Of the many synonyms for ‘petulant’ we find peevish, bad-tempered, querulous, pettish, fretful, cross, irritable, sulky, snappish, crotchety, touchy, tetchy, testy, fractious, grumpy, disgruntled, crabby, insolent, impatient, pouting, bratty, ungracious, fault-finding.  One sentence example was – “He is easily irritated or annoyed; an incorrigibly fractious person; not the least nettlesome of his countrymen.”  All those synonyms and the sentence fit this President to the ‘T’.  He is one of, if not the most petty I have ever observed. 


            He resorts to ‘name calling’, throwing ‘temper tantrums’, huffing out of the room and bullying to get his way.  He reminds me of a ‘spoiled child’ much in need of the board of education applied behind the barn in the aft portion of the body.  It would seem that his life has been one of being catered to and having such an ‘entitlement mentality’ that he truly believes that his is a ‘rock star’ or some ‘god’ and everyone should be in awe of him when he walks into the room.  To question him or disagree with him is beyond his ability to accept or deal with.  I can only imagine working for or with him because one would have to walk on egg shells all the time for fear that he would blow a gasket over the smallest of things. 

             He has, from all appearance, an incredible lack of ability to be forthcoming and honest.  It seems that, to him, the truth is whatever he desires it to be without concern for the facts.  Even when he publicly makes a statement or promise and it comes to light that it is erroneous he then declares that he did not say that as with his Syrian Red Line he claimed the world drew the line not Barack Obama.  He often appears incapable of comprehending that as a human being (I am loosely attributing that status to him) he is capable of being wrong as most of us learned early on in life.  However, no one in his entourage, cabinet, party, or even most Republicans has the courage to ‘call it like it is’. 


            Sadly, the Republicans in Congress of the McCain, Boehner, Peter King, Lisa Murkowski, Chuck Grassley ilk, and others all want to ‘kiss the king’s ring’ and bow at his alter rather than standing for the Constitution, and the principles this nation was founded on.  It is past time that we CLEAN HOUSE in the HOUSE and SENATE and send every RINO home that we can.  It is time that we identify them and call them out.  It is time that we diligently work to find people to ‘primary’ them with and seek to defeat them so we can have constitutional, conservative, America loving candidates in the general elections across this nation.  That means that each of us in our local precincts must work to support that type of candidate.  We need to become involved in the process on a county-wide and state-wide basis.  We need to volunteer, campaign for, and contribute as we can to the cause of Constitutional, Conservative, and America loving candidates.


             If we fail to stand up to the BULLIES in the White House, the Democrat, and Republican Parties we are sealing the doom of this Republic that we have loved and hold dear.  We will have failed to do what Benjamin Franklin said, “We have a Republic if we can keep it.”  It is ours.  The government is supposed to be ‘of the people, for the people, and by the people.’  It is not to be of the Aristocratic Political Elite in Washington or the State Houses, it is to be the Joe the Plumber, and Morris the Electricians of this nation.  It is to be the average citizen who works, pays taxes, and follows the rules.  I want my country back and am committed to doing all in my power to see that become a reality. 

             So as you focus on the upcoming elections I plead with you to invest your time, energy, and finances to RECLAIMING AMERICA the America the colonist fought for and the Framers provided for us.  If it is worth having it is worth fighting for!

            May God bless you and may God bless America again!

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