I laugh out loud (lol) when I hear the various pundits and talking-heads declare that Mr. Obama’s problem is that he is an ‘introvert.’  Seriously?  If I take the definition of an ‘introvert’ and without any other consideration apply it to him then I would concur.  The classical definition of introvert:  to turn or direct inward and in psychology it is to concentrate (one’s interests) upon oneself.  In that definition I would say DEFINITELY because his focus is most assuredly upon himself.  However when I take the definition of a ‘narcissist’ I have to back away from the ‘introvert’ label or characterization!  The definition of narcissism:  Excessive love or admiration for oneself (conceit is a synonym).  A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.  When I add that definition to the mix I see Mr. Obama far more narcissistic than introverted.  Then when you factor in his selective ‘anti-social’ behavior I am even more convinced he is a narcissist rather than an introvert.

             They run from calling him a ‘narcissist’ because that would have a strong negative image conjured in people’s minds but to say that he is an ‘introvert’ affords him either sympathy or empathy from those wanting to support him or fearing to oppose him.  Many believe that an ‘introvert’ is a shy person but while that could be the case often it is not ‘shyness’ that causes them to turn inward but a lack of interest in other people as is the case with the narcissist.  Mr. Obama has demonstrated almost zero ‘empathy’ for the plight of people is a disturbing characteristic for any world leader and opens the door for massive ideological assault on freedoms and liberties with no sense of any responsibility or accountability.


            We all know that Barack Obama is anything but shy about proclaiming his own abilities and his tumescent sense of self-worth.  He has stated that his ascendency to the office of President of the United States will be noted in history as the moment when ‘our planet [began] to heal.’  That is incredible that any mortal human being would make such a self-exalted claim but not when you realize how he was reared and conditioned to view himself.  He demonstrates an incredibly ‘thin-skinned’ demeanor and an excessive need for admiration and praise while exhibiting continual grandiosity and lack of empathy.  He connects so well with the ‘entitlement world’ because he has a deep sense of ‘entitlement’ himself.  I do not know how anyone could fail to acknowledge his arrogance and insensitivity to the plight that his actions bring upon others. 

             The classical narcissist is ‘exploitative’ and we have witnessed that characteristic from this President on multiple occasions.  The narcissist can do no wrong in his/her own eyes and this is certainly a visible and demonstrable trait with Mr. Obama.  The narcissist is frequently, if not usually, very cold and ruthless underneath an outward appearance of being cool and engaging!  He is dismissive and holds incredible disdain for anyone who disagrees with him.  We have watched this in Mr. Obama and he incessantly blames someone else for anything and everything that is not deemed praiseworthy.  His prime target for blame even five years later is still George W. Bush.


            I would also argue that Mr. Obama is a ‘sociopath’.  Sociopaths love power.  Winning is all important to them and are almost entirely without empathy for others or the view of others.  Their ‘will to win’ at all costs precludes any possibility of demonstrating empathy for others.  Their opponents are viewed as hindrances that must be stamped out and annihilated in whatever fashion is possible.  Frankly, I believe that Barack H. Obama the current sitting President of these United States of America is a Narcissistic Sociopath who desires to be King.  I don’t think dictator is enough or emperor is sufficient for him and while he would probably hesitated to declare himself a god, King would be well within his yearning.  So, I cannot accept that his behavior is due to being an ‘introvert’ lacking normal social skills but due to his ‘narcissism’ and ‘sociopathic’ mindset, none of which implies intelligence.  That, for me, makes him a very dangerous person to be in charge of our government, our military, and certainly our healthcare. 

             It is critical that for all who practice prayer to become intercessors for our leaders and our nation.  If we do not see a transformation in their hearts our nation is in grave danger of an internal demise. 

             God bless you and God bless America!


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