Blog Post 1 - Historic

We could be talking about anything but I am specifically talking about the two previous presidential elections and the one upcoming.  A significant number of people told me in 2008 they were voting for Barack H. Obama because it would be HISTORIC.  They gushed over what that would say to the world about how America had evolved socially, racially and politically to have the first black president.  I asked some of those same people before the 2012 elections of they were going to vote for the first black president again and some of them were almost violent in their antagonism toward me while some acknowledged they would.  I had one person say, “The first time was historic the second time is lunacy.”  Yet, he was given two terms in the Oval Office.

The dismantling of our Healthcare or Health Insurance industry alone is tragic.  But when you factor in the dismantling, shredding, side-stepping of the constitution, the fundamental transformation of our nation, eradication of our borders, the purging of our military, the increase in government regulations, the scandals and Gestapo like tactics of various governmental agencies such as the IRS, EPA and others this HISTORIC event has been incredibly detrimental for America and our Republic.  It was Historic but just because something is historic does not make it good or even desirable.

  Blog Post 1 - First

Some of those same people who voted for Barack H. Obama in 2008 are now telling me they plan to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016 presuming she is the Democrat nominee because it would be HISTORIC.  Frankly, I have given up trying to talk to, educate or debate them for when one is that willfully out of touch logical and rational discussion is impossible.  HISTORIC?  Anyone that casts a ballot simply on the basis of gender or race is either racist, sexist or cretinous or all the above.

It would be HISTORIC for an earthquake of such epic proportions that the entire state of California crumbled into the sea but would that be good?  It would be HISTORIC for a hurricane of such size and power that the entire East Coast were destroyed but would that be good?  It would be HISTORIC for an EMT to be detonated in our atmosphere rendering the entire nation paralyzed electronically but would that be good?  Just because something is HISTORIC does not mean it is good and often it is the opposite.  It could be argued that it was HISTORIC for Hitler and the Nazi’s to commit the acts of the Holocaust but that does not mean it was good!  NO, just being historic does not equal being beneficial.

Blog Post 1 - Hindenberg

Politically, a Hillary presidency might be HISTORIC but would be more than Obama Part 2 it would be to ‘fast forward’ his agenda and prove to be even more destructive and detrimental for the American Experiment given us by the Founding Fathers.  I would like to see something HISTORIC transpire in the 2016 elections but not a Hillary presidency.  I have no problem with electing the first woman as president nor did I have a problem with the idea of a black man being president.  It is not what that is problematic for me it is who or whom.  If we take the pathway of voting to be HISTORIC then what is next?  Is it then incumbent upon us to elect the FIRST openly ‘gay’ president?  How about the FIRST openly ‘Muslim’ president?  (I did say openly).  That mindset is one that I pray dies away before the next elections but fear it will not.

Blog Post 1 - Novel Idea

How about this novel idea:  “Elect a president who actually loves America, honors the Constitution, will follow the Rule of Law, and considers National Security, Border Security and National Sovereignty important.”   THAT WOULD BE HISTORIC in our day!  Character and commitment to country were requirements in our past but in our present PC World seem to be viewed as detriments rather than benefits.  HISTORIC? 

Someone told me recently, “I want to be part of history.”  I must have had a stunned or amused look on my face based on their reaction and then said, “You are part of history.”  You may not be a major player in the facets of it but you are part of it.  I want to vote HISTORIC in 2016 and cast my ballot to elect a truly Conservative, Constitutional American who loves this nation, honors the Constitution and believes in the American Republic.

            May God be with you as you go through your day!

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