BLOG POST 1 - Respect the Flag

Someone said to me, “Your problem is you are not listening to the players who are taking the knee during the National Anthem.  Because, if you did you’d understand and agree with them.”  Well, I’ve listened to Greg Popovich, Lebron James, Mike Tomlin, Colin Kaepernick, and more on the Left than I care to name and each of them painted a picture framed by Leftist rhetoric and not based in reason.  I have listened to the arguments that President Trump is somehow violating the 1st Amendment Rights of the players to kneel and disrespect the American Flag during our National Anthem but NO ONE on the Left is defending His 1st Amendment Right to declare is disagreement with their actions.  I Listened and Still Disagree With Them!

Coach Tomlin was incensed over the lone Steeler who came out and respected the flag and insisted that the players did not ask for this.  Seriously, coach?  That is exactly what you did when Kaepernick and others began the process and expressed their disrespect for America, our flag, the police, etc.  You claim that you are not being political but focused on football, but if that were true then you’d simply PLAY FOOTBALL not attempt to make a statement of disrespect for America, Americans, our Flag, our System of Government, and every person who has fought in the real uniform for your Freedom.

Some of the players are now issuing a statement that they are not disrespecting the flag and support the police and their protest is about unity and equality, not disrespect.  That dog won’t hunt either because by joining Kaepernick’s protest which was based squarely on those things you say you are not disrespecting, you are disrespecting both the flag and police.  I would never want to restrict anyone’s 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech but if we are going to be consistent FREE SPEECH must be a two-way street and the fact that the President, myself, and millions of others disagree with your actions should have your support of our right to voice our disagreement.  Why are you not defending our right to speak?  I guess, in your view, it is only those who agree with your point who are allowed to speak their minds.  HOW IS THAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH?

Lebron James suggested that anyone who voted for Trump made a mistake and he is sure they now regret it.  NO, Mr. James, I do not!  I would regret not having voted to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Obama policies being advanced even more vigorously.  Coach Popovich suggested that America is an embarrassment to the entire world because of President Trump and he and Mr. James both believe that it was IGNORANCE that elected Mr. Trump.  I say to both of you, I’ll gladly stack my intelligence and the millions of those who voted NO on HILLARY against yours.  The fact that you are a professional basketball player, a professional coach, a Hollywood elite, a Media Mouthpiece, or activist does not make you intelligent or right.  You have a right to your opinion and I have a right to mine.  Your right does not supersede mine nor mine yours.  That is the beauty of the Constitution of these United States and the 1st Amendment, we can THINK and SAY in a peaceful setting what we think.

I like what Coach Lou Holtz had to say on the matter.  He said that the President had every right to express his disagreement with the protests and that the unity of the team should be focused on winning not politics.  I like what former NFL Great Jim Brown had to say to the protesters.  He is an activist and a very vocal one, but he disagreed with disrespecting the flag and said that if they wanted to be activist be activist but the football field was the wrong place to do it.  Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys may believe that he is on the side of right when he and his team gather on the field, lock arms, and kneel before the anthem and then during the anthem, rather than showing respect they stand with arms locked.  He said that was a show of unity not disrespect for the flag.  I disagree!  It was a statement that you are unified in the spirit and purpose of the protest and desirous of making a political statement rather than playing a sport that was designed to be entertainment for the fans and a livelihood for the players and coaches.  You lost me, long before this, but this is the final nail in the coffin of my NFL and virtually any professional sports support.

The Leftist desire to paint all of the Trump supporters as ignorant and uncouth needing, someone, to care for them.  A recent poll indicated that 20% of college students now believe that it is justifiable to commit acts of violence against anyone saying or doing something they disagree with.  That is a recipe for anarchy and such an eruption of violence and chaos we may never recover.  ANTIFA and other groups hide behind masks, believe they are justified in taking baseball bats to anyone disagreeing with their Leftist ideology.  It is considered racist to say, “All Lives Matter.”  Colleges and Universities are creating “safe spaces” for their fragile leftist and launching an all-out war on the Constitution and the right of EVERYONE to be able to exercise their FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Cities and even states are seeking to provide sanctuary to ILLEGALS and subject their citizens to the inherent dangers of that action and attitude.

If you are a defender of the Constitution, a Christian, or a Conservative you are considered their enemy and a growing number within their ranks believe that you must be eradicated.  If you disagree with the Climate Change / Global Warming claims you are an ignoramus, a member of the Flat Earth Society, and a greater danger to the world than terrorism.  In fact, they believe you are a terrorist because you do not bow at the Altar of their Religion.

There have been and will continue to be things I do not like about what President Trump does or says, but he is the duly elected President of these United States.  He campaigned on positions, promises, proposals, and ideas that I support and my anger is not directed toward him for the failure of many of them to be implemented.  It is not solely directed at the Leftist Democrats but at the Cowardly Republicans and Traitors who are determined to undermine and defeat him.  I welcome the victory of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama over the Establishment Candidate Luther Strange.  That is a breath of fresh air for me and gives me cause to hope.  Senator Corker of Tennessee is facing a Primary Challenge and rather than face potential defeat he has announced his retirement at the end of his current term.  I pray that more will do the same and we will elect Constitutional Conservatives to their seats and begin steering the Republic down a Constitutional Path.

God bless America and God bless you!