What is the obsession with Robert Francis O’Rourke who calls himself ‘Beto’? His pretense that he is just a common man that worked his way up through hard work and overcoming the same difficulties that those of us who were not brought up in privilege face is ludicrous.  What is the reason for the fawning over him making him a virtual Rock Star?  Who are the sources behind his rise to prominence and those dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into his coffers?  Who is Robert Francis O’Rourke the Democrat from El Paso, Texas?

I realize that it is way too early to pick out a Democratic candidate to expose, but if not now, when?  That’s what some said about Barack Hussein Obama and many believed he had no chance of defeating the prohibitive favorite of the Left, Hillary Clinton, but he did.  He did because too many overlooked him for too long and failed to take him seriously until it was too late.  Mr. O’Rourke will not be the only candidate on either side that I address in the months to come, but since he is from my home state of Texas I address him at this juncture.

Could his reason from wanting the moniker or nickname ‘Beto’ be rooted in political aspirations dating back to his teen years?  I don’t know but know that in the world of the Liberal Leftists of the Democratic Party being a ‘white male’ is a negative, at least most of the time.  For many on the Left who avidly adhere to Political Correctness and decry White Privilege, being of European descent and having your ancestral roots in that region costs you society-advantage points and votes.  Therefore, Robert Francis wants to be called ‘Beto’ because it detracts from his whiteness and his ancestral roots and somehow, in the minds of many, makes him more palatable as a candidate for any office he elects to seek.

I had people tell me during the Senate race that although his surname was O’Rourke he was Hispanic.  Wrong!  His father, Pat Francis O’Rourke is Irish.  His mother, Melissa Martha Williams O’Rourke is Irish and Welsh.  Where is the Hispanic?  It is to present an image that he came from underprivileged roots and is just a hard-working man who made the best of a bad situation in life.  Seriously?

His history is anything but underprivileged and sadly, too many of those fawning over him and making him godlike and Mighty Mouse streaking (not going naked) to save the day don’t know who he is or his background.  Ted Cruz gave him too many free passes and the Media protected him hiding information and shielding him from criticism much as they did for Barack Obama.  Why?  Again, a question that must be asked and answered before the 2020 primaries and general election.

Did you know this about Robert Francis O’Rourke?  His mother was the stepdaughter of John F. Kennedy’s Secretary of the Navy.  That would mean that his connections to the Democrat elitist and establishment are of long standing and run deep.  His mother owns a business.  His father was a county commissioner, county judge, in tight with former governors of Texas, and was the state chairman of two Presidential campaigns:  Jesse Jackson in 1984, and 1988.  He was part of the Run, Jesse, Run mania! 

Robert Francis O’Rourke spent two years in the El Paso public school system before he was enrolled in The Woodberry Forest School.  That school is one of the elite all-male boarding school that many of the upper crust elitists sent their kids to.  Guess who fellow alumni include the brother of George W. and Jeb Bush, Marvin, the actor Randolph Scott, a former National Security Advisor, and a boatload of Congressmen, and a significant number of powerful corporate CEO’s, and a New York Times film critic.  Just a simple school for young boys, right?  No special privilege required, right?  So much for the image of Robert Francis O’Rourke as an average Joe just struggling to make ends meet.

He attended Columbia University.  He graduated in 1995 and was almost immediately arrested for burglary in Texas.  He wasn’t locked up as would virtually every common Joe but because of the connections of his family, the charges were dropped seven months later.  Then about three years later he was arrested for DUI.  He crashed his vehicle so forcefully that it propelled his car over the center median into oncoming traffic.  He then tried to escape before being caught by the police.  That would amount to a hit-and-run and the police report and witnesses confirm even with his repeated denials of trying to run.

He said, that he was born to run, and those incidents seem to indicate that he was, but not as he seeks to impress upon us as a political savior.  No, he has some very rich and powerful people in his corner.  Being rich is not a no-no for me or a deal breaker but when one pretends to be an average Joe struggling in the day to day affairs of getting ahead when they are in the socioeconomic society he has enjoyed it is disgusting. 

Joseph Menn ran an article recently about O’Rourke’s membership in the notorious hacking group known as the “Cult of the Dead Cow.” The revelation was troubling enough but the fact that Menn sat on this story during the campaign against Ted Cruz exposes the media’s desire to protect one of their own.  We have also learned that as a teenager he wrote a murder fantasy about running over two children with his car and the elation he sensed in this act.  I wonder how many of those in Texas that voted for him would have reconsidered had they known those things?

Please understand, I do not want to revisit what teenagers did because what they were might not be who they are.  I am not! However, if those on the Left insist that something Donald Trump said or did before running for president and the allegations of Brett Kavanaugh are justification for disqualification, then Mr. O’Rourke is immediately disqualified.  We know that is not what the Left means when they insist on bringing up something of the past.  No, they only want that ploy to be used if it is a Republican, not a Democrat.  After all, they kept saying about Hillary, that’s ‘ancient history’ but with Trump and Kavanaugh it is Front Page News!

America, if we allow people who are adamantly opposed to that which has made America great and the Free Constitutional Republic we have enjoyed for over 240 years to ascend to high office in politics we do so to our own hurt.  Virtually every candidate in the incredibly large field of Democrats running for President are against border security, want higher taxes, are pro-abortion, and rabid followers of Global Warming or whatever it is called these days.  They are advancing a political philosophy, Socialism, that has destroyed formerly prosperous and free nations.  We dare not allow that to succeed!

God bless you and God bless America!