Caution!  Before you break out the rope to lynch me hear me out on using this “N” word.  I am not talking about the racial epithet but another “N” word that is not only beneficial but necessary for progress and development personally and nationally.  It surfaces in accusations by political parties but never seems to be acted on in Washington, except when it comes to our individual rights, freedoms and liberties then it is demonstrated even when it is not spoken.  We need to reinstitute the use of the “N” Word – NO!  That’s right the “N” Word I am speaking of is the two-letter word N-O! 

It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE of these United States of America say ‘NO’ to corrupt politics and cronyism in Washington.  It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE relearn the word ‘NO’ and apply it regarding the incessant assault on the Constitution and our inalienable rights.  It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE use and act on the word ‘NO’ regarding the many intrusive policies and unsustainable spending by the federal government.  It is high time that WE THE PEOPLE restore the word ‘NO’ to our vocabularies when it comes to the erasing of our borders, the diminishing of our military, and the weakening of our national security.  Yes, the “N” Word ‘NO’ needs to be reinstituted for the preservation of the Republic.  Politicians seem to know the word only when it applies to our calls for them to act constitutionally, reduce spending and the size of the federal bureaucracy.  In those cases, they use the word frequently and repeatedly.

BLOG POST 1 - Party of NO

The Democrats have accused the Republicans of being the party of that nasty “N” Word ‘NO’ and I wish they were on many fronts.  As a parent, I had to learn and apply the word in raising my children.  A significant problem I have observed in our society is that too many parents eschew their responsibility to use that dastardly “N” Word ‘NO’ with their children.  I had one parent come to me lamenting that his child was totally incorrigible. When I addressed the use of that totally unacceptable “N” Word ‘NO’, he said, “But if I do she won’t like me.”  WHAT?  Parenting is not a popularity contest it is a responsibility to “train the child in the way he/she should go” in order to help them develop into responsible and productive citizens in society.  It is to teach them a ‘work ethic’ and to ‘respect’ the rights of others.  It is to help them grasp and develop the ability to ‘function’ in a diverse society.  It is not about being their BFF it is about being their mentor and guide through the developmental years of their life.  Likewise, it is the responsibility of elected officials to stand by the constitution even if it results in losing the next election. It is about responsibility, not popularity. 

If the federal government enacts a law that violates the constitution and moral reason using that “N” Word ‘NO’ is apropos and necessary.  If we cannot get their attention with our letters, phone calls, texts, and/or emails then we must get their attention at the ballot box.  I still believe that WE THE PEOPLE can regain control of our government if we band together regardless of Party affiliation and send those home who fail to stand by the Constitution.  However, there are many in today’s society who, like the spoiled brat child that never hears the “N” Word ‘NO’ want the freebies and handouts from Big Brother and are willing to sell their freedom and liberty for the manna from Uncle Sam.  Politicians understand the game and learned long ago they could buy or bribe the voting public with their promises which are often unrealistic and certainly unaffordable. When those, such as myself, protest we are tagged with every derogatory label imaginable and called haters, bigots, racist, and phobic insensitive and disgusting examples of human refuse.  The Bible speaks in a very germane way to this, “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” [Proverbs 13:24 NIV].  Any politician that cannot say and act on the “N” word ‘NO’ to protect the constitution does not love the constitution or respect the American people!


I say NO to trampling on our constitutional liberties and rights.  I say NO to the increase in size and scope of the federal government.  I say NO to increased spending.  I say NO to allowing Amnesty to Illegals and an open border.  I say NO to the packing of the Supreme Court with liberal activist jurists who will rubber stamp the agenda of those who want to “totally transform” America into something other than our founding principles.  I say NO to the revisionist history being taught in our public schools primary and secondary.  I say NO to the refusal of this administration to identify our true enemies and the ceding of our sovereignty to the United Nations.  Yes, I can, will, and do use the “N” Word ‘NO’ and not only say it but will follow through by doing what must be done to see its intent is realized.

November is not only important for the preservation, restoration and continuation of the Republic it is critical.  If we allow four more years of the agenda of Barack Obama and the leftist we may not and probably will not have an America to be concerned about in 2020.  We do not have four more years to get this right, we have now!

God bless you and God bless America!


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