Blog Post - Terrorism

I always desire to be as charitable as possible and give people the benefit of the doubt wherever I can all the while maintaining my reason and honest evaluation of the evidence arriving at truth.  If at the end of that journey I find there is no doubt then I must face and declare that and let the chips fall where they may.

I have seen the present occupant of the Oval Office of these United States called an ‘idiot’, ‘incompetent’, ill-advised’, ‘liar’, ‘diabolical’, ‘traitor’ and much more and he may be all those things but the more I piece together his words and actions the more I am convinced that his world is the ‘World of Idiocracy’ rooted in ‘Ideological Terrorism’.  It comes from a mind so filled with hatred and vitriol that he is driven to make America and the Western world pay for their perceived sins.  He comes by it somewhat honestly, if referring to how he was raised and educated as being an honest acquisition of his distorted truths.  I find that a bit difficult but leave it at that.

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From his presumed father Barack Sr., Frank Marshall Davis, his maternal grandparents, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Valerie Jarrett and a host of others he has an ingrained hatred for all things constitutional in the American Republic.  His real views continue to surface and did so in his recent act regarding Cuba and the Castro brothers.  He suspiciously or expectedly waited until Congress left town to reveal his ‘swap’ of murdering terrorists for an American convicted of espionage in Cuba.  He then proceeded to give Cuba his blessing receiving nothing in return.  Now Castro has declared victory over the United States and thanked Barack Obama for making that possible.  Mr. Obama’s spokesperson Josh Earnest contented that the release of our citizen was a humanitarian act on the part of Cuba that Mr. Obama had insisted upon and then as an act of goodwill we released their terrorist and made other concessions.  This is all supposed to benefit the Cuban people who have received no benefit from the propping up of other governments around the world including Russia.  Now that Russia’s economy is on the brink of collapse Cuba would be left with no sugar daddy to keep the Castro brothers fat and sassy but have no fear Obama is here to save the day.  Never mind that the Assistant Secretary of State told Senator Marco Rubio three times that nothing was changing in our Cuban relations because nothing had changed in Cuba but amazingly when Congress leaves town things change!

Mr. Obama’s presser regarding this unilateral act (without congress) revealed his heart regarding America and our founding once again. He said that we must leave colonialism and communism behind.  What exactly could he be talking about for the Castro brothers have no intention of leaving communism behind and who are the colonialist of which he speaks?  Naturally it must be the evil land grabbing Americans right?  Yeah we colonialized Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean, not!  No the Cuban people are living in abject poverty while the Castro brothers and their cronies live in wealth.  Mr. Obama said he was all for the ‘free transmission of information’.  I find that absolutely amazing since he is so free with information with Congress and the American people on the many scandals of his administration.  I guess ‘free transmission’ means the dissemination of what he wants us to see, hear, and read.  His ideology matches much of that of the despots in Cuba and other places whose views he seems to value more than that of America and Americans.  Mr. Obama even made the plight of the Cuban people with regard to the access to information our fault.  How wonderful he again trashes America and Americans when he and everyone else knows that tyrants rule in Cuba and will continue to do so longer now because of his actions.  What a Christmas gift to Castro not Cuba and another spear hurled at our constitution by this lawless one.

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Mr. Obama, in my view, is driven by the same kind of hatred that our enemies around the world and nothing short of total destruction for our Republic will suffice in their minds.  The Islamist want to bring Sharia to us and eradicate anyone who will not convert and Mr. Obama is so filled with racial and national antipathy that he and his wife fabricate incidents of oppression toward them and discredit all the good America has done and represents.  This man, in my view is an IDEOLOGICAL TERRORIST at war, in his heart, with our American constitution, founding principles and America!

That does not cover all I’d like to say but is all the time and space I can allot at this time.  I plead with everyone who prays to earnestly intercede for our nation and those who are charged with leading her.  I urge you to become informed, listen carefully hearing what is said and what is not said and invest your time and energy into the pursuit of a restored constitutional republic.  Mr. Obama is not our only problem but if we do not somehow prevent him from completely destroying America during the next two years the elections of 2016 will be meaningless.

            God bless you and God bless America!

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