MY PERSONAL PILLARS – “Faith, Family, and Freedom.”

BLOG POST 1 - Personal Pillars

I have long been of the attitude that I do not ask or expect everyone to agree with me, only that they engage in civil discussion or discourse in their opposition and voicing of their opinion.  I do not UNFRIEND people on Facebook or other Social Media for disagreeing and only when they resort to personal attacks that become vile, vulgar, and vitriolic do I consider that option.  I am stunned at where our nation is today on virtually every level including the interpersonal level.  I have lived several decades now and most would call me a senior citizen or a seasoned citizen if they are trying to be gentile.  I am not offended to be viewed as one who has entered the golden years of life, I am thankful that I am still alive and able to engage in virtually all that is set before me.  God has graced me with health and the strength to be active, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

One of the ways I communicate my views on things from the social, spiritual to political is the medium of Facebook.  It is almost without fail that someone will take offense at my religious or political position and I will be kicked to the curb.  I am upfront and open about what I believe and the views I hold.  I do not assume that I am 100% correct on everything and sometimes wonder if I am on anything, but my views are my views and as I glean new information they modify and change on many fronts.  Some things regarding my faith could be said to be etched in granite and do not change, especially my believe that Jesus is the only begotten of the Father, that He came to earth being born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the Cross for our sin, rose again, ascended into heaven where He makes intercession for us and will come again to take us home.  THAT IS UNSHAKABLE.  I also believe that the ONLY access to God is through Him, just as He declared and that He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and the Door to Salvation.  I believe that salvation cannot be earned but it is through Grace that we receive the New Birth and our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  THOSE ARE UNSHAKABLE.  I believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God and is Infallible serving as our guide and rule for Faith and Practice.  THAT IS NOT DEBATABLE.  You may not agree with any or all those positions and I won’t fight with you over your beliefs but know that THOSE ARE NOT AREAS I WILL SURRENDER MY POSITION.  So, if that is so contrary to your view that you cannot tolerate me I understand and bid you adieu as you make the decision to depart my company.

The reason I say that is to serve as a catalyst to express my basis for what I view about the Political and the Condition of our nation.  My Life Pillars are at the core of everything I believe and how I view politics and are major factors in why I cannot be a Democrat, a Progressive, or a Liberal.  I consider myself an American Patriot who loves this nation.  I am a constitutionalist in my view and conservative in my values and that is the reason that most of the time I vote Republican in elections.  There have been exceptions when the individual carrying the title was lesser an advocate of my views than another candidate.  That happened for some in the 2016 General Election for President and they could not abide either the Democrat or Republican candidate.  I considered the election somewhat binary and therefore I voted in the way that I believed would be in the best interest of America and Freedom.  I have not and will not question the values or principles of others for how they voted.  However, I do ask that now that we have a duly elected president and one who is demonstrating a genuine willingness to keep campaign promises that most of us hope for, that you get behind him and let’s work together to advance America’s cause.  I ask that you not engage in obstructionism and engage in the efforts of the NEVER TRUMP advocates to destroy his administration.  If that were successful it would not be Donald Trump alone that suffered it would be America and our Constitutional System of Government.

Faith is key for me for as I study the writings of our Founders and Framers and the wording of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and more the presence of Faith in the Almighty God, the God of the Bible is unmistakable.  I believe that when any nation honors the LORD and seeks to incorporate His precepts and principles in our government and our individual lives we will find his smile upon us and we enjoy His protection and prosper.  We have endured for over 240 years as a Republican Democracy that has afforded Freedom and Liberty like none other in history.  Sadly, many of our liberties are being eroded and that is directly connected to our drifting from a position of Faith.  The more secularized we have become and the more we have sought to exclude Faith from all matters public the more we have lost freedom. 

Family is key for me for as I study human nature, examine statistical data, and review the empirical evidence concerning the decline in many areas in our nation, FAMILY surfaces as a connecting factor.  In our nation, especially over the past few years or decades, we have allowed governmental actions to weaken the Position, Power, and Importance of THE FAMILY.  Some, as Hillary Clinton, have espoused the view that Government can raise our children better than we.  She said, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  NO, it takes a FAMILY to train up a child in the way he/she should go.  YES, the community, church, and school can help reinforce those core foundational principles taught in the home but the responsibility for training our children lies at the feet of the Parents.  I said, Parents plural, not parent singular.  I would never diminish or devalue that single parent and their labors but the optimum is to have Father and Mother in the home and both active in the upbringing of their children.  Some are single parents because of divorce or death. Some are single parents because they engaged in premarital sex and pregnancy occurred and now they are doing the best they can.  They all need our support and help but when the government seeks to undermine the institution of marriage and press us into conditions other than traditional marriage they are undermining the fabric of society and we are paying for it.  It only takes being a male to sire an offspring but it takes A REAL MAN to be a father and it takes A TRUE WOMAN to be a mother.  Children need the nurture and admonition of both parents to help them become productive members of society and then able to teach future generations the right way to live.  When the Family deteriorates our Freedom is diminished.

Freedom is key for me as I study the Bible and our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  Our Founders and the Framers understood that Government did not have the right or power to grant rights that could only come from God which they called UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.  We have, in the past years, opted to surrender rights that God gave to the government in exchange for sustenance, security, or something else.  We have traded our Liberty and Liberty once lost is virtually never regained.  I have worn the uniform of our Armed Forces and fought in Vietnam in the name of Freedom.  I value the sacrifices those throughout our history have paid for our Freedom and will defend our Freedom as long as I draw breath.  We have certain guarantees in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that include the RIGHT to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.  We have the RIGHT to peaceable assembly and to worship according to the dictates of our hearts.  We have God-given rights that MUST be guarded and if an enemy from without or within tries to take those rights we dare not be slothful in our determination to defend this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

My Faith is my foundation, my Family gives me strength and encouragement, and my Freedom is that position and condition that allows me to pursue my Faith and protect my Family with Liberty.  America is the nation of my birth and my love for this nation and what she was founded to be and has stood for now for over 240 years brings pride to my heart and is a Prize I am willing to and committed to Fight For.  Join me, I ask, in Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom in America for it will impact the entire world.

God, bless you richly is my prayer and desire!