AMERICA – The Severely Divided Nation…


That is not a revelation that anyone was unaware of but something that needs to be addressed.  We have reached a point in American politics where there is a clear line of demarcation between having the Constitutional Republic or becoming a Socialist or Shira Compliant nation.  Unfortunately, the Republicans have not consistently championed the distinction and defended the Republic but the basic party platform does.  We have evolved from the days in which my parents would say, “I don’t vote for the party, I vote for the person” to “I vote for the party platform, not the person.”  That, for me, is a shift and one that I fully embraced in the 2016 election.  I saw a clear distinction between the ideological and announced agendas and one was much more grounded in the basic principles I believe and the other anathema to my core convictions and beliefs.  Thus, my vote was for principle embodied in the platforms of the parties.

We are divided politically more than any time in my lifetime.  I won’t burden you with a lengthy dissertation on when the shift of the Democratic Party transpired but it has been in the works a very long time.  The roots of radicalism, progressivism, liberalism, and socialism go back decades and how many working Americans and various ethnicities missed this or ignored it is often a mystery.  With the election of Barack Obama, the shift to the left was placed on the fast-track and with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, the brakes were applied dramatically.  I was dangerously close to losing hope for America until this election but now have a renewed confidence in a large segment of Americans and my faith in God has soared exponentially.  I truly believe we have been given a 2nd chance and as Ted Cruz correctly stated recently, “We have been given the Whitehouse and both Houses of Congress if we blow this there will be pitchforks and torches in the streets.”  I wonder if there might not be more than that but I am fully convinced that the movement for change that has demanded the Republic be returned to WE THE PEOPLE will not tolerate squandering this opportunity.  Republicans beware and I pray you realize what is at stake and determinedly stand for the People and the Constitution.

It began before McGovern, but in 1972 there was a dramatic shift of the Democratic Party toward Progressivism and it has slowly evolved into a cancerous blight on the Republic.  The Democratic Party’s view of those of us who desire a Constitutional Republic, limited government, secure borders, strong national defense, and limited spending as a “basket of deplorables”.  They are scrambling behind the money-bags of George Soros and other leftist trying to reconstruct their party and the reconstruction is not moving to the center but farther to the left.  Will that mean the demise of the Democrats?  I doubt it because over half of Americans are receiving some kind of entitlement or check from the government and when ‘money talks integrity walks.’  The Democrats are poised to possibly name as the Chair of the DNC a leftist who is so aligned with the Islamic community and so favorable to allowing Sharia Law to be superimposed over American Constitutional Law.  They are all in on abortion on demand, trampling on the rights of one segment of society in favor of another, and want to spend America into oblivion.

We are divided racially more than we have been in decades and that has escalated dramatically in the past 8 years under the regime of Barack Obama.  The almost continual diatribe decrying our judicial system as being systemically racist has not alleviated the problem but escalated it.  The praise of BLM Protests based on false narratives by the president and the Democrats has further divided the nation has not offered a positive means of reconciliation and open discussion on genuine issues.  The defense of Islamic groups and values while trampling on those of Christians and Jews is not moving us toward reconciliation but violent division and disruption.  The forced adoption of political correctness in our schools, colleges, and armed forces is not bringing us together it is driving wedges that can only result in undesirable realities.  The media’s continual labeling of anyone not supporting the leftist agenda and ideology as being racist, phobic, and lacking compassion is not bringing healing but division.

We are divided and if we want to survive as the Free Constitutional Republic we were established to be where those on both sides of the issues are able to express their concerns in a civil and rational manner or even irrational manner we must STOP and LISTEN to each other.  I pray that the Trump administration will take the actions necessary to ensure our national security, protect and defend our constitution, and limit government’s overreach.  Once that is done, we may have a chance to come to the table and discuss differences but until that is done we will remain dangerously divided.

God, bless you and God bless America!