Blog Post 3 - America

            Wow!  Before you assume I, like the individual occupying the Oval Office, want to bypass the constitution, congress, courts or the American people and impose my vision upon the nation please pause a moment.  If you would be so kind as to allow me to explain, in a very limited fashion, my American vision I think you may largely agree with me.

The drive of both major political parties to CONTROL all branches of government cannot be overlooked and is part of, if not the primary reason, we are in the shape we are in today in America.  Let me state that one party controlling all branches of government is not good or bad in itself but the result has proven to be bad.  It is not necessarily desirable to have one party control the White House, another Congress and share the Courts that could be a good check and balance or could be meaningless as we have seen.

Blog Post 3 - America Destroyed

What would I create, if possible for America politically?  That is a great question and I’m so glad you asked.  The founding fathers hammered out a system of government in which they proposed and envisioned significant ‘checks’ and ‘balances’ to insure the Republic would stand and remain free and WE THE PEOPLE would be protected from internal tyranny.  They logically assumed that each branch would steadfastly defend their authority and thus provide a true ‘check’ and ‘balance’ to the other branches so no one branch would run roughshod over the others.  We have seen the failure of that in recent years for whatever reason so just having opposing parties control various branches is not a guarantee of good government or a Republican form of government with ‘checks’ and ‘balances.’

Having one party control the various branches of government of recent years gifted (or cursed) us with the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obamacare.  Republicans were locked out of negotiations and discussions on various issues and even told by the president, “Elections have consequences, you lost!”  We heard the infamous words of Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”  This highlights the danger of ONE PARTY RULE in Washington and certainly one party that is completely ideologically driven to the point of ignoring or despising the Constitution.  Even when the Republicans took back control of the House little was done to stem the runaway train of spending and a rogue executive branch.  The recent return of the Senate to the GOP has not greatly improved that issue so what is the solution?

Blog Post 3 - My America


The Executive Branch:

A president who so reveres the Constitution that even if he disagrees with its mandate he follows it.  If he wants a change he works with congress and the American people to either ratify a Constitutional Amendment to change the Constitution or a Law Congressionally passed to be signed into law that is within the guidelines of that document.  We have had limited visions of that in modern history but so seldom that most missed it completely.

A president who refuses to bypass Congress, ignore the courts and heeds the wishes of the American people.  One who will not abuse the Executive Order or Action in an attempt to skirt the constitutional guidelines or allow congress to provide ‘check’ and ‘balance’ oversight as designed by the constitution.  Sadly, presidents of both major parties have violated this to a greater or lesser degree and the American Republic suffers as a result.

A president who truly desires to be President of the Entire United States of America not just a political or ideological faction.


A congress that recognizes its function and role as Representatives of WE THE PEOPLE not Overseers, Lords or Rulers of the populace.  A congress that will honor the constitution, follow the rule of law without fail regardless of personal ideological belief.  A congress that will staunchly defend and protect its constitutional authority rather than ceding it to a tyrannical executive.  A congress that honors the constitutional constraints on Big Government, limits taxation, spending and infringement upon our unalienable rights as citizens of the United States of America.  A congress that considers service in that branch of government a temporary duty rather than a lifelong job or an inherited right to rule as professional politicians.   Citizen Representatives!


A Supreme Court that no longer affords lifetime appointments but limits it to a specified period of time.  A lifetime appointment has become an albatross rather than a benefit for rather than becoming apolitical the court has become partisan and whereas the lifetime appointment was supposed to free them from political pressure it has become a political weapon.  A court where the individuals set aside their personal political preferences and strictly honored the constitution of these United States of America.

Blog Post 3 - Constitutional America

That is not an exhaustive detail of my America but gives a brief overview of what I would like to see beginning in the 2016 Elections with regard to the occupant of the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and appointees to the Supreme Court.   I want the Republic that the founders envisioned, offered, and labored to provide.

God bless you and God bless America!

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