BLOG POST 5 - perfect world

No, I am not hallucinating only dreaming.  I don’t normally play, ‘what if’ games because they are fruitless and offer little redeeming value.  I like to, as much as possible, rely on the facts and face current realities in life.  I find that by facing the present, having learned from the past, helps me shape my future and keep my focus.  However, for the sake of expression, I will indulge in offering what some of the aspects of my ‘Perfect Political World’ would look like.  Play along if you’d like or not.

In that perfect political world, the politicians would all be honest, demonstrate integrity, and refuse to make promises they know they can’t or won’t keep and keep those they make.  That would likely disqualify about 90% of all politicians currently in today’s landscape.  I had a friend tell me that once when he was preaching and recounted some stories as illustrations a woman came to him after service and asked, “Pastor were those the truth or were you just preaching?”  WHAT?  May that never be that a preacher would embellish the truth and exaggerate a story.  Sadly, it happens, and it is not relegated to the pulpit but extends to the pew, business, society, and the political world too.

I find it objectionable that a politician will take one stance in Maine and another in Texas or wherever depending on what their polling data suggests the people want to hear.  I find it objectionable that a politician will promise to defend certain positions while campaigning but turn their backs on those promises once in DC and vote strictly partisan.  In my ‘Perfect Political World,’ whatever a politician said, he or she would devotedly stand by those promises and principles.  But, alas, this is not Never Never Land and there is no Yellow Brick Road.

In my perfect political world, politicians would openly and honestly discuss the issues without descending into name-calling and mud raking.  I do want to know where each candidate stands on various issues but as I have told Christians for years, “Don’t tell me what someone else is doing or not doing and don’t tell me what you do not believe, tell me what you believe and stand for.”  If what a politician stands for can be contrasted to what the other side stands for the choice gains crystal clarity, at least for me.  I am very much an issues man.  In today’s political world we can discount 90% of what they say on the campaign trail knowing that once they get to Washington they will likely become good soldiers of their party.  That is not political perfection, in my view.

In my perfect political world, All Lives Would Matter, including those babies in the womb.  The most defenseless of all in our society.  I am not discounting the plight or historical discrimination any have experienced.  I am not discounting any disparities existing in today’s society and the need to discuss and deal with those issues.  If All Lives Matter then we would seek to return to the position and follow the principle that “All men are created equal,” and seek to ensure that America returns to or become “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  Yes, that is Utopian but remember I said in “My Perfect Political World.”

In my perfect political world, Government would return to being limited, operate within its means and be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Politicians would return to be ‘citizen representatives’ rather than career politicians seeking power, position, and purse.  In today’s political world much of it reminds me of the Sanhedrin when Jesus was rising to the height of His popularity. They said, “If we let Him go on like this, all men will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and our nation.”  They were less concerned about what people believed than losing their PLACE!  Politicians are Power Driven Creatures and once entrenched in power they find it lines their purses, feeds their egos, and gives them control.  In my Perfect Political World, a politician would remain a citizen, serve a term or two and return to private life and produce there, like the rest of the citizenry.

In my perfect political world, our Constitution would be the Rule of Law for the Nation and would be interpreted by Original Intent, not personal or political agendas.  Justices would be fair and impartial not a judicial activist.  Politicians would pass laws consistent with that document’s intent and letter and would be held accountable to the same laws as the citizenry.  The government would be prohibited from infringing upon any of our Inalienable Rights and we would once again recognize the hand of divine providence in our Republic’s birth and existence.

In my perfect political world, we would eliminate much of the poverty now existing because welfare and entitlements would virtually disappear.  We would return to personal benevolence and churches, communities, and families would assume that role, as it both biblical and constitutional.  The expectation of the citizen and the politician would be that it is honorable to work and earn a living.  The biblical view would be restored that if one would not work they do not receive handouts.  The key word is WOULD NOT! The church, the community, families, and individuals would return to being the caretakers of the needy, not the government.  Government run anything, except in a politically perfect world does more harm than good.

In my perfect political world, we would find it possible, desirable, and encouraged that everyone could and would pursue their God-given Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Politics would no longer be a four-letter word or epithet but an honorable service to the Republic.  The manipulation of various sectors of society, pitting them against each other for political purposes would become extinct and civility would return to the discourse.  In that condition, the seeds of sanity and civility would be planted and over several generations, we could overcome the generational hate that now exists.  People could disagree without resorting to name-calling and violence.  Real solutions could be uncovered and what America was envisioned to become a reality.

Yes, I just embarked on and engaged in a trip down fantasy lane.  However, I continue to hope and pray for America, the land that I love, and you love to return to her founding principles and the guiding precepts we once knew.  Just because we have drifted from them does not mean they are unreachable.  What can you and I do as one person?  We can do what we know to do and believe that our shift in attitude will affect another and then another and another until we impact an entire generation.  Most of us would never see the fruit of that endeavor but our Grandchildren and their posterity would.  Lord, what can I do to leave a legacy of hope for my children and beyond?

God bless you and God bless America!