Blog Post - Bomb

This is not an official list released by the White House but one that I have complied based on his words and deeds over the past 7+ years he has been in office.  I am quite sure that some will not agree and some would list these in different order but let me postulate my view.

  • Climate Change.  [It is not necessary to justify this being placed at the top of the list for it comes from his own words and Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and many more leftist agree.]  
  • Republicans.  [He has lamented time and again that the Republicans are a greater threat to our National Security than ISIS or any terrorist.  Hillary, Bernie, Kerry and many other leftist agree.]
  • Guns.  [That’s right he believes that the gun is evil and therefore, in his misguided effort, to keep guns from criminals and terrorist the law-abiding must be disarmed as well.  A view supported by all Democrat presidential candidates and most leftist.]
  • The Constitution. [He has frequently complained that the Constitution was too restrictive and that it imposed hindrances to what the government could do.  Of course he has ignored it with little resistance for Congress or the Courts.  I have no doubt that Hillary and the others on the left are in lock step with this view.]
  • Too Little Government Spending. [That’s right, in his view and that of the leftist as well as many so-called Republicans we need more spending, more debt, more deficit, more entitlements, etc.]
  • Christians.  [Before you protest and tell me he is a Christian I must ask, “Why is he so quick to defend Islam and so quick to blame Christians for the atrocities of history?”  Why is he so obsessed with mandating Christians and Churches violate their convictions and beliefs to follow his politically correct tolerance view which stems from complete intolerance of the other side?]

This list is certainly not exhaustive although exhausting and should disturb every patriotic freedom loving American citizen.  America is less safe today than it was even 8 years ago and is growing less safe with each passing edict, action or inaction by this administration.

Blog Post - E Plubrus Unum

I realize there are supporters of the Democrat agenda and ideology who find the growing list of what most consider detrimental policies acceptable and even too limited.  I have stated before and state again, I am far less concerned about the (D) or (R) behind the name of the candidate than I am their personal, private and public views and history regarding the Constitution, Conservative Principles, Moral Rightness or as I often define it, “Faith, Family and Freedom.”  If they have a track record either in politics or life that indicates they have been defenders of those things I am more than willing to listen to what they propose.  If they have a track record of being Anti those things then I am predisposed to believe they will also be “Anti” if elected to office.  I know people change and shift their ideological perspective, I have to some degree on some things.  However, for the most part, Leopards do not change their spots and the core values largely remain the same in people’s lives without an epiphany of some kind.

We have a president who has aided, if not created a greater division in race relations than we have experienced in many years.  We have a president who has systematically reduced our military capabilities by seeking to reduce the size and strength of our forces and weaponry as well as purge high ranking brass from the ranks who disagree or question his policies.  We have a president who has waged war on the Christian faith in demanding that believers violate their core convictions and consciences to accommodate someone or something he desires to advance.  We have a president who is seeking to eliminate our national sovereignty by erasing our borders and in so doing is weakening our national security.  We have a president who is not respected by our allies nor feared by our enemies and thereby placed America and Americans in greater danger worldwide than we have been in a very long time.

Head in Hands

I am sorely disappointed in many of the Republicans and most of the Democrats elected and sent to Washington to represent WE THE PEOPLE.  I am concerned that the American people have been less engaged than is required to reclaim and restore the Republic.  I am hopeful but deeply concerned as to what we will do in the 2016 Elections for I consider them possibly the most critical we have faced in my lifetime.

What is America worth to you?  How much will you invest to see the Constitutional Republic established by our Founding Fathers and enjoyed for more than two centuries preserved, salvaged and/or restored?  My commitment is to “Faith, Family and Freedom.”

            God bless America and God bless you!