BLOG POST 5 - Deal of the Day

With today being the first day of early voting in Texas I address this issue.  The slogan for the mid-term elections launched by the Democrats some time back was, “New Better Deal for our Democracy.”  I guess that is a takeoff on FDR’s New Deal and a backhanded slap at Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA).  But, I’ve been asking for specifics and details as to exactly what their proposed “New and Better Deal” might entail.  It has been an arduous task and even after months of researching, asking questions, and trying to define it has made me fully aware that it is still muddled, to some degree.  Please, don’t misunderstand me, I believe they are incredibly transparent about their desire to Tax, Tax, Tax until there is nothing left to Tax and want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something other than our Constitutional Republican Democracy.  Yet, as is my nature, I want clear-cut answers to specific questions and do not limit that to Democrats.  Mr. or Ms. Politician, “let me be perfectly clear, I want you to be perfectly clear.”

They are touting that they want to improve and protect voting rights, produce new ethics laws, have some type of campaign finance reform (that is a bit muddled), and open borders.  After all, they tell us, Illegal Immigrants are people too?  Who has argued they are not?  Regarding Voting Rights, they insist that photo identification to vote would somehow disenfranchise the poor and blacks.  I must ask, how?  If welfare benefits and many other entitlements require a person to have a photo identification card, how exactly does producing one to vote, disenfranchise anyone?  That, in my view, would better protect the integrity of the elections and ensure that people do not produce utility bills or some other form of identification that affords no guarantee as to the identity of the holder.  It would bring more legitimacy to the outcomes but that is anathema to the Democrats and their rhetoric and spin have resulted in many being deceived as to the ease with which a person can obtain a State Issued Photo Identification Card.  But, digressing, if you must have one to draw welfare or other entitlements, what is the problem?

I almost choked from laughing when they proclaimed they wanted to address Corruption and Ethics violations.  Imagine that?  No, they do not, at least not within their own party but will gladly entertain the idea if it is somehow connectable to the Trump administration.  How they can ignore the scandals, of which Barack Obama said his administration had no scandals they were ashamed of?  I add that little portion because it reveals an out for them by saying there were No Scandals to being none they were ashamed of.  After all, if the end justifies the means, those things that facilitate your objective are things you are proud of, even if they are scandalous.  Let me say, there is too much Corruption and too little Ethics in Washington, DC and that needs to be dealt with, but can we allow the fox to provide security for the hen house?

Next, they take a swipe at Campaign Finance Reform.  That almost sent me into hysterical laughter, but I am serious, that’s what they proposed!   The party that has had more corrupt money from foreign governments, sponsors of terrorism, and globalist like George Soros wants to Reform Campaign Finance?   All efforts to get Barack Obama to truthfully reveal the source of many of his contributions failed.  We also hit a brick wall trying to get Hillary Clinton to do so.  With that in mind, how can we take them seriously and believe that they can or will Reform Campaign Finance?  Hold on a second, I do think I caught a glimpse of a pig flying over the unicorns in my backyard, so let me pause to go look.  Sorry, it was just a shadow and that is all their claim is Shadow with No Substance.

Of course, their prime target in this or any election is the man they view as Dirty Harry, Donald Trump.  The Russia did it mantra has worn thin and while they charge Republicans with fear mongering they engage in hyping hysteria that the World as we know it will end if the Republicans win, and Conservatives are confirmed for the Supreme Court and Trump remains in office.  The Democrats are promoting Socialism in the form of Universal Medicare for All and never address how it will be paid for without bankrupting the Republic.  They fight for Open Borders and allow Illegals to flood our nation and then be granted citizenship.  They have taken a firm position that Abortion must be at Will and on Demand or else we are haters of women. What about that defenseless baby in the womb?  Who fights for that child in the womb who the result of either sexual promiscuity or failure to take the necessary steps to prevent becoming pregnant?  If Black Lives Matter, do not all lives matter?  If Illegals or people too are not those babies in the womb people?

The Republicans, on the other hand, have campaigned as being for Limited Government.  I realize that they have not followed through on those promises to the degree I desire but at least they are on the record as being for a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  They are for Lower Taxes and followed through in a measure keeping that promise.  They are taking a stand for a Secure Border which is necessary for a Safe and Sovereign Republic.  They are standing in defense of our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights as well as all our inalienable rights.  They are not perfect and so long as we are governed by flawed mortals there will be no perfect outcomes in government.

The Republicans have not sought to eliminate God from their party platform and not insisted that we become a gender-neutral society and nor do they seek to force everyone to abandon their core religious convictions to accommodate someone who disagrees.  With them, there is a small window of hope and opportunity to drain the swamp, at least a little.  With them, the Deep State faces some opposition. With them, We the People, have a voice in government, howbeit not a large one but better than no voice with the liberal leftist of the National Democrat Party.

We have a clear choice in November nationally, in the individual states, and locally.  I encourage everyone to vote and it is my hope that you will, as deeply as possible, examine both the position and record of the candidates and vote for America by defeating those who embrace the toxicity of liberalism espoused in the Democrat Party.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!