Why do we have so many seeking exemptions and that includes Congress and their staff being subsidized?  WHY?  Because Affordable Healthcare or “OBAMACARE” is neither affordable, efficient, or better that what now exists.  It will not cover EVERYONE.  We will still have millions UNINSURED.  Dr. Ben Carson had a much better approach as have some of the Republican plans and even many Democrats recognize this disaster and the damage it is doing and will do to ‘health insurance’ and ‘health care’ in America.  It, like so many things out of Washington, is misnamed and the name misrepresents what it is all about.  It is not about ‘health insurance’ or ‘health care’ it is ultimately about CONTROL.  This monster, even when read, is terribly difficult to completely understand all the ramifications.  But, when it is studied in detail putting line upon line and precept upon precept it is a NIGHTMARE!

             When the government gets involved in anything it seeks to ‘control’ that in which it is involved.  It wants to make the rules, regulations, issue mandates, and edicts that require a certain performance or pathway to be allowed to do or have what you seek.  In health care when a bureaucrat or board of bureaucrats begin to make decisions based solely on the ‘monetary’ through the lens of a ‘statistical table’ exclude the recommendation of the doctor or the desire of the patient it is of great concern.  No two people are the same in any situation including the contracting of a particular disease or ailment.  Age cannot be an exclusive factor in the decision making.  The reason we purchase ‘health insurance’ is so that we can be covered, at least partially, in the event of a health need.  We purchase insurance and some virtually never use it until the waning years of their lives and then need it to be able to live out their days with a reasonable quality of life.  For the government to decide that a person, say 70 years of age, is no longer a qualified candidate to receive cancer treatment, joint replacement, or by-pass surgery for heart conditions is nothing more than ‘legalized euthanasia’ and, to me, is comparable to that of the Nazi’s in WWII regarding the Jews, or Stalin in Russia, or Chairman Mao in China, or any other despot throughout history devaluing human life to the point that they can willingly and with emotional detachment see the lives of citizens snuffed out in the name of whatever they are pushing.


            The government has proven it is inefficient and inept in the ability to maintain our privacy via electronic data gathering such as the new mandate regarding medical records.  These records go so far beyond what is needed to evaluate our medical conditions and are shared across agencies that have no business seeing them or need for them unless they are to be used for some other more sinister plan.  I do not mean to throw in a conspiracy theory here but why do they need to share these, and why do they need all the information they are seeking?  It is beyond the need to determine the medical condition and propose a treatment plan.  That is a quote from two of my doctors.  Sadly, most of my doctors are feverishly making plans to get out of the medical field due to what they anticipate being the full impact of ‘The Affordable Health Care Act’ aka OBAMACARE.  They detest what is happening and feel that their oath of service as a provider of medical care is being infringed and they will no longer be practitioners of medicine but simply pill dispensers as per the dictate of the federal government’s panel which Sarah Palin aptly named, “Death Panels.”

             You may be uninsured, and have pre-existing conditions that make it difficult for you to receive ‘health insurance’ and my heart hurts for you, but is that reason to totally destroy the health care industry?  There are better ways to handle this situation.  The need is for a much more diligent and extensive means of evaluating people’s situation.  Is a person without health insurance because they choose not to pay the high price they would have to pay?  Is a person without health care because of pre-existing conditions?  Why are they without insurance?  I do not have time to list all the possible ways of handling this situation but we need to completely transform them Medicaid System, Welfare System, Disability Program, and even work on the Social Security System while maintaining the integrity and continuity of what the seniors now on Social Security are receiving and those soon to be on the program.  Medicare is also is serious need of work to make it efficient.  Then we come to the VA and many other programs of government but in HEALTH CARE alone we can do some things other than provide Barack Obama with some disastrous piece of legislation that he can try to hang his hat on as a landmark and signature piece of legislation that he got passed for his ‘so-called’ legacy.

             America has had one of the best health care systems in the modern world but that is rapidly changing and we are already seeing delays in care as well as denial of care based on what this law mandates and what is anticipated it is going to require.  As a Christian I have confidence in God to care for His children.  We are moving to a time when health care will once again be relegated to home remedies and the life span of people will decrease outside of God providing the miracle of healing for them.  Even those who are uninsured today can go to the Emergency Room and the law mandates that they be seen.  It is costing us billions if not trillions and the idea of a ‘Health Savings Account’ from birth is an idea that I would like to see much more study on.  A   Health Savings Account that is bequeathable!  


            I make no claim to having all the answers, I only know that the “Affordable Health Care Act’ aka OBAMACARE is not it.  I know that if it were all it was purported to be there would be ZERO exemptions rather than the hundreds if not thousands that are already issued.  Congress would not be running away from it for themselves and their staff.  It is escalating cost for individuals, costing jobs, hours, and the well-being of millions while failing to achieve what was promised.  That, in my view, makes it a very bad law and one that should be repealed but will not be with the current administration and congress of today.

            May God bless you and may God bless America!

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