The Democrats are at it again.  Their incessant diatribe about Trump and Republicans all being evil racists, bigots, homophobes, and Islamaphobes never ceases, but now they are attempting to make toilet paper of the Constitution.  They are so driven to achieve their quest for power and solidify their position they appear willing to do anything, Constitutional or not.  Someone said, “Well, you have to give them credit for being ambitious.”  My response is, “Not if it means violating the Constitution.”

Ambition can be a good thing, or it can be incredibly destructive.  Ambition can propel a person into the pursuit of a goal in a good way or can become an all-consuming passion in the thirst for power and control.  The latter is the heart of an autocrat and is tyrannical.  The former is a motivator to invest time, money in pursuing your personal dream of achieving the American Dream. 

The House Democrats under Nancy Pelosi sent the Senate a bill (H.R.1) that is unconstitutional.  It is called “For the People Act.” What people would be my question?  Not the American people as a whole, but the ideologically aligned Leftists and activist.  The design of the bill is to expand American’s access to the ballot box, reduce the influence of big money in politics, and strengthen ethics rules for public servants.  Before you declare, “That sounds reasonable,” let me bring a few things to light.

This bill is an incredible power grab by the Democrats and would make the very complicated federal elections laws so convoluted that no one, not even the lawyers would comprehend it.  That opens the door to chaos and incredible voter fraud.  But, that is not the worst of it.  This bill is a direct assault on our Freedom of Speech.  It is so bad that both the Institute for Free Speech and the American Civil Liberties Union are not on-board with the bill.  That should cause you to sit up and take note.

This bill could place donors in a position that every communication they issue after donating would be construed political.  Even the ACLU argued, “it is unfair to hold donors responsible for every communication in which an organization engages.” For example, if you gave a donation to an organization that was non-political, and that organization opted, without your knowledge or consent to mention a politician by name, you would then be classified a political donor although you were not. 

This bill would revamp the Federal Election Commission, opening the door to partisan control in the future.  At present, the FEC is supposed to have six commissioners, with no more than three of the same political party.  That means that for the commission to act there would have to be at least one vote from an opposing party to have a majority.  The Democrats bill would make it a five-member commission with no more than two members of any political party.  That means that the odd man in this equation could be an independent who is ideologically aligned and give it a partisan flavor, something that politicians love. 

This bill would make Big Brother the prime donor in political campaigns by increasing the amount of federal money that is issued to campaigns.  It would violate States Rights by stripping from the several states the right to draw their own congressional lines.  The Democrat bill would establish an independent commission to do that, and if you can’t see the problem in that, I won’t waste time talking about it.  It is a direct violation of the 14th Amendment which allows states to take prudent and constitutionally appropriate steps to purge their voter rolls of those not legally qualified to vote and the restriction of voting rights for felons. 

A lobbyist according to this bill would so expand the definition that any of us could be labeled lobbyist.  Even if a person provided ‘counseling services’ but never communicated with the relevant government officials, they are deemed to be a lobbyist.  The language of this bill is so expansive that any conversation at a social or private gather would qualify as engaging in lobbyist activities. 

The Democrats are among the new enemies of Free Speech, especially political speech and believe that all speech should be regulated.  Where does that lead?  Depends on who is in power and holds sway over the courts.  If the Leftists are in power, then if we disagree with them we are engaging in, according to them, Hate Speech. 

Federalism recognizes the reality that the several states within the Union of the United States of America have different cultures and priorities.  That means that their legislative districts, drawn by the states, allow the states to form their federal delegation according to the needs and wishes of their citizens, not according to the dictates of some oligarch or bureaucrat in Washington.

The Democrats are planning an assault on the Electoral College, Voting Rights making it legal for an illegal to vote, our Right to Property and Privacy are in the cross-hairs too and so are many other Constitutionally sensitive matters.  They will continue to resist this president and the wishes of all who voted for him. They will continue to push for open borders, amnesty, abortion, the blurring of traditional lines and values, and step up their attack on all speech they disagree with.  They will seek to take our private property via taxation and establish themselves the ruling oligarchy. 

Are we willing to cede our freedoms and rights to them?  I am not!  That is why I speak, write, travel, and work to find Constitutional Originalist to serve in Congress.  I pray that there has not been too much water released under the bridge and that the constitutional freedom cows have not wandered too far from the open gate for us to recover.

God bless you and God bless America!