A NEW PRESIDENT – My Hope and My Concern…


January 20, 2017, is Inauguration Day and the 45th President of the United States of America will be sworn in.  The designation of President-elect will transition to President and Donald Trump will become the President.  What does that mean?  To some, it is their worst nightmare and to others, it is a ray of hope breaking through the clouds of gloom we have known for the past 8 years.  For some, it is a wait and see attitude and others it means war to stop him at all costs.  America is a deeply divided nation and while I hope we will see a mending of fences, bridging divides, and common ground, that is not what appears to be what is going to happen in Mr. Trump’s term of office.

Mr. Trump follows a president that has, in my view, blatantly ignored the Constitution and our Constitutional Legislative method of government.  Mr. Obama stated, “I am president and I can do what I want.”  He also said, “If Congress won’t act (do what I want), I have a pen and a phone and I will go it alone.”  He lamented more than once that the Constitution was a nuisance and hindrance to what he wanted to do because it limited government or progressive liberal ideological agendas.  Mr. Obama abused the Executive Privilege in his, sometimes, lawless Executive Fiats, Orders, and Actions.  Tragically  Congress, for the most part, either ignored his lawlessness or refused to offer more than a whimper in protest.  He set a precedent that could produce a far more Tyrannical Executive Branch, further render the Legislative and Judicial Branches impotent and ‘fundamentally transform’ us from being a Constitutional Republic into an Oligarchy or a Soft or Hard Tyranny run by a Despot in the White House.  That is or should not be acceptable to any American.

My Hope is that Mr. Trump will have the support of Congress and legally enact legislation to fulfill his campaign promises and the will of the people as expressed in the many states he won.  My Hope is that Mr. Trump will faithfully execute his oath of office and duties as President to “Protect and Defend” the Constitution.  My Hope is that he and Congress will remember the campaign promises and take quick and definitive steps to make them a reality reversing the course and repairing much of the damage done over the past 8 years by Barack Obama and the leftist.  That is my HOPE!


My Concern is that Mr. Trump may become frustrated by the obstructionism and lack of support by Establishment Republicans in enacting his agenda that he follows the path of Mr. Obama and takes matters into his own hands to get done what he knows needs to be done.  I pray that does not happen for it would further damage our Republic and weaken our System of Government moving us away from Federalism and Republicanism toward Tyranny.  Even if Mr. Trump took steps to bypass the Legislative and Judicial system and his desire was to achieve something that I fully support, I would be opposed to that way of achieving the goal.  The end does not always justify the means and subverting the Constitution is not in the best interest of America or Americans. 

I am fully aware of how inept Congress has been at times, and how frustrating their inaction, cronyism, protectionism of their elitist class of professional politicians, and self-serving actions can be.  I understand how slow the wheels of Congress often turn in producing something good and lasting and how quickly they sometimes turn producing bad laws.  I realize that Donald J. Trump is a ‘take action’ personality that will find business as usual in Washington incredibly frustrating.  My Hope is that he will use his bully pulpit to motivate the American people to apply sufficient pressure on Congress to ACT POSITIVELY in achieving the Campaign Promises that are needed.

There are those on the left who hope that the obstructionism the left is planning and the apparent lack of support and cooperation from the Establishment Republicans will so frustrate Mr. Trump that he either takes action that opens the door for impeachment or he will become so frustrated at the ‘do-nothingness’ of DC he will quit.  I pray neither become a reality.  If Mr. Trump is unable to achieve his objectives and the fulfillment his promises he will become frustrated, I would.  Hopefully, he will find a way to negotiate with Congress to achieve many if not most of his objectives and bring America back to a path of vibrant economic health, a secure border, increased national security, strengthened positive relations with foreign nations who share the view of Freedom and repeal Obamacare.  I also hope he will be able to counter Mr. Obama’s massive regulatory stranglehold on business.  Those and more are on my wish list of accomplishments for the next administration.

Whether Mr. Trump is to be a one-term president will hinge on how he goes about his duties, exercises his power, achieves his agenda, and fulfills his promises.  If he has no plans to serve two-terms he will act differently than if he does and that will likely become evident in the first 12-18 months if not sooner.  I am elated that Hillary Clinton is not going to be the 45th President and believe that we have been offered a window of opportunity to return to more of a Constitutional Republican System as was the original intent.  I am supportive of Donald Trump and the new administration but would not be supportive of side-stepping the Constitution.  I want the White House, Congress, and the Courts to FOLLOW THE LAW and ADHERE TO THE CONSTITUTION.  

That, in brief, is my Hope and Concern for the coming 4 years!  I believe that with prayer and continued effort on the part of WE THE PEOPLE we can ensure a more representative Congress in 2018 to advance the Constitutional Agenda we need.

God, bless you and God bless America!

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