BLOG POST 3 - Perlexed

I am not easily disturbed and the LORD helps me maintain a reasonably even keel in most things most of the time.  I know some will question that based on what I write and the challenges I present for those who are Liberal Democrats, RINOs and the NEVER TRUMP CROWD.  Yes, there are things that get my motor running and cause me to yell, ‘STOP THE INSANITY,’ but I do not lose my Hope, Confidence, and Faith because of those things.  I am concerned for America, not so much for me but for my children and grandchildren and the successive generations who will follow.  What will their America look like?  What will be the state of Political Correctness for them?  How many of our Freedoms and Liberties will have been infringed in the America they find my generation has left them with? 

Those of us who choose to support the President rather than Hillary Clinton, the RINOs, and the Liberal Democrats are accused of being “stupid, blind, misogynists, phobic, xenophobes, bigots, racist, and more.”  Those are not pleasant characterizations, but by and large, I follow the adage “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words…”  What about words?  I have a friend who says, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may get your butt kicked.” Words may make me angry and cause me to become more involved in the pursuit of truth and the reclaiming of our Constitutional Republic, but I try to keep from allowing them to hinder my labors or my willingness to have open discussions.  The one that is, in my view, the absolute worst is we are called a CULT. 

If we take the Merriam-Webster definition of a cult it might help us to grasp what is being said and open the door for me to ask the questions that continue to perplex me.  Shall we embark on that journey?  CULT per Merriam-Webster:  1. a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also, its body of adherents.  There are the additional remarks in the definition that identify a person in a cult as one that has great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work.  Then we also find the idea of “misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.”  If that is what is meant by CULT, then some of it I can accept and some of it I cannot.

The idea, as presented by the NEVER TRUMPERS is that ALL Trump Supporters are ‘brain-dead, dolts,’ who blindly follow the man.  They believe that ANYONE who would vote for Trump or support any of his agenda, nominees, etc. are delusional and unworthy of being given the opportunity to speak or the benefit of the doubt.  They have tried and convicted President Donald J. Trump in their court of personal opinion and, to them, that is FINAL.  He, to them, is the scum of the earth, unworthy to breathe the breath that all human beings breath, and even if he did exactly what they had been in favor of, IT IS WRONG because HE IS WRONG.  I don’t believe that I am off base in that analysis.

That brings me to some questions that I’d like to ask every person who is a NEVER TRUMPER and refuses to consider anything that the President does as being good or worthy of praise.  If you are a NEVER TRUMPER and not a Democrat then:

  • Do you believe that Hillary Clinton would be better for America?
  • Do you believe that the 8 years of Barack Obama were good for America?
  • Do you believe that it would be good for America to allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress?
  • Is there anything that President Donald Trump could do that you would approve, other than the obvious resigning. 

I know those questions and these follow up ones will ignite the fuse on the inconsolable anger of those who are adamantly NEVER TRUMP in their political and ideological positions.  But, I must ask, is it pride that prevents you from acknowledging the achievements of the President since being inaugurated?  Do you consider Lower Taxes a bad thing?  Do You consider trying to find Originalist Jurist for the Supreme Court a bad thing?  Do you believe that securing our border is a bad thing?  Do you support a Strong Military?  Do You want to protect the 2nd Amendment and all our Inalienable Rights?  Those do not provide an exhaustive list but provide a platform from which to launch our consideration of CULTISM.

I feel compelled to ask if you believe that Hillary would be bad for America, Barack Obama’s administration did damage to our Republic, and should the Leftist to reclaim control in Washington it would be bad for any hope of the preservation of America as the Constitutional Republic, then who are the real Cultists?  You claim that you do not HATE but you incessantly spew forth vitriol and venom toward the President and anyone who wants what was promised on the Campaign Trail.  How is that anything but HATE?  You claim to be indifferent to him, yet virtually every word out of your mouth and every word you write is an attack on him and us, what can I consider that but HATE?

Those who are NEVER TRUMP, the Liberal Democrats, and the RINOs, in my view are misguided and in their view, I am.  Where does that put us?  Unless we are willing to acknowledge the possibility of our own misconceptions and misinterpretations of events, people, and situations, it places us on opposing sides of an abyss that is impossible to bridge.  Unless you believe that Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and the Liberal Leftists are better for America I ask that you consider what is at stake.  Donald Trump has and will do things that trouble me, but so did Ronald Reagan and every other president I have witnessed.  He is a flawed human being, just as we are.  If you truly believe, as the theory that is now being floated that he is totally owned by Putin, broke, and a Russian spy, then, by all means, stand your ground in opposition. I, on the other hand, believe that even through missteps, shooting from the lip when silence would have been more prudent, and allowing personal ego to prevail from time to time, Donald J. Trump wants to see America become what she has been, should be.  I believe that if we can somehow drain the Swamp, dismantle the Deep State, and restore the ownership and oversight of government to WE THE PEOPLE reducing its size and scope we can achieve the desired objective.  My faith demands that I do all I can to help America return to her moral moorings espoused in our founding.  My faith demands that I fight for the Unborn, defend the defenseless, and the recognition of our Inalienable Rights and Freedoms.  I see this as a binary choice because if I vote for a third-party candidate, at this juncture, that will enhance the possibilities of the Democrats to regain control and win.  You may disagree, and I defend your right to do so.

Once we defeat the Liberal Leftist Globalist Socialist Progressive Democrats in November THEN it is imperative that we begin, with earnest the process of ousting as many RINOs as possible in 2020 and beyond.  This is a marathon, not a sprint and although Donald Trump was not my first choice, he provides a hope of seeing the Promises which I voted for becoming reality.  Call me a Trump Cultist if you please but I hope you understand that I am Pro-America, an Originalist regarding the Constitution, Pro-Life, and Pro-God.  I have a life, not a political life, a religious life, a business life, a home life, and a social life.  I HAVE A LIFE, therefore, I invest myself as I do in the political because as America goes, so goes the world.

God bless you and God bless America!