I had to say that to a ‘low information’ person in a very public place a few days ago and as a result thought I was going to be assaulted by about 10 ‘low information’ incredibly racially motivated individuals.  They immediately began resorting to the tactics they have observed by the man in the White House, the individual leading the Democrats in the Senate, the minority leader in the House of Representatives, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Attorney General and a host of others in politics and in the media.  Substance was absent but the incessant name calling and threats of physical violence persisted to the point that the manager of the business asked them all to leave threatening to call the police and profusely apologized to me saying, “I observed the entire situation and you were calm, cool, and collected, offering substance in the conversation and they responded in rage and I feared for your safety.”


            I was carrying on a conversation with an acquaintance about the situation in Washington and how it disturbed me that the Republicans appeared to be caving as well as how little defense they were offering but how vicious the Democrats were including the President toward them.  As we discussed the matter, we thought privately, off to one side this individual charged in screaming saying, “It is on the news how the Republican Tea Baggers are holding the government hostage, wanting to destroy the government, take away all our food stamps, health care, want us to breath dirty water, eat bad food, and not be able to have jobs.”  That is when my aforementioned response came and the ensuing attack that I received.

             Folks, it does not matter if a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Socialist, Communist, Atheist, Muslim, or Christian says something THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.  Just because it is on the internet, in the newspaper, on the television, in the movies or comes from the Oval Office, the floor of either, Houses of Congress or the Supreme Court THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT FACTUAL.  It simply means that it is being reported and I follow the prescription, as best I can, of finding out for myself if it is true or not.  I don’t automatically swallow what the GOP, Fox News, the Blaze, Rush, Sean, Mark Levin, or any other personality says – – I WANT TO KNOW THE FACTS!   I have made mistakes and believed that something was factual without fully examining the facts and have had to back track.  I didn’t enjoy that, not solely because I was wrong but because I likely misled someone else. 


            I am a follow of God, the God of the Christian Bible and in His book He directs us to seek TRUTH.  We are told in Scripture to ‘hear the conclusion of the whole matter’ before rendering a judgment.  Paul commended the Berean Christians in Acts 17 saying that they were ‘more noble’ than those in Thessalonica for the simple reason that they received the message gladly and then examined the Scriptures daily to check out what the apostle was saying.  Paul had no fear of his words being examined and neither should we.  Truth will bear up under the light and every postulation should be held to the light to see if it is valid.

             The name calling and fear mongering that has been and is taking place in Washington, the intentional inflicting of pain economically and emotionally being demanded and inflicted by this Administration, and the refusal to sit down and talk rationally, sensibly, above partisanship is DISGUSTING.  I’ve seen more polls than I care to remember over the past few months and it seems that the polls that are not skewed toward a particular ideology, all indicate that a vast majority of the voting public is FED UP WITH GOVERNMENT as it now exists, and that touches the Republicans, Democrats, and the sitting President.  I know that reflects my personal views!  The Republicans have let me down!  The Democrats have assaulted that which I hold dear, the Constitution, Freedom, and America!  The President appears to have an agenda that if it were fully exposed would send shock waves of horror through every patriotic American!  Yet, they play games with words, and politics and WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who suffer.  For Mr. Obama and the Democrats to turn a blind eye to the fiscal problems of this government is criminal.  For the Republicans to participate in the perpetuation of this fraud is criminal.  There are so few politicians today, in Washington, who even remotely appears to be interested in the Constitution, and the people.  I almost feel like Diogenes of Sinope also known as Diogenes the Cynic walking about with a lantern supposedly looking for ‘an honest man’ I am looking for ‘an honest politician.’  I fear that as Diogenes reportedly failed I most assuredly will in my named pursuit. 


            But, I will not give up hope.  I will not throw in the towel.  I will not surrender. I will, as long as I draw breath and have the ability to write, defend America, Freedom, and Free Enterprise.  If America was worth the cost to establish in 1776 it is worth fighting for to preserve in the 2000’s.  God help us if we do not stand for something!

             May God watch over you, guard and guide you and may God bless America!


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