BLOG POST 2 - Horse Droppoings

That would be courtesy of Washington, DC and the powers that be.  We keep being feed or asked to consume daily a very large amount of Horse Fertilizer and Bull Droppings by the Washington Political Crowd it is amazing.  What is as troubling as their continual offering of the garbage is the fact that a significant portion of the public willing consumes it and says, “Wow! Tasty!”  The talking heads, pundits, Party Establishment types, media members, and politicians then wonder what is going on in the country politically regarding candidates and campaigns.  They are clueless because they cannot fathom a public that would see through their superfluous diatribe and incessant offerings that are nonsensical, unhealthy, and detrimental to our Constitutional Republic.  They are stunned that we aren’t buying what they are selling, at least, enough of us to upset their protected applecart.  That are in a panic!

Let me walk through a few of the items on the Horse Fertilizer Menu Washington is offering.

BLOG POST 2 - Real Unemploy


The BLS (which might need to drop the L) has released figures for March that said the total nonfarm payroll rose by 215,000 and the Unemployment Rate was 5.0%.  What they fail to focus on and include in that 5.0% rate is that those who have been out of work for 27 weeks did not change and the “workforce participation rate” is less than 63% and we have over 93 MILLION Americans of job age who are UNEMPLOYED.  How does that equate to 5.0% Unemployment?  Only with creative accounting and number crunching.  I am personally aware of a number of people who are unemployed, have been long term and have little prospects of finding a good job.  I have recently been made aware of a number who were recently or will soon be laid off.  In fact recently in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram here in the DFW area BSNF announced it has furloughing 4,600 workers.  If the economy is as robust as a 5.0% Unemployment rate would suggest that would not be happening.  The downturn in and the war on the Oil and Gas Industry does not just hit the pockets of CEO’s in Big Oil it impacts every aspect of our economy.

If we use the numbers of the BLS and other agencies that the number of working-age Americans (15-64) is approximately 204 MILLION and 93 MILLION are not employed what would that make the Unemployment Rate?  It would be over 45%.  Even if you cut that 93 MILLION in half you would still have over 22% Unemployment and I am convinced that number is far more realistic than the fictitious 5.0% that we are being served as a hot meal of Horse Fertilizer to inspire us and dissuade our fears and concerns about the economy.  We are sitting on a powder keg economically and the bubble is likely to burst very soon, then what?  Blame it on the Republicans?  What will be the spin?  Lies beget lies and perpetuate lies and we have been and are being lied to.



What person in their right mind would seriously believe that?  Apparently MILLIONS, and that speaks to why we are in the condition we are today.  Horse Fertilizer may be good for the soil and plants but it is not a staple for human consumption and that is what the politicians want us to have as the foundational base of our diet, at least politically and ideologically.  If we question the so-called “settled science” which is anything but settled about “Climate Change”, “Global Warming”, or “Climate Disruption” we are called bigots, racist, deniers, flat earth people, and worse.  Whereas if we cite facts and examples of the danger of Islamic Terrorism we are called even worse names and are fed more Horse Fertilizer telling us that if we banned guns, worked on climate change, created a robust world economy, catered to the demands of Islam, and talked nicely without truly addressing the issue there would be a sharp decrease in terrorism.  Give me a double helping of that horse fertilizer please?  THAT IS INSANITY and yet we because we allow Congress to allow this President to continue down the path of destruction we are demonstrating that we are “UNSTABLE” too.

The Democrats are offering us an Extreme Leftist who has zero regards for the Constitution, human life, and a Free America and an avowed Socialist.  I know, he attempts to differentiate his brand from the Communist/Socialist Brand that exists in other places by calling it Democratic Socialism, whatever that is.  At the end of the day it is the same as the other, just a more palatable way of describing it.  Sadly, millions about 50% of the population is dependent on the federal government for their subsistence and when half the people are on the dole and depending on Big Brother for their monthly check it is no wonder millions are flocking to Bernie Sanders and even Hillary Clinton because the promise of the Democrats is MORE FREE STUFF.  Nobody stops to understand that there is NO FREE STUFF, somebody has to pay for it and ultimately that somebody is every working American whether they are on Wall Street or Main Street.  WE ALL PAY. 

BLOG POST 2 - Real Threat

Our enemy and the purpose in the Elections of 2016 should not be creating a War within the Republican Party but Defeating the Democrats.  Sadly, people have become so emotionally attached to a candidate or campaign they are willing to abandon reason and lose the country to have their chosen one named the nominee.  Blast me if you will but I would vote for “Daffy Duck” or “Elmer Fudd” before I’d vote for any of the Democrats.  The only hope for the Republic, in my view, is DEFEATING THE DEMOCRATS IN 2016.  Love me or hate me, your choice but that is how I see it.  Anybody want another serving of Horse Fertilizer???  NOT ME!

God bless you and God bless America!


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