AMERICA – The Melting Pot Nation….


            I may be wrong but I believe that the first use of describing America as a “Melting Pot” was in the writings of J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur in his “Letters from an American Farmer” in 1782.  It has been used by politicians, historians, and critics of the American culture and our view of and response to immigrants coming to this nation almost from the beginning of the United States of America as a nation.  If America is a “Melting Pot” then much of current multi-cultural and politically correct politics are in grave error, and I believe that to be the case.  But, is America truly a “Melting Pot”?

            A “Melting Pot” implies and demands that varied products or even similar products be placed in the pot and melted down forming a totally new product.  That new product is a singular product not a hyphenated one.  It is unique and transforms the product derived from its former identity into the identity of the new product.  It is not a ‘cooking pot’ for that would leave room for the hyphenation such as ‘beef-stew, chicken-gumbo’ or something else to be used.  It would be more akin to taking ore whether that is identified as Italian ore, German ore, French ore, British ore, African ore, or any ore and forming STEEL.  It is not Italian-steel, German-steel; French-steel it is STEEL.  In the case of America we are supposed to be a nation in which people of various nationalities or ethnicities come and are placed into the MELTING POT and become AMERICANS.  They are not Irish-Americans, German-Americans, Greek-Americans, or African-Americans they are AMERICANS.  I would suggest that the only group that has a legitimate justification to be identified using descriptors would be those who were here before the rest of our ancestors arrived and that would be the American Indian or Native Americans. 

            Although I am a quarter Cherokee I do not choose to be identified by that descriptor.  I am not ashamed of it because it is who I am.  The major national heritage from which I descend would be Scottish-Irish but I do not choose to be identified with those hyphenations I am an AMERICAN and that requires no hyphenation.  My ancestors came to this country, entered the MELTING POT and came out AMERICANS.  They assimilated into the culture which was vastly different from theirs and did not choose to be identified by hyphenations they have, so far as I can discover, always been proud to be identified as AMERICANS. 


            The problem today with our multiculturalism and politically correct society is that we suggest that we should move this nation away from being a ‘melting pot’ into being more of a ‘salad bowl’ where each ethnicity or nationality maintains its unique labeling and culture without assimilating into the new product and become AMERICAN.  If that is the case, then why come to America?  If there was not a willingness to be transformed into something new and become a fully assimilated and functioning unit of what was established in 1776 and subsequently, why come?  If America is not to be unique as are other countries including those from which the immigrants come, why have a national identity?  I believe that is what the progressives and liberals are seeking, world citizenship not national citizenship.  They want a world without borders, national identities, or national sovereignty.  They want a world that is under a solitary ruler with a governing body that destroys all national sovereignty and subjects the world to the rules and laws of the select elite body of rulers that determine our fate.  I do not support that! 

            Only in the Kingdom of God can I accept ‘one rule’ and that being GOD ALMIGHTY Himself.  Only under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ can I lose my national identity or ethnicity.  But with regard to human governments and nations, I would never ask nor desire that France, England, Spain, Germany, Mexico, or any other nation give up its borders or culture.  I do not ask that those immigrating to America lose contact with their heritage or culture and have no problem with them celebrating it, but ask that they become AMERICANS not hyphenated Americans. 


            America can only be strong when the peoples of this nation are ONE.  We do not have to agree on everything.  We can be vastly different in our political, social, or religious beliefs, but with regard to national identity we must become one and that is AMERICAN!  I realize that some will not agree with this and find it objectionable and possibly offensive and that is not my purpose.  My purpose is to call for everyone now citizens of this nation and those desiring to become citizens to also commit to being AMERICAN.  If you cannot take pride in being called an AMERICAN then why be one?  If you are more concerned about your hyphenation identifier than being an AMERICAN then why use American at all?

             This nation was founded and our independence secured through the valiant efforts of men and women who were willing to put it all on the line to provide a nation that would be FREE and allow people to come from all nations of the world and with LIBERTY, pursue their faith, fortune or as is in our founding document ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’  Be proud of your ancestral heritage and learn about that culture but if you are a citizen or want to be of the United States of America then be an AMERICAN!  I acknowledge that we have work to do on many fronts.  I acknowledge that we have made errors in the past and will in the future.  However, AMERICA was supposed to be a “Melting Pot” and if she is that she can remain strong and free, if she becomes nothing more than a ‘Salad Bowl’ she will eventually become non-existent.

             If you love AMERICA then please pray for this nation, labor for the restoration of our Constitutional Freedoms and Liberties, and become responsible owners and overseers of our government.  It is to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights still focuses on WE THE PEOPLE so let us return to being THE PEOPLE who determine our future!  The challenge is monumental and will not be achieved in a year, a decade, or possibly a century but it is achievable if we become a people COMMITTED, ASSIMILATED, and DETERMINED.

             God bless you and God bless America!


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