Blog Post A - Worlds Collide

It really doesn’t matter what we are talking about but when differing worldviews collide there are always casualties and frequently that includes the truly innocent.  We are living in a world where opposing worldviews politically, religiously, economically and socially are on collision courses and the fallout will be massive.

Blog Post A - Religion

In the realm of religious beliefs we have opposing views with Islam on one side and every other religion in the world on the other.  War makes strange bedfellows it would seem but the two specifically in the cross-hairs of the fundamental followers of Islam are Christianity and Judaism.  We are seeing an ever rising tide of violence and brutality by Islamic jihadist toward both and the slaughter is reigning havoc and destruction on a host of people who are other than direct participants.  It is causing a level of distrust and animosity toward all Muslims by many because of fear due to what the jihadist are doing and if allowed to continue will eventually plunge the worldwide shooting war.  This, I believe, is predicted in the Bible and we are living in the generation observing it being walked out in real time and reality.

Blog Post A - Social

In the social realm of society we have opposing views on any number of things including same sex marriage, racial relations, abortion and many others that is triggering an outburst by what appears to often be small groups of well-organized activist having a social and economic impact on innocent bystanders.  Jobs are being lost due, lives traumatized so severely that some are having experiences that can only be likened to PTSD of our military.  (I do not want to disparage our troops but the trauma is real in this).  The sentiments on both sides of these issues is often deeply rooted and not easily quieted and anytime worlds collide people are hurt.  Again, I personally believe this is described in the Bible as characteristics of the Last Days that we are watching unfold before our eyes.

Blog Post A - Ecomomy

In the economic realm the opposing worlds of Free Market Capitalism and Marxist- Socialism with its redistribution mindset, jealousy toward success and quest for power and control the collision has been large but will become more pronounced in the days to come.  Groups such as the SEIU, this administration and various leftist activist groups are driving businesses from this country and out of business because of the regulations, demands, and costs.  Some want to put the blame on corporations and mom and pop businesses for wanting to make a profit and rail against the rich but if there were no corporations or small business people willing to invest and risk what would that do to the jobs market?  People that have no real interest in either side of this argument but simply want to work and earn a living are being damaged by the collision of these two worlds.  It is happening in real time and reality and those who have lost a job or find one comparable are among those being injured.

Blog Post A - Politics

In the realm of politics the war between the two major parties is often more about control than upholding the Constitution or in the interest of the American people and who gets hurt when those two worlds collide?  Not the politicians but Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen.  That person who wants to live in a Free Society, earn a living, care for their own and basically be left alone are the ones who most frequently feel the pinch of the political wars.  Politicians are all about POWER and MONEY not about Public Service and People.  I can understand why some have become so turned off by the political jockeying of the differing political worlds and have checked out refusing to vote or participate in the discussion.  They consider both major parties and some lesser parties, just variations of each other and to a degree they are right. 

My concern is that if we check out on any of those fronts we are not exempted from the fallout of the collisions.  If we check out, our detachment can empower both sides of that collision leaving them with no real feedback from the public about what we see, feel, believe, desire and demand.  They will continue to pad their bank accounts, create their networks, entrench themselves in the power grid and the average citizen will pay the price.  If it only affected the generation in which it occurred I’d say, “Fine, you allowed it you pay the penalty.”  It does not and successive generations who were not part of the process and innocent will suffer the most and that is tragic.  That is one of the many reasons I cannot be SILENT and will pray earnestly and work diligently for a Restored Republic in America.

            God bless you and God bless America!

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