BLOG POST 1 - Never Satisfied

There was a saying that I heard often when I grew up regarding someone that was never satisfied, “They’d complain if they were hung with a new rope.”  Not exactly a desirable position and I do believe that I’d complain regardless of the newness of the rope.  But, the point was, some people are never satisfied no matter what happens.  If they don’t have they want they want more and if they have what they demand, they want more or something different.  If you agree with them and agree to their demands they demand more.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:20, “Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.”  Also, in Proverbs 20:15b-19, “There are three things that are never satisfied, four that never say ‘Enough!’: the grave, the barren womb, land, which is never satisfied with water and fire, which never says, ‘Enough!’”  Israel was not satisfied in the wilderness, even though God gave them manna, sent in quails, and provided water from the rock.  Time and again, they revealed that no matter what they had, it was never going to be enough.  That is the condition of too many in today’s world, and especially true among those following the ideology of Toxic Liberalism.

There is nothing that President Donald Trump could do short of dying that would please them and I suspect that even then they’d complain that it was not painful enough or not soon enough.  I am convinced that the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full body of Democrats in Washington will not be satisfied with an FBI investigation regardless of its revelation or lack thereof regarding Brett Kavanaugh.  Immediately upon the Senate Republicans and the President agreeing to conduct a supplemental investigation on Judge Kavanaugh following the guidelines requested, they complained.  It was not too limited, but it was what they asked.  They immediately demanded that any new allegations should be investigated which would open the door for the endless accusers to come forward regardless of how baseless and uncorroborated their stories might be.  An investigation was not their purpose.  Finding out the truth was not their purpose.  If it were, I could applaud their demands and give them the benefit of the doubt as to their motivations.  But, we are now seeing that is not the case.  They have already determined their idea of truth and which version they are willing to accept.  Anything short of the FBI referring the investigation to the Maryland authorities for investigation, indictment, and trial will not satisfy them and even that might not.

I do not know if Dr. Ford was assaulted when she was 15, 16, 17 or any other year.  I don’t know and neither does anyone else but Dr. Ford.  I can tell you something happened to me but that does not make it a factual reality.  I might tell it enough to believe it, but that does not make it a factual reality.  Judge Kavanaugh could have had a memory lapse and honestly not remember the incident, but when Dr. Ford’s close friend says she does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no memory of being at a party with him, that is powerful and even more powerful than the Judge’s two male friends who also deny the event or any memory of the event.  Most of Judge Kavanaugh’s friends have denied knowing Dr. Ford as a teenager or she was so unremarkable to them they do not remember her.  After listening to her, I came away with the thought, that her story had some believability to it, although the other evidence suggests that if she was attacked it likely was not Brett Kavanaugh.  The insistence that her telling her therapist about the incident validates it and shows no political motive would be powerful were it not for her husband’s previous statement that in 2012 she brought it up because she knew that Mitt Romney had Brett Kavanaugh on his list of potential nominees for the Supreme Court.  That is a bit troubling.  I would have to ask why the concern for the SCOTUS and not the appellate courts?  Was this strictly because of the fear of how he might rule on Roe v Wade?  I don’t know and neither does anyone else, except Dr. Ford.

But, the Democrats demanded an FBI investigation of these charges and a week delay.  Charges that would not be considered by most law enforcement agencies because of the lack of dates, times, locations, and other corroborating information.  However, in a move to satisfy the Republicans that are on the fence and the Democrats who are in states where Trump won heavily, the GOP agreed to the limited scope and time investigation.  That does not and will never satisfy the Democrats.  This seems to be more of a shot across the bow to warn the President and the Republicans in the Senate that even if they hold serve in the mid-terms they can expect this type of assault on ANY NOMINEE.  What is their desire, “Cede Power to Us” and we will take it from here?  If the Republicans in the Senate cave to their demands or the President is swayed to take a much more modified approach the backlash in November and beyond for the Republicans will be catastrophic.  You can’t satisfy those who are not satisfiable!  That would be like trying to make a non-aggression pact with the devil and believing he would back off.  A sheep cannot vote with wolves about what to have for lunch and not expect to be lunch.

I will continue to pray for our government, Judge Kavanaugh and his family as well as Dr. Ford and her family.  I pray for our government that sanity will rule, the constitution will be observed, and that the toxicity of leftist liberalism will not prevail.  I pray for Judge Kavanaugh that God helps him and his family in this time of difficulty.  If he has something to hide I pray that he finds the courage and determination to confess his sins and if he has not that God will vindicate him.  I pray for Dr. Ford and her family and help her in this time of trouble.  If she was truly sexually abused I pray for healing.  If she is mistaken about who the perpetrator was she will be somehow enlightened and with true courage acknowledger her mistake.  I am asking the LORD to pull back the covers and expose what needs to be exposed. 

 I find it remarkable that Hillary Clinton would have the audacity to demand that any woman making such a claim be heard.  They should, but her memory must be incredibly short based on her history regarding the women that accused Bill Clinton.  I find it remarkable that the Democrats are not demanding an immediate FBI investigation into the sexual allegations and abuse claims made against several Democrats in the House and Senate.  If truth were the motive for Washington, D.C. we might never get anything else done but dealing with the various investigations.  If every allegation regardless of its merits, credibility, and corroboration is to receive a public hearing we are finished as a Republic.  I am not saying that charges of sexual harassment or abuse are not to be heard, they are!  I am not saying we should not carefully listen to the women or men who bring such charges, we should!  I am saying that the process for handling these allegations should be done discretely and confidentially using the tools available to Congress.  If the Kavanaugh situation were not a political ploy that is exactly what would have happened.  It did not and even if it was not a last-ditch effort to derail is appears that way and Perception is Reality to many people.

I only hope that all my fellow Americans take this to heart in November and realize that some people will never be satisfied with anything.  I pray that we will understand that you cannot cave to bullying, you cannot give in to the demands of the unsatisfiable.  I pray that America will realize that the direction and purpose desired by those following the toxic ideology of liberalism, socialism, and globalism will destroy America and do not believe they only want a few minor restrictions to our liberties, THEY WANT THEM ALL!  

God bless you and God bless America!