I am serious in my question about the Leftist, Liberals, Democrats, MSM, and Activist regarding Donald J. Trump.  How low will they go in their vitriolic hatred and absolute insanity as they continue to reject the vote of the American people in rejecting their anointed one, Hillary Clinton?  How deep is their hate?  How violent are they willing to become?  I am coming to the conclusion that there are no depths to which they will not descend nor is there any action they are unwilling to consider including overt violence and criminality to remove the 45th President from office.  The intense hatred and never ending rhetoric, diatribe, and calls for impeachment and more are one of the major factors in America being ripped to shreds at the very core of our national fabric.  THIS IS MORE THAN TROUBLING it is DANGEROUS and DESTRUCTIVE.  You may disagree but from where I sit and as I talk to people almost daily, I can conclude nothing else.

The Cold War with Russia ended in the Reagan era but the Cold War in America has been heating up for decades and has now reached the boiling point.  I am deeply concerned that we are about to see full-scale violence in the streets and a full-blown shooting war (civil war) in America.  No, it will not be over the issue of slavery or even state’s rights but it will be about preference and the insistence of the Liberal, Leftist, Activist, Democratic agenda pronounced by Barack Obama of “fundamentally transforming” America.  Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist has expressed his disdain for the Constitutional Republic and he has millions of followers longing for the ‘freebies’ he promised and the ‘utopia’ he declared would result.  They are blinded by greed, entitlement, envy, hate, and more as are the supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrats.  There is no Utopia and there is no Free Lunch, somebody pays for it and in the case of the Democratic offering, it is YOU and ME, the taxpayers who will foot the bill.    Barack Obama and many of the Democrats consider our Constitution a Document of Negative Liberties and they despise it.

The Law is no longer The Law for the Politically Correct, Leftist, Liberal crowd and they believe they have a mandate from their pseudo-moral position to eradicate everyone who disagrees with them.  How is that dramatically different from ISIS and the other Islamic jihadist?  They want to eliminate everyone who does not convert to their position, religion, or ideology and that is the very path the aforementioned groups are following.  If you believe that marriage is between one man and one woman you are their mortal enemy and unworthy of continued existence, in their minds and often their stated views.  There are racist groups that openly call for the eradication of those not of their ethnicity.  The Climate Change/Global Warming Activist believe that those of us who do not believe that man is the major culprit in any change in the climate is worthy of extermination.  If you want a Secure Border and desire to protect our National Sovereignty, you are something vile, in their minds.  Some have declared that we are the cause of all societal, economic, and political ills including the rise of terrorism.  They hypocritically place a massive carbon footprint on the planet while decrying carbon emissions as the singular most dangerous thing in existence.  If the planet, created by God, is that fragile and fickle, then God must not be who the Bible declares Him to be, and I fully believe He is.

We have a society today, where the criminal is identified as the victim and those victimized as the problem.  When someone sneaks into the country illegally they are not an immigrant they are a criminal.  However, many Democrats have, with incredible vile and hate, declared that those illegals have every right to be here and those of us who want them dealt with and the borders secured must be stopped in any way possible.  That sounds eerily like a call to violence but they insist that it is those of us on the right that endorse, espouse, and embrace violence.  The Right has had no violent protests unlike the Leftist but somehow it is we who are the promoters of violence.  Alexis de Tocqueville once described America as the safest country in the world because, he said, “In America, the criminal is every man’s enemy.”  That ship has sailed and with sanctuary cities, and cities such as Chicago where murder and mayhem are daily norms.  He felt that, in America, there was no distinction between the people and the government.  If he could see us today, he would recant and proclaim us on the road to perdition and impending chaos.

The government today seeks to control the people and desire to tell us how our children are to be educated.  The politicians have virtually eliminated our pathway of protest their overreach in many areas and if we push back too hard we will find ourselves in deep trouble with Big Brother and his powerful bureaucracies including the EPA, NSA, and IRS.  They want to mandate to privately owned corporations or businesses what they can and cannot do even if it violates their core religious convictions and tramples on their inalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Bernie Sanders and Representative Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) incite violence either directly or indirectly.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton either by their approval of various groups or deafening silence regarding violent activity have as well.  Luis Gutiérrez went berserk calling President Trump a “major criminal” and said he had to be peacefully eliminated and brought to his knees.  He demanded that the illegals were not criminals but Trump.  He then compared himself to Gandhi which tells me that he is 100% consumed with the religion of the left and believes that anyone disagreeing must be eliminated.  He touted numerous false data as the basis of his argument and his rant will likely find its way into the heart of some of his followers and some of those will act on his assertions that Trump must be eliminated and brought to his knees.  They will miss the peaceful portion of the statement and we will plunge deeper into the state of disarray and chaos.

America, if we are going to survive as the Constitutional Republic and have any hope of returning to a government OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE we must find a way to end this overflow of hate.  Can we?  I am not sure.  Will we?  I can only hope and pray.  What we can do is become involved in as civil a manner possible and begin now working to elect people to Congress (Senators and Representatives) who will follow the Constitution and do what is right, good, and best for America.  If we actually accomplish that in a large enough measure as to get the attention of the rest, we will begin the long slow process of restoration.  THAT IS MY HOPE AND PRAYER!

God, bless you and God bless America!