If dumbing down the dumbed-down sounds confusing and convoluted, welcome to 21st Century America, because that is where we are.  That is exactly what has been happening in our beloved land.  A devoted Leftists said to me, “There is too much confusion when I think so I don’t want to think.”  I wonder how many others in today’s world agree with her statement and have shut off the thinking switch in their brains and let someone else think for them? 

I don’t want to be unkind, harsh, unsympathetic, or without empathy for the millions who have been indoctrinated in our educational system over the past several decades.  I want to be compassionate to those who have been taught that America is bad, capitalism is evil, the American Constitution is a racist document produced by white supremacists are becoming or nearing majority status in America.  But this is frightening! 

I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, but those who do and those who don’t should all agree that the human brain has the potential to reach remarkable levels cogitative application.  The human brain is designed to use deductive reason, evaluate the conflicting elements of the equation and achieve solutions like no other mammal, fowl, or fish could achieve. 

Think of how far man has advanced intellectually over the past 100 years and you will see how important thought has been to that advancement.  Ideas that were concocted in the mind have become realities in our lives.  The products, inventions, and achievements have produced incredible advancements in science, mechanics, technology, and medicine.  The creation of the Internet, the smartphone, the computer is nothing short of amazing.  The development and advancement in automobiles, the combustion engine, jet propulsion, nuclear fusion and a myriad of other realities amaze me. 

Sadly, I encounter people, mostly the younger generation, who cannot make change without the computer or cash register’s readout.  I meet people who are so dependent on the internet, google, the auto-correct feature on their computer or phone they cannot spell.  Today, a working knowledge of geography is glaringly absent.  History is unknown and with the laziness encouraged in texting and tweeting grammatically literate sentences are obsolete.  It is a grim reality that some students can no longer read cursive writing.

Students today no longer feel they need to know mathematics because they have a calculator.  They do not see the need to know history because they can Google it.  Someone said we have a “Thinking Syndrome” in modern society.  I can believe that we have a “Non-Thinking Syndrome” and the absence of thought is horrifying.  They defined the (TS) as a vestigial malfunction of the brain. 

Thinking, for many is an activity that seems more offensive than the idea of shoveling manure in a stable.  Thinking appears to be rapidly becoming extinct and that is more than troubling it is deadly to an advanced society that seeks to create and produce.  Are we becoming so dependent on Artificial Intelligence that we are enslaved by our own technology? 

I heard a discussion by ‘so-called’ scientists and psychologists that suggested the need of today’s society was an alteration of the human brain, so people were no longer burdened with thought.  What?  Those so-called thinkers are suggesting some medical procedure that eliminates the need or ability to think?  That sounds like yesteryears approach using lobotomies to cure mental disorders.  Have we truly become that dumbed down in the new enlightenment of the 21st century?  God help us!

They suggested that although there are mitigating drugs to help a person overcome their Thinking Syndrome (TS) we might need to utilize a non-invasive procedure to solve that problem.  That procedure would permanently alter certain synaptic centers of the brain using a tiny implanted interactive chip canceling out rogue paths of thought redirecting them to the desired centers of the brain.  They also called for the establishment of a Virtue Agency called the Center for Optimizing Perception (COP) and predetermine a person’s response to questions and certain stimuli.  I do believe that would be ‘mind-control’.  It Orwellian beyond belief.

Of course, indoctrination and brainwashing has been going on in our educational system for the past 50 or more years attempting to do the same thing.  The suggested chip approach is to expedite what the ideologically driven professors and teachers in our schools have been striving for which is the political predisposition of young minds. 

The systematic dumbing down of our youth is directly connected to the increasing cultural dissonance today.  When a society stops thinking, loses the ability to engage in critical thought and has no ability or desire to use deductive reason we become puppets of the manipulating masters. 

When thinking and reason cease, we become the product of the data that is input into our consciousness.  Who controls what that data will be?  Therein is one of the problems in ascribing to the idea that thinking is too confusing and should be eliminated.  We open ourselves to the diabolical forces that seek to control.  We relegate ourselves to a servitude far worse than any system of slavery known to man. 

The paranoia and hysteria that is being created in the ‘non-thinking’ of today are pressing us dangerously near the precipice of societal destruction.  The driving fear of cataclysmic destruction through man-made global warming or climate change has resulted in an increase in suicides among the Millennials and Generation Z-ers. 

When a person believes that life as we know it is over and they have no future, suicide can easily become an appealing out.  When politicians gain the ear of the ‘non-thinkers’ they offer promises that are unfulfillable and advance agendas that are destructive.  Any thinking person can see the fallacy of Socialism, but many today are driven by greed and never think of the consequences or ask, “how is this possible?”

We have a problem in America and that problem is in Thinking or Not Thinking.  Are we so disinterested in finding solutions that we are willing to embrace the ease of not thinking?  Yes, thinking is sometimes confusing because you see many sides of the equation.  In thinking we see the problem and are required to sort through a plethora of potential dangers and solutions to find the best approach. 

Thank God, our founders were men of thought.  Thank God, the innovators throughout the ages were people of thought.  Thank God our forefathers were not willing to just muddle along in life and go wherever the wind or the stream took us.  Thank God, we have the innate ability to THINK! 

What I ask is that you use your brain and THINK!  Think about what is going on.  Think about the flames of hate, envy, greed, and destruction is the fruit of the rhetoric and ideology advanced by the nefarious and devious of today.  Think about how we are to pay for the proposals of the politicians.  Think about the security of the nation and the inalienable rights we have been given by God and are supposed to be protected by our Constitution.  Think about the hypocrisy of politics and politicians.  Think about how you would like for people to view and treat you and set yourself to find ways to treat them in that manner.  The Golden Rule is not a detriment but an incredible benefit if we will practice it.

I ask that you think about your children, grandchildren, and future generations and vote in such a manner as to ensure they have a Constitution to protect them and a secure and safe nation live and work in.  I believe that if you THINK you will vote to oust those advancing anti-American and are Socialists or Globalists. 

God bless you and God bless America!