That seems to be the mantra, diatribe, rhetoric, and spin coming out of the media and the Leftists regarding past, present, and future elections.  We are not allowed to uncover forensic evidence that might debunk their claims of fairness.  We are not allowed to question polling locales having more votes counted than are registered in those districts.  We are not allowed to question the outcome unless it was in favor of a Republican or a Conservative, then it must be challenged. 

If you call for voter identification you are deemed a suppressionist, a racist, or some other distasteful name.  You hate women, homosexuals, blacks, and other minorities because you desire that only those legally allowed vote in elections.  How dare anyone ask for a photo ID to vote.  But, alas, you must produce one to enter the Democratic conventions, obtain food stamps, and various other entitlements.  You are required to have a Photo ID to board an airplane but when it comes to voting – THAT IS RACIST!

I want everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religious ideology, or political persuasion to be allowed to vote if they are legally qualified to do so.  EVERYONE!  However, to open the elections to the possibility of fraud and cheating as we have over the past few years is an invitation for the nefarious to cheat.  No, it is a guarantee that cheating will transpire.  If you cannot see that or will not admit that you probably are okay with cheating.  Let me qualify that, you are okay with cheating so long as your side wins.  I am not!

Free Elections are a Corner Stone upon which Free Republics are built.  There are numerous things that are indispensable.  It seems to me that each of those I will mention are targets of the Leftists and because of the tampering with those foundational principles, Free Elections are a memory not a reality in 2021.

Every Voter should have the right to expect that his or her vote is kept secret.  Who I vote for is my business and mine alone!  It is not the business of any organization, government, or individual to reveal my vote unless I openly reveal it.  I am of the opinion that mail-in balloting eliminates that guarantee. 

This opens the door for intimidation, coercion, harassment, and even threats large enough to sway how of if a person vote.  It would be a colossal tragedy and assault on our Republic to demand a universal vote by mail.  The only possible way to guarantee privacy in voting is by ‘in person’ voting.  That must also include securing the ballots once they have been cast and having multiple checkpoints that are overseen by both political parties and all political parties involved.

Identity Theft is a real problem in 2021 America and posing as someone else in elections is easy if there are no concrete guidelines such as Photo ID requirement, and proper purging of the voter roles expunging those deceased or who have moved out of the district in which the vote is being cast.  I laugh when I hear the criticism of Voter ID laws from largely conservative states such as Georgia.  Why do I laugh?  Because the law provides for FREE Photo Voter ID for everyone!  That is Free as in it costs the person nothing! 

When the ballots are transported with limited, little, or no security, we invite fraud and cheating.  When last-minute ballots are allowed to magically appear without definitive proof of where and when those ballots were received, we invite fraud.  If we care about the Republic and want to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic, we MUST have a little touching of the ballots as possible.  Each person that touches the ballots must sign for them with witnesses and should be filmed.  The ballot should be treated as a super-sensitive document, not junk mail, and to receive a ballot in the mail, that address, and occupant must be vetted.

I still smirk when I hear how much local control is in local elections and ballot security.  In 2016, former President Barack Hussein Obama argued that our elections were beyond the possibility of being rigged because… Because is the clincher.  He said, “Because they are decentralized.”  Seriously?

In the COVID-19 dominated election of 2020 various state and local officials eliminated about 21,000 ins-person polling places.  That is out of the 116,900 that existed in 2016.  That is no small reduction.  They used alternatives such as extremely large early voting centers and more dangerous mail-in balloting. 

When you add the paranoia and lies proven false to the mix you invite chicanery and virtually guarantee oddities and abnormalities that can be deemed nothing less than magic votes and fraud.  I have seen the polls that indicate that a majority of Americans including 81% of self-described liberals who believed that Donald Trump committed treason for Russia.  That claim was resounding disproved even using the Democrat’s own special counsel. 

When you add the corporate media’s continual smear on a candidate, not their choice, you taint the outcome and render Free and Open Elections an anomaly and a fantasy.  People following paranoia are willing to accept the fraudulent and transparent attempts to cheat as somehow justifiable because, after all, the unwanted candidate is in bed with the enemy and of questionable character.  Did you bother to read the Democratic Platform and the history of their candidates?  NO!  Well, maybe you should.

Let me give you some things that, in my mind, guarantee illegitimate elections:

  • The DNC has controlled All Poll Watchers for over 40 years.  It has been asserted with justification that the 2020 election was the first time since 1980 that the Republican National Committee was prohibited, by law, from helping out with poll-watching efforts or any litigations related to how the voting was conducted.  (Anybody Smell a Rat?)
  • Engendering Laziness in Voting Heavily Slants the Election toward the Democrats.  The Vote by Mail system opens the door for fraud on such a massive scale that legitimate voters, if they vote at all, may find that they voted multiple times by mail without their knowledge.
  • I Believe that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Bought the Election for Joe Biden.  No, I am not discounting the overt cheating, but they influenced millions and I am still uncovering money under the table schemes that bought and paid for votes.
  • The United States Has Morphed into a Land Where There are Sectors a Conservative, Christian, or Republican dare not go.  Think of the ANTIFA riots and what transpired.
  • The FBI Has Systematically and Systemically become an Arm of the Left.  How do you explain the arrests and targeting of Conservatives and the Blind Eye approach to the Left including ANTIFA, etc?
  • The Media is Anything but Unbiased.  They are propaganda arms of the Democratic Party and often make no pretense they are other.
  • Mail-In Balloting Will Be the Downfall of our Electoral Process.  It is impossible to police and thereby opens the door to stolen election after stolen election.

We must maintain the integrity of the electoral process or we have surrendered control of the Republic to those seeking to fundamentally transform her.  I stand for faith family and freedom and will resist in every way I can to the destruction of America.

God bless you and God bless America


Tax and spend, spend and tax seem to be the mantra of the followers of the toxic liberal progressive agenda of the Left.  Our documented history has proven that philosophy is a negative not a positive.  It is demonstrated statistically and factually in modern history that the lower the overall tax rate the more money is in the federal coffers. With lower taxes, more federal revenue, and less spending we could actually balance the budget and pay down the national debt, even microscopically.

The current administration is led by a man who has spent his entire adult life in politics with no clue as to how the working world operates or businesses are impacted by undue regulations and exorbitant taxes. This man is hell-bent on resurrecting, restructuring, and expanding the diabolical ‘death tax.’  Most Americans, even those who do not have a fortune do like the idea of that kind of double taxation.  Taxing someone’s wealth after they have passed from this life is, in my view, stealing from the family of the deceased.  I find that incredibly distasteful. 

Before someone assumes that I have the kind of wealth to warrant personal concern over that tax, I do not!  That does not mean I cannot decide as to whether or not I think a tax or an idea is good or bad.  When the report is that the ‘death tax’ has dropped from 55% to 40% (still exorbitant) one would think they would be satisfied to get money twice.  What kind of insensitive and unfeeling bureaucrat would want an action that, at times, bankrupts the family of the deceased.  Their family property is forced to be sold to pay the tax.  That is wrong!

The Biden administration is not satisfied with the current rate of the ‘death tax’, assessed on the estate.  He wants to add a new tax on the deceased’s last 1040 personal-income-tax return.  This new, second tax would apply to tens of millions of Americans.  You may think, no big deal, but let me detail it just a tiny bit and then you decide.

Under the administration’s plan, the year someone died, all of their unrealized capital gains (gains on unsold real estate, family farms and businesses, stocks and other investments, artwork, collectibles, etc.) would be subject to taxation as if the assets in question had been sold that year.  The first $1 million of unrealized gains ($2 million in the case of a married couple) would be exempt from the new tax.  In addition, up to a certain point ($500,000 for a married couple, half that for others) gains derived from the sale of a primary residence would be exempted. Finally, the administration has said in the vaguest terms that “going concerns” in family farms and businesses would be exempt, but no one knows how that would work or believes it is anything more than politically expedient hand-waving.

The gross unfairness of that plan is that no one owes taxes on the growth until it is sold.  To add insult to injury they are proposing raising the top tax rate on long-term capital gains from 23.8% to 43.4%, which is not chicken feed.  That would be the highest capital gains tax in the world and American history.  Forward to the past, right Joe? 

Sadly, it does not end there.  After they tax these unrealized, unsold, phantom gains then the estate would be subject to the new 50% double death tax, because there is still the old ‘death tax’ to contend with.  Think about that, a 50% ‘death tax’ followed by a 40% ‘death tax’ on what you have left.  Karl Marx would be extremely proud of these totalitarian confiscations. 

America, if you thought this was just another political cycle that we could endure you might want to reassess your opinion.  If this kind of taxation and confiscation is allowed to continue, the right of personal property will become like the fabled ‘dodo bird’ and become extinct. 

It has taken a short few months for the Biden administration to destroy the gains we enjoyed under the previous administration when the Free Market was allowed to function as designed.  We are being told that everything is rosy but just because you put lipstick on a pig does not mean it is not still a pig.  The experts anticipated that the DDP would grow by 8.5% in the second quarter, but it only managed 6.5% and has been revised down to 6.3%.  That does not sound like growth and the tax plans and the insane spending being pursued will further destroy our economy.

The FED revealed that the stimulus provided almost no bank for the buck.  The economy has diminished as it faces the unexpected supply constraints arising from the misguided actions of the Biden administration and the Democrats controlling Congress.  Inflation is rising and dangerously near hyper-inflation and that would be catastrophic on every sector of our economy and destructive to the working class.   The Federal Reserve has bumped its preferred inflation measure to 3.4% annual growth, the fastest since 1992.

The hypocrisy of the administration and the Left regarding Green Energy and Climate Change or whatever it is being called grows daily.  John Kerry’s family jet has already emitted 30 times the amount of carbon emitted by the typical passenger vehicle per year.  I must ask, “If climate is such an immediate and existential crisis, how or why would John Kerry and the rest of the political elitists fly their jets and live in the oceanside mansions in places like Martha’s Vineyard?” 

Joe Biden has announced that he wants to “make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, including battery-electric, plug-in hybrid elect, or fuel cell electric vehicles.”  The infrastructure deal was loaded with Green Energy, Climate Change bundles of cash further jeopardizing our fossil fuel industry and our economy.

We have turned the management of the government over to those who have no idea how to run a business or manage a household budget.  They see the American worker and businesses as an endless source of money to continue their lunacy.  Unless we wake up, we will find ourselves taxed to the point that no one will be willing to work or invest.  That will be when the proverbial overweight lady with a helmet of horns begins to sing.  Turn out the lights, wait what lights?  The party has long been over by that time. 

Wake up America and let’s unite, return to our moral moorings and to God and oust the political ruling class and reclaim our Republic!   It is truly up to us!

God bless you and God bless America!


My title may be misunderstood by some when the idea of slavery is so revulsive in many minds.  Therefore, let me state that the slavery to which I refer is not physical chains but political, economic, and mental slavery.  It is a condition that our Founding Fathers feared could transpire and did everything humanly possible to prevent its occurrence.  Sadly, we allowed it to transpire by taking the position of allowing the politicians to handle the politics.  This wound is self-inflicted, but it is also correctable.

The Bill of Rights is an amazing document enumerating certain rights and liberties that were never to be infringed by the central government or any government.  The Founders recognized that our inalienable rights came from our Creator, not the government.  They believed that they had sufficiently provided safeguards to prevent the existence of a political ruling class. They could not envision any American society who had tasted the liberties and freedoms embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights allowing the government to surpass their constitutional authority.  They could not but warned of the direness of it happening.

The Bill of Rights has become a Bill of No Rights on many fronts and intensifying as the followers of a toxic brand of liberalism and progressivism gain power.  By power, I mean control, and as they take more and more liberties with their interpretation of or the ignoring of the American Constitution.  Each infringement pushes us toward a brand of political slavery that should not be palatable to anyone regardless of how many carrots they dangle in front of our faces.  I am amazed at how small a price some, place on their freedom and liberty.  Someone said, “Everything is for sale.”  It seems that is true for too many today.

The First Amendment enumerates liberties deemed to be inalienable but vanishing today.  It includes the freedom of religion and its free exercise.  Today, the demand that we abandon our core religious convictions to accommodate the choices of another is an infringement that would horrify the founders.  It includes the freedom of speech and the press.  Well, regarding the press it seems their freedom depends on which side of the political aisle they embrace. 

Freedom of speech is rapidly becoming a dinosaur unless you are rabidly politically correct and embrace the culture of liberalism.  Then there is the freedom of assembly and peaceably petitioning the Government for a redress of grievances.  You can riot, loot, burn, and destroy if you are on the Left but an insurrectionist if you are on the Right.

The COVID pandemic provided the powerbrokers the means whereby to infringe upon our 1st Amendment Rights.  You could go to Walmart but not Church.  The virus knew which lines it could and could not cross, I guess.  The paranoia that has ensued and the mandates and controls implemented have trampled on our freedom of speech.  It is not a hate crime to speak your mind if you are not a follower of the many facets of the Progressive agenda.

Our first president and the father of our country, George Washington prophetically warned, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  Is that not where we are or are headed today?  When all sides of an issue are prevented from having a voice that is censorship and ultimately leads to totalitarianism.

The use of ‘scare tactics’ regardless of which side is using it is diabolical and destructive.  Presenting facts is one thing, fanning the flames of fear using propaganda and misinformation or disinformation is destructive.  Harry S. Truman said, “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”  If we are not there, we are dangerously close. 

I am deeply disturbed as I listen to the narrative of the current pneumococcus is abrogated daily and the massive push to shut down all dissent.  The discovery that Dr. Mercola removed 25 years’ worth of content because of his stance on the body’s ability to heal itself if treated properly, even against a Sars variant.  That should disturb everyone not just the detractors toward the government’s prescription.

I believe that a healthy society is one that allows the free flow of ideas.  Our Republic was birthed, and our Constitution was derived after a lengthy series of open debates and exchanges of ideas by the founders.  I believe that only a society that allows the free exchange of ideas, allows for open debate and dissent can perpetuate the freedom we have enjoyed for our 240 plus years.  In that environment, the Truth will prevail, and the False will be exposed and tossed aside by those desirous of the Truth and Right.

When I heard Senator, Rand Paul encourage defiance to the totalitarian edicts I was both encourage and thought, “Are you sure?”  Are you sure, what?  He said, “They can’t arrest us all.”  I thought, are you sure?  As I observe in the annals of history the record of tyrants through the ages, I am not sure that the good Senator’s postulation is accurate.  They just might try.  Of course, that would precipitate a full-blown revolution and revolt and that might not turn out well for the dissenters.

At the end of the day, I believe that we are going to have to rekindle the Spirit of 1776 and be willing to make the same level of commitment to freedom as they made.  Those 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were willing to make the commitment no matter the cost.  If we develop that same level of commitment, we can reclaim our republic.

The apostle Paul encouraged in Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for at the proper time, we will reap if we do not give up.”  I believe that a return to God and a total surrender of our lives into His care and keeping is what is required to save America.  I trust Him and am calling for all who will join me to follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


Romans 16:17 “Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them.”  NASB

Philippians 3:17 “Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us.”  NASB

Paul gave us two groups of people to Mark or Identify.  He gave specific and definitive directions regarding each group.  One is an enemy of the Local Church and the other is a Powerful Witness for the LORD in the Local Community.  Both are to be noted and marked.

The first group to Mark is those that ‘cause division’ and the second group are those who ‘set the right example’.  We are to MARK both groups.  We are to avoid the first group but cling to, immolate, and copy the second. 

The devil wants to infiltrate the church local with the first group and diminish the influence of the second.  He does everything he can to create division in the church.  Sadly, he has been somewhat effective in many churches across America today and rendered them powerless forms but not substance and lasting impact on the community. 

I wish it were not so, but in some churches that are thusly divided by the devil there are no life, vision, spirit, power, or tears and the devil has backed them into a corner where they are holding the fort but not impacting their community.  That is unfortunate and incredibly sad.  They fuss and fume and cannot have a business meeting without war and no board meeting is devoid of conflict.

I refuse to engage in a brawl in the church.  The work of God is too important, and time is too valuable to waste it on what is often pettiness.  There are too many souls perishing, and this is no time for the Body of Christ to engage in childishness and act petulant throwing temper tantrums and pouting if we don’t get our way.  If we are going to fulfill God’s Purpose and Plan for the local church, we must identify the division, call it what it is, and reject it completely. 

The devil cannot defeat the church from without.  He can only defeat us from the inside.  Those on the outside can label us however they please, call us anything they desire, spin fabrications about us, assignation of our character, and attempt to shut us down physically but they will never truly be successful Unless we allow division to rule in our midst.  If we do, we step outside the protective covering of the LORD and stand on the devil’s turf and he will make mincemeat of us if we do.  That is not God’s Plan, Purpose, or Promise and we must not settle for less than His best.

The only thing that can destroy any local church is the peoplein that church.  The devil can only defeat the local church from the inside, but he can never win fighting from the outside.  In order for the devil to hinder the progress of the local church, he must get in the middle of the church and divide it.  Have you ever seen a local congregation where there was a division on the board, among the elders, or people in the pews who will not speak to each other?  Disunity and disharmony run rampant.   Then and only then can the devil hinder the church local.

We are engaged in a War, a Spiritual War and the first thing that we must seek to do is learn all we can about our enemy.  That was one of the areas in which we were often bogged down in Vietnam.  President Johnson often lamented that his intelligence reports were terribly inaccurate.  You have to know all you can about an enemy to fight that enemy effectively.  In WW II we had spies even one of Hitler’s inner circle was forwarding notes of Hitler’s meetings with his generals to the Allied Commanders and often we knew every move he planned.  We secured information on the U-2 rocket that Germany was developing.  Had Germany perfected that rocket, or the jet engine earlier there is a real possibility they could have won the war.  They had superior technology when the war broke out, superior forces and yet we won the war.  How?  We knew more about them than they knew about us and we had prayer backing our forces. 

We need to know our enemy and we must never forget this enemy Hates us.  His prime tactic is to divide and conquer. I want to look more closely at the enemy of which I speak and will need another devotional to accomplish that task or objective.  So, I pause here and wait until the ‘morrow to delve a little deeper into God’s Eternal Love and expose the devil and his strategies.

God, bless you richly is my prayer and desire!


Before we (Colonist) drafted and adopted the American Constitution we were governed by the Articles of Confederation.  Our Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence and our pursuit of Independence was officially underway.  Many things had transpired prior to that event but that was the official beginning. 

It was only eight days later that a committee led by John Dickinson (former President of both Delaware and Pennsylvania) submitted a draft of the Articles of Confederation.  One would have thought the need for rapid adoption, Congress took over a year to debate, rewrite, and fight over that document.  Sounds a lot like Congress today, doesn’t it?  They were a divided lot, and some feared a centralized government having too much power and placing too much influence in the hands of a select few. 

The issue of States Rights or the Power of the individual States was a major issue.  Additionally, there was concern about how the votes would be distributed or divided amongst the states.  Some wanted the larger more populous states to have more say and more votes others insisted that it would be one vote per state.  Those issues were finally settled, and the final draft was ready for ratification on November 15, 1777 but would not be completely ratified until 1781 when Maryland finally ratified it on February 22, 1781.  Yet, it served as the de facto system of government beginning in late 1777.

The Articles of Confederation asked each state to “enter into a league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare.”  In many ways, it was quite an impotent document but provided the pathway for the drafting and adoption of the American Constitution and the system of government we have enjoyed for almost 250 years.

Since the adoption of our Constitution, the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, and the other amendments, we have operated in a uniform system of government that has slowly morphed into more of an Oligarchy than a Republic.  The politicians and the courts have misinterpreted, misconstrued, misapplied, and ignored the directives, limitations, and requirements of our Constitution.  Both sides of the political aisle have been complicit in this erosion of our nation’s most precious document. 

Those in positions of governance did it, but we the people allowed it to transpire.  The more I study history the more I am amazed at how little interest the American people have shown in the affairs of their government.  It has largely been a matter of personal interest.  If it did not affect us as individuals, we were content to allow the politicians to play loose and free without Constitution.  We slept through the fundamental transformation of our system of government.

We now have a self-anointed Ruling Class who envision themselves as the appointees of God to govern.  Please understand that many of them believe more in their own power than the power of God.  Some do not believe He exists, and others have such a loose interpretation of Him, they are, to an extent agnostic or atheistic.  Some seem to believe that God is an absentee landlord and has left the affairs of man up to man, and whoever can seize power and control is the one with His favor.

I am reminded of Amos 3:7, “Surely the LORD GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”  I am reminded of that because it is my observation that the political elitists virtually always tell us in advance what they plan.  They do not always purposefully do that, but they do it with their language, their morphing of positions, and legislative actions.  Hollywood often reveals the plans of the followers of toxic liberalism and progressivism in their movies, and we think of them only as entertainment without hearing or seeing the warnings and subliminal messages presented.

I don’t know if Joe Biden is a man that is a complete dunce, suffering from the awful condition of dementia, or diabolical.  I don’t know if he is one, two, or all three of those, but all three surfaces in the actions of this administration.  The question I keep hearing from people watching is, “What is really going on?”  It is difficult to determine if what they are doing is a planned strategy to reshape the political landscape and complete the fundamental transformation Barack Obama touted as his desire.

I remember the politically astute tactics of President William Jefferson Clinton where they insisted his administration were all moderate Democrats.  His wife quickly and frequently proved that a delusion or outright lie.  The result was enough voters awakened from their apathy and slumber and America the first Republican Congress in 50 years.  They called themselves New Democrats and their strategy was to win the election by any means necessary.

Most are oblivious by choice or naivety of what has been called the “Fourth Branch of Government” – the Intelligence Community.  I believe that it began in a limited fashion with Clinton but grew into a monstrosity under Obama where the Intelligence Community has literally ruled America.  They know everything about everybody!  They have an inordinate amount of power and leeway in which to operate extra-constitutional and that is dangerous.  Unfortunately, many on the Left and those in the upper echelon of those agencies think it is brilliant and wonderful.  Many of us do not! 

I have mentioned this before but the Biden administration’s about-face regarding COVID rent moratoriums and student relief extensions suggests a dire possibility as to what is really going on.  The economy is in shambles, many sectors intentionally decimated and the border boondoggle is telling.  It could be that he and the Leftists in power are simply trying to outpace the peaceful protesters.  Of course, they have little effect on those protesters that are looting, maiming, burning, and destroying.  They are an organism of their own and will have to be dealt with separately.

It appears that the plan of the Left and the Biden is to keep the handouts flowing as long as possible.  They have to know that the longer they continue the more difficult it will be to make the cease.  I predict they will be like the other entitlements and will be a perpetual part of our federal budget for perpetuity.  They will continue and be demanded until and unless someone with more intestinal fortitude than is now visible comes to the fore and ends them. 

I am convinced that the would-be dictators on the local level are receiving much if not all of their marching orders from the powers on high.  We are in the fifth year of the Leftist’s plan to get rid of Donald Trump.  They still want him annihilated and destroyed personally, financially, and politically. 

I would love to laugh at the lunacy demonstrated by the alliances of the Left and the RINO consortiums.  The Left claims to be the Allies of the Oppressed People standing against the White Oppressors. Yet, many of them are elitists and Caucasians who have participated in suppressing the supposed oppressed.  I am becoming more convinced that the egotist of the political elite is brilliant in some things but dumber than a box of rocks in life and people. 

Many Americans, the so-called White Oppressors are just normal middle-class people who want to follow the rules, go to work, and be left alone by the government.  They are joined by millions of non-whites who desire the same thing.  Yet, the Political Elitists of the Left insist that they do not and are doing whatever it takes to prevent that from happening.  The perpetuation of the pandemic and the mandates will, in all likelihood, blow up in their faces in the future.  The question is, “Will there be anything to salvage at that point?”

God bless you and God bless America!

THE SUPREME COURT – Our Fears, Their Stripes, and America…

Most of us envisioned a more conservative and bolder SCOTUS after President Trump managed to get three new justices approved for the court.  Most of us, but we may have overlooked history, the intense political and peer pressure applied to those justices.  We may have failed to dig deep enough into the character of the appointees.  We may, but then maybe they are who they have always been.

There is something about a lifetime appointment to the most powerful judiciary in the nation that does not always bode well for the Constitution or America.  We have a long history of justices who seemed to change their stripes once appointed to the court and ruled in ways contrary to any sensible reading of the Constitution.  It appears that at least two if not all three of Trump’s appointees are experiencing a metamorphosis of sorts.

After the brutal and vile display by the Left against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Comey Barrett one would think they would remember those hearings. Wait, maybe that is exactly what is happening, and they are intimidated by the threats and power of the Left.  If they are, the honorable thing would be to resign, but that would put the choices in the hands of Biden and his cohorts.  The result would be a justice that would be unequivocally a liberal leftist. 

The Supreme Court is charged with balancing the power of the Legislative and the Executive Branches not becoming a legislative judiciary.  The Democrat-led Congress and the Biden administration have openly declared their intent to rule without regard to the Constitution. They also have demonstrated their intent to ignore all judicial rulings that do not fit their agenda.  They believe they are the only true interpreters of the Constitution and the final say in what transpires in America. 

The blatant example of ignoring the provision of the Constitution regarding personal property was in the majority of the court upholding the CDC eviction moratorium.  If that were the only concern in their ruling, I would be less disturbed, but it definitively weakened the Constitution and expanded the power of the court unwarrantedly. 

Not to rehash the moratorium but it required that property owners allow others to squat on their property, without compensation, for over a year.  It limited what property owners could do with their own private property.  That would have the framers of the American Constitution rolling over in their graves.  It is a blatant abandonment of the wording and the original intent.  It is not a reinterpretation but an abandonment of that guiding document.

Amazingly, Justice Kavanaugh agreed with the minority but then voted with Justice Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan.  What?  He agreed with the minority that it was wrong but voted with the Left to keep it in place?  Something is rotten in Denmark. What caused him to do that?  What took place behind the scenes that coerced him to abandon his understanding of the Constitution and vote to shred it?  We need to know, but we likely never will.

There is no provision for waivers to be granted regarding the Constitution.  Kavanaugh explicitly declared that the CDC had been violating the law and then voted to allow it to continue doing so for another month?  Article III of the Constitution grants the Supreme Court the authority to interpret the Constitution not to decide when and if it is okay to violate the law and ignore the Constitution. 

Creative interpretation of the constitution has always been a concern and a problem.  When justices are allowed to use penumbras and emanations to discover things in the Constitution that are not actually written therein, pandora’s box is thrown wide open.  The constitution is not an evolving document but one that is written to mean what it says and says what it means.  It is our guardian of liberty and when the Supreme Court grants itself the authority to modify, ignore, reinterpret, and rewrite it we are doomed as a Republic.

If adherence to the Constitution is deemed conditional, what conditions will be deemed appropriate for those in the Courts, Congress, and the White House?  The document will become a worthless piece of history and our Republic will become nothing more than a fond memory in the minds of the patriots.  We are a Constitutional Republic and the robed masters in the SCOTUS, the self-anointed legislators, and the would-be King in the White House do not have that right or authority to ignore our guiding document.

A review of the history of the world reveals that all dictators and totalitarian despots have deemed it their right and within their purview to change any law at their discretion.  They believed themselves to be the law, not one subject to it.  In their granting themselves the authority and power to change and apply the Constitution at their discretion the SCOTUS, Congress, and the White House have anointed themselves as councils of monarchs. 

We need a reminder that our first president George Washington refused the plea to become America’s first monarch.  He believed in the idea and ideal of a Republic led by citizen representatives and adherents to the rule of law.  He believed that our creation as the Free Republic was by the providence of God and that only as we followed the law and God’s precepts could we remain strong and free.  Those in power and control today, have abandoned those precepts. 

The Supreme Court is to interpret the law not, make it.  Sadly, the current group sitting on the bench appears to believe it is their right and privilege to not only interpret the law but to determine which law is to be obeyed and which is to be ignored.  They are engaged in legislating from the bench and in a great measure becoming the sole arbiters of the Constitution.  The Democrats have no real need to pack the court with liberal justices, they have a set of demigods on the bench serving their purpose and backing their play.

America, if we do not reclaim control of Congress and the White House, we will see a further erosion on the SCOTUS and thereby watch our freedoms and liberties disappear.  It is time we reign in all branches of government.  The only way that is possible is by returning to God and uniting strongly enough to provide pink slips for the majority of them.  Will we do it?  Can we achieve it?  To the first question, I do not know.  To the second, only if we become concerned enough to make a 1776 commitment to America.  Only if we return to God and His moral precepts.  Only if we will pray, work, and vote.

God bless you and God bless America!


I use that phrase as a description of the medical experts and the Biden administration, but it could be used for politics and politicians as a whole.  I frequently find myself asking, “Do they even know what they believe?”  I find myself asking, “Do they think we are that uninformed and lacking the ability to ‘fact check’ their ‘fact checkers’ and ‘spinmeisters?’” 

I ask but would never expect them to answer either question.  However, based on the consistent inconsistency they project, I believe the answer to the first is NO and the second YES.  Why would they think otherwise of us (the voting public) based on our consistency in electing and reelecting those advancing their agenda and rhetoric?  If we consistently go against reason and logic and allow them to hold the reins of the government, why would they think us informed? 

I had a politician tell me, “You are not informed enough to understand what is happening in Washington, so just leave it to those of us who are.”  I had questioned his logic and reasoning for advancing a bill that was contrary to the clear reading of the Constitution and similar causes had proven counter-productive for America.  For that political elitist, I was ignorant and unlearned and needed to grovel at his feet and appreciate any morsel he and his cronies threw my way. 

COVID-19 has been with us so long that one would think we would have a handle on this by now and have moved to the next crisis leaving this one in the rearview mirror.  One would think, but it appears that the real objective of this crisis or pandemic has not been achieved.  If the political ruling class deems it possible to achieve more control and dominion through this virus, I believe it will remain at the forefront of government actions until they have squeezed every drop of political benefit (for their cause) from it.

I want to address something that is anything but new but keeps finding its way to the surface regarding the consistent inconsistencies of COVID-19 and the mandates, etc.  I realize that anytime I write something like this, I have those on both sides of the equation zeroing their sniper scopes on me.  I become anathema and persona non grata.  I become, to them, a naysayer, a fear-monger, a conspiracist, a bad Christian, and many other labels. 

After all, in President Joe Biden’s mind, he believes that if everyone in the world was vaccinated inflation would become non-existent.  I would love to watch him attempt to answer how, but his handlers would never let that transpire.  It would solve the global warming or climate something, issues as well.  It would seem that this is the new magic pill or elixir and only those who do not love humanity (their view) would question them. 

One Consistent Inconsistency I want to address is regarding the survival rate of COVID-19.  Please do not think that I am making this a nothing burger.  People have died (how many, we will never know) from this virus.  It has taken people I know and love.  Most of them had underlying health issues that brought about death when coupled with COVID.  Regardless, COVID was a contributor if not the cause of their deaths.  That makes it a very serious and dangerous matter. 

I have been studying, as best I can, with the Gestapo-type censorship regarding information about COVID’s survival rate and other medical information on this issue.  The Coronavirus is a difficult subject for non-medical people and people outside the government’s inner circles.  We are limited to the amount of information we are privy to and even when we can find some documentation it is often skewed one way or the other leaving us with inadequate platforms from which to build our arguments or answer our questions.

The hatred from former president Donald Trump and the desire to advance a vaccine with limited testing seemed to make any possible medical treatment that would enhance the survivability of the virus taboo.  Fox News insisted that some of the treatments would kill people and stepped up to the microphone like the long line of talking heads in public media decrying anything that was not approved and endorsed by the CDC and the government medical experts. 

From the beginning, we were told that the survivability of this virus was incredibly high for most people.  It was higher, according to most reports than the seasonal flu that we face every year.  One of the drugs listed as offering hope was ‘ivermectin’.  That was provided it was given early enough to make a difference and before the person was overcome by pneumonia which is frequently the killer.

I listened to an hour-long testimony before the Texas Senate from a doctor in Dallas that called out the CDC and the entire medical community as being guilty of medical malpractice.  Why would he make such a charge?  The reason was, in his practice and research he had documentation that if people were treated at the outset of symptoms with ‘ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other drugs’ early the survivability increased exponentially.  He argued that we could have saved thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives had we acted rather than waited until hospitalization was required. 

The past eighteen months have produced a mountain of information that if one can and will wade through the fodder to get to the grain, is stunning and reveals inconsistencies that shock me.  We have hard data from a Stanford professor and surprisingly the CDC that must not be overlooked or allowed to slip through the cracks. 

Virtually everyone agrees that the most vulnerable sector of society is the very elderly.  That group must also include people with co-morbidities, and the obese are much more vulnerable than the young and otherwise healthy.  The Stanford professor of which I speak is Dr. John Ioannidis, “Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research), of Epidemiology and Population Health.”  Also, we have data from the government’s own Statistics and Biomedical Data Science Center, regarding the actual ‘infection fatality rates’ for COVID.  Dr. Ioannidis using all the information available concluded that, around the world, more than half a billion people have already been infected with COVID. 

I don’t want to make this the size of a novel but would like to boil it down to a few simple facts and comments and ask you to decide for yourself what the truth is and what you need to do.

COVID does not attack all people equally.  How can we overlook Governor Cuomo’s decimation of the elderly in his state?  The warehousing of COVID-infected people in nursing homes was deadly beyond imagination.  That kind of action caused Dr. Ioannidis and others to investigate age-related survival rates.  Some of those numbers caused me to gasp as I realized that if this information were publicized the madness of this panic would come to a screeching halt and we would move toward sane recovery.  I realized that it had to be about something other than the health and survivability of the populace.

Here is the inconsistency that floored me and caused me to say, “Something is rotten in Denmark.”  The CDC strongly recommends ‘ivermectin’ for third-world refugees heading for America, but not American citizens.  Why?  If ivermectin is a killer rather than a healer, why would they recommend it to those people?  If it is as evil and ineffective as the Left and CDC claim, then why did it win a Nobel Prize?

The bottom line for most people, not all people, is that if you contract the virus you are statistically unlikely to die from it, and if you receive early treatment your chances of succumbing decrease even more.  No wonder the doctor from Dallas would declare before the Texas Senate that failure to provide early treatment amounted to medical malpractice.

As in every potential virus or pandemic, common sense and good hygiene are absolutely essential.  If you believe the vaccine is the route for you, then by all means take that route.  If you believe it is not, then you should not be castigated for opting for that course of action.  As a Christian, my first confidence is in God.  I also believe that it is incumbent upon me to use common sense, exercise good hygiene, and have a plan for early treatment.  Think about others not just yourself and if you have been exposed please do not expose others knowingly. 

I believe that a major part of what has been happening in the misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information creates a platform of fear where those seeking control have a ready pathway to achieve their tyrannical objectives.  I pray for everyone that none of us contract this awful virus.  I pray that we also refuse to relinquish our freedoms out of fear.

God bless you and God bless America!


Many of us, have at some point in our lives, experienced Buyer’s Remorse.  We thought we wanted it.  We had to have it.  We bought the sales pitch and took the bait.  Then, we slept on our purchase and that nagging feeling of remorse overwhelmed us.  In some cases, we are able to revoke the sale, if remorse sets in within the legal timeframe we could opt out of the purchase.  Sadly, that is not the case in every situation, and I am heartened and disheartened to see polls and hear from pundits that millions of Americans are experiencing Buyer’s Remorse in their vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. 

The sad reality is that due to many factors, we cannot just say, “Time Out.  I want to take back my vote.”  The system of government won’t allow that.  The Congress and the Courts would not allow that to transpire.  Even if we effectively used the Impeachment process and evicted both of them from the White House, we would be left with Queen Nancy Pelosi as third in line in the chain of command.  That would possibly be even worse!

I saw a Zogby Poll that indicated that one in five Biden voters said they regret voting for him.  Using “I told you so” won’t do them or me any good.  Unfortunately, it is not just those who voted for him that will endure the devastation and destruction.  All of us, every hardworking, tax-paying, freedom-loving American along with the lower echelon of the Leftist Progressive Radicals will pay the price. 

The rabid players for totalitarianism on the Left and those who are more middle-of-the-road voters are finding themselves repeatedly at odds.  One group realizes that the pathway of the Squad and the radical Leftists will totally destroy America for everyone and are resisting marginally.  History indicates that this resistance by the Democrats who want a more moderate approach will fade into the shadows when push comes to shove, and they will vote with and support the Party Platform.  Lunacy, but that is the history of the modern Democrats.

Interestingly, the poll was taken before Kabul, Afghanistan was conquered by the Taliban and their jihadist cohorts.  It was taken before that debacle in which we lost American lives (13 U.S. service members) and many more were injured.  It was taken before we left Americans and allies behind the wall of terror with little hope of escaping.  It was before the State Department provided the Taliban with a hit list of those we want to extract. 

I am unable to comprehend how 76% of those who admit voting for Biden said they had no regret in casting their vote for America’s destroyer.  The poll indicated that only 4% were unsure.  How can that be?  Are there really that many voters in America who hate this country and are oblivious to history and facts?  The answer is yes, and it is largely the result of two-three generations of leftist education in our public schools and institutions of higher learning. 

We have watched the rise of the Cancel Culture, the Politically Correct Mandates, the Gender nullification, and the rise in bias against a segment of society.  If you are of the Caucasian persuasion and are non-liberal, you are their mortal enemy.  If you are male and non-liberal, you are the problem in America.  If you are a parent who wants a say in the education and lives of your children, you are a domestic terrorist and targeted by the Department of Justice.  Is this really America? 

Some other interesting revelations in that poll were that voters 18-29 (29 percent) and 30-49 (30 percent) were more likely to regret their vote than the 50-64 (10 percent) and 65 plus (6 percent) age groups.  Further extrapolation and examination revealed that Republicans who voted for Biden (if there truly is such a creature) regret their vote more than registered Democrats and Independents.  Those regretting their vote:  Republicans 29%, Democrats 21%, and Independents 14%. 

This poll revealed that urban voters were about twice as likely to regret their vote as their suburban and rural counterparts.  This poll questioned an online sample of 2,173 voters and was conducted over 8 days.  The margin of error is 1.5% meaning that the one in five is likely very accurate.

The amazing revelation in the poll is that even with 76% happy with their vote or without regret only 43% gave President Joe Biden a favorable rating.  The Independent voters gave him a 36% favorable rating and that is down from the last poll taken. 

Biden’s poll numbers continue to tank and as time passes more and more Americans will regret the error made in November 2020.  Sadly, that will make almost no difference in the outcome or extent of destruction done to our Republic in his time in office.  Our only hope is to massively turn on in 2022 and 2024 and reclaim all elected branches of government.  Unfortunately, if normal history is an indicator, so much unrepairable damage will have been done, we may not survive.

I am not concerned with your like or dislike for Donald Trump but his term in office saw the repeal of many of the destructive policies of the Obama administration.  Will we elect another president with the determination and ability to get things done even in the face of opposition from both sides of the political aisle?  I don’t know.  Trump may run again and may win again but if he does not run do, we have a man or woman that can pick up the gauntlet and lay their lives on the line for America with total fearlessness? 

My recommendation and request are that all who believe in God, follow the Christian faith, fall on their faces before our Heavenly Father and intercede for America.  I am not asking that you pray Republican or Democrat but that you pray for America.  I ask that you pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit and a revival, restoration, or renewal.  I ask that you pray for America to return to her founding principles and return to a recognition of God and the vital moral principles of the Bible that shaped our government and laws.

Next, I ask that you become involved in whatever way you can and are comfortable.  If you are one who can articulate the values of the Bible, the Family, Conservatism, Constitutionalism, and America then maybe you should become a spokesperson for a candidate.  Maybe you should consider throwing your hat in the ring and becoming a candidate.  We take this back from the bottom up not from the top down.  If America is worth saving to you, it is imperative that you become involved!

God bless you and God bless America!


I do not enjoy being out on the ledge standing on the precipice of violent persecution, but sometimes I feel that it is necessary to take the risk hoping to cause people to think.  I am not posting this to defend against being vaccinated or unvaccinated.  I continue to believe that our American Constitution and our Creator afford us certain inalienable rights and one of those is choice.  Choices have consequences and some choices bring benefit and blessing and others deficiency and pain.  Yet, we all have and make choices daily.

I want to highlight a few thoughts.  I realize that most people have already made up their minds one way or the other and many reflect the proverbial statement, “My minds made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.”  I can only offer an opinion, citing statements by those who are involved in the COVID business on a frontline basis.  I take their statements to heart and if they have offered documentation and scientific data, I ponder them and couple them with the information previously acquired.  In some ways, I am still undecided.

What am I to think when some high-level European scientists advise their governments to cease mass vaccinations?  They have recommended that due to the variants such as the delta variant it is impossible to achieve herd immunity via the vaccine approach.  They have suggested allowing the virus to circulate throughout the population, with precautions taking for the most vulnerable.  They do not believe the postulation of Western movers and shakers that mass vaccination will end COVID-19.  That causes me to think, ponder, and even question.

In remarks to the committee, University of East Anglia professor of medicine Paul Hunter, an infectious-disease expert, concurred that vaccination would not bring about the anticipated herd immunity.  He said, “We need to start moving away from just reporting infections, or just reporting positive cases admitted to hospital, to actually start reporting the number of people who are ill because of Covid.”  Dr. Hunter, who also advises the World Health Organization on the virus continued, “Otherwise we are going to be frightening ourselves with very high numbers that actually don’t translate into disease burden.”  That makes me stop and think and ask questions within my heart.

Dr. Fauci went on CBS’s Face the Nation and claimed that viral load meant the vaccinated were spreading COVID at the same rate as the non-vaccinated.  The moderator, John Dickerson queried the good doctor Fauci as to what new information they had that lead him to this conclusion.  He dodged the question numerous times but finally said, “When you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected.”  That makes one scratch his or her head and wonder.

The moderator pressed further and questioned Israel’s director of Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis on what they were seeing regarding the vaccinated and non-vaccinated and she suggested the exact opposite of Dr. Fauci.  Who are we to believe?  Her explanation rendered the spread by the vaccinated to at most 50% of the unvaccinated and at best 10%.  Again, who are we to believe?

Both suggested that the vaccinated were not immune from COVID and could spread COVID but she argued that the vaccinated could be contagious for a much shorter period and would have much milder symptoms.  If there are no, long, or short-term side effects and negatives connected to the vaccines (something there is no solid answer for at this juncture) then vaccines appear to make sense.  But if you are vaccinated and still must succumb to masking and isolation, how is that a solution?

We have had so many conflicting directives handed down as we come to a year and one-half of this pandemic.  We were told not to wear masks, then wear masks, then wear two masks, the no masks indoors, now we are back to masking indoors and outdoors.  Who are we to believe?

The same experts told us that the vaccines were safe and effective and provided the necessary pathway out of this horror movie.  We were told that if vaccinated a mask was no longer necessary and then two months later that was reversed.  Many have and are asking, “Do vaccines actually work?”  This may irritate some, but it seems the answer depends on what day and to whom you are talking. 

Some contend that the COVID vaccine is not a true vaccine based on the definition of vaccines.  It does not contain the attenuated virus, it is a strand of messenger RNA, based on genetic code provided by China and serving as the basis for these novel vaccines.  First, the code provided by China where the virus began can be hopeful or horrifying depending on your worldview and level of trust in the Chinese government.

When asked how long the immunity lasts for the vaccinated, we are told, “we do not know.”  That is more than a little disconcerting for me.  You may be totally fine with ambiguity, but I continue to search for scientifically substantiated data that gives me confidence in the government’s edicts. 

The mRNA vaccines are a new technology and that does not mean it will or won’t work nor makes it good or bad.  It is new!  Some scientists have contended that it requires a significant leap of faith to assume the genetic code received from China is accurate and doesn’t contain any malicious bits.  How much do we trust China or other countries that are openly adversarial?

The argument is valid that the virus peaked in the United States in early January before anyone was fully vaccinated.  Yes, there are now variants that are causing a resurgence of the virus, but has the vaccine prevented that?  It does not appear so. 

Again, I am filled with questions and I’m sure some arm-chair scientists who are on one side of the issue or the other will lambast me with their pseudo-scientific or religious positions.  I am simply suggesting that there may be more questions than answers and it is necessary that each of us on an individual and family basis make our choices.  If you do that is your decision and if you do not that is your decision.  Based on what I am seeing and hearing, it does not appear that there is any consensus among the scientific and medical communities that absolutely lay this question to vaxx or not to rest.

I will offer this picture regarding the varying size of airborne particulates for Influenza, SARS, and Coronavirus for your perusal.  The Influenza particulates measure from 0.08-0.12 micrometers.  The SARS virus measure from 0.08-0.09 micrometers. The Coronavirus measures 0.1 micrometers.  The pore size of cloth masks range, from 80-500 micrometers. The efficiency is proven to drop by 20% after 4 wash and dry cycles, stretching the surface and making it more porous.

It has been determined that it would require an N100 mask to effectively filter our particles of 0.3 microns and there are few of those around and they are terribly expensive. The N95 mask filters out approximately 95% but not 100% therefore, while it appears helpful it is not a foolproof way of protecting yourself or other people.

I believe that the best preventative is good hygiene and selective self-isolation when experiencing possible symptoms, which largely does not happen.  Some are very attentive to the necessary aspect of personal hygiene but even those are not absolute in their actions.  Self-isolation or quarantine when questionable would help but many insist, it is just a cold or hay fever, etc.  Yet, in this day, a little extra precaution might be prudent and considerate. 

I would not attempt to tell anyone to take the vaccine or not take it.  I do not have sufficient information and do not believe anyone does at this point to be 100% certain of the best course of action.  However, if you have a compromised immune system or a family member battling cancer or some other life-threatening disease, you must make your decision based on the information before you and what your heart tells you.  I wish that we would stop vilifying each other and allow room for everyone to make their own, hopefully, informed decision.  I believe that the only course of action for me as a believer is to prayerfully listen to my conscience the inner voice of the Holy Spirit, do the best research I can and then take a position.

God bless you and God bless America!


It does not seem to matter if it is a right-leaning or left-leaning media outlet, they all have the same message – Hysteria, Paranoia, and The Sky Is Falling!  I have never been so inundated with conspiracy theories in my 74 years on the planet.  I see them from those on the Left and the Right.  I see the theories among Christians and non-Christians.  I see them coming from Conservatives and Liberals.  I see them being espoused by Capitalists and Socialists.  There seem to be as many theories as there are people.  I know that is an exaggeration, but with the blowing of my email and phone, that’s how it looks to me.

I am a believer in God.  I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe that the Bible is ‘God-given’ and therefore the only valid rule for guidance in life and faith and practice.  I believe in the Republic created by our Founders and the Framers of the American Constitution in 1776 and 1789.  I believe in the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and am pro-limited government.  I am a Vietnam veteran having served in-country in 1967.  I am an American by birth a patriot by choice, and a Christian by the new birth.  That’s who I am!

Over the past decade or more, I have watched, often totally flabbergasted by what has happened in the political, social, and religious worlds.  When I gave my life to Christ, after returning from Vietnam in the late 1960s I would have never believed we would see what we are seeing.  I guess that speaks to my naivety and lack of prophetic insight, at that time.  I was raised by God-fearing, hard-working, parents who loved God, America, and believed that you only deserved what you earned in life.  That is foreign to much of today’s society.

I do not believe we are in another of the many political cycles we have endured where the Democrats control for a time, then the Republicans.  I believe we are in a war for the survival of the Republic.  I believe that God allowed us a small window of opportunity to allow us to get our house in order, and in a measure, we failed to take advantage of that time.  We looked at personalities rather than policies and insisted that we were standing on principle in allowing what happened to happen.  I believe that is an errant view. 

How can I call it principle to detest a man because of his personality, societal misgivings, and maybe even business flaws, but support a man who has many if not all the same flaws?  How can I seek the defeat of a personality by embracing a Party Platform that endorses and advances abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, stripping people of their inalienable and individual rights of property, speech, religion, and self-defense and call that principle?  If I manipulate scripture to say what I desire so that I can persist in my detest of a personality, I lower myself to the same level as that which I say I am against.  I either stand with God and what is right, or I stand with or allow that which is against God and morally, socially, ethically, and politically wrong. 

We watched as a real virus was used to create an international mindset that the Sky is Falling.  We opened the door for tyrants and tyranny to seize power and once the tyrannical seize power they never willingly relinquish it.  We continue to place ourselves at the mercy of those in elected or appointive positions claiming they are following science and the experts.  Sadly, the science and experts are anything but unified in their opinions leaving us to wonder. 

We hear from the experts, politicians, and media propagandist that if we do not follow the edicts, force whites to denounce their whiteness, abandon our core religious convictions to accommodate those who choose a lifestyle in conflict with those believes we make life unlivable on planet earth.  We have watched the masses, mostly honest citizens living in paranoia and fear, become rabid in their demands for compliance to the edicts of the experts regarding COVID. 

The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling!  I know Chicken Little is around here somewhere.  I guess she or he is with the Unicorns and the Flying Pigs searching for the fictional Utopia we are told will be a reality if we simply become followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and political correctness offered by the Leftists and Activists. 

We watched the Republicans do more damage than the Democrats regarding the efforts of the previous president.  Now we see the result of tossing aside by hook or crook a personality deemed distasteful for a milder character of no less questionable moral fiber.  Having served in Vietnam and watching the abandonment of the South and our allies, I was horrified to see history repeating itself under Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  I did not say that withdrawing was wrong but the handling of it was a demonstration of incredible ignorance and weakness.  Now we will face the Chinese in their pursuit of nations in their region.  Will we resist?  Not likely.

When the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, and other despotic regimes rattle their sabers will we demonstrate sufficient resolve and strength to deter them?  When that happens the cries of a Falling Sky and the End of the World will crescendo to the point it will be deafening.  We could have avoided this disaster, but we allowed the nefarious diabolical actors on the political stage in America to seize the script and determine the final act of the play.  If the Sky is Falling, we created the condition for it to fall.

America, if we are going to remain the Free Constitutional Republic and operate under the System of Government, we have enjoyed we have some serious choices and decisions to make.   The passive and weak-willed will not be able to endure the required commitments.  Only those totally committed to Liberty will find within their heart of hearts the resolve to make a like commitment as those in 1776.  Only those who believe in Freedom will make the choice to Live Free or Die Trying!

If we are to survive and see a change in the conditions in America, we cannot do it politically, judicially, or legislatively.  The Kingdom of God within the heart of the believer is salt and light and a change agent.  Nothing remains the same when the Kingdom of God is present.  We are supposed to be agents of change and influence rather than those who endure the changes made by the politically powerful.  If we want different politicians, we must become different people, and only through a total commitment to God and a willingness to lay our lives on the line for Him and His Kingdom will bring about the condition conducive for this change. 

If we will take God at His word and do what the Bible teaches rather than teach what it teaches with no corresponding action, we will see change!  I believe that when any believer becomes so full of God that God oozes from them in every facet of life will impact positively his community, then his city, then his state, and then his nation.  I used (his) generically as people, not gender.  If you want to see God’s Kingdom Come and His Will Done on Earth as it is in Heaven, then join those of us who are willing to die for Him and Freedom!

God bless you and God bless America!