Blog Post 2 - Pork Barrell

           What in the world are you talking about Roy?  Have you noticed how many times a legislator acknowledges or it comes to light they did not READ the legislation before or after voting.  Yes, some of their staff researched it but I seriously doubt that even those truly or fully read the legislation and could articulate, debate or defend its nuisances.  Most of them are painfully unaware of what is in the legislation and that is problematic but not the only problem.

An additional issue is each piece of legislation that makes its way through the Halls of Congress, signed by the President and packed with pork has so many riders that NO ONE KNOWS the full extent or potential damage it can and will do.  I would venture to say that NO SINGLE PERSON or ENTITY knows what is actually on the books in America as laws or regulations.  That is a problem!  How can the public be expected to obey laws they are unaware of and those charged with enforcement are either unaware or unable to articulate and educate regarding?  HOW or better WHY?

 Blog Post 2 - Legislative Abues

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN but what we need is an Act of Congress and the People of America that demands each item stand on its own and then evaluated, debated, discussed, and if implemented funded as a STAND ALONE ITEM not a rider to fill the Pork Barrels of some legislator or special interest group.  This process has been crippling our American dream for decades and although I do not expect it to end I can dream.

The U.S. Senate follows much more tolerant rules of germaneness than the House of Representatives but both are ridiculous.  In State Houses 43 of the 50 states have provisions in their constitutions that allow a ‘line item veto’ of unwanted pork but that also serves as a political tool rather than preservation of the constitution and the best interest of the public.  Allowing the United States President ‘line item veto’ will not fix the problem so I am not proposing it.  The only real solution to the problem and verifiable way to know factually how each legislator voted on and item is to have STAND ALONE LEGISLATION where every department and bill has to be dealt with as a SINGLE ITEM not a rider and hidden in the volumes of budgetary items that will pass without much scrutiny.

It is a weapon that both parties use and a powerful tool in the legislative arsenal used to avail them to positions of power and an almost endless stream of finance personal and political.  Someone said, “We send a man to Washington who is not wealthy and he comes back a millionaire.”  If that were because of astute investment and entrepreneurial skills I would applaud them but it is most frequently because of Crony Capitalism, the Good Old Boy System, and the Brotherhood of Thieves in D.C. called politics.

Blog Post 2 - Report Card

Of course the problem I am addressing is often dismissed as a small issue but I suggest it would return politicians to being Public Servants and better serve the American people.  It would enable us to truly see if they were following their campaign commitments, honoring the constitution and fulfilling the duties of their offices.  It would affect, in a positive manner, our National Defense, Economy, and Foreign Policy making politics an entirely different animal and return power to the voting public where it should be.

You may not share my concerns and that is fine but I must ask if you would be interested in knowing the particulars, potential problems and cost of each piece of legislation your elected representative voted for or against?  They could be held accountable and responsible without being able to side-step and evade the issues and use the age old back door, “I didn’t know.”  No they would know, we would know and we would be better served.

God bless you and God bless America again!   My desire is a return to Constitutional Government and that for which I do battle!

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