Blog Post - America's Future

My title opens the door for me to present ‘much every way’ as a preacher friend of mine used to say he preached.  Some tell me that America has no future but I want to address this by looking at several scenarios and leave it to you to decide what you think.

America’s future if the Republicans keep the House and win the Senate…

One the one hand I would like to think that this would be a Congress that has the courage, spine, backbone, intestinal fortitude and constitutional reverence to actually DO SOMETHING to stop this administration from further destroying our republic.  That is a scenario I have little hope of becoming a reality but I am 100% convinced that if this happens Barack Obama will go completely rogue and govern via Executive Fiat.  He will go far beyond what he has already done and his actions will not only be unconstitutional but illegal and treasonous.  The only hope for America at that point would be a Congress that impeaches and/or indicts him.  He has already said he plans to stay in Washington after his term to insure his policies are not repealed or rolled back.  The dangers for America are colossal therefore we MUST insure that there, at a minimum, a hope in Washington of impeding the advancement of his ideology and agenda.

Blog Post - Power

America’s future if the Republicans keep the House and do not win the Senate…

Barack Obama will know he is safe from anything more than a slap on the wrist and will go completely rogue and America will be so radically transformed by the end of 2016 no one will recognize her.  While electing Republicans to control both Houses of Congress might not accomplish much it would afford the possibility of stopping him and might give him pause and the Democrats to hesitate in any full scale advancement of his agenda.

America’s future if Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016….

DOOM!  Barack Obama is a narcissistic, self-serving ideology who has surrounded himself with people who share like ideology and Anti-American views and he has demonstrated some sway to public opinion.  Hillary has not surrounded herself with friends she does not have any and does not believe she needs any.  Unlike Bill Clinton who being the consummate politician did take note of public opinion, Hillary listens to NO ONE and only to Bill when it serves her purpose but otherwise, given the opportunity she would advance the ideological causes Barack Obama has begun with such urgency America could not survive.  I see Mr. Obama as quite ruthless on some things but Hillary makes Genghis Khan seem tame.  I am convinced that NOTHING would be off the table with her to ensure the achievement of her objective.

Blog Post - United Nations

One thing that Barack Obama, Hillary, and Bill Clinton share is the desire to be the recognized leader of the New World Order and all envision the position of Secretary General of the United Nations as a step toward achieving that goal.  I do not believe that Bill Clinton wants Hillary to be president because of unwavering support for her but as a means to an end to get him the position in the United Nations.  Mr. Obama, I believe, is so narcissistic and full of himself that he believes he will be automatically elected in that body and if he is will do there what he has done in America and attempt to usurp the sovereignty of the nations of the world and usher in the New World Order with him as the self-proclaimed head.  Although I seriously doubt the world is quite ready to accept that, a crisis or two such as a massive Ebola outbreak or some other calamity could open that door and a virtual martial law internationally be imposed in the name of ‘preserving the world’.

Blog Post - Price of Freedom 

America, if we are to have a future and a hope we must pray in repentance and intercession for our nation and our world.  We must work at all levels to find and elect people who share the moral and constitutional values that our nation was founded upon and has allowed her to survive.  Can we do that in an election cycle or two, I do not know but I do not believe we have many election cycles left and maybe on one or two before the death knell sounds.  WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA must fight to the finish to preserve that which we were given over 200 years ago.

What price are you willing to pay to save, restore and/or reclaim the republic?  May God bless you and may God bless America!

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