This year’s presidential election is about more than the optimum candidate who exhibits our particular views, holds to particular principles, or espouses the desired moral qualities.  It is about more than Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, constitutionalist or progressive.  It is about more than some grand con game being played on the voters and more than Donald Trump or the Clintons.  It is about survival.  I am not talking simply about the survival of our American Republic but the Free World.  I know that some will immediately discount what I’m saying and come back with the tired argument that “we have survived before and we will survive again.”  I am going to go way out on a limb and declare that WE WILL NOT if we allow the Democrats and that sinister force that is propelling and motivating them to win the White House, reclaim the Senate, and make inroads or retake the House.  This, in my view, is truly LIFE or DEATH politically and in some cases physically, economically, and socially.

I truly believe that we have been missing a key element in this entire happening and focused only on this election and thereby are missing the big picture.  In a small way that is evidenced in a statement, Hillary Clinton made to her mentor, Saul Alinsky when he argued that they had to “attack and destroy the system from the outside.”  Hillary revealed the deviousness and intent of those sinister forces saying, “Not if we can take over from the inside, then we can destroy it from within.”  This is not about money, and only limitedly about political power in America.  It is about the World and a total takeover of total control and world domination.  It has begun in various countries but the key element in the equation is the United States of America.  As long as America remains the Free Constitutional Republic it is a roadblock to World Tyranny, a tyranny that has been in the works since before our inception in 1776.  It is coming to fruition and some of us will see the culmination of this sinister plot in our lifetimes and some of us will die trying to prevent it.


Please don’t insist that Donald Trump would be equally as bad as Hillary Clinton for in so doing, I believe, we miss what is happening.  Donald Trump is an enigma who is playing on raging dissatisfaction in America with the government as it has been.  He may also find that he is being played by the diabolical schemers and forces unseen, although I believe that deep in his heart he believes in an America that is free.  I am not trying to be a Trump apologist in what I am advancing but stating that his abrasive personality, shoot from the hip or lip demeanor, and views that are diametrically opposite of the milquetoast attitude the Republican Establishment has exhibited for a very long time.  His calling things what as they are resonates with many and while his often offensive and abusive personality and words turn off many who are desirous of a morally upstanding, polished candidate.  Donald Trump and the Republican Party are not the bad guys here they are, somewhat, in the same boat as the rest of us victims and being victimized by incredibly dark forces with an incredible scheme that has been working for well over 100 years and now is snowballing.

ISIS is a threat as is all Islamic jihadism. The economy is incredibly problematic, illegal immigration dangerous to our national security, Obamacare is a forerunner of a complete takeover of our healthcare system and the racial tension evidenced are all tools being used to facilitate their plan.  Who are they?  It is more than the Clintons, though they are masters at the game.  It is more than the Clintons amassing power and money, though they most assuredly lust for those.  It is not about ego and satisfying a pathological narcissistic condition.  It is about THE WORLD and America is one of the last dominoes standing in the way of the total collapse and rise of THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 

The Democrats dating back to Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and up to and including the Clintons to mention a few are players in this well-orchestrated plan.  There are Republicans who are complicit but I warn that if we allow HILLARY CLINTON and the Democrats to win in November we not only lose the republic we will lose the world and the biblical apocalypse will not be far behind.  On one hand, I say, “Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus” and on the other, I cry pray and hope for us to somehow realize the dire straits our nation is in and prevent or at least delay what may be inevitable

BLOG POST 3 - Planned Destruction

The Democrat Party is not the party of the people, the party of social justice, the party of tolerance or the party of the constitution.  It is the party that believes the State is a virtual god and all rights, abilities, liberties, opportunities, and wisdom lies in government.  I have not given details that I hope to provide in future posts. However, I truly hope you can hear my heart and that somehow your inner sense of reason will find this resonating and causes you to research, examine, evaluate, and open your eyes to what is being advanced by the Leftist who control the Democrat Party.  I am no longer convinced we can salvage the Republic but I am totally convinced if we allow Hillary Clinton to become president of the United States of America by the time she leaves the White House or by the time her time in office is complete America as the Constitutional Republic will no longer exist.  NO, I do not believe we have FOUR MORE YEARS to recover and get back on course.  We may not have FOUR MORE MONTHS but if we fail to see what is truly at stake and how serious the matter is we will take action that allows America to crumble.  I hope I never hear, “I didn’t think it was this bad” or “I didn’t think it would come to this.” 

America, I plead with everyone to ask God to reveal the seriousness of the situation and the lateness of the hour on that eternal clock.  I ask that you ask yourself the question that is the natural result of JFK’s statement, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  Ask the simple question, “What can I do for my nation?”  If you believe that a Hillary Clinton win would be a temporary and minor setback, consider what has happened in eight years of Barack H. Obama.  The rapidity with which the Leftist agenda has been advanced is frightening and if you think it will slow down under Hillary Clinton you are not facing reality with open eyes.  Hate me or love me but I am sounding an Alarm that I know in my heart to be true.  Although I am not trying to be prophetic I am totally convinced America’s survival hangs, in a large measure, on the outcome of this election.  It is not so much, what other candidate is elected president but that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are turned back.  Anything less will be fatal to the republic.

God bless you and God bless America!


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