For several years now I have wondered how it is that if a Conservative, Constitutionalist, or Republican makes a faux pas in speaking or saying something that is factually, historically, geographically, incorrect he never hears the end of it and is branded as ‘dumb’ or some other equally demeaning characterization, but if Mr. Obama does it is because he is so ‘brilliant’ that his mind cannot entertain things so mundane and unimportant as how many states there are in the Union. 

             Recently, and most of you have already moved on from this, Mr. Obama was on Jay Leno’s show campaigning and trying to be likeable by the public and made so many gaffes that had that been George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, or any other Republican President or politician we would still be hearing it in the main stream or lame stream media.  It would be in every newspaper, on every national television and radio network, and the laughing or the ridicule would be endless, but not so with Mr. Obama.  There is deafening silence from those venues.  It is the ‘standard of no standard’ when it comes to him and his administration.  It is hypocrisy and so blatantly partisan that one would have to wonder how any rational voter could possibly not see through it and become disgusted with the double-standard.  But, I forget that many are ‘willingly blind’ and therefore the ‘standard of no standard’ is not only acceptable but desirable.

             Candidate Obama spoke in a church in Selma, Alabama on the anniversary of the ‘Bloody Sunday March’ where he told his audience that the Kennedy’s did an airlift that would bring young Africans to America so they could be educated and his grandfather heard that call and sent his father, Barack Obama, Sr. to America.  That would be great but there is a small or not so small problem.  In following the timeline of Barack’s life we find that he was born in August 1961 so he would have been conceived in November 1960 (or there about).  He suggested that it was through those endeavors that his mother and father got together and produced him.  That is a bit problematic and would suggest that the shout his grandfather heard would have had to have been that of Dwight David Eisenhower not Jack or Bobby Kennedy.  Jack Kennedy did not assume office until January 1961 so it would have been impossible for him to have been instrumental in a program that brought Barack, Sr. to Hawaii in 1959.  He declared that what happened in 1965 in Selma gave his mother a white woman from Kansas and his father a black man from Kenya the courage to get married and have a child.  The wee problem here is that since he was born on August 4, 1961 and the first of the three marches did not occur until March 7, 1965 or at least five years after Barack’s parents met.  But who is checking facts it is only a political speech right?


            Of course when candidate Obama declared that he had campaigned in all 57 States the correlation with the 57 Islamic states was immediately dismissed and labeled as Islamophobic and racist so most Republicans backed completely away from it.  When he declared in September 2011 in Cincinnati that America is the country that built the ‘Intercontinental Railroad’ no one batted an eye.  When did we and where is that railroad that spans continents?  Oh I guess it is in one of the 57 States that I haven’t visited yet.  Also in November 2011 he said while speaking in Hawaii, “When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking – – whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia….”   When did Hawaii become a part of Asia?  Oh I guess my geography needs to be refreshed with the revisionist geography of Mr. Obama and the left.  Then the classic, “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, right?  It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.”  That was his argument for Obamacare.  WHAT?  Mr. Obama you just destroyed your argument and identified why we should have ‘less’ not ‘more’ government involvement.


            Then the Leno show where there were a number of gaffes but nothing sticks to him and he is held to ‘no standard’ again.  Remember when Dan Quayle misspelled ‘potato’ and how long that continued and to this day he is labeled and characterized as being lacking in the mental department.  Mr. Obama downplayed the threat of terrorism and we all know that Al Qaeda is not on the run, decimated, nor has their core been depleted.  They are possibly better organized today and as committed to terrorism as ever.  He wrongly claimed that Vladimir Putin once ran the KGB but the fact is Mr. Putin was a Lt. Colonel in the KGB not the head.  His geography is abysmal and we now have the “Gulf Coast’ and the “Gulf of Mexico” being somewhere near Savannah, Charleston, and Jacksonville.  He mixed up the summer and winter Olympics in his statements but no problem his intelligence is so astounding that small details like that should be expected from the “Big Brained People” such as Mr. Obama.

            He said one more thing that bothered me and I would have hoped for more inquiry to find out what he meant.  He said with regard to the question about Benghazi, “The odds of people dying in a terrorist attack obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately.”  So it would be better if the odds of dying in a terrorist attack were higher than dying in a car accident?  You mean you want and lament that there are not more and more effective terror attacks?  PLEASE EXPLAIN MR. OBAMA!  I am waiting for your explanation but I know that it won’t be forthcoming.  If that was a Freudian slip it would suggest that as he declared in his book, “If the political winds ever turn sour I will side with the Muslims” is much more problematic than anyone thought or has suggested.

            I, for one, am tired of the standard of no standard with regard to this president or any politician.  I’m longing for and will work for a restored America, that honors and obeys the Constitution, and for a media that is, at least, a little honest who reports the news not one that slants and shapes it for their political agenda.

            God bless America and God bless you!

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