What or who is truly the blame for the rise of the favorability of Socialism among the Millennials and Generation Z?  What or who is truly the blame for the shift in the Democratic Party to an anti-capitalist mindset and pro-socialism agenda?  I wish I could say it was simply the result of being misinformed or not informed.  I wish I could, but believe it goes far deeper than that. 

            Is there any group or event or events that can be blamed?  Well, yes there are several suspects.  I say a survey conducted by the Cato Institute that sought to explore the beliefs of Americans regarding wealth and the wealthy.  It disturbed me for many reasons and raised a red flag of warning that cannot be ignored.  That report suggested that 47% of those who identify as American Socialists believe that taking violent action against the rich is justified and even commendable. 

The fact that I’m not rich does not reduce my concerns.  I have learned, in my journey in life that hate is never satisfied and once it has devoured its primary object it creates another.  This hate will not be satisfied with violence against the rich, but it will expand and is expanding to include anyone who disagrees with them.  That is a threat to any civil society.

The Cato Institute survey found that rather than embracing the American Dream of striking it rich, the Socialists in America, especially the young, were far more inclined to ‘strike down the rich.’  The survey found that 47% of those under 30, which amounts to about 35% of all Americans, believed that violent action against the wealthy was sometimes justified.  That is incredibly disturbing.  What are they being taught?  How did they arrive at this worldview and political view?

The survey found that 20-30% of those under 30 were more likely than those 65 and older to Believe:

That the rich got rich by ‘taking advantage of other people.’  (57% to 27%). That billionaires are a threat to our system of government. (51% to 26%). Feel angry when they read or hear about rich people.  (44% to 11%). It is immoral for society to allow people to become billionaires. (39% to 13%). That citizens taking violent action against the rich is justified. (35% to 10%).   That redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor is right.  (53% to 20%).    That raising the top marginal tax rates is the right move.  (62% to 43%).

Contrast that with the commentary in ‘Consumerism’ in July that “Millennials Want to Be Rich More Than Anything.”  WHAT?  I believe that materialism is very closely associated with a loss or diminishing of the Christian faith and the absence of teaching the basic principles of life.  If one perceives or believes in nothing beyond the material world they will be driven by materialism and view the objective of personal gain worth any price.  Simply, those who want to engage in violence against the rich want to be rich.  It is a heart problem, a spiritual problem, and it is rooted in envy and greed.

Who or what do I blame?  There are many places to lay blame.  I believe that the secularization of religion (Christianity) is a key player in the creation of this condition.  I believe the abdication of parental responsibility allowing the government and the schools to shape our children’s philosophies and beliefs is a factor.  I believe the insatiable thirst and quest for power and control by those in power is an element that must not be overlooked.  I believe that the absence of personal responsibility is a factor. 

Therefore, I blame ministers who have turned the church into motivational, feel-good, gatherings while ignoring the warnings of scripture and the need for core moral principles and accountability for wrong.  I blame parents who have shirked their God-given responsibility to ‘train up their children in the way they should go’ and allowed the public schools and the government to take over that responsibility.  I blame Educators who have pursued a planned path of brainwashing our youth, rejecting the truth, sanitizing history to their preferred presentation, and leading them away from everything biblical, and moral. I blame politicians for their willingness to destroy the Republic and millions of lives to gain their positions of power and control. 

But, at the end of the day, it is a personal matter and each of us must make a reasoned choice about how we live, what we believe, and what we will allow to influence us.  I am eternally thankful that in my early twenties I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I am thankful that my parents and grandparents taught me personal responsibility and moral values.  I am grateful for those patriots of American history who fought for my Freedom and those spiritual pioneers who blazed the trails that I could discover who God is and what I could be.  I am thankful that I learned early in life that I was owed nothing and there was no free ride. 

I envy no man or woman.  I begrudge no person of any success they have achieved or inheritance they have been bequeathed.  If you were born rich, that is both your blessing and curse.  If you become rich through ingenuity and hard work, that is your prize.  I do not want your money to be taken from you and given to me simply because the government decided there needed to be some ideological equality.  I want to pursue my destiny in life without undue interference by the government or anyone else.  I want to live in peace with all people.  I want to ‘prosper and be in health, as my soul prospers.’

I love America and willingly accept what I believe to be God’s call on my life to be a Watchman on the Wall.  I do not believe that I am more spiritual or insightful than others, only that when I see danger, I must sound the alarm.  You may or may not agree with my views and what I see as dangers, that’s your privilege, right, and prerogative.  Yet, if I am, to be honest with my perceived responsibility as a Christian, a Preacher, a Patriot, and a Lover of America, I must persist. 

God bless you and God bless America!