THE FOREVER OF “Never” May become Forever…

BLOG POST 1 - Never

My heart is deeply troubled as I reflect, watch, listen, and read what is being said and done on the political, social, relational, and economic scenes of today.  I hear more hate than I’ve heard in a long time coming from almost every spectrum and corner of our society.  I hear hate from people I would have thought should be on the same side of the debate, discussion or effort but are filled with more animosity toward people who are largely like-minded than they are against those who are truly the enemies of freedom.  As I contemplated this and prayed about it the thought that kept ringing in my heart was “The Forever of Never may become Forever…”

America, this Presidential Election cycle has produced more division, angst, trepidation, fear, and hate that I have witnessed in all my years.  I keep hearing NEVER and that is not simply never to losing our liberties and freedoms by allowing Hillary Clinton to ascend to the Oval Office.  I am concerned about the divisiveness among those who all attest to being patriots, lovers of freedom, constitutionalism, and conservatives.  I can only imagine the joy in the leftist camps on the other side, for they have reaped the benefits of a divided GOP and Conservative Movement.  That gave us Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama and now the danger is giving us one who is possibly an even greater threat to America as the Free Constitutional Republic in the person of Hillary Clinton.  I am heartbroken and stunned at the vitriol that is continuing to flow and divide all efforts to prevent the disaster a Hillary Clinton presidency would be.

BLOG POST 1 - Conscience

I do believe in and will defend everyone right and responsibility to “vote their conscience.”  How can I do otherwise as a Christian, an American, a Patriot and a Lover of Freedom?  That being said, I see this election a CHOICE that is larger than personal preferences and as Ben Carson said, “If I took all that has been said and done as being about me I could not move past it but it is larger than me it is about America.”  That is not just a magnanimous statement it is a reality that I fear we might be overlooking.  If you choose to stay home in November, you have that right, all though I disagree with your decision, I agree you have that right.  If you choose to vote for a third-party, you have that right.  However, my concern about the third-parties is the viability and possibility of winning.  Right now the Libertarian Party’s candidate, Gary Johnson is hovering around 12-13% in the polls and should he reach 15% he will be included on the debate stage with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Even if that happens, my question is, “Can he actually win States?”  Yes, he may strip votes from the Democrat or Republican and shift the balance but UNLESS he can win States he cannot receive ELECTORAL VOTES and that is required to win the White House or even send the election to the House of Representatives.  If that is not a realistic possibility then a vote for the third-party candidate is a decision to slant the election in one direction or another.  It may not have been intentional but reality is reality. 

Some have declared that it is no big deal if Hillary wins the White House but the ominousness of who occupies the White House should be unmistakeable.  The next president will have the opportunity to pack the Supreme Court with jurist that are aligned with their political philosophy and ideology.  Also, the next president will appoint or nominate lower level federal judges and the Courts will become reflective of the ideology of the candidate or party in power.  THAT IS A BIG DEAL and in the case of the Supreme Court, it will be the difference between America surviving as a Republic or being TOTALLY TRANSFORMED into something foreign to that nation established and governed by the Constitution.  There are so many imposing dangers such as our borders, national security, the economy, healthcare and much much more.  I personally, cannot fathom taking a stance that allows Hillary Clinton to become president.  Castigate and hate me if you choose but that is how I see it.

BLOG POST 1 - Choices

Someone said that this election was like the Game Show, “Let’s Make A Deal” and we have before us two doors in which we have no option but to open one of them.  Behind door number one is a “man-eating lion” and behind door number two there might be a “man-eating lion” or there might be “a solution”.   Which door do you open?  Please don’t tell me that the Republican and Democrat candidates are exactly the same.  We must, in my view, consider the agenda and proposals of the opposing parties and candidates and those are different.  I do not believe that both parties are exactly the same nor do I believe any of the candidates are exactly the same.  I have never been a staunch defender of Donald Trump or a hater that says “NEVER” or “I’d rather endure Hillary than vote for Trump.”  I love America too much to take that stance.  Yes, I believe those who feel that strongly, love America too, we simply disagree and hopefully can fight for Freedom together even in that disagreement.

I am and will remain an adamant NEVER HILLARY person because I have ZERO DOUBT about who she is and what she will do.  I do not know, fully, who Donald Trump is or what he will do but I continue to hope and see signs that suggest he does love America and wants to see her restored to her Constitutional Status.  Could I be wrong?  Of course!  Some of the methods Mr. Trump employs bothers me but as I try to look beyond style I see signs in some of the people and proposals from his camp that give me a reason to hope.  I believe that Governor Pence is a genuine conservative and principled man, and hope he can and will influence Mr. Trump.  I believe that Ben Carson is a godly man and principled and know that, he has, in some ways influenced Mr. Trump.  I am amazed at the intelligence and political knowledge of Newt Gingrich and hope he can have conservative and constitutional influence on Mr. Trump.  A number of Mr. Trump’s proposals are things that I believe in and desire.  There are some UNCERTAINTIES in areas with Mr. Trump but absolutely NO UNCERTAINTIES with Hillary Clinton.

BLOG POST 1 - Never Hillary

To me, this election is about America and I do largely see the election as binary and therefore I, personally, can only take one position – NEVER HILLARY!  After eight years of Barack Obama’s destructive “fundamental transformation” how can I even consider any action that would perpetuate or expand that agenda?  If you believe that withholding your vote is what you must do, that is your personal and hopefully prayerful decision.  If you truly believe the Republican and Democrats are exactly the same, then do what you must.  However, I ask that you attempt to move past any hate and personal bias and consider what is at stake for the Republic.  I am 100% convinced that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency America cannot survive as the Constitutional Republic.  Hate me or love me for my views, but please respect the fact that I, like you, have the right to my opinion.

God bless you and God bless America!


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