Forgive me but that statement or question is so open ended one could go in a myriad of directions, and time nor tolerance would not allow me to exhaustively pursue it so I have one thing in particular in mind – Benghazi.  What is it about Benghazi that Barack Obama and his agencies within the government are so vociferously laboring to keep from Congress, the media, the American people and the world?  It must be enormous for them to go to the lengths they have and are going to.  What is it about this ‘phony scandal’ as Mr. Obama has labeled it that is so damning he dare not let the truth come out?  It must be of epic proportions and more than just negligence because he has survived over four years of negligence and come away unscathed.  There has to be something so revealing that he, the State Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA are working overtime to insure that it remains hidden.  What is it?


            Obviously, I do not know or I would be on the national scene and would be an immediate target of a drone assignation.  So, I openly declare that I do not know for sure but I am convinced that it must be something more than just dropping the ball, incompetence, or negligence.  It is far more sinister than that or they would not be going to the lengths they are to keep it hidden.

             CNN, of all sources, broke a story that the CIA is conducting monthly polygraph examinations on the survivors or agents who were in Benghazi to insure that they have not leaked any information to the media or Congress.  Why?  If it was a poorly produced and virtually unnoticed video that sparked this that would certainly not be necessary.  If it does not make any difference as suggested by Hillary as she angrily asked, “What difference does it make now?”  That would not be necessary.  If there was not chance or possibility of us rendering aid and support to the embassy and its inhabitants in time, this would not be necessary.  Why have they been relocated and even had names changed and are deemed to be in ‘witness protection”?  Why?

             CNN said sources informed them that the CIA had more than 20 agents at or near the U.S. consulate in Benghazi when Ambassador Stevens was killed.  In fact, the sources say that the CIA had 22 people in their annex the night of the attack.  Why 22?  Is this a normal number or was something else going on that Congress apparently did not know about.  Was this some covert under the table and behind the scenes operation?  I wish I knew and so should Congress, the media, the world, and the American people.  One source told CNN that there were 35 people at the consulate and annex with 7 of them wounded.  Obviously they knew it was an organized and well- orchestrated terrorist attack not some spontaneous riot as the result of a film or anything else.  What is it they do not want us to know?


             Let me float a possibility, one that came up in the very beginning and Senator Rand Paul asked Hillary Clinton while she was under oath if the United States was involved in transferring weapons out of Libya to Turkey or any other nation.  Hillary attempted to brush it aside and he persisted.  She then deflected it to the CIA or some other agency declaring that she did not know.  With all that is being revealed by one of the most liberal and Obama friendly sources, CNN, one would have to ask, is this possible?  We already know about ‘Fast and Furious’ a scandal and ‘illegal gun running scheme’ that Obama and Holder have been dirtied by.  We know that Mr. Obama does not regard Congress, the Constitution, or the Law as a restraint for him because he has demonstrated he believes he is superior to any of those.  I do not know if this was another ‘illegal gun running’ operation conducted or authorized by this President but it is something so dangerous to him and the Democrats that they are pulling out all stops to keep it secret. 

             If the Republicans and any Democrats who even remotely want to keep our Constitution intact and desire to serve America do not press forward and get to the bottom of this they should be booted out of office immediately.  If Barack Obama was involved in an ‘illegal unauthorized gun running’ scheme to provide arms to the Syrian rebels he should be indicted and tried on the charge of treason.  As a concerned American citizen I am ramping up my DEMAND to my elected officials that they pursue this with all the power and influence they can muster.  This Obama labeled ‘phony scandal’ is far from phony and IT MATTERS!

             May God bless you and may God guard and guide America.

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