Blog Post - Enema

Do I have your attention yet?  Much of the world and especially the political world is so full of stuff that an enema would eliminate it is a thought.  In political campaigns and jockeying for position much is done that used to be called ‘mudslinging’ but I’m not sure it is mud that is being slung so the enema is an entertaining thought.

I am fed up and disgusted with ‘political speak’ and the verbal defecation that transpires when politicians have opportunity to get before a camera or microphone.  I cannot tolerate the ‘race baiters’ spewing their poisonous diatribe, inciting riots and fanning the flames of racial discord.  The bald-faced or bold-faced lies that come from almost every sector of public life scream the need to have a clean out of the alimentary canal of the world for too much of it seems to be so full of it that anything short of a complete colon cleanse is a waste of time.

Blog Post - Integrity

There was a time when our nation was not only willing but insistent upon people being held accountable for their words and actions.  Politicians were not ‘professionals’ but ‘public servants’ and ‘temporary’ holders of office unlike today which has produced a condition that, in the human body would require an enema to relive the problem.  The values that were present at beginning and held true for almost two centuries provided the public with recourse to relieve the condition and we did so without the 24/7/365 media reporting or propagandizing some particular agenda.  We were not afraid to ‘speak the truth’ and call ‘a spade a spade’.  Oh I know I can’t say that for someone will undoubtedly try to make it a racial slur of some kind and frankly I just can’t be concerned about that kind of small-mindedness.  I would, ten thousand times over, rather have someone tell me the truth than to make some politically correct attempt at sugarcoating or spinning something to make it somehow supposedly less offense.  The truth may hurt my feelings temporarily but if I am honest and truly seeking to be the best I can be it will only be temporary and will prod me into corrective action.

I had someone tell me some time back, “The whole world has gone crazy.”  While I know that is an exaggeration it is far from being a complete exaggeration for much of it is bordering on insanity.  There are no more vicious groups than those following a religious ideology or pursuing a religious cause as is the case with the Islamic jihadist such as ISIS.  The man in the Oval Office, the media, politicians, and many religious leaders insist that Islam is a religion of peace and that we must be tolerant.  That would be fine were it not for their own book they call their scripture calling for the systematic execution and slaughter of those who do not convert to their religion and their total lack of tolerance for anyone else.  If I could give those calling for this action an enema to rid us of this putrid ordure I would.

Blog Post - Politicial Pros

Politicians selling their souls for position, power, profit, cries out for immediate action.  Racist of all stripes promoting their brand of toxin demands an enema as the only logical prescription.  Those in the corporate world who are completely at ease with price gouging, unscrupulous profiteering and the environmental lunatics offer no hope short of a strategically placed powerful suppository to begin the immediate and total cleansing.  Can we do that?  Not literally but it might be fun.   However we can do it through prayer, continual education of all those we can influence, keeping pressure on the elected officials, and becoming more deeply involved in the process publicly, privately, socially, corporately, and spiritually.  The task before us is monumental and can only be achieved if we are 100% committed to securing or restoring liberty and a constitutional republic.  That will be our administration of an enema to the world!  Care to join me?

            May God bless you and may God bless America!

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