2018 IN LIGHT OF 2017 – Optimism is Difficult But Possible…

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As one year has come to a close and another begun, I wish I could declare with jovial optimism things are going to be dramatically better, but I cannot.  I try to limit cynicism and reject pessimism.  I try to embrace optimism and have a positive mental attitude toward life including the world of politics in America.  I try, but no matter how hard I try, there are some glaring realities that act as a wet blanket on some of the desired enthusiasm and the reality of the past and present alter my view of the future.

Before you reject me completely, let me state, I do believe in America and believe we can restore the Republic.  I believe in the possibility but am fully aware of the difficulty and daunting nature of that task, battle, struggle, or war.  Jesus said in Luke 21:36 that there would come a time when “men’s hearts would fail them for fear, and due to the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth…”  He described it as a time when the powers of heaven would be shaken.  We are also told in the Bible that in the Last Days (a term some are very uncomfortable with) we would see a dangerous world and peril so prevalent that things would appear hopeless.  I believe we are seeing that today, in a significant measure.

I heard people argue that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ and now some are saying the same thing about Donald Trump.  I am troubled not by the potential of America and Americans but the social, racial, economic, and political division being orchestrated, expanded, and engineered today.  Sadly, many are unable to see the outside influence and manipulation because they are too close to the forest to see the trees.  I have long argued that we are all descendants of Adam and members of the Human Race regardless of skin pigmentation or ethnicity.  If we could take a deep breath and tap the brakes on the impending race war that is boiling in the societal pot, we could take a major step toward resolving our racial and ethnic differences.  Hatred, that is generational is one of the most difficult to overcome because it has no personal reason for existence but becomes an ancestral heritage and almost viewed as a birthright.

With the decay of our politics into the muck and mire of the mudhole or cesspool any hope of common ground takes wing and soars out of reach.  Ideology and political partisanship take precedence over right and reason and the idea that the “end justifies the means” becomes the acceptable norm in politics and life.  Truth takes a back seat to winning any particular battle swinging wide the door to political bloodletting unseen by any past generation.  In our politically correct world the allegations of sexual misconduct or impropriety of any nature need no proof to be deemed valid, only made public.  The result is the assignation of character and the accuser is judged morally righteous needing to prove nothing whereas the accused is guilty until proven innocent.

I see coming, in select political races, more of what we have been witnessing in the past few weeks and months.  I fully expect, after the first of the year, there to be some possibly fabricated new allegations against President Trump regarding sexual harassment or moral misconduct.  The demands for his resignation, impeachment, and ouster from office will crescendo with deafening volume and intensity.  Throughout 2018 there will be new allegations against various Republicans leading up to the mid-term elections in November.  The MSM, Democrats, and Establishment Republicans will echo those allegations requiring no proof and even if they are debunked and discredited they will be repeated incessantly.  Megyn Kelly formerly of Fox News has resurrected three discredited accusers of the President and is once again attempting to gain relevance in her failing career.  She will be joined by an army of activists in promoting allegations without requiring validation and proof.  The view of many will be, “if there is smoke there is fire” and our entire system of government, laws, and society will have shifted (selectively) from Innocent Until Proven Guilty to Guilty Until Proven Innocent.  Even then, it will be Guilty no matter if proven innocent.

The current Republican Establishment will continue, in most incidences, to sit on its hands, impede progress in advancing the agenda mandated by the 2016 Elections and collude with the Leftist against President Trump.  That will not bode well for the American people, and many will blame Trump for the failures of Congress.  The likely result will be that our borders will not be secured,  Obamacare will remain the Law of the Land, and our national security placed in grave jeopardy.  Optimism is difficult when recent history exposes the fraud and failure of Congressional leadership. 

WE CAN CHANGE THINGS.  We can, I am 100% convinced it is possible.  However, I am also 100% convinced that we will have to change the culture of Washington, D.C. while those who are perpetuating that destructive culture are in control.  That makes our task doubly daunting and difficult.  It must begin at the grass-roots or the local levels and then become the focus of the primaries then progress into the general elections.  We will not achieve this goal in one or two electoral cycles. In fact, I believe that it will require our children taking up the gauntlet and fighting the fight after we have gone the way of the earth.  It may require our grandchildren fighting the fight for Constitutional Freedom and be decades away from becoming a hope.  That is why it is difficult to be optimistic in light of today’s political and societal climate.  Does that mean I’m giving up?  NEVER!!!  I recognize that this is a fight that requires EVERYONE to become involved and, in my view, will require the help of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This is a fight with roots far deeper than what we see and is a war for the Republic our Framers and Founders established.

I ask that you join me in intercession for America if you are one that prays.  I ask that you join me in the trenches and become involved politically as we search for the best possible candidates to elect as our legislative representatives in Washington, D.C.

God bless you and God bless America!