BLOG POST 2 - Mouth of Babes

Jesus spoke of truth coming from the mouths of “babes and sucklings” and in spiritual matters, I believe that is a doctrine to be well received in certain situations.  Jesus did not desire to make that a blanket doctrine that we are to accept the “wisdom” of the children in all things and at all times.  That would negate His and the Bible’s clear teaching on the responsibility of parents to nurture, teach, and train their children.  We should listen to children but not everything they say is wise nor is every policy they seek the right one.

However, that seems to be exactly where the Leftist and the MSM are trying to take us in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.  Their desire to achieve “gun control” and even secure a “gun ban” is driving them to elevate the children to the position of being the ones with the words of wisdom in this matter.  That opens the door to the children being considered the voices of reason in all matters, which would create a complete collapse of our society and government.  After all, they were the victims, the traumatized therefore they are the only ones we should listen to, according to the Left.  That is neither reasonable or helpful.  Yes, we should consider their feelings, and understand their emotional turmoil, BUT we must not abdicate our positions of adult supervision and surrender the Republic to those too young and lacking experience to determine our political direction in America.

There are those, mostly Leftist Democrats including articles by the Left, demanding that we “Let the Children Vote” meaning those as young as 16 or 17 should be given the right to vote.  Those same people demand that anyone under 21 should not be allowed to purchase an AR-15 making their inconsistency amazing if not amusing.  One article by Jonathan Bernstein insisted that the Parkland students ability to organize (with outside help, I might add) is proof that the younger teenagers should also be allowed to vote.  The idea that voting is the training wheels of political participation when applied to young teenagers is a dangerous one to pursue.

Organizing protests, marches, lobbying, and electioneering are expressions of “Free Speech” and the last time I checked “Free Speech” is not age restrictive.  That might be somewhat altered in the home where parents can and often do limit the ability in family matters.  On the other hand, VOTING is a definitive action that determines the direction of our Republic and Government and that cannot be diminished by allowing the naïve, inexperienced and immature children to determine the direction of our nation.  You can easily decipher the dangers that door opens.

Let’s examine this issue of “Children Voting” and see what we can discern regarding the pros and/or cons of young teenagers being given the vote.  Let’s take the State of Florida where adults (Elected Officials) sent a bill to the Governor declaring that anyone under the age of 17 was too immature to marry.  I might insert that many 17-year-olds also fall into that category.  Don’t boil me in oil just yet for I know that some of you married young and are doing just fine, but if you are honest you will acknowledge that few of today’s 17 and younger have the maturity to handle the responsibilities needed in marriage, a home and family.  Also, the Florida Legislature has passed a law that you must be 21 to buy a hunting rifle.  If you think the 15-year-olds and possibly younger should be able to vote, how can you deny them the other rights of adults?  What about alcohol or tobacco products?  Hey, if they can vote then surely, they are mature and responsible enough to decide whether or not to use those products, right?

I have always found it somewhat hypocritical and inconsistent to declare that a young person at 18, or 19 could serve in the military and be sent into harm’s way in a time of war could not enjoy the privileges and be expected to shoulder the responsibilities of adulthood.  NO, I do not think that 17-year-olds should be given the right to vote and much of the time I question if the 18, 19, or 20-year-olds are mature enough.  That is not a blanket or net that I can throw over all the youth, for I personally know some 16-year-olds that know more about what is happening in politics and the constitution than some 40-year-olds.  That does not alter the fact that we would effectively destroy our Republican Democracy were we to further lower the voting age in America.

As in many of the voices arising from the Florida shooting, the youth are often easily manipulated and indoctrinated to advance a particular agenda and ideology.  I often lament the ability of adults to vote when they know nothing about the matters they are voting on or the candidates from which they must choose.  Before you break out the bag of feathers, heat up the tar and bring out the rail to ride me out of town on, let me ask, “Doesn’t it bother you that people make decisions on matters not based on fact but political party?”  I believe the right to vote is more than simply a privilege it is a responsibility and even a duty.  In that view, it is incumbent on every voter to become informed and make a rational decision based on facts rather than simply voting along party lines.  It is not the government or the political candidates to ensure I have that information, IT IS MINE!  Yes, I believe that candidates need to be honest, open, and forthcoming as they provide INFORMATION not simply political shtick, rhetoric or propaganda.  That is another reason that I work as hard as I can and stay as involved as I am in trying to dispense INFORMATION that allows people to make responsible and informed decisions in political matters.

I ask that you “study” what is being presented, “vet” the candidates and REMEMBER NOVEMBER is about the Republic and our Freedom.  God bless you and God bless America!