In my latest reading of the Constitution of these United States of America I was unable to find one mention of “Election or Coronation of Kings” as being the course of action by the American people.  I did find the “Election of a President” but not a “Sovereign, Monarch, Aristocracy, or King”.  So I am a bit perplexed seeing how this current president lives and acts along with the ‘first lady’ and the ‘first family’.  I realize that some people are so ‘privileged’ that they believe they are ‘entitled’ to treatment as a ‘god, sovereign, royalty or a monarch’ but that is not the authorization of the American Constitution.  I find the lack of angst by the media, Congress, or even much of the American public to be inexcusable.  We are in such severe economic times, citizens are losing their homes, jobs, life savings, and living in poverty at such a severe level that one would think that ‘excessive lavish extravagance’ by this President and family would elicit the ire of most including the media, Congress, and public but it doesn’t. 

             I do not know if the aforementioned are ‘afraid’ to challenge this President fearing being called a ‘racist’ or something equally as bad or worse, or if they believe he should live and act as a regal?  Either way it is an incredible indictment on the current American mentality. It has been my observation that when someone is afforded power and has access to lavish funds frequently will abuse both the power and the funds UNTIL and UNLESS they are stopped.  When there is no opposition or only token opposition to his lifestyle and insatiable appetite for spending why would he not continue to act as a Regal Monarch?



            One of the latest incidents reflecting the mindset of someone who either has a ‘god-complex’ believes that they are ‘entitled’, or believes that they have been ‘crowned as a Regals’ was the ridiculous expense of the ‘first dog’ being transported on a separate flight. WHY?  Well the immediate cry of many was that in the Muslim faith dogs are considered ‘unclean’ and travel would of necessity be separate.  Is that the case?  Possibly or is it just that the mindset and attitude of entitlement drives this President and family to do things that will show the world that they CAN and DO live lavishly while the populace, by and large, live in dire economic conditions.  That has been the way of Kings, Tyrants, and Despots throughout history.  They live lavish lives while their subjects live in squalor and struggle to survive.  Nothing is too good or to be withheld from the Regal and that is clearly the Obama mindset. 

             Why does this bother me so much?  Because when you examine the record of the number and lavishness of the vacations that they have taken, the separate vacations that Michelle and the children have taken, the incredible expense of security that he demands, the overboard entourage that accompanies them everywhere you find that it is astronomical in the actual cost to the tax-payer.  The tax-payer who is working to keep his/her head above water.  The tax-payer that is being lampooned as ‘not paying his/her fair share’ by this ‘would be emperor’.  The tax-payer who is seeing his/her America Dream completely vanish.  The tax-payer who is forced to ‘cut back’ and live a more austere lifestyle while watching the ‘first family’ parade around the country and the world in luxury.  This Presidents claims to be the ‘defender of the middle-class’ but who of the middle-class can live that lifestyle.  It is the lifestyle not just of the ‘rich and famous’ but the ‘Regals and Monarchs”. 


            While I do not mind and desire that the American Presidents are protected, travel in a style commensurate with the top leaders of the world, I do find it insulting and objectionable that, in times of economic hardship, there is such disregard and empathy for the American people.  I find it insulting that he would make campaign speeches lambasting the ‘rich’ when he is doing far worse than the most lavish of the rich in that they pay their own way and he does not – WE PAY!  I find it insulting that he would attempt to operate politically, socially, or privately as a KING.  The Constitution affords no such luxury.  He is an ‘elected’ public servant or supposed to be.  He has not ascended to the Throne of America he was inaugurated into the Office of President not crowned King.  Congress should cease treating him as royalty, take the gloves off, defend the Constitution, and the interests of the American people IMMEIDATELY!  It should not matter what party you are in or identify with his actions, lavish living, and incredible spending should infuriate you.

             Where are the lovers of Freedom, the defenders of the Constitution, and the Patriots?  Where are those who are struggling to make ends meet?  Where are those who want a Restored Constitutional Democratic Republic?  Where are the representatives of the people?  WHERE?  Sadly, it seems that those of us willing to be vocal are in the minority but we dare not allow ourselves to become complacent.  We must attempt to turn up the heat, intensify the cry for liberty, and become involved both in prayer and work like never before.  AMERICA IS AT RISK!

             May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America!


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