Now that I have sufficiently alienated some people who ascribe to the Leftists Liberal Globalist ideological view, let me proceed.   Of course, there are some who are in the Never Trump Consortium that also may take exception to my title and my forthcoming postulation.  I am interested in truth and want to see the Swamp of DC drained as much as humanly possible.  I want to see the dismantling of the Deep State to the degree it can be achieved.  I want to see a restoration of our Constitutional System of Republicanism.  No, that is not the Republican Party but Governmental Republicanism as experienced in a Republic.

Many, including some who are not Trump supporters, are seeing the Ukraine Impeachment endeavor of the Democrats as being a bit ‘fishy.’  In my view, it smells to high heaven with corruption and has all the earmarks of a political coup.  It is damaging to our system of government and further divides the Republic.  If you don’t like Trump, vote for his opponent in 2020, do not seek to destroy him and allow the collateral damage to the Republic to continue.  This will ultimately hurt all of us, not just the targeted ones or those targeting.  It will harm the entire Republic and that is a baneful exercise that should be rejected by anyone with a smidgen of rational reason.

What is going on in the process led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi?  It is nothing akin to the normal process or constitutionally prescribed method of impeachment.  She has orchestrated the entire situation where virtually all of her committee chairs get the information and are involved in the process.  That is not the norm for Congressional action, but the new norm for the Democrats. 

There are six different committees involved in this process.  You would expect the House Judiciary Committee to be involved but the Financial Services Committee led by the infamous Maxine Waters?  What’s up with that?  Now there are six different longtime Democrats vying for ‘air-time’ to spout their vitriol and advance what is often fallacious rhetoric based on hearsay, not fact. 

Just a few weeks ago, Nancy Pelosi had abandoned the quest to ‘Impeach’ the President but suddenly, she reversed course.  What changed?  I believe that the Democrats realized that there was a genuine possibility that Trump could be re-elected and that sent them over the edge.  That placed them in a quandary. 

They had to decide if Joe Biden was expendable because he likely will become a casualty if they pursue Ukraine as a pathway to Impeach Trump.  By his own confession, Biden is guilty of what they are accusing Trump of.  How can they stand behind him if they go after Trump over this?  Of course, we must never forget that they are Democrats and do not believe the normal rules of decorum apply to them.  They also believe their supports will ignore the facts and the hypocrisy and still vote Democrat regardless of who that Democrat is.  They are probably right on the last count.

How anyone can argue that Hunter Biden’s arrangement with the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma is anything, but ‘corruption’ is beyond me.  There was no viable reason for Hunter Biden to be working for the company other than to sell access and influence to his father and Barack Obama.  How would you like to have a sweetheart deal in the tune of $50,000 per month to be on a board of a company? 

Many who have access to the full transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s President have found nothing illegal or impeachable.  One Congressman, who has read the transcript multiple times said that he came away with the following impression:  “It’s almost like the president is suggesting if you have information that helps get to the bottom of how all of this Russian collusion hoax began with, started out with—and maybe it included the Bidens, maybe it included Hillary Clinton, maybe it included Obama administration officials, then do me a favor and help us put it to bed so that our country can move on.”  How is that a bad thing?  How is that illegal?  How is that not part of his obligation to America?

If we remember that Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine for the U.S. to cooperate with them in investigating potential corruption, we might want to tap the brakes on Impeachment.  How do you impeach someone for doing their job and allowing our Justice Department to work with another nation in uncovering corruption?  Well, you do it if it is Donald J. Trump and you are a Democrat fearing for your ‘place’ and ‘position of power.’

It has surfaced that Nancy Pelosi may have known what was in the transcript of a July conversation by Trump and Zelensky before the document was released by the White House.  She claimed that when Trump called her to discuss the call, she already knew what was in it because it was in the public domain.  The Problem, Nancy, It Was Not!  That smacks with the possibility of being a political setup and hit job. We now know that the Democratic candidate the whistleblower had worked with or for was none other that Joe Biden. Imagine that! 

Fred Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and chief of staff to former National Security Adviser John Bolton, has raised questions whether the intelligence official who lodged the whistleblower complaint might have had help in writing his complaint.  That help appears it might have come from Democrat lawmakers or their staff.  That reeks with a very ugly smell, even if your sinuses are clogged.

The complaint has all the earmarks of having been written by a law professor and includes numerous legal references and detailed footnotes.  It has an unusual legalistic reference on how this complaint should be classified.  There are virtually no examples of polished whistleblower complaints in the national archives or anywhere for that matter.  I suspect that there was outside help and this is another of the many political hit jobs launched against this president.

Additionally, this complaint surfaced and was directed to the House Intelligence Committee on the heels of Adam Schiff advancing numerous complaints in August 2019.  Congressman Schiff accused the President of abusing aid to Ukraine to hurt Joe Biden.  That includes a tweet on August 28th that eerily resembles the whistleblowing complaint.  Imagine that?  I hope his identity is revealed and House Republicans ask him under oath if he spoke to press or Congress regarding his complaint. 

America, this is another coup attempt like that we have witnessed and endure for over three years. It it the attempted political assignation of President Donald Trump.  You may dislike him and are willing to vote against him but surely you do not want America and our System of Government to receive what could be a fatal wound to Impeach Him.  Elections were designed for America to choose who leads them, not a backdoor coup when the one you wanted does not win. 

God bless you and God bless America!