I have many people tell me of their unshakable objection to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and while I question that stance in light of what a Hillary Clinton Presidency would mean negatively for America, I accept it as current reality.  The health questions regarding Hillary Clinton not to mention the numerous scandals cannot be eliminated from the political conversation today.  Even the liberal MSM finds them difficult to ignore and it appears that the Democrat hierarchy is greatly concerned about an election they thought was a slam dunk.

It has been rumored and reported that the powers that be in the DNC are meeting, strategizing and developing Plan B, C, D, etc. should something happen to Hillary.  Their dilemma is that UNLESS Hillary withdraws there is virtually nothing they can legally do to strip her of the nomination.  I have a friend that has predicted that Barack Obama would occupy the White House beyond January 20, 2017, and I have wrestled with the possibilities and scenario as to how that might become a reality and today I am going to offer a NIGHTMARE that could fill that bill.  However, nothing I am going to present has any validity UNLESS Hillary Clinton is coerced, forced, or chooses to step aside.  If she stays in the race, she is the DNC’s nominee in November and at this point, it would appear she will be.

Let me offer what I would call THE NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES politically:

Suppose something, health, legal, or otherwise forced Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the Presidential race.  What would happen then?  What are the possibilities for the Democrats and America?  TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE and if this does not make your skin crawl I’m not sure anything would.  Were Hillary Clinton to withdraw the backroom arm-twisting, deal-making, and cronyism would explode and many possible scenarios could come forth.  I want to give you some possibilities that I believe are viable and extremely possible if that were to happen.

Probably the first choice of the powers that be in the DNC would bring Joe Biden to the forefront and offer him as the standard bearer for their party.  Most Democrats would rally around that and it might even be considered a breath of fresh air to the stale candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  However, I’m sure that the Bernie Sanders crowd would find that another slap in their faces and some, not all, might be so incensed they would withhold their vote for Biden in November.  I personally do not believe that group would be large enough to significantly offset or sway the outcome.  I could easily be wrong.

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The second scenario is the NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES of which I speak.  What if Hillary were to step down and the DNC opted to nominate MICHELLE OBAMA as their choice for President in November.  I’m sorry I should have warned you so that you could have had some smelling salts or a defibrillator on hand but hopefully, you have regained your composure and can continue considering this scenario or nightmare as is a more appropriate description.  If Michelle Obama were to become the nominee replacing Hillary Clinton the Democrats would have accomplished several objectives.  They would still have a woman at the top of their ticket, a minority, an ultra-leftist that has a demonstrated history of being Anti-America in ideology, and would be a continuation and expansion of the policies, ideology, and agenda of Barack Obama.  If she were elected that would mean Barack Obama would not have to leave the White House and would still have that forum to work his destruction as the husband of the president.  If that is not the NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES I do not know a more frightening one!

Let me further ask all who are avowed NEVER TRUMP rather than NEVER HILLARY advocates, “If Hillary were to step aside and Michelle Obama were to become the nominee of the Democrats, would you still say better Michelle than Trump or there would is no difference in either the candidates or parties?”  I would expect you to remain consistent but I cannot imagine anyone who loves America and holds constitutional and conservative values and views being willing to see Michelle Obama become President of the United States of America.  If that were to happen, people standing firm that it would be acceptable for her to be president, my faith in the American people would be completely lost.

Will there be an October Surprise?  I do not know and if there is I do not know which candidate or party it will impact the most but were this scenario I have presented become a reality that would be, in my view, THE NIGHTMARE OF NIGHTMARES politically for America.  November may well be the end of the end for America or it could provide a small respite and give us a glimmer of hope.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

God bless you and God bless America!