A recent article by Bob Weir entitled “Pulling the Plug on America” jumpstarted or rekindled some thoughts from observations that I have noted and commented on in the past.  I agree with Mr. Weir that there was a time in American politics when any public official elected or appointed was exposed in their incompetence, negligence, corruption, or scandalous behavior they would virtually immediately resign and go into hiding.  That ship has sailed and rather than resigning and hiding they are often lauded as champions of this or that cause, given a free pass, and reappointed or reelected.  HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED IN AMERICA!

I’m not sure what it would take, in these times, especially regarding leftist liberal politicians to cause them to resign or be booted from office but clearly, bribery, mismanagement, gross negligence, criminal activity, blatant cronyism, and outright fraud are not sufficient to elicit that response.  Donald Trump and others are right in saying, “The system is rigged.”  Some of the assertions are wrong from various complainants about a “Rigged System” but in matters of politics, it is accurate to a frightening level for all lovers of Freedom and defenders of the Constitutional Republic.

Political Correctness runs amok today and for the past 7+ years, we have suffered at the hands of a political ideologue that virtually everyone in Congress, the media, and much of the public fear to challenge.  WHY?  Because no one likes to be branded with the “racist” label and many have bent over backward to accommodate his lawlessness, recklessness, mismanagement, fraud, scandals, cronyism, and anti-Americanism and he has taken full advantage of it.  I wish I could hear what Richard Nixon would say about the current president and about the nominee of the Democrats, but I think I know what he’d say.  I wonder what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Rush, John Adams, and the other founding fathers would say, but I think I have a pretty good idea.  The tragedy is not what people of the past would say it is WHAT ARE WE SAYING TODAY! 

There is a myriad of examples I could offer to support this idea of the moral and political drift that has transpired but consider the lawlessness of this president and how he is defended and shielded by the press, politicians, and even the courts.  Then, consider the current Attorney General of the United States who because of her gender and ethnicity appears to be off limits for criticism.  This public figure is head of the Department of Justice which includes the FBI.  We all know that had the FBI recommended prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her gross negligence and other crimes and the DOJ followed through, Hillary’s chances of being elected would have been dramatically if not fatally damaged.  In my view, the FBI, the DOJ, and the White House blatantly ignored facts and the law to protect the heir-apparent to the throne erected by the Leftist in the Oval Office.  Then, couple the teaming up of the Establishment Republicans, the Media, and the Democrats to stop Donald Trump, it is impossible to not see the reality that corruption no longer carries any stigma in American politics.  Donald Trump, with all his quirks and flaws, has come out in support of dismantling Obamacare and in voiding many of Mr. Obama’s Executive Orders, as well as the potential to launch a serious investigation into the illegal money laundering in the Iran Ransom Payment Deal.  He would also, possibly, prevent the packing of the Supreme Court with liberal activist jurist and more.  Therefore, the Republican and Democrat Establishments have united as birds of a feather to prevent any disruption to the House of Corruption.

America it is now time that we wake up.  I am not saying that Donald Trump is the Knight in Shining Armor only that Hillary is a pawn of the diabolical and will further harm if not completely destroy our Constitutional Republic.  That is why I will vote to STOP HILLARY CLINTON in November.

God bless you and God bless America!

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