Blog Post - Apocalypse

I realize that some will not get beyond my title but if you have ventured beyond the title please hear the conclusion of the whole matter before rendering a judgment.  I truly pray that I am wrong on all or part of what I am going to postulate.  If I am not then the dark days of tomorrow will be worse than most of us have imagined and will find millions unprepared making them like ships without a rudder opening our nation and world for ultimate evil and destruction.

Now that the mid-term elections are behind us the time to work has just begun in a very real sense.  The task is monumental and time is of the essence for we must work in our very short window of opportunity if we have any hope of prevailing and preserving the nation.  Thus the most significant part of my work and warfare is through prayer but it cannot end there it must begin there.

Blog Post - Are You Ready

I see several things coming to America which will impact the entire world and possibly alter it forever.  My brother expressed his concern that the reduction in gasoline prices is a conspiracy of both the OPEC and this administration to destroy our oil & gas industry.  We know that Barack Obama and his cohorts hate fossil fuels and private enterprise especially oil & gas and OPEC would suffer a major hit were our exploration allowed to continue and we become energy independent.  If this is true and a significant portion of our exploration for oil & gas ceases or diminishes we can expect to see escalating prices to the levels of Europe in just a few short months or years.  I hope we are wrong!

Based on what I have heard from some knowledgeable people and my own biblical studies I expect our economy beginning with the stock market to crumble in 2015 creating such chaos that as 2016 is ushered in we could be seeing a form, if not full scale martial law, the nationalization of much of our economy, and an invitation for the United Nations to have boots on the ground on our soil enforcing some edict of this president and the United Nations.  I do not know if that would result in a ‘civil war’ but it most assuredly could.  I hope I am wrong!

If I am right and there is a coming crash or collapse in our economy worse than before there are some things that should be considered as we, individually, seek to get our financial house in order:

  • Seek to have at least one vehicle paid for.
  • If possible get out of debt.
  • If you are in the stock market watch it carefully and if you see it moving negatively toward the fall of next year bail.
  • Hedge your investments with non-stock market items such as precious metals.
  • Do not take on new debt
  • Begin to consider having provisions to last for a few months and a way to grow your own vegetables.

 Blog Post - Surviving


            Survivalist mentality, maybe but common sense most assuredly and I realize that many cannot accomplish the things mentioned but do what you can.  On the spiritual front I suggest that you examine your relationship with God and surround yourself with like-minded people forming a network and support group.  On health, I would urge you to consider finding alternatives to the high priced prescription medications which will likely become impossible to purchase or find and prohibitive due to price.  I hope I am wrong!

            I expect another major terrorist attack and possible outbreaks of communicable disease that will over-tax our healthcare system to the point it collapses.  A terrorist attack due to our porous borders is not, in my mind, if but when.  ISIS has taken a fairly significant amount of enriched uranium in Iraq more than enough to produce dirty nukes and suitcase bombs that could be transported and brought across our borders undetected.  Iran is moving steadily ahead in the pursuit of nukes and North Korea has them.  If either were to launch an ICBM or missile from a ship or some South or Central America country to be detonated high in our atmosphere the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) would virtually shut down all electronics in America.

Blog Post - Preparation

           If any of these transpire the chaos, rioting, and looting that will follow will plunge our nation into a virtual state of war in which we see a Hunger Games or the TV series Revolution type atmosphere with marauding murdering bands would be a living terror for all citizens and at that point many who have desired the banning of firearms would pray for a weapon for defense.  I hope I am wrong!

This is just a snapshot of what I see coming or potentially coming to our nation within the next two years.  I will not declare that America is under the judgment of God but if we were it would be deserved.  We kicked God out of our schools and public institutions in complete contrast to the practice and views of those who wrote our Constitution.  How could we conclude something unconstitutional that was practiced as a normal and vital part of society by the founders?   The willingness as a society to allow ‘abortion on demand’ for the sake of convenience or because the child in the womb is of the wrong sex would warrant judgment.  I did not call that life in the womb a fetus but a baby because, in my view and understanding of the Bible, that is what it is.  If that causes you to disassociate with me so be it but I firmly believe that.  When a society begins the process of devaluing life it is headed toward self-destruction for one acceptance leads to a more egregious one until society implodes.  I pray that we return to our founding moorings.

I apologize for the length and pray that God bless you and God bless America again!

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