loyalty and devotion to America and all she stood for.  The millennials of today do not espouse those views and seem to care a lot less about patriotism, religion, or the core family unit.  That is troubling for this American and I see some very dangerous political realities springing forth as a result.

Wall Street/NBC News began a survey about 21 years ago when they began asking Americans which values were the most important to them.  The majority two decades ago responded, “principles of hard work, patriotism, commitment to religion and the goal of having children” were at the top of the list.  Those were considered critical components of our American society and makeup. 

When the same question was asked of today’s millennials the response revealed a shift.  Although somewhat surprising, ‘hard work’ remained at the top of the list, there were some significant shifts in values.  Patriotism, commitment to religion and family and children dropped dramatically.  Patriotism being ‘very important’ dropped 9%.  Religion decreased by a disturbing 12% and children and family fell the most decreasing by 16%.  That is powerfully expressive of where we are as a society.

When people 55 and older are asked that question Patriotism weighs in at 80% compared to 42% of those 18-38.  That embodies both the millennials and the older members of Gen-Z.  Interesting, but to the dismay of the liberal left, most were satisfied with the economy.  I’m sure that will inspire a new push to cripple our economy by the Left to make the pathway to victory more difficult for Trump.  The survey indicated that Democrats have changed their views far more than Republicans and are less patriotic, embracing of religion and family.

I am a Vietnam veteran and served in war and in honor of our country I am troubled when people do not value our heritage.  I am troubled by the incessant push to revise, rewrite, and purge our history of those facts and figures that the liberal left finds objectionable.  History is history and if we sanitize it, we fail to learn from the mistakes or gain the benefit from the successes or the overcoming of those mistakes.  History should be a schoolmaster, not a taskmaster and not fluid.  What happened, happened and nothing we can do will change that.  We learn, move forward, and make any necessary adaptations to become better.

I have worked all my life and paid taxes.  I have never felt that anyone owed me anything that I did not earn and when employed always attempted to give a good day’s work for a day’s pay.  My parents taught me the value of a dollar and the requirement of being personally responsible and accountable in life.  They inspired and instilled in me a sense of pride in accomplishing and providing for my own rather than being dependent on anyone else other than God. 

For some time, I’ve attended gatherings where the national anthem would be played and watched as some, mostly those of the younger generation, showed no respect.  I acknowledge that some my age failed to respond and continued doing whatever they were doing with no recognition of the flag.  My sentiment toward the flag is rooted in my love for this country and my respect for all those who have served and died for her.  That will never change!

I am not surprised at the change in values with two-generations or more of liberal progressive brainwashing that has been transpiring in public education, especially at institutions of higher learning.  The hippies and anti-establishment crowd of the ’60s are now the professors along with their disciples in most of our universities.  We are now paying and will pay a very high price for our actions over the past few decades. 

Let’s fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom and keep America Free and the Representative Government our Founders gave us.  Vote for America in 2020 and vote against the push for progressivism, liberalism, and socialism.  America is too valuable to allow to be destroyed!

God bless you and God bless America!


I am fully cognizant that individuals interpret the same thing differently.  In life, we do not all agree on everything.  Politically, morally, economically, socially, and spiritually we have different perspectives and beliefs.  The differing opinions could and should be used to facilitate discussion and debate seeking common ground and genuine solutions to real problems. 

Tragically, in today’s world, deliberative reasoning seems to be destined for the trash heap of life.  I fear that our Republic has reached such a partisan and ideological divide that reasoning together has become a Utopian Fantasy. 

I have tried to have a civil discussion on differences with some followers of the Democratic ideology and agenda.  I attempted to hear their arguments but when I presented factual data, that came from various sources, not just conservative think-tanks, they went into the attack mode.  I was called a bigot, racist, misogynist, suffering from some phobia, Xenophon, hater of the poor, and other derogatory labels.  When I tried to brush aside those attacks and ask for the definitive basis of their beliefs and views, the attacks became even more violent and the vitriol more intense.

Our Republic, the United States of America, a representative system of government, requires open discourse and common ground to survive and thrive.  It is the earmark of tyrannies and oligarchies to squelch free speech and suppress any views other than the authorized government view.  We are not a Grecian Style Majority Rule Democracy but a Representative Republic.  This design affords us a buffer to protect us against knee-jerk spur of the moment reactions.  It is vital to the preservation of our Liberties and Freedoms.

When the view that the government can and should provide everything for everyone prevails, Liberty is Lost.  No government will provide without demanding a level of control.  The more the government provides the more it demands control. 

If the government provides free healthcare, it will ultimately become the decision-maker in what, when, how, and how much care is given and to whom that care is given.  That sounds like a Pandora’s box to me and opens a door that is a direct threat to Freedom and Liberty.  What has our government done, in its history that makes us trust them to control healthcare?  Let reason prevail, please.

When the view that the government is obligated to provide housing, food, clothing, transportation, and education prevails, Liberty is Lost.  Where is the money coming from to pay for those ‘freebies’?  The envious idea that ‘taxing the rich’ is the solution to everything fails when reason is applied. 

The obvious result of over-taxation of the rich is that the rich will use their resources to hide their money, cease investing and creating jobs, etc.  The result is that the government gets less revenue and has to expand their taxation to the next level and the next level until they have taxed everyone and everything.  With the history of our government’s ineptitude and waste, who would believe they have the wisdom to successfully manage those programs and the money required to operate them?  Let reason prevail, please.

In history, some not too distant examples are visible of the inherent dangers of allowing our Constitutional Freedoms, Liberties, and Rights to be stripped from us.  When speech is suppressed and opinions that differ from the authorized government dictum are reclassified as ‘hate speech’ not simply ‘opinion,’ Liberty is Lost.  When the inalienable and constitutional right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is rescinded or infringed the incredible danger of tyranny and despotism enjoys an exponential rise.  We only have to refer to the last century and Nazi Germany to see that danger. 

Our founders, almost to a man, feared a hostile and rogue government morphing into tyranny, oligarchy, or dictatorship.  They believed that it was imperative that the people be allowed to have the means to protect themselves from predators of all kinds including their own government.  The 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with guns but with the people’s right of ‘self-defense.’  It does not specify style or type of arms but that it was “the right of the people” to keep and bear them.  When anyone is rendered defenseless, they become open targets and prey for predators and Liberty is Lost. 

When the borders of a nation or erased and there is open ingress and egress to and from that nation into any other region of the world, that nation no longer exists as a sovereign nation.  If we adopt the idea, as is advanced by some on the Left, that we are merely citizens of the world and borders are immoral, Liberty is in grave danger of being lost.  If we have no means of knowing who is a legal citizen and who is not, how will we know who can legitimately decide the political fate of the community, the state or the nation? 

It is my prayer that ‘reason’ will be restored and that all sides of every issue will rediscover the ability and willingness to have an open, rational, and honest discussions.  We will not all agree on everything, our founders did not.  The framers of the American Constitution did not all agree.  The Bill of Rights is an amazing accomplishment of those men with sharp disagreement finding common ground and reaching a viable and workable solution to those disagreements.  Today’s political climate in America is devoid of that quality, and when reason fails, liberty is lost.

God gave us the ability to think, rationalize, and reason, let’s not squander that gift.  God made us different not so that we would war with each other and seek to annihilate any differing opinion but because none of us has the capacity to house all the wisdom needed for a functioning society to successfully survive and thrive. 

He could have made us mere puppets and pulled our strings, but He did not. He created us in His image and likeness but gave us the ability to reason and make choices.  We all have preferences, desires, and are motivated by different stimuli.  We are each unique but as a society, our individual uniqueness must be blended with all other uniquenesses.  Without reason, we will become sectarian, divided, alienated, and adversaries and Liberty will be lost.  Let reason prevail, please.

I realize that this is more a personal rant than a tool of persuasion for many, but I hope it resonates with you and you introspectively examine your willingness to engage in productive reasoning.  Liberty is a prize too valuable to lose and Freedom, to be preserved requires the ability to hear all sides of the matter and find common ground.  God help us to become people who truly recognize and respect that “All men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights.”  May we become a people who desire that everyone is treated fairly and equally under the law and see true liberty and justice for all.

I do not see that in the modern Democrat Party and because I desire Freedom, Liberty, and the preservation of the Republic I reject the candidates ascribing to the Progressive, Socialist, Globalist, Leftist view.  I am voting for and fighting for Faith, Family, and Freedom in the only way I know.

God bless you and God bless America!