No, I do not mean his personal computer but the problem of political correctness in today’s America.  The PC Police are everywhere and seem to be working 24/7/365 looking for violations from which to rescue us.  At least, in their minds.

I have laughed for days over the endless political cartoonist renditions of Trump in various aspects of his presidency.  If you add to that mix the Main Stream Media, Hollywood liberals, the Democrats and the Never-Never-Land-ers who hate Trump as much or more than the Left, you are surely laughing at the hypocrisy and the inane approach they are taking.

For example, I observed several political cartoons that depicted Trump’s launching of his campaign as a rocket ship propelled by vitriol.  I laughed because they took no issue with the two-dozen or more Democrats as they launched their campaign.  Virtually all of them were filled with hateful rhetoric, vile vitriolic language, and accusations, and through their statements inciting people on their side to engage in hate, bitterness, anger, and even violence.  Not a peep from the media and the cartoonist pens were ink-less.  I had to laugh.

The actions, good or bad, that Trump has taken with Iran is being portrayed by some cartoonist and media types as nothing more than a toy gun with the words, “bang” coming out the end.  However, everything he has done to this point has earned him their angst calling him a ‘war-monger’ not only in dealing with Iran but every other adversary.  Wow!  They had no problem with Obama’s elusive ‘red line’ but then, he was a liberal leftist and Trump represents the other side of the political equation.  But, I had to laugh at the hypocrisy and the inane diatribe being offered.

The Democrats in Congress insist that he not take military action, but when he doesn’t they insist that he is displaying a weakness that will do more harm.  What could he do that would satisfy you?  I do not want to go to war, unnecessarily.  I do, however, want to send a very clear message to Iran and any other despotic terrorist nations and sponsors that you cannot attack us with impunity.  Actions have consequences. 

That being said, I can appreciate the fact that I do not have all the facts, the intelligence data, and the knowledge those advising him and our military have.  I don’t mind caution so long as caution does not result in us being viewed, as we were under Obama, as a paper tiger.  We must never go back to those days.  I do not want the United States to be a world bully, as is Putin and others on the global scene so there is a fine line to walk and I am willing to bid my time and see how this plays out.

The Democrat election strategy seems to be embodied in ‘freebies’ and they want to appear as the party that cares about the poor and needy.  They want the federal government to clothe, house and feed everyone.  I suspect that ‘everyone’ does not include those of us who are deemed occupants of the “deplorable basket.”  Those of us who do not believe in the fear-mongering of their climate change hysteria, the concentration camp diatribe, and want to protect America and Americans.  We would probably not be included, but then I only speculate.

Their plan seems to be to give us a steady diet of Investigations, a continual push for Open Borders, Climate Change Regulations, Reparations, Gender Nullification, and Impeachment of the president.  Did I fail to include Socialism?  How could I have forgotten the key piece of their agenda?  Their desire for Socialism is not because they believe in Socialism but, so they can enslave the masses and make us subservient to Big Brother.  They want us to be every beholding to the hand that feeds us and for us to bow at the altar of their god, liberalism ever grateful for the rights they deem we are worthy of receiving.   I would laugh but my temperature is too high and if I laugh my head might explode.

The idea of reparations is interesting.  There is no discussion of the native American Indians in this plan or none that I have seen.  The idea is that the blacks captured in Africa and brought here against their wills should receive reparations.  The Indians clearly got the shaft but now we have given them casinos and both sides seem to have called it even.  The African natives also got the shaft, there is no question about that.  Who was truly the blame for it is another discussion, but they were sold into slavery and bondage for rum?  I guess the idea is that we should now pay reparations from that rum money with 500 years of interest compounded. 

Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ engaged in reparations of sorts. He did it by changing the rules of fairness and increased the taxes on us working class stiffs so that we could hand out welfare like it was candy. The increased issuing of food stamps as though it grew on trees, and offering more and more money each time an unwed mother had another baby were all a part of his reparations.  We have experienced the demand for racial quotas in what was called “Affirmative Action.”  Someone said we called it that because we like gentle aphorisms – e.g., “pro-choice” instead of “suctioning the limbs off a life.”  We called the terrible healthcare plan of Obama and the Democrats, “Affordable Health Care Act” instead of “Mandating that men pay for prenatal care health coverage just in case they get pregnant, which is a biological impossibility.”

The borders are a travesty and the Democrats act as Nero, fiddling and issuing superfluous diatribe as we are invaded by some good and very bad people for all sorts of reasons.  We are lectured that the illegals “have a right to be here.”  No, they do not!  Both sides are complicit in the border problem. 

President Trump has tried to take definitive action, but both Democrats and Republicans have dragged their feet.  The Democrats want the illegals as potential votes and the Chamber of Commerce and big donors on the Republican side want cheap labor.  Drain the Swamp is and should be a rallying cry for all lovers of America.  Patriots it is time that we unite and do everything in our power to clean house in D.C. immediately if not sooner.

If you listen to the hype and distortions of the Democrats you will believe that they have a plan, but you will never hear the plan or the price of the plan.  They targeted moderate districts and promised to fix healthcare, find a solution to the border crisis, rebuild infrastructure, and expose corruption in Washington.  They won doing that. Too many on the Conservative and Constitutional side of the political aisle either bought into their rhetoric or allowed their distaste and distrust of Trump to sway them into voting for the Democrat or not voting.  That is a costly mistake and one we will pay for going forward.  In 2018 we made that mistake, but we must rectify that in 2020 and reclaim the House, maintain control of the Senate and keep the White House.  America’s hope is in our success!

God bless you and God bless America!