Blog Post - Feel Better

The mid-term elections resulted in wresting control of the Senate from the Democrats with their leftist agenda, secured the House and was an open referendum on most if not all of Barack Obama’s policies so we get to move forward to fix this mess, right?  WRONG!  When Barack Obama was first elected and his party had control of both, Houses of Congress, the White House and it appeared the Supreme Court in their pockets the Republicans complained and he famously declared, “Elections have consequences.  You lost.”  So one would assume that since there was such a resounding rejection of this agenda the Republicans would be emboldened to do the will of the people and honor the constitution and the Democrats would assume the role of losers and tone back their assault on liberty but if you do you would be in for a rude awakening in 2015-16.

Almost immediately the leadership of the House and Senate along with some notable presidential hopefuls there was the conciliatory olive branch extended and they began talking and acting as though they lost the election.  The president, Democrats, and media began harping that what the American people wanted was compromise by the Republicans.  The voting public kicked out of office many who walked in ‘lock step’ with Barack Obama and his destructive policies and that was somehow an indication that they wanted the Republicans to ‘play nice’ or by the Democrat rules.  Are you kidding me? 

Blog Post - Thumbs Up Down 

People like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney almost immediately began to insist that using the power of the purse, was a mistake and that the Republicans had to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill or it would be devastating in November 2016.  Hey guys what just happened?  The so-called government shutdown occurred in the closing days of 2013 with only about 15% of the government actually shut down while the rest continued as normal including every welfare check going out as scheduled and on time.  Barack Obama made an open display of acting outside his authority, irresponsibly if not illegally and immorally in closing some things that were not necessary and was joined by the chorus of Democrats, the media and some of the liberal Republicans (if you can call them that) attacking the Tea Party and any Constitutional conservative voice in Washington calling them terrorist and a blight on human-kind.  However, when the elections rolled around what happened?  The House and Senate were placed in the hands of the Republicans who were accused of SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT.  Could it be that the people want the government reduced, spending reduced, the deficit reduced, the size and scope of the federal government R E D U C E D???   That would be rational to think that but not so with Mr. Obama, the Democrats and the Republican establishment.

Blog Post - Tyranny

We had Mr. Gruber admitting that THEY LIED about Obamacare and the immediate distancing of themselves from him claiming “I don’t know him”.  Oh well, covering a lie with a lie is the normal practice of those who lie as we have observed for six years now with this administration.  Mr. Obama considers himself above the law, without constitutional restrictions and the Supreme Court has suggested that a president’s use of executive orders can be deemed acceptable if Congress does not move to stop those actions.  Since the Republicans have no spine, the Democrats agree with his agenda and the media is his lap dog why would he hesitate to move on Amnesty, vilify the police forces around the nation, attack conservatives through unlawful use of government agencies, negotiate and cooperate with terrorist, and fan the flames of discord along racial lines?  WHY NOT?  After all he has become assured that there will be no move to impeach, no censor, no override of any veto, and no action of Congress to dry up the flow of cash or credit.  In simple terms, NO RESISTANCE by the opposition party!  NOPE, what we have is a lame duck president acting as a king and a party in power acting as though they lost the election.  That has to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy in side.  So Merry Christmas from Congress and the White House America they get the gold mine we get the shaft.  There is hope only if WE THE PEOPLE form, such an alliance and protest via civil and legal means to get their attention and then in 2016, if necessary, send the lot of them packing.

            God bless America and God bless you!

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