BETRAYAL OF OUR FRIENDS – Obama’s Parting Shot…


There has never been a question, in my mind, as to where the current president stands regarding Israel or his allegiance to the Islamic nations and Islam.  He claims to be a Christian but his strange way of demonstrating that leaves one wondering who or what he is truly following.  He defends a religion that has the worst human rights record and history than virtually any religion and one that is so intolerant of any other view their so-called holy book demands the slaughter of those deemed to be infidels.  That is not the case with Christianity or Judaism but according to Mr. Obama our Christian history and that of Judaism are to be decried while Islam is to be praised.  Love thy neighbor is not a tenet of Islam but is it a tenet of both the Jewish faith and the New Testament.

Mr. Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry along with their minions are claiming that the UN Resolution is a step toward peace. They claim the U.S. had nothing to do with the crafting and drafting of the resolution.  However, Egypt and Israel along with other sources reveal the fingerprints of this administration and Messrs. Obama and Kerry all over the resolution and suggest a stealthily coordinated effort to enact it.  Of course, the United States Ambassador to the UN abstained as though that somehow acquitted our nation of complicity and responsibility.  We have Veto Power and could have blocked this action but Mr. Obama’s parting shot at Israel is to endanger that nation and further unsettle the entire Middle East if not the world.  That is inconsequential to him for his thin-skinned narcissism demands that he take his last shot at a nation he clearly holds contempt for.

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 will not produce peace but will likely escalate matters and place the incoming President in the position of potentially sending troops into harm’s way to defend a long-standing ally, Israel.  This is a move, which Barack Obama has desired.  He wants to roll the borders back to pre-1967 boundaries in Israel.  That would include Israel losing access to or control of East Jerusalem.  It demands that Israel immediately cease and desist in all settlements in the Palestinian occupied territory including East Jerusalem.  The UN is demanding that the boundary lines be prior to June 4, 1967, and would mean the Jewish people would no longer have access to the holiest site of their religion, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. They would be barred from entering the Old City founded by King David over 3,000 years ago and erase from history the Israeli victory in the Six-Day War in 1967.

I find it interesting that there was no push back on Jordan when Israel warned them to stay out of the conflict in 1967.  There was no sanction, penalty, or criticism of Jordan for trashing over 50 Jewish Synagogues, and other atrocities.  This is not a call for Israel to swap “land for peace” it is a call for Israel to unilaterally give up land and rights of sovereignty.  The fact that the United States had Vetoed similar proposals suggests that the Palestinian Authority (PA) would have consulted with this administration before trying this again.  This is nothing more than an Anti-Israel action by a body (United Nations) that has repeatedly taken positions that are incredibly Anti-Semitic.  Now, the United States has joined that coalition against the only true ally we have in the region.

Can Mr. Trump and Congress correct this?  I don’t know but I do know there are some things that can be done including withholding our sizeable contribution to the United Nations.  We pay the lion’s share of their budget and, in my view, it is time to defund and evict them.  I have seen reports that our portion of the budget is about $3 BILLION or 22% of their total budget.  Our share is equal to the bottom 176 member countries and we pay as much as the four other permanent members of the Security Council combined.  France, Russia, China, and the U.K. pay a combined $2.5 BILLION to our $3 BILLION.  How did we ever allow this to happen?  The UN has condemned Israel 20-4 times more than the rest of the world.  They UN has condemned Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Syria ONE TIME EACH.  We should also withdraw from all peace talks UNTIL this resolution has been repealed and should not give the UN one red cent UNTIL that action has been taken.  Will the Trump administration accomplish that?  I do not know but I hope they give it the old college try.  Now is the time to act, since some leading Democrats have declared their opposition to Mr. Obama’s actions.  This could be and should be a bipartisan action and we need to send a message to the world that we stand by our friends and will not tolerate bullying from the UN or any other entity.

You may not believe we should defend Israel, but I do and based on my view of friendship and the value of allies as well as my faith and biblical worldview, I firmly stand on the side of defending Israel.  I believe it is in the best interest of America to do so and when our best interest is in the mix America should STAND WITH FRIENDS and PROTECT OUR INTEREST.

God, bless you and God bless America!