BLOG POST 4 - Term Limits

Both Democrats and Republicans who have served a long time, often well past their usefulness, in Congress keep giving ample reason to consider ‘term-limits’ for Congress just as we have for the President.  Most agree to term-limits for the President arguing they do not want to allow a situation where someone could become a virtual lifetime dictator in a Republican Democracy such as ours.  I agree we do not want that to happen.  However, why is it good for the goose (president) but not good for the gander (congress)? 

Representative John Dingell (D-MI) retired after serving 59 years and 21 days in Congress.  Robert Byrd served for over 57 years. Those two and several others who served a very long time are no longer in Congress but what about those who have served over 30 years and are still there?  John Conyers (D) has served over 52 years and still there.  Thad Cochran and Dan Young both Republicans have served over 44 years.  Patrick Leahy (D) and Chuck Grassley [R] have been fixtures for over 42 years.  Ed Markey (D) and Orin Hatch (D) have been in Congress for over 40 years.  Richard Shelby (D/R) and Jim Sensenbrenner [R], Ron Wyden (D), Pat Roberts [R], Chuck Schumer (D), Hal Rogers [R], Chris Smith [R] and Steny Hoyer (D) have all served over 36 years.

I would never argue that being over 70 is a disqualification for serving in Congress but extended longevity in office and voting records are most assuredly to be considered.  Sadly, too few voters take the time or effort to uncover the voting records, pork procurements, and reneging on campaign promises by the candidates. Many only know the name of the incumbent or the party of the incumbent and vote accordingly with no consideration of how that person has served.  The Framers and our Founders wanted “Citizen Representation” in Congress and from their writings, they desired people to serve in Congress a term or two and then return to private life and live under the legislation they maneuvered through Congress and got enacted into law.

The potential for cronyism, graft, greed, corruption, collusion, and the exemptions afforded through elitism is incredibly great for those serving extended terms in office.  The longer a member of Congress or a Senator is in office the larger his network becomes and the more he can personally benefit from the kickbacks, lobbyist, and the collusion that now exists.  I personally would like to see the 17th Amendment repealed and Senators once again be appointed by the State Legislatures which, in my mind, would give us more control over who goes to DC and if they fail to do the bidding of the state could easily be removed.  You may disagree and I won’t belabor the point.  However, although some argue that if there were term-limits the Senator or Representative serving in their last term would be a lame duck and a do-nothing legislator seeking only their personal interest, not their constituents.  How is that different from now?  One of the many positives of ‘term-limits’ would be that the legislator would know that he/she would have to live under the legislation, regulations, and confinements of their Congressional actions and might just might be more cautious and considerate of the Constitution and the Constituents.

In the recent Obamacare Repeal Vote of the Senate and the actions of Senator McCain, we see a situation where an elected official is more desirous of revenge than advancing the cause of the American people.  Yes, I believe that his actions revealed his thirst for vengeance against Donald Trump and might even be an evidence of his anger toward the American voters for failing to elect him President.  He told the Democrat leadership not the Republican leadership of his plans to sink the Repeal Vote.  He has, on more than one occasion, colluded with the Leftist and although he has been called a maverick I believe he revealed that he is not even a RINO but a DEMO-PUBLICAN.   With Congress exempted or beneficiaries of 70% subsidies in their healthcare, thanks to Barack Obama, why would they care if Obamacare is repealed and the rest of America suffers under the weight of the ever-increasing rates and failures?  THEY ARE PROTECTEDWE ARE NOT!  

Mitch McConnell’s response to President Trump’s call for ‘term-limits’ for Congress is to make it known he will not let it happen.  There will be no debate and no vote in Congress to forward a Constitutional Amendment to the President and to the States for ratification.  McConnell, like McCain, has been in DC for over 30 years and McConnell has no plans to exit the gravy train he has found.  Kentucky, how about helping him do just that?  Those in Congress both Democrat and Republican that have amassed fortunes and power through their longevity in DC will fight tooth and nail to prevent anything but ‘status quo’ and they will do everything in their power to protect the Establishment.  In that sense, there is no difference between Establishment Elitist Republican and Democrat. 

We may not be able to get ‘term-limits’ as a Constitutional Amendment but we can achieve it at the polls if we unite and work in the Primaries to FIRE enough of them, especially those who have turned their backs on us and their campaign promises.  Agree or disagree with my position, I hope you agree that we need people in Congress who honor the Constitution, fulfill their campaign promises, and respect their Constituents.  We may not be able to fully drain the swamp but we can make it a very uncomfortable place to dwell and rid ourselves of a few of the denizens that live there.

You may not like the phrase, “Make America Great Again” but how about “Make America Constitutional Again.”   God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!