The media and the Democrats have consistently charged Donald Trump with being Anti-Immigration.  Some Establishment Republicans have joined that chorus and charge, which is incomplete, at best, and blatantly false in many respects.  Donald Trump has echoed the sentiment that many of us have voiced, “America, must be first.”  With regard, to the issue of immigration, illegal is illegal but in viewing legal immigration we must know who they are, where they are from, the allegiances they hold, and their purpose and intent in coming to America.  If we cannot ascertain those important facts, allowing them to come is highly questionable.  Yes, some, as has been documented, of the illegals, coming across our Southern Borders are criminals, rapist, drug dealers, and violent criminals.  They made their way to American Sanctuary Cities and rather than being deported or incarcerated were allowed, to roam free and commit more crimes.   If that makes me a xenophobe in your eyes, I question your ability to use cognitive reason and logic. 

We have documented reports that the Obama administration has continued its push to bring Syrian refugees to America without proper vetting and without regard for their backgrounds and allegiances. That is dangerous!  Since the Paris terror attack last year, we know there have been at least 14,074 Syrian refugees brought to America.  That number is not necessarily significantly large but when you consider that 99.1% of those are Muslim.  Only 0.58% are identified as Christian and 25% are male ages 14-50.  A further breakdown reveals that 92.3% are Arabs.  Director of National Intelligence James Clapper informed the Senate last February that ISIS was “taking advantage of the torrent of migrants [entering Europe] to insert operatives into the flow.”  The influx in the calendar year 2016 that ended September 30 was tallied at 12,587 and 99.10% Muslim.  So far this calendar year we have increased that flow, considering we have barely entered the year, there have been 13,691 admitted and 99.1% are Muslim.  With the ISIS concern, is it unreasonable to want to halt this influx UNTIL we can truly determine who they are?  The target of the Obama administration is 110,000 refugee admissions into the United States. 

The Lord of Chicago, Barack Obama’s surrogate, Rahm Emanuel has vowed to maintain Chicago’s status as a “Sanctuary City.”  The Police Chief in Los Angeles has vowed to refuse to assist and even resist Donald Trump in his efforts to identify, arrest, and deport the criminal element among the illegal aliens.  Imagine that, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of a major city vowing to resist a lawful order from a sitting president.  Why would you want to protect violent criminals?  Could it be corruption?  Could it be they can vote in your elections?  Could it be you are frightened of the Drug Cartels?  What is your logical, rational reason for such action?   The city of Boston has also joined in as Councilor Tito Jackson has vowed, “Boston is a Sanctuary City.”  There is not universal agreement in Boston for the Bristol County Sheriff warned, “It’s no secret that these criminal illegal aliens and terrorists are looking for places to go where they are least likely to be caught.”  He further declared, “What’s really troubling about this is that any elected official in this country would suggest that there should be a certain class of people who do not have to abide by our laws.”  They Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico calls his action justified and principled.  Imagine that!

On a lighter side, a weatherman in Oklahoma decided that since people like Al Sharpton, Miley Cyrus, Amy Schumer and many others were so distraught over Donald Trump being elected they vowed to go to Canada, he used his weather cast to give them the fastest route.  I’m quite sure he did it tongue in cheek and meant to be funny but were he not living in Oklahoma he would have been and still may be terminated.  Not so, for any on the other side blasting Donald Trump or those who voted for him. The Left won’t decry the negativity of illegal immigration but will wail loudly when anyone on the right identifies their hypocrisy in anything.

Although this president has reportedly suspended his legal push in the courts for Amnesty, he has ordered the Border Patrol and ICE to ‘stand down’ and ‘cease surveillance on the border.   So, Mr. Obama, you have decided that publicly you would appear to accept defeat but behind the scenes, you opt to further damage and destroy America in your ‘fundamental transformation.’  May your administration fail to do further damage and may the new Pro-America administration assume power quickly.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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