BLOG POST 3 - Silent Coup

Yes, I said carnage and coup and connected them to the former President Barack Hussein Obama the 44th President of the United States of America.  Before you turn me off, kick me to the curb and declare me whatever you declare me, stop, and examine some of the political, economic, and social damage under his watch.  Then, if you still deem me a kook, so be it and we will part ways without vitriol, at least on my part.

President Donald J. Trump is being castigated for asserting that Barack Obama ordered the phones at the Trump Tower wiretapped.  The former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper has stated publicly that was not true, however, he did not say that none of Trump’s associates or a server in the Trump Tower was not a target of surveillance.  That leaves room for President Trump’s allegations to have some validity.  Now some new information surfaces that indicate there was some surveillance of someone and that resulted in incidental information discovery.  That raises a number of questions that we may or may not get the answer.  Maybe they did not target Donald Trump personally but it is becoming increasingly clear that there were wiretapping and spying conducted with the approval of the previous administration attempting to connect the Trump campaign, surrogates, and Mr. Trump himself to the Russian government.  I believe that was clearly a fishing expedition if not a blatant witch hunt but to deny that any wiretapping was conducted would be to ignore the evidence, media reports, and other information from various sources. But alas, that is how the Democrats seem to roll these days, and the media backtracks from their headlines that indicated wiretapping to ensure they are in step with the current narrative.

I could not possibly enumerate all the things that Barack Obama’s administration did that left our economy, our political system, and our social condition in turmoil or at least far worse than when he entered office.  Is it possible that the Department of Justice or Injustice as it has been under the former administration conducted ‘reverse targeting’ against Donald Trump?  Do wild bears live in the woods?  I say that because the Obama administration has used that tactic numerous times in the past, so why not against this political opponent?  The things I will highlight everyone is familiar with and this is not to give you a new revelation but to remind you of the atrocities and questionable if not illegal activities of the previous administration.

Let’s begin with the targeting of Conservative organizations by the IRS.  Remember that?  The Democrats were continually bemoaning the existence of that type of organizations and individuals who dared to oppose Barack Obama and his Fascist Marxist Anti-American Agenda.  The Left used the MSM, letters to Congressional Democrats, and appeal to the President requesting that the IRS carefully examine (target) those organizations and examine them in minute detail.  Lois Lerner complied and then destroyed or otherwise shielded evidence including emails to hide the wrongdoing and protect those individuals complying with orders from on high.  Of course, it was argued this was the work of a few rogue agents not a policy or mandate from higher ups in the IRS.  That was clearly proved to be false but Ms. Lerner was allowed to retire with FULL PENSION and the IRS paid a paltry penalty of $50,000 in damages for one targeting endeavor.

Do you remember the National Labor Relations Board’s harassment of Boeing?  Boeing, a private company has the legal right to open a plant wherever they want and can find the space to do so.  That is the way it works in America, or so we thought.  Not so, the NLRB charged Boeing with violations of labor laws by opening a plant in South Carolina instead of Washington.  They charged that Boeing was being retaliatory by putting their plant in South Carolina because workers in Washington were on strike. That was a charge that was never proved and Boeing insisted that it was for lower production and labor costs they made the decision.  Once the works in Washington and Boeing agreed to a new labor contract, the case was dropped.  The previous administration was using its muscle illegally and unjustly to coerce a private company to do what it wanted to protect the Democrat voting bloc of Union Workers in Washington.  Imagine that.

Talk about email scandals and not even addressing the DNC emails against Bernie Sanders, the John Podesta debacle, and the Hillary Clinton fiasco, do you remember the EPA Director using a ‘fake’ email address to hide political activity?  Surely you do!  The Wall Street Journal published an article about Lisa Jackson of the EPA resigning after being exposed as using an email alias “Richard Windsor” to conduct official business in an attempt to evade federal transparency laws.  WAIT?  Didn’t Barack Obama declare that his administration would be the most transparent in American history?  TRANSPARENT?  If you deem hiding, obstructing, and obfuscating investigations transparent, they were clear as a clean glass.

To lend credibility to President Trump’s charge about wiretapping and targeting him and his campaign, do you remember how the Obama administration, under the direct order of Eric Holder illegally conducted surveillance of reporter James Rosen?  Surely you cannot forget that.  They named him a ‘criminal co-conspirator’ under the Espionage Act of 1917. He was deemed a flight risk and sought to destroy his career.  All bogus.  But, now the left and the media are trying to paint President Trump as a lunatic and needing a straitjacket and padded cell to keep him from harming himself and others.  Mr. Rosen was called a “criminal co-conspirator” for doing his job, a job that BHO did not like and Erick Holder the Obama attack dog went after him.

We have the lies by the CIA, FBI, DNI, NSA, EPA, IRS, DOJ, and many other initials in the Washington bureaucracy to cause us concern.  The disaster known as Obamacare was rammed through using methods that virtually destroy any hope of bipartisanship in future endeavors and Barack Obama’s attempts to influence the Israeli elections to defeat the Prime Minister, a man he detests all reveal the attitude toward our Constitution, the Republic, and the American system of government.  Barack Obama has left carnage in his wake and America will be decades recovering if we can.  He is continuing to advance a coup against the sitting president and with the help of the Congressional Democrats, the liberal activist judges and the Left-Wing Mouth Pieces the MSM he is doing damage.  Hopefully, the American people are not dumb enough to take the bait, drink the Kool-Aid, and allow it to happen.  I am beginning a new Cry for November 2018 – NO MORE!  No more to the activist who wants to destroy our nation.  No more to spineless politicians who claim to be conservative. No more to political prostitution to gain position, power, and purse.  NO MORE!

God, bless you and God bless America!