Blog Post 2 - Looking Ahead

Bill Clinton said while in office, “The Era of Big Government is over” as he conceded that he had to work with Republicans and along with Newt Gingrich balanced the budget.  In 1998 there was a surplus of $69 Billion and 1999 reflected a surplus of $126 Billion.  Clinton did not actually want to balance the budget in his 1996 budget he wanted stabilize the deficit at just under $200 Billion.  The Republicans led by Newt Gingrich pushed him into it and we got the Balanced Budget Act in 1997.  Gingrich wanted to dismantle the ‘bureaucratic welfare state.’   That was a touchy issue because of the addiction in Washington for spending, spending and more spending regardless of the size of the deficit.

It is quite possible that Clinton would have lost in his second bid for the White House for moving too far to the left had Gingrich not come along and pulled him back toward the center or appearance of being centrist.  Hillary had attempted to do what Barack Obama did in healthcare and it failed and the Democrats had lost control of both houses of congress so Clinton decided he had little choice but to move toward the center.  Clinton, in my view, was not a total hater of America and although would have relished the thought of being Emperor he never attempted what Obama has gotten away.  I do not believe he could have succeeded at that time which says much about the evolution of our society as a whole in the years from 1996 to 2008 and 2012. 

Blog Post 2 - Coup

           The past six years has seen the coup of the American Constitutional Republic transpire at an amazing rate with almost no push-back from the Republicans.  It is true that none of them voted for Obama-care but they have done little to derail it and any in their ranks who tries is branded a maverick, trouble-maker, domestic terrorist and part of the problem rather than the solution.  The Republican Establishment sometimes pretend to be working to stop the Obama spending and derailment of America train but mostly ride the train in silence.  They continually misread the American voter as in the most recent elections in which was an overwhelming rejection of the Obama Policies they act as though they lost and Obama struts around as though he won.  Both seem to have their heads buried in the sand or somewhere and are oblivious to reality.  Americans want most of the Obama policies stopped especially Obama-care.  Americans want a secure border.  Americans do not want what they have earned taken and given to someone unwilling to work.  Americans want freedom of speech, religion and press.  Americans want Liberty and as per Mr. Obama’s promise to ‘fundamentally transform’ America we are watching our rights and liberties vanish before our eyes.  Sadly, those we have elected to represent us are demonstrating a complete unwillingness to represent us choosing to represent special interest groups, increase their wealth and solidify the positions of power.  That is light years from what our founding fathers envisioned for public servants.

 Blog Post 2 - What Next

The last two years of the Obama administration will likely be one of intensified usurpation of that Constitution, ignoring the law, bypassing congress and disregarding of the voter’s wishes.  He will utilize his office with the support of the media to step up his grabbing of land, shredding the Constitution and neutering congress.  He will increase his support and abetting of Islamic regimes while working diligently to destroy Israel.  He will seek to increase the tax burden on a large sector of society while increasing the ‘bureaucratic welfare state’.  His god-complex and anti-colonialist mindset drives him to destroy everything that is not compatible with his worldview.  Sometimes his worldview appears Marxist, Socialist or Islamic but NEVER Capitalist or Constitutionalist.  His favorite people and those he looks up to are despotic tyrants or were.  He has demonstrated a passion to pursue the worldview that Barack, Sr., Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright and others of that ilk espoused. 

Blog Post 2 - Integrity

How far do we have to go back to find the beginning of the end in our society?  How far back do we go to find a society which demanded accountability from its leaders and would not tolerate the lack of integrity?  Where are the men of character who are not addicted to power but see themselves as servants of liberty?  Integrity and politician seem to be an oxymoron in today’s world and that saddens my heart as I weep for our nation and our world.

God said, “Return unto Me and I will return unto you.”  You may not be religious or a believer in God or acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ but if you truly look at society I believe will you acknowledge we have become detached from our moral moorings and are willing to substitute style for substance.  We have become willing to trade a little security for liberty and in the process lose both.

God help us return to the founding principles espoused in our Constitution.  God bless you and God bless America!

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